• Published on Jul 30, 2019
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    Jazzaddict's Intro by Cosimo Fogg (201) soundcloud.com/cosimo-fogg
    Creative Commons - Attribution 3.0 Unported- CC BY 3.0
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  • Healing Through Inspiration

    4:25 real life we can relate!

  • Bree Riggs
    Bree Riggs 18 hours ago

    He could totally see under that blind fold.

  • Terror Knights
    Terror Knights Day ago +1

    Feeling the wrapper and boxes is so weak. A real boss would guess with straight up burgers

  • emy_charm
    emy_charm 2 days ago

    He can totally see with that crap lol😒👀

  • Connorandrew Mclean
    Connorandrew Mclean 2 days ago

    You should do milkshakes

  • Grayson Williams
    Grayson Williams 3 days ago

    Whose silver e46 m3?

  • Wyatt England
    Wyatt England 3 days ago

    Next time you should really blind fold him.

  • David Tlatelpa
    David Tlatelpa 3 days ago

    He's the real life Bubble Bass

  • emma holzhauser
    emma holzhauser 4 days ago

    Who doesn't like josh peck his a legend

  • Aidan Pedersen
    Aidan Pedersen 5 days ago +2

    What other restaurant wraps their burgers in tin foil like five guys?

  • Rman Nayr
    Rman Nayr 6 days ago +1


  • Rman Nayr
    Rman Nayr 6 days ago +1


  • Rman Nayr
    Rman Nayr 6 days ago +1

    BK FTW!

  • Louiie Keyss/TheHeartBreakKid


  • gia Lacks
    gia Lacks 9 days ago

    Mac and cheese next !!!!

  • Alyssa Fairow
    Alyssa Fairow 10 days ago

    killlinnn meeeee

  • Nicole McNeill
    Nicole McNeill 11 days ago

    He thinking I wang to lose weight.....stop sending him food

  • Kurt Babel
    Kurt Babel 13 days ago +2

    Bro get a real blindfold he was cheating.

  • Madeline Hill
    Madeline Hill 14 days ago

    I love how your intro says sit back and relax.

  • Cody Tesch
    Cody Tesch 14 days ago

    This is not something to watch after u just got done eating food

  • Sidney B
    Sidney B 14 days ago

    Jonah is literally bubble bass from spongebob. Lol

  • Tyler Kuwaliski
    Tyler Kuwaliski 15 days ago

    What a fat fuck Jonah is

  • awsomedude123ism
    awsomedude123ism 15 days ago

    This is so easy when u can feel the packaging lol

  • Shelby Lay
    Shelby Lay 16 days ago

    Verdon reminds me of the kid from the drake and Josh Christmas thing when the kid can’t say Christmas and then he finally learns how to say it

  • Marcel Haab
    Marcel Haab 16 days ago

    Lmao this is like tiger woods mom watching tiger woods win the maters, loool lmao her face priceless...

  • Morgan Dukes
    Morgan Dukes 16 days ago

    the ending bit is my favorite part of these

  • Kinnedie stives
    Kinnedie stives 16 days ago +2

    You should do pizza with Jonah and vardon together blindfold them both get them to try it and count to 3 and have them answer to see who is better

  • Cheebah 710
    Cheebah 710 16 days ago

    New video Idea: Jonah’s little brother going around asking if other kids want coke
    Gel his hair back, sunglasses and put some big fake gold chains and rings on him all fake gucci and
    Has a duffle bag full of mini coke cans

  • Nicholas12x
    Nicholas12x 16 days ago +1

    Could you make these 20 min

  • mari jv
    mari jv 18 days ago

    You guys take advantage of him 😣👋

  • Anna Foo
    Anna Foo 19 days ago +1

    they shouldnt have left the wrappers bc five guys comes in tin foil everyone knows that and the boxes like come on

  • lol qp[iowefuhoiqwetg
    lol qp[iowefuhoiqwetg 20 days ago

    pass the boof

  • EliG
    EliG 20 days ago

    More food I'm starving

  • Patrick Junior
    Patrick Junior 20 days ago

    “Dont unwrap it or take it out of the box.” You chubby cheater.

  • daniel trujillo
    daniel trujillo 21 day ago

    Love jonah, vardon and the whole family aaaaaay follow up video stay lit🔥🔥🔥 josh and Joe

  • daniel trujillo
    daniel trujillo 21 day ago

    Broooooh 😭🤣🤣 always so entertaining you guys are the bee's knees 💯

  • Jacob Bennett
    Jacob Bennett 22 days ago

    Jonah is like the rain man of food.

  • carl Rodmart
    carl Rodmart 22 days ago

    Jonah looks like a hamster 🐹 when he’s chewing lol

  • CezaMVO
    CezaMVO 23 days ago

    Nick the fat food jesus

  • Kanter Man
    Kanter Man 23 days ago

    5:51 Johna points the the burgers he can see under the blindfold

  • MegaRussell20
    MegaRussell20 23 days ago

    Josh Peck is funny af

  • VaRee' Batyah
    VaRee' Batyah 24 days ago

    This was 12:40 of happy, weezy laughing tears. Wanted it, got it, loved it. Came, saw, pissed myself....quiero mas fellas. Beautiful 3 party compliment. I want big bro vs little bro comp. Hey..lil bro called you out how is eveybody acting like that didn't happen. There is a conspiracy so the king can keep his crown yo. I love the whole family too. The dyins..

  • Sheck_wes_phone
    Sheck_wes_phone 25 days ago

    U should give him a nose clip and test him on his sense of taste not touch or smell

  • signedkassi
    signedkassi 25 days ago +2

    instead of buying him so much freaking food, but them a damn house josh pecker !

  • Estephany Avila
    Estephany Avila 27 days ago


  • Tom Resmer
    Tom Resmer 27 days ago

    He reminds me of lil peep dafuqqq

  • Laura Mac Lean
    Laura Mac Lean 28 days ago

    C A N A D A 🤗

  • Edgar Molina
    Edgar Molina 29 days ago +2

    I thought about chicken sandwiches too but that is kind of simple, how about an UnderdogBurger challenge, like instead if getting the more popular menu items, get another burger from the same restaurants but ones that are not so popular so he can get some variety

  • lc 4life
    lc 4life 29 days ago +1

    I love that these 3 team up and do videos. they are the best

  • thomas rivas
    thomas rivas Month ago

    Apparently this jonah unwraps his food b4 he fucks it I demand a unwrapped food challenge!

  • Madeleine Daniel
    Madeleine Daniel Month ago +4

    okay, he 1000% can see. the blindfold doesn't even cover his eyesight fully he can look at everything under him.

  • Voidless
    Voidless Month ago

    does he really know every little detail of burger king? lol

  • Ctrl Shift N
    Ctrl Shift N Month ago

    Josh and Joe were kinda being mean imo. I know it was all jokes and I get the humor. Also, it was fun to watch. Loved it actually. I just kept imagining David being there instead and Josh and Joe being impressed and like "OMG he's a God. That's amazing! You're taste buds are spectacular!" I get Nick puts up with it, but I don't think he likes being shit on by everyone in his friend group. I get alot of people think he's annoying and don't like him, that's why he does the stupidest shit out of everyone on David's vlogs. He wants people to like him. Just like everyone else in the world, but this came off kinda mean. Still loved the video and thumbs up it, but be a bit nicer to the man. People can only take being the punching bag for too long.

  • cacha guy says
    cacha guy says Month ago

    Where's drake

  • Impossibly Uncertain
    Impossibly Uncertain Month ago +1

    Okay, but do you all remember when Zane guessed all of the damn snacks correctly, some just by smell or the sound of the plastic? Fucking bonkers.

  • Emma Kiger
    Emma Kiger Month ago

    And meet me pleaseeee

  • Emma Kiger
    Emma Kiger Month ago

    Josh I’ve always wanted to meet you and David and Liza so freaking bad please please please try and fly out to North Carolina pleaseee in Winston Salem

  • Emma Kiger
    Emma Kiger Month ago

    Is it bad that he know😂

  • Samm F
    Samm F Month ago

    *patiently waiting for the follow up video*

  • ImNoPURePoSt y
    ImNoPURePoSt y Month ago

    He looks like faze rug