• Published on Jul 28, 2018
  • The Lord of the Rings Cast Then And Now
    The Fellowship of the Ring (2001), The Two Towers (2002) and The Return of the King (2003).
    1. Elijah Wood
    2. Viggo Mortensen
    3. Sean Bean
    4. Orlando Bloom
    5. Ian McKellen
    6. Sean Astin
    7. Dominic Monaghan
    8. Billy Boyd
    9. John Rhys-Davies
    10. Ian Holm
    11. Andy Serkis
    12. Alan Howard
    13. Hugo Weaving
    14. Liv Tyler
    15. Cate Blanchett
    16. Christopher Lee
    17. Bernard Hill
    18. Karl Urban
    19. Miranda Otto
    20. David Wenham
    21. John Noble
    22. Lawrence Makoare
    23. Sala Baker
    24. Harry Sinclair
    25. Craig Parker
    26. Marton Csokas
    27. Paul Norell
    28. Brad Dourif
    29. Bruce Hopkins
    30. Bruce Spence
    31. Sarah McLeod
    32. Nathaniel Lees
    33. Jed Brophy
    34. Stephen Ure
    35. Joel Tobeck
    36. Thomas Robins
    37. Bret McKenzie
    38. Sadwyn Brophy
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  • Top Raccoon
    Top Raccoon  Month ago +4

    GAME OF THRONES ⭐ Cast - Then and Now

    • Fuad Edwards
      Fuad Edwards 16 days ago

      @Hulkavegur ! screw you! The show is bad but not the books read the books ahole

    • Hulkavegur !
      Hulkavegur ! 17 days ago +1

      Who would give a shit about Game of Thrones

  • Rubb's Stuff
    Rubb's Stuff 15 hours ago

    Arwen will live forever

  • ehab hussain
    ehab hussain 16 hours ago

    4:37 I want know name of music please

  • Jaymark Macad
    Jaymark Macad 18 hours ago

    wait,so aragon is,,,,,,zefrank?

  • almer k
    almer k 23 hours ago

    Ian McKellen tetep g berubah

  • Macross21
    Macross21 Day ago

    Iam Mckellen est mas joven ahora que antes.. y los demas esta re viejos...

  • jockejocke1
    jockejocke1 2 days ago

    So Ian just had a hair cut, and that's it.

  • Dan Molina G
    Dan Molina G 2 days ago

    Escogieron la foto mas fea de Orlando Bloom 😣

  • Shin Gozira
    Shin Gozira 2 days ago +2

    So you're telling me that Ian McKellen stopped aging at around the age of 1000?

  • Billy Boren
    Billy Boren 3 days ago

    Some looked the same without the make-up and costume.

  • de Lara
    de Lara 4 days ago

    Viggo, antes un tio majo, ahora un gilipollas

  • Frodo Baggins
    Frodo Baggins 4 days ago

    The elf escort is Lindir.

  • Aanti Salwa Lombok NTB

    Ya Allah my boyfriend aragorn old ready so Sadd i love you

  • Martin Nikolov
    Martin Nikolov 4 days ago

    The lord of the rings is the greatest movie ever made!

  • Ride or Die
    Ride or Die 4 days ago +3

    when i was a kid i used to look up to Aragorn like a idol, my favorite character

  • Fair Winds
    Fair Winds 4 days ago

    I found the books in the school library in 1967, read them all in about a week, got my own copies. There were a couple of attempts to animate it, (Ralph Bakshi) but Peter Jackson did it right! I recommend reading the books and compare them to the movies. I have The Hobbit and the trilogy in hardback, and the director's cut on DVD.

  • İbrahim Tevfik Uyar

    Seems like I am the only one who is not in the video

  • Renzo R.
    Renzo R. 5 days ago

    Hard to believe its 20 years already

  • Mikael Cykelställ
    Mikael Cykelställ 5 days ago

    And BigFoot???

  • Quentin
    Quentin 6 days ago +1

    Name of the song ?

  • Marina Marklund
    Marina Marklund 6 days ago

    looks like it’s been 20 years+ since thene

  • bboy metal
    bboy metal 6 days ago

    damn time goes so fast

  • Pixie Dust
    Pixie Dust 7 days ago +2

    This remains the greatest movie of all time to me

    • Ride or Die
      Ride or Die 4 days ago

      same man this movie somehow brings back most of my memories then anything else

  • Gen Pri
    Gen Pri 7 days ago

    4:02 I thought elves weren't supposed to age

  • crap with an opinion

    this video made me feel old.

  • Cringerbread Man
    Cringerbread Man 8 days ago +1

    Sean Astin just couldn't put down the damn lembas bread.

  • Stephen Babcock
    Stephen Babcock 8 days ago

    this made me really sad and I dont know why

  • Read with Chasity
    Read with Chasity 9 days ago

    Please let Peter Jackson get a hold of the acotar series before someone else trashes it.

  • Mohd Amirul
    Mohd Amirul 9 days ago

    Legolas the best

  • Anthony Guarniz
    Anthony Guarniz 9 days ago

    Tmre saruman murió :/


    El actor que interpreta a Aragon es más un actor de comedia y últimamente lo vimos en Green Book.

  • Remy
    Remy 10 days ago

    Ian looks the same, he can't get any wrinklier. 😁

  • Andrew Pishgar
    Andrew Pishgar 10 days ago +4

    Liv Tyler is so insanely hot AF STILL!! and Ian, why you havent aged a day!?!?! lol

  • Rock Brentwood
    Rock Brentwood 11 days ago

    Well, I'd say Alan Howard's condition has improved quite a bit! He's gone from looking annular to looking human!

  • Arlindo Melo
    Arlindo Melo 11 days ago

    2:06 you sure the woman on the right is not Evangeline Lilly? =)

  • Game World
    Game World 11 days ago

    Music pls

  • basant vimal sharma
    basant vimal sharma 11 days ago

    Fame has aged them

  • Jordan Pennant
    Jordan Pennant 12 days ago

    Ian McKellen looking younger

  • Divert Block
    Divert Block 12 days ago

    Pasem no meu canal

  • Wiedzmin Rivia
    Wiedzmin Rivia 12 days ago

    Ну спасибо! Теперь я чувствую себя ещё более старым((( Время никого не щадит

  • Anime Gaming
    Anime Gaming 13 days ago


  • Hermirony
    Hermirony 13 days ago

    I like that Bernard kept his looks

  • Lokesh Kumar
    Lokesh Kumar 13 days ago +2

    One of my Best and favourite movie of all the time...

  • Inoky Alika
    Inoky Alika 14 days ago

    Theoden King personalise a character of a perfect father, The Head,the Fighter ,the risk taker ,The Comforter .....and most of all the Man :(

  • Inoky Alika
    Inoky Alika 14 days ago

    have watch it 100 times will watch it till I die .....

  • Hybrid Türk
    Hybrid Türk 14 days ago

    a sharing that shows that time can be good or negative Waow

  • sono un tizio
    sono un tizio 14 days ago +1

    Seriously?! Dubledore and Gandalf are not interpreted by the Sand actor?

  • Aman Sheikh
    Aman Sheikh 15 days ago

    Sean Austin "Sam" was in stranger things 2 and did not recognize him :l

  • Depo Deep
    Depo Deep 15 days ago

    Nice work
    Bad music

  • Bribickhed6
    Bribickhed6 15 days ago

    1:42. Wow: Gollum has aged better than all of them.

  • Minh Duc Nguyen
    Minh Duc Nguyen 16 days ago

    The 2 hobbit guys look like pochetino and ryan gigg

  • TNBC Jaze
    TNBC Jaze 17 days ago

    is it pronounced (shawn bawn) or (seen bean) or (shawn bean) or (seen bawn).. :/

  • Hulkavegur !
    Hulkavegur ! 17 days ago +1

    Ian Mckellen doesn't age

  • VALAK From Hell
    VALAK From Hell 17 days ago +1

    0:31 He is not Sean Bean, He is Ned Stark

  • Lucas Hazlett
    Lucas Hazlett 18 days ago


  • justice siwela
    justice siwela 18 days ago

    Noe old hags

  • one of many Thoughts
    one of many Thoughts 19 days ago

    whats it whit only colored guys behind the awesome masks?? no racist tho

  • ann mariel banaag
    ann mariel banaag 20 days ago

    when you see the hobbits have white hairs in their beards. that's how you feel when your old.

  • Putins Cat
    Putins Cat 22 days ago

    Viggo looked the same at the Academy Awards.

  • KK and sims 4
    KK and sims 4 24 days ago

    Humm they pulled it off without having to break but lotr did they had huge big name actors huge big names like ser’s and Dames the crushes of shit ton of little girls Orlando bloom Sean bean who’s a legend becire this only to stick it up ours and becomes a legend 3000 as if he could not top he topped I say game of thrones what do you think of? Yea 🐺🗡☠️ Sean bean cate blancet umm not 1 but 2 academy awards . Livi Tyler the dude who plays her dad( sorry can’t think of his name now but in the movies her elf dad .) like vigo mortonson WTF. They made not 1 not 2 but 3 movies and where like yea that’s right our cgi is not amazing but we rocked it they had theses actors and actress that did theses roles all in one movie this movie series is a freaking legend they had the power house of talent and they still made 💵💵💵 from this series this blows my 🤯 freaking got dose not even command the respect of lord of the rings got is legendary but dose not touch Harry Potter which dose not even touch lord of the rings like I can’t even comprehend.

  • Speckled Perch
    Speckled Perch 24 days ago

    Excellent Trilogy and thè Hobbit too.
    Harry Potter and the Matrix were also being filmed around the planet, too.

  • vaduzcrew
    vaduzcrew 25 days ago

    Sean Astin? That's Mauricio Pocchetino! 😁😁

  • Lone Wolf
    Lone Wolf 26 days ago

    The black liutenant is actually Zeddicus Zul Zorander from the Legend of The Seeker? What the fuck?

  • Lone Wolf
    Lone Wolf 26 days ago

    Viggo aged damn well, holy shit he's handsome.

  • bob wallace
    bob wallace 26 days ago

    Most of them weren't a very far reach for the characters.

    zxxXMETALLICAXxxz 28 days ago

    Andy Serkis seem to have aged beautifully

  • Nadeem Khan
    Nadeem Khan 29 days ago

    Oooowow nice

  • Para Noid
    Para Noid Month ago

    wow nice that they got some many people not only the main cast :)

  • degree7
    degree7 Month ago

    Poor Ian Holm, he does not look too good :(

  • Jason Us
    Jason Us Month ago

    To bad the 3rd movie was rushed and kind of a mess but still infinitely better than The Hobbit.

  • Anita Shaw
    Anita Shaw Month ago

    They are all still very attractive people.

  • Matt Hawky
    Matt Hawky Month ago

    Why is Gandalf the only one getting younger?
    I'm just kidding. I know he's a wizard

  • sidnei maciel
    sidnei maciel Month ago

    IN GOD WE TRUST 22/05/2019 17:20PM

  • Unbox-King
    Unbox-King Month ago

    Why not gil galad?

  • Pete Gerard
    Pete Gerard Month ago

    Ian McKellen is the only one that hasn't "aged a day".

  • Jonathan Yates
    Jonathan Yates Month ago

    I can't believe you left of Sams wife but did include the elf escort

  • Miracle Box
    Miracle Box Month ago

    cate blanchet are more interesting and sexy now that when she was younger

  • henry oenica
    henry oenica Month ago

    wait what happened to arwen...

  • Arni88
    Arni88 Month ago

    Must say Eowyn is hanging pretty good

  • Gist432
    Gist432 Month ago

    Sean Bean, Hugo Weaving, Cate Blanchett, Karl Urban, Miranda Otto and Craig Parker. They got something in common, they age with style. Bruce Spence actually looks better than he did in 1981... I don't know what to make of that.

  • Dominique Govinden
    Dominique Govinden Month ago

    Viggo turned into an older Tom Brady?

  • Trunkoso
    Trunkoso Month ago

    Why does John Rhys Davies (Gimli) look kinda like Fidel Castro

  • Kaerian Grin
    Kaerian Grin Month ago

    Bernard Hill is just like Theoden then. Just in grey.

  • 임쓰채널
    임쓰채널 Month ago

    For a split second, i thought sean astin was foccetino? Of the tottenham hot spurs coach lol

  • Mxnster -
    Mxnster - Month ago +1

    Lord of Rings is one of the best Movies ever!!!!

  • Allan Lemos
    Allan Lemos Month ago

    Merry was married to Tauriel.

  • KoSungJin
    KoSungJin Month ago

    why are western people getting old faster than Asian?

  • Axl Rose
    Axl Rose Month ago

    Virgo it's not even turn on

  • Erkan Oruc
    Erkan Oruc Month ago

    0:23 has a subliminal massage. It says Güvenilmeli ( must trust ) in Turkish.

  • Aerial
    Aerial Month ago

    My fav movie of all time..Next to the Matrix..

  • honsou1978dk
    honsou1978dk Month ago

    Craig Parker was Haldir? He doens't look like him one bit. Amazing.

  • honsou1978dk
    honsou1978dk Month ago

    Oh, Miranda Otto how you melt my heart.

  • Proto Man
    Proto Man Month ago

    Saruman was Count Dooku too. I didn’t know.

  • iamcleb
    iamcleb Month ago

    "Black lieutenant" that's the fuckin Mouth of Sauron you uncultured swines

  • WowTholyn
    WowTholyn Month ago

    Man we can learn a lot from Paul Norell (4:08), he was dead when they filmed the movie, but he is now alive. I must know his secret!

  • Bosnian ProEF
    Bosnian ProEF Month ago

    Dominic Monaghan looks like David Dobrik

  • Jorge Peña
    Jorge Peña 2 months ago


  • Dan Sutton
    Dan Sutton 2 months ago

    Everyone of us will be worm-food one day; seek Jesus Christ now, and receive eternal life in glorified bodies that will never age; and have ever-lasting union with God Almighty.
    John 3:15 so that whoever believes will in Him have eternal life. 16 “For God so loved the world, that He gave His only begotten Son, that whoever believes in Him shall not perish, but have eternal life. 17 For God did not send the Son into the world to judge the world, but that the world might be saved through Him. 18 He who believes in Him is not judged; he who does not believe has been judged already, because he has not believed in the name of the only begotten Son of God.

  • southpakrules
    southpakrules 2 months ago

    Lurtz...sounds like a German nany ship during WWII (Lutzow)

  • martin psi
    martin psi 2 months ago +1

    How old are they??? No age...