Cheika asks for compassion following questions regarding his future | England vs Australia

  • Published on Oct 19, 2019
  • World Rugby Press conference with Australia Head Coach Michael Cheika and captain Michael Hooper following Australia's 40-16 defeat to England in Oita, Japan.
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  • ray aye
    ray aye 21 day ago

    thanks steve for taking rugby to the next level and therefore improving rugby globally and thats the pill you risk swallowing 1 team innovates others will follow and thats exactly what happened england in that performance perfected what the all blacks were doing. And its funny cos eddie jones was the innovator with gregan larkham and co with the endless phases. steve with the speed game and skill all round the roster. Eddie picks up that and perfects it. Well Done STEVE!!! You took rugby and left it better than what it was when you picked it up have a well deserved rest.

  • Usr
    Usr 23 days ago

    I miss Wallabies. WC is not fun without them. It was a great team

  • Gerald Wimalasena
    Gerald Wimalasena 24 days ago

    This is what you get for sacking the best fullback in the world in Israel Folau. Australian Rugby CEO, shameless women Raylene Castle should be kicked out. Well played England.

  • Ian Jenkins
    Ian Jenkins 24 days ago

    As a England fan, we are quite used to the compassion and respect that most ozzie teams give to the english when they win. NOT!!!!!!!!

  • SistorCarrera
    SistorCarrera 26 days ago

    hoops is so cute....marry me

  • Brad West
    Brad West 27 days ago

    So many years in charge and so little to show, What does he have on the Aussie RFU to not have been sacked long since!

  • James Tai
    James Tai 27 days ago

    Just cry it's alryte let it all out

  • Alistair Marsh
    Alistair Marsh 27 days ago

    Bunch of convicts . haha

  • Tom Bow
    Tom Bow 27 days ago

    Great coach his record speaks for itself lol poor game plan and they dont have then players or skills sadly.

  • Blickey
    Blickey 28 days ago

    I think I hate Australia slightly more than I do England...
    Both arrogant nations that I can't really stand.

  • Simeon du Preez
    Simeon du Preez 28 days ago

    Cheika was full of himself before the tournament saying he will resign if he doesn't win the rwc and now he is asking for compassion.

  • Chezwick Cheese
    Chezwick Cheese 28 days ago

    Australian rugby is in serious trouble due to continued poor management and coaching.

  • Gawie Meyer
    Gawie Meyer 28 days ago

    Cheika always blames the refs when they loose. He is sour they got beaten by a better team. Go put a shrimp on the barbie mate!

  • Jan Day
    Jan Day 29 days ago

    I respect the depth of mourning but its a little self indulgent too.
    Just balance it up and say the better team won on the day.

  • scott stuart
    scott stuart 29 days ago

    It's not just losing at rugby they followed Britain and Americas economic model as well, there economy is tanking (capitalisam tricalecontribute

  • Dr. Z. Smith
    Dr. Z. Smith 29 days ago

    Australia......ha where were the Australian players?

  • Richy Rich
    Richy Rich 29 days ago

    As an Englishman I admit I’m a hooper
    Fan . Folau would have helped .
    I just think Eddie Jones is a better coach than cheika.
    This England team is the strongest I’ve witnessed.

  • Fiveo waf
    Fiveo waf 29 days ago

    Two teams play each other, barring a draw, one loses by definition, yet it's seen like the end of the world by the media. There's no shame in losing to the current England team for any Rugby team in the world, it's not like Australia were favorites expected to win. The guys played hard and gave it everything, leave it a that, if they'd started kicking the ball around and given England more possession how might that have worked out given they were soundly beaten score wise with England only having something like 36% of the possession? When England had the ball they generally got points of some sort. Having said that I'm not a fan of how Cheika conducts himself and some of the arrogance that rubs off on certain team members, when you make such harsh and unkind comments about your opponents and their coaches, regardless of if it's just some psychological tactic, you set yourself up to eat some humble pie when they beat you. If you remain respectful, it's much easier to lose as you only lost the game and not your self respect as well.

  • Malcolm Mackinnon
    Malcolm Mackinnon 29 days ago

    This is what you get when you unjustly sack Folau. If Australia want to improve again, they shouldn't just get rid of Cheika but also rapidly remove Raelene Castle and her unpleasant influence.

  • Christopher Gibson
    Christopher Gibson 29 days ago

    You can almost taste the salty Australian tears xD

  • Jon Limer
    Jon Limer 29 days ago

    They speak like this is the first time they have been beaten by the English , you would have thought that after 7 losses they would be used to it by now.. 😬 🚖

  • Ruben Valentine
    Ruben Valentine 29 days ago

    Well. . ..Cheika had his run . . ..time to move on.
    Suck it up and move right on.

  • Stoney ascension
    Stoney ascension 29 days ago

    It's time to clear the board,management & deck of these underachievers who have led Australian Rugby to successive ho hum performances. I think most Rugby league teams in the NRL would have given a better performance.

  • Mike Morris
    Mike Morris 29 days ago +1

    Fair play to these two, losing is what brings out the best modesty in people. But qn for Hooper at 5:20 is completely ridiculous and cr*p, great answer by him.

    • Usr
      Usr 23 days ago

      True I feel like he may leave captaincy because of those stupid journos and amount of media crap he has to deal with constantly. It might be so boring.

  • Paula Wells
    Paula Wells 29 days ago

    He should have been gone years ago

  • James Young
    James Young 29 days ago

    England just to strong. Far better team. Aussies lost to an average Wales team who relied on a red card to beat France

  • Mike Roberts
    Mike Roberts 29 days ago

    What the flip is Michael Hooper doing at 8:40?

  • Mike Roberts
    Mike Roberts 29 days ago

    6:22 is exactly what I see when I sit my boys down at the table to tell them off when they've been naughty 🤣🤣

  • Mike Roberts
    Mike Roberts 29 days ago

    People's feelings don't sell newspapers you total doughnut! This was yet another problem with Cheika, he never got the hang of press, which, like it or not is a part and a big part of the modern game

  • Mike Roberts
    Mike Roberts 29 days ago

    That's the problem, it's not "our" style, it's yours and yours only, too stubborn to play to your team's strengths or to the opposition's weakness or anything else. Cheikas way or no way. Pathetic, his arrogance and stubbornness has cost a great side a semi final

  • Phillip Woody Shepherd

    Tactical you were $hit.

  • Ian Dog
    Ian Dog Month ago

    This guy is pathetic

  • JC24
    JC24 Month ago

    Not kicking is called Rugby League. All great teams go for field position via kicking.

  • David McCleary
    David McCleary Month ago

    Maybe if you watched a few videos of your oppos you might have picked up a little about how they play attacking rugby. You both are idiots, the only diff is hooper is an idiot who plays rugby without thinking and Cheika knows nothing about modern rugby. The entire board at Rugby Australia also needs to go. What a debacle!

  • Sim J
    Sim J Month ago +1

    If you're a coach you take full responsibility for the outcomes. One thing Cheika has never done as coach of the Wallabies, it's always somebody else's fault, this and that, heaps of excuses. Never took full accountability and finally he's out of there.

  • Grey Mouser
    Grey Mouser Month ago

    The inevitable consequence of the boor culture around Oz RU.....Cheika and Fox Sports coverage. Sadly only one is going.

  • kenny19221
    kenny19221 Month ago

    New job cheik in a circus as himself playing a clowns role and he could even do a bad job at that to .... the other clowns could be victims to him

  • GetSum
    GetSum Month ago

    Prick should of got KICKED out years ago. Boohoo dickhead, follow your own advice and 'suck it up' Princess.

  • aj cook
    aj cook Month ago

    Chieka had the gift of the gab! I knew from the start he was no good for OZ rugby. He took the wallabies back 10 yrs instead of forwards.When a coach blames everyone else but himself is not good.Comon Aussies get your shit together,!All Blacks supporter .....

  • Andrei Ivanof
    Andrei Ivanof Month ago

    Hooper looks like he's just had a big Blunt!

  • Masta P
    Masta P Month ago


  • David Surrey
    David Surrey Month ago

    Such a sook .. u were a grub player and you have been a grub coach. Good riddance

  • Daniel Wulf
    Daniel Wulf Month ago

    This loss was the best thing to happen to Australian Rugby. Flush out whats hurting them moving forward and restart

  • mark
    mark Month ago

    Taht the way ozzies want us to play ....... ha did he just slag the whole nation off?

  • Andi J
    Andi J Month ago

    You have some cheek, Cheika. You get as much compassion as you showed Israel, none. you reap what you sow Michael....

  • myki T
    myki T Month ago

    Cheika said "that's how we play" goodness change how you play mate it's not working since you came in, disappointed..

  • AngusmacTV
    AngusmacTV Month ago

    Pass the Kleenex...

  • Alan Tracy
    Alan Tracy Month ago +1

    Congratulate them both here for their candid answers
    I’m really enjoying watching England try so hard been watching a mediocre England for the last ten years

  • lionel o'connor
    lionel o'connor Month ago

    Did someone die?

  • Oliver Smith
    Oliver Smith Month ago +1

    Journalists asked correct questions, if you can’t take the heat, get out of the kitchen... he seems like such a twat

  • matt grimes
    matt grimes Month ago +1

    the hacks question when asking about his position going forward, was absolutely lowest common denominator, gutter press, facile, banale, vile digging in the dirt!!! "shame on you"! is that the best question you could come up with???? grow up because you will lose your job soon.......why.?? "because you ask such shit questions"!

  • Norman Rausch
    Norman Rausch Month ago +1

    Glad they lost - Israel Folau should have been picked - people have a right to share their beliefs without repercussions

  • Bestpicks
    Bestpicks Month ago +2

    An Aussie coach asking for compassion for himself - now I really have heard it all.

  • Gman
    Gman Month ago

    Kicking for position and then attacking is a much way to play, running at all costs doesn’t work well unless you’re highly disciplined like the ABs for example, which the current Aussie team isn’t good enough to do.

  • Jesusway2heaven
    Jesusway2heaven Month ago

    Maybe you should just chill with your rude, arrogant, pride filled reactions to reporters. You deserve everything you're getting . Suck lemons you jerk.

  • Jesusway2heaven
    Jesusway2heaven Month ago +1

    Glad you homophobic, biased, prejudice, anti-Christian bigots are outs of the world cup. Baaa haaaa poor little Michael Cheika. Israel Folau we love you, support you and pray for you. God bless you brother.

  • Ian Cameron
    Ian Cameron Month ago +1

    Compassion? Are you fucking stupid?

  • J C
    J C Month ago

    I am a Pom and I love the bloody Aussies but certain people shouldnt dish it out if you cant take it. However I never underestimate Aussies, and think that the Kiwis will be more than a match for us Poms in the next one, I hope not, but believe they will. Either way there is two great semis coming.

  • Frikkie Oosthuizen
    Frikkie Oosthuizen Month ago

    Sounds like sa previous coaches "im not going to change, im not going to select the best guy's, its my way or no way", the outcome will be "you will be gutted" all work hard etc theres no performance so you wasn't good enough....

  • Robert Brown
    Robert Brown Month ago

    England have beaten Australia 7 times on the trot : Doesn't that make you useless , sorry but that's how it is. 🏴󠁧󠁢󠁥󠁮󠁧󠁿🏉🏴󠁧󠁢󠁥󠁮󠁧󠁿