• Published on Jul 28, 2018
  • The Lord of the Rings Cast Then And Now
    The Fellowship of the Ring (2001), The Two Towers (2002) and The Return of the King (2003).
    1. Elijah Wood
    2. Viggo Mortensen
    3. Sean Bean
    4. Orlando Bloom
    5. Ian McKellen
    6. Sean Astin
    7. Dominic Monaghan
    8. Billy Boyd
    9. John Rhys-Davies
    10. Ian Holm
    11. Andy Serkis
    12. Alan Howard
    13. Hugo Weaving
    14. Liv Tyler
    15. Cate Blanchett
    16. Christopher Lee
    17. Bernard Hill
    18. Karl Urban
    19. Miranda Otto
    20. David Wenham
    21. John Noble
    22. Lawrence Makoare
    23. Sala Baker
    24. Harry Sinclair
    25. Craig Parker
    26. Marton Csokas
    27. Paul Norell
    28. Brad Dourif
    29. Bruce Hopkins
    30. Bruce Spence
    31. Sarah McLeod
    32. Nathaniel Lees
    33. Jed Brophy
    34. Stephen Ure
    35. Joel Tobeck
    36. Thomas Robins
    37. Bret McKenzie
    38. Sadwyn Brophy
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  • Top Raccoon
    Top Raccoon  4 months ago +15

    GAME OF THRONES ⭐ Cast - Then and Now

    • Verrottesok
      Verrottesok 19 days ago

      @Assa Darlingtoni thats complete nonsense. It was not a bad serie

    • SarkoC
      SarkoC 2 months ago

      Can someone please tell me what's the song that starts playing at 4:38 ,I've been searching for it a while, and Top Raccoon I love your vids but can you please include songs in the description?

    • Gerd Uhlemann
      Gerd Uhlemann 2 months ago

      @jaapie181 ön

    • Hernan Martinez
      Hernan Martinez 2 months ago

      What is name intro these miusic?

    • Maria De Jesus
      Maria De Jesus 2 months ago

      @jaapie181 your opinion

  • Sandeep
    Sandeep Day ago +1

    Make me emotional . Bad emotions . 😣😣😣

  • Elchinodiabolero
    Elchinodiabolero 2 days ago

    Yo, can Cate Blanchett age PLEASE!?

  • Gilberto de Barros
    Gilberto de Barros 2 days ago +1

    Craig Parker

  • Aussie Pom
    Aussie Pom 4 days ago

    I went off Cate Blanchett when she vehemently defended her agents husband who was also an actor and pedophile. He used his star power to molest child actors.

    D-HAN5 VEVOL 4 days ago

    No tall but big foot

  • Lycan tropo
    Lycan tropo 5 days ago


  • Jboy Gamer and Vlogs
    Jboy Gamer and Vlogs 6 days ago +2

    Is it me or did Viggo Mortensen and Sean Bean age too much faster

  • Norhifzan Ishak
    Norhifzan Ishak 9 days ago

    Haldir 😍😍😍

  • EzPzFakie is a Nationalist


  • 김치사냥파티원모집

    2019년도에 출시한 웬만한 영화보다 cg며 작품성이며 배우며 모든게 훌륭했던 영화 ..

  • Zilong
    Zilong 10 days ago

    Legolas look like Will Smith from Pirates of Caribbean

  • Luke Skywalker
    Luke Skywalker 10 days ago

    Me: "see Gandalf."
    You haven't aged a day

  • Wurst Eh
    Wurst Eh 12 days ago

    Wait that orc lieutenant was a guy?

  • One-Eyed Stealth
    One-Eyed Stealth 12 days ago

    Cry, you fools!

  • MixinThe Bisquic
    MixinThe Bisquic 12 days ago

    Why the fuck does frodo and Gandalf and the lady of the woods look the same. Yet everyone else looks like shit lol time was not kind

  • Hussam Almahde
    Hussam Almahde 12 days ago

    تحياتي لكم

  • Lorenzo Garcia
    Lorenzo Garcia 12 days ago

    I wonder if Elijah Wood "Frodo" grew up after so many years..

  • 3elumxaH Shaipov
    3elumxaH Shaipov 12 days ago

    Best trilogy ever ! Lawrence Makoare very nice work !

  • Dasha Q Noble
    Dasha Q Noble 13 days ago

    Lord, so sad

  • Ragadan Aviatori
    Ragadan Aviatori 13 days ago +1

    Am i the only who died laughing to this ?

  • Noor Shah
    Noor Shah 14 days ago

    Wow ....can't believe that ....

  • Irish Technical Thinker

    Fun fact. Ian mckellen took a visit to our local arts centre where my girlfriend works and he did shows to promote local actors, he raised so much money that my girlfriends work employed two new accountants and able to help 1000 actors with grants. That's personality right there. Respect!

  • Meryem Ölmez
    Meryem Ölmez 15 days ago

    Arwen... my first love.

  • guardian primo victoria

    That litle fucker frodo still have the ring!!!

  • Helmut Kirchweger
    Helmut Kirchweger 16 days ago

    00:17 Aragorn: I never saw a wild thing sorry for itself

  • william d
    william d 16 days ago

    Before Liv Tyler was a Hottie. Now she looks like a Tranny!

  • Riyaz Ahamed
    Riyaz Ahamed 17 days ago

    What is background music

  • Nexoris
    Nexoris 18 days ago

    Gandalf? Where?

  • Fruit cake
    Fruit cake 20 days ago

    The greatest ever

  • taro
    taro 22 days ago

    I've yet to watch these movies

  • Mufid Dzakwan
    Mufid Dzakwan 25 days ago

    Is anyone think that Gollum actor look alike Ole Gunnar Solskjaer?😁

  • Dunstan Charles
    Dunstan Charles 25 days ago +2

    Galadriel really went from "You are strong Master Frodo Baggins of The Shire" to "Kneel before your Queen"

  • Saraa Awad
    Saraa Awad 25 days ago

    1:41 unlike others smeagol looks more handsome after these years 😂😂😂😂

  • baunbaun82
    baunbaun82 26 days ago

    Gandalf doesn't age.

  • Altherot
    Altherot 26 days ago

    I dunno how but Elijah Wood now looks so much like Vigo Mortenseen, so much that he could play younger Aragorn in the amazon series

  • antonia paz donoso
    antonia paz donoso 26 days ago

    The best movie ever made.

  • Tasha Brooker
    Tasha Brooker 27 days ago

    Ahhh my childhood, I was 7 when I watched these. It was my favorite n still is! I watch it every year also.

  • Miss Uncongenial
    Miss Uncongenial 27 days ago +2

    They casted people of color as the bad guys. How shady.

    • Miss Uncongenial
      Miss Uncongenial 23 days ago

      @WiggaMachiavelli You are obviously an idiot.

    • WiggaMachiavelli
      WiggaMachiavelli 23 days ago

      @Miss Uncongenial Good.

    • Miss Uncongenial
      Miss Uncongenial 23 days ago

      When they write these racist things and they turn them into movies, it affects the way people view and treat people of color. A lot of people are easily brainwashed by what they see on TV.

    • WiggaMachiavelli
      WiggaMachiavelli 24 days ago

      @Miss Uncongenial Who cares? It's not for you. It's a national myth for the English race.

    • Miss Uncongenial
      Miss Uncongenial 24 days ago

      A lot of dark skinned people watch LOTR and they read the books too. Including me. I read The Hobbit two times. Tolkien was gifted when it comes to story telling but let's not pretend he wasn't racist.

  • Leto Atreides II
    Leto Atreides II 27 days ago

    Bruce Spence - wasn't that the dude from The Road Warrior?

  • Rob Staal
    Rob Staal 28 days ago

    Iloved this video great work, thank you!

  • Jay Draws Manga
    Jay Draws Manga 29 days ago

    5:04 yE! wHy cANt wE aV sUm rEal mEA8

  • suthobay
    suthobay Month ago

    They must feel immensely proud to be part of one of the greatest trilogies we will ever see in this lifetime, and if not, many more lifetimes. I think Tolkien would have been smiling from the Heavens when the Fellowship was released

  • Barbe Rouge
    Barbe Rouge Month ago

    Cate Blanchett is even more beautiful what in Iluvatar's name is this sorcelery?!

  • margus kiis
    margus kiis Month ago

    Some actors are scary even without make-up/mask.

  • Dean Smith
    Dean Smith Month ago


  • Dean Smith
    Dean Smith Month ago

    Frodo.. Joined Green Street.. Aragon.. forgotten his Mafia bloodline.. Legolas.. Sailing the Seas as Captain of the Flying Dutchman..Boromir.. seen several times.. but he once was Lord of Winterfell.. WINTER IS COMING..Gandalf.. seen on Corrie for a while.. dont know why he was there.. Sam.. he was once Jack Bauer boss on 24.. Merry.. got Lost.. yep he died in plan crashed and became a music legend only we ALL know he wasnt dead but did die to save his friends to get off the Island.. Gollum.. Cesar is home.. loool..oh what happened to Lord Elround.. he became SMITH.. a living virus.. PURPOSE.. loool.. Galadriel.. Thor sister.. WTF.. SHES A GOD.. yep.. Saruman.. hes Willie Wonker father.. what.. the chocolate about loyal Eomer.. hunting down Riddick.. saving lives with Jim Kirk.. take a about beautiful Eowyn.. shes helped rebuild The Phoenix.. hows Faramir.. helping Van Helsing killing monsters

  • hauki kala
    hauki kala Month ago

    In the lego game the only one able to plant anything is sam sso it's like boi

  • sarah ross
    sarah ross Month ago +2

    Black lieutenant???
    No this is THE MOUTH OF SAURON 🙄

  • Mazen ayash
    Mazen ayash Month ago

    Did Gandalf age or what?

  • Trap Skilz
    Trap Skilz Month ago

    Thomas robins -> Nickeh30 2.0

  • Erol Iyilikciler
    Erol Iyilikciler Month ago

    Saruman rip

  • prathamik shrestha
    prathamik shrestha Month ago

    0:53 Sam looks like pochettino

  • Lucas Leung
    Lucas Leung Month ago +1

    Everyone aged really well! So sad when I see other 'then n now' videos actors look like Gollum maybe after just 5 years

  • Ronan Portela
    Ronan Portela Month ago

    5:14 “What about their legs... they don’t need those”

  • Jacob Mccarthy
    Jacob Mccarthy Month ago

    You forgot to do Christopher Le......Never mind :|

  • Sam Didomenico
    Sam Didomenico Month ago

    the elves really don't age

  • Paok G4
    Paok G4 Month ago

    Aragorn is the best character in lotr trilogy ⚔️🤩

  • Ali Arto
    Ali Arto Month ago

    The best movie ever

  • Joakim Ängehult
    Joakim Ängehult Month ago

    When you realise it's been 20 years since these films were made, and you were there to watch them when they came out in cinemas.