Top 10 Funniest F1 Press Conferences!

  • Published on Jul 19, 2019
  • Gentlemen, a short view back to the past...
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    FORMULA 1  6 months ago +2984

    Which was your favourite moment? Let us know if you think there are any we should've included 😂

  • Pain Uzumaki
    Pain Uzumaki 10 hours ago


  • TheBusterNick
    TheBusterNick 10 hours ago

    I want less Buttons on the steering wheel :D

  • Dank Memes
    Dank Memes 2 days ago

    Kimi's mullet at 4:00 😍

  • John paul Martinez
    John paul Martinez 5 days ago

    One Juan one juan,🤣

  • b0zz1380y
    b0zz1380y 6 days ago

    One's juan should've been number juan

  • Christopher Ward
    Christopher Ward 6 days ago

    6:28 Russell letting the audience know everything is OK, he speaks for the boys

  • Kishor Sonawane
    Kishor Sonawane 7 days ago

    take a shot everytime he says "wan"

  • Dadadidi Dododede
    Dadadidi Dododede 8 days ago

    who's the IDIOT FUCKTARD at 3:24 red cap, white shirt ???
    it's obviously his fault, yet he's the one get mad ???
    HOW IDIOT is that ????

  • The AM
    The AM 10 days ago +1


    TERZO NALDI 10 days ago +1


  • Zane Murcha
    Zane Murcha 10 days ago

    And who said F1 drivers had no sense of humour?

  • El Duderino
    El Duderino 11 days ago

    I think you misspelled cringiest* there m8.

  • みやりゅうMiya-doragon

    4:38 LOL!
    I'm stupid...!!!

  • Thomas Verstappen
    Thomas Verstappen 12 days ago

    Rip niki Lauda
    You will be remembered

  • Parents Basement
    Parents Basement 12 days ago

    And then jaun tried nascar and crashed into a track dryer.

  • Jonah Minerson
    Jonah Minerson 13 days ago

    Daniel Ricardo is the funniest 🤣

  • Aldo Zagar
    Aldo Zagar 14 days ago

  • Olga Lebedeva
    Olga Lebedeva 16 days ago

    Is that Mika hakkinan or David coulthard

  • superrowen
    superrowen 18 days ago

    a shoort vieoooooow bak tu da paaast

  • Shadow X101
    Shadow X101 20 days ago

    I would like to point out that right now Lewis now has 7 years left to write the book

  • KittyX7
    KittyX7 20 days ago

    Why was Norris and Russell in Abu Dhabi 2018?

  • jstoli996c4s
    jstoli996c4s 21 day ago

    Should have included the one where Vettel and Schumacher were trolling Rosberg hard about the mic 🎤 🤣😂👍

  • Yours Truely
    Yours Truely 24 days ago

    Which was funny... No juan

  • TheReal Hunter
    TheReal Hunter 26 days ago +3

    2:41 The sarcasm of Montoya is just pure gold 😂😂😂

  • micnugget487
    micnugget487 29 days ago

    *I'm Scottish.* XDDDDDD

  • wholesome meme
    wholesome meme 29 days ago


  • Kartik Iyer
    Kartik Iyer Month ago +3

    Rumour has it that Lando Norris is laughing till date!!!

  • Bruh wut
    Bruh wut Month ago

    2:55 damn de bruyne has change his career

  • ArchieAnimationsYT
    ArchieAnimationsYT Month ago +1

    Why did lando start laughing at 6:08

  • Gustavo Vieira
    Gustavo Vieira Month ago

    7:27 no Pascal! He didn't invite you because he doesn't think that you're nice but because Germans are like that - it's only friends and people with high hierarchy ;)

  • Instagram: DriveForceOne

    Daniel “The Charachter “Ricardo

  • Christopher D
    Christopher D Month ago +1

    I don’t know why he’s freaking out like that to be honest

    LIGMANY Y Month ago


  • greatkali
    greatkali Month ago

    the way Kvyatt speaks sounds so weird

  • Michael
    Michael Month ago

    JPM - the most humourless bitch ever to have raced, achieved fuck all, and managed to blame everybody else in the world for it. Him leaving to go drive with the hicks and be average there too is no great loss to the greatest show on earth

  • Elijah Vincent
    Elijah Vincent Month ago +3

    D.R.: "Top of the Morning to ya."
    Interviewer (laughing): "I'm Scottish."
    (Daniel loses it)

  • DanielleandBerry Equine

    2:45 I find that absolutely hilarious 😂

  • palalabu
    palalabu Month ago

    ric makes these prescon so fun. also the old guys were crazt

  • Raiez njr
    Raiez njr Month ago

    8:13 ight imma head out.

  • bruchpilot747
    bruchpilot747 Month ago

    Daniel and Rob Becket should have a teeth-off :D

  • Sem
    Sem Month ago

    funny how danny is in a lot of them

  • Ganesh Manoori
    Ganesh Manoori Month ago

    You people put all kinds of boring conferences in here but you won't put "Kimi parties everyday" in here

  • yellow ducks
    yellow ducks Month ago

    never knew what daniel and lando were laughing about.... until i translated pubes💀💀

  • isf tish
    isf tish Month ago

    This is the top 10 without Kimi. he has a separate top 10.

  • Ethan Coyne
    Ethan Coyne Month ago

    Ricciardo and Norris on a team together would basically be a real life sitcom. Lando's team radio is the funniest by miles and Daniel is probably the biggest joker in F1. Imagine the two together for an entire season.

  • Tomoko Kishi
    Tomoko Kishi Month ago +1

    Well actually some of them aren’t funny at all. But hey this is a British program, so.

  • Diogo Miranda
    Diogo Miranda Month ago


  • yee boi
    yee boi Month ago

    Can you repeat the question?


  • Ruan Ramon
    Ruan Ramon Month ago

    8:53-9:34 Hamilton holding the laughter

  • Canal LaBudeguera
    Canal LaBudeguera Month ago

    4:07 Alonso love these discussions

  • RIEN
    RIEN Month ago

    The last one is so hilarious!

  • Michael Kpormegbe
    Michael Kpormegbe Month ago

    Was Lando Norris in F1 in 2018?

  • Prathamesh Chitre
    Prathamesh Chitre Month ago

    Michael: *sits and enjoys chaos*

  • Николай Колчев

    I'm sooo tired of this Australian clown who is trying to look like a good friendly guy

  • Simeon Moore
    Simeon Moore Month ago

    Riccardo is real clown lol

  • Kenneth
    Kenneth Month ago +4

    That German “Einstein” question guy is the biggest troll of interviewing! And still i hear him these days!! I think he should be on the UNESCO list!!

  • Cpr1234
    Cpr1234 Month ago +4

    Interviewer: I am now 69...
    Carlos's brain: Nice

  • mark pass
    mark pass Month ago

    Can you repeat the question...😂😂😂

  • ThaiSchumiHiDef
    ThaiSchumiHiDef Month ago