BEST Pizzas in New York! New York Pizza Tour of Manhattan

  • Published on Nov 5, 2017
  • You asked for it, and now it's here: Pizza tour of Manhattan, NY!
    Here are some of my FAVORITE places to get pizza in New York...and don't forget to eat before have been warned. Strictly Dumpling T-Shirts HERE:
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    Location 1 Rubirosa:
    Location 2 Prince Street Pizza:
    Location 3 Kesté:
    Location 4 Joe's Pizza:
    Location 5 Patrizia's:
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  • Bim Bims
    Bim Bims 22 hours ago

    ga kayak di indonesia, nama restorannya Pizza ***, isi menunya nasi ayam, nasi rendang, nanti apa lagi? kue pukis kue dadar gulung? lolol

  • Rose Caz
    Rose Caz Day ago

    And here i am on the other side of the world eating my 1 banana 1 boiled egg dinner

  • Yolanda Jackson
    Yolanda Jackson 2 days ago

    I need to visit back home to NYC. I need some real pizza and real chinese in my life!

  • Jeannine A. Escolano

    MIke Chen, you're the Andrew Zimern and Adam Richmond of TheXvid- Love the way you stars describe food! always makes me salivate hahahaha

  • Jeannine A. Escolano

    I Love watching your videos-always makes me hungry for watever you're eating! Need those pizzas soooo much! Dang- better than most AFC shows!

  • Michael Toscano
    Michael Toscano 3 days ago

    🍕 pizza pizza pizza I just pee in the bed im ok

  • MysticStrike ForceSSJ3

    The video that got me into this channel.

  • Isaac John
    Isaac John 4 days ago

    The warriors blew a 3-1 Lead

  • Kiri Bakugou
    Kiri Bakugou 5 days ago


  • jimbo 2346
    jimbo 2346 6 days ago +2

    But did you get a slice of Michael Scott's favorite New York pizza?😂

  • Suraj Ghuwalewala
    Suraj Ghuwalewala 6 days ago

    What an appetite dude!😍😂

  • MrPhotographer4
    MrPhotographer4 6 days ago


  • zsantos
    zsantos 7 days ago +1

    While the rest of the world works to have money and buy food, this guy buys food to have money

  • Khaled Aj
    Khaled Aj 10 days ago

    Say hi to ur dad,,,, Jackie Chan

  • Steven Voigt
    Steven Voigt 11 days ago

    Dominos is making out this is the latest and greatest new massive pizza when really all their pizzas should be this size in fact all the pizzas from dominos are getting smaller and smaller every year shame on Dominos if they do not address these issue i and many other people will buy elsewhere.

  • Brenda J
    Brenda J 12 days ago

    To eat as much as you many would have to binge and purge between restaurants. LOL

  • Rainbow Pierrot
    Rainbow Pierrot 13 days ago


  • Gordon Owens
    Gordon Owens 14 days ago

    Having lived in New York for 15 years I am shocked you didn't mention Ray's or John's Pizza both in Manhattan.

  • MYT CR8TiV
    MYT CR8TiV 15 days ago +1

    When in the oakland- bay area you gotta try Zachary's pizza.

  • John42xldx hd
    John42xldx hd 15 days ago

    My mouth was drooling through this whole vid ......was it just me:p

  • Josh Thomas
    Josh Thomas 15 days ago

    I got hungry for pizza while watching this video. Not sure why.

  • Ozone iOS
    Ozone iOS 15 days ago

    The nutella pizza is disgusting but the rest was amazing

  • mh
    mh 16 days ago

    When you are now dying for pizza but every pizza place is closed!! 😭

  • Lamulata#1 Azuquita
    Lamulata#1 Azuquita 17 days ago

    I wonder what his workout routine? All those calories but damn the pizza looks great didn’t really care for the Nutella

  • Lamulata#1 Azuquita
    Lamulata#1 Azuquita 17 days ago +1

    Hahaha 😂😂😂I ordered Pizza here in Miami I thought the pizza place was running low on ingredients I ordered xtra mushrooms and only got 3 mushrooms smh 🤦🏽‍♀️

  • SxyGrl44
    SxyGrl44 17 days ago

    I love our flimsy saucy, cheesy pizza.... New York is where it’s at. I’ve had pizza at other places and I’m like noooo!!! Get me back home for a slice of pizza lol

  • Kai Xin Soh
    Kai Xin Soh 19 days ago +1

    I fell in love with Mike's love of pizza

  • Tündi Dömök
    Tündi Dömök 19 days ago

    Sorry my mistake ...I see u love almost everything , LOVETOEAT....LOL...littlepiggy..:))))

  • Tündi Dömök
    Tündi Dömök 19 days ago

    U had a mistake with the name

  • rocky362
    rocky362 20 days ago

    Salty cum for a month !

  • Devin Mattingly
    Devin Mattingly 20 days ago

    If you ever in louisville kentucky for some reason why you need to try impellizzeri's pizza its the best pizza in louisville i feel like it can compete against most pizza

  • Paul Smith
    Paul Smith 23 days ago +2

    This guy has a black hole in his belly

  • john youn
    john youn 23 days ago

    Lucky bastard

  • Jordan Goldstein
    Jordan Goldstein 24 days ago +1

    There is a great pizza joint in Evanston, IL (a suburb of Chicago), called Gigio’s, and they have huuuuuge slices, it’s my favorite pizza place 😋 you should try it if you ever come to Chicago

  • Queen Of Memes
    Queen Of Memes 25 days ago

    The first one is perfect,thats how I like my pizza,crispy crust,a decent amount of cheese,and tons of sauce I know will give me heartburn later

  • GrandTheftAngelo
    GrandTheftAngelo 25 days ago +8

    Im proud to be 150% italian

  • Adam MacLaren
    Adam MacLaren 26 days ago

    Not Lucalis?

  • LemonStrike111
    LemonStrike111 26 days ago +1

    From that day onward he ate the cameraman, he/she is never seen from

  • Harsha Gurram
    Harsha Gurram 26 days ago

    I am sure he did not eat all of the pizza but he is a monster

  • Andrew Cha
    Andrew Cha 26 days ago

    I've watched this video other hundred...

  • Batia Khabieh
    Batia Khabieh 27 days ago

    I live in New York and I’m kinda board of thin slice and am ready for a thicker slice

  • yellow92591
    yellow92591 27 days ago

    Love this video!!

  • yellow92591
    yellow92591 27 days ago

    I like the way you do your videos!

  • Walker 666
    Walker 666 27 days ago

    Mike Chan you're my favorite pizza place 🍕 🤗

  • Food Lover
    Food Lover 28 days ago

    Do we really need more Chinese people ? They eat like pig just about resources??

  • Aryan Tawte
    Aryan Tawte 28 days ago

    Crust shouldn't be crispy lol he eats it like a roll

  • Wisal Chak
    Wisal Chak 28 days ago

    Been craving pizza for a week now, will have for lunch toooodaaay

  • Lori C
    Lori C 29 days ago


  • Genica de Lara
    Genica de Lara 29 days ago

    I wish there are bloopers in every video.

  • gamingmetmark delft
    gamingmetmark delft 29 days ago

    YEEESSSSS, thank Mike for doing this

  • Min Jo Byun
    Min Jo Byun Month ago

    Lucalis hands down the best pizzeria in New York

  • Crystal Layla
    Crystal Layla Month ago


  • TheWutangclan1995
    TheWutangclan1995 Month ago

    Prince is definitely a good pizzeria in Manhattan. I'm not going to lie, after eating that square pizza my stomach felt like the Manhattan Project.

  • Taes Grammy Award
    Taes Grammy Award Month ago +2

    it‘s 10pm...and now i‘m hungry 😭😭

  • girl cub
    girl cub Month ago

    Drooooooling. I love mike

  • Mrk 101
    Mrk 101 Month ago

    I do love "Chinese food" so thi japanesse and other asian food are "Chinese"

  • SilverF0x84
    SilverF0x84 Month ago

    i thought it was jackie chan eating that pizza. : )

  • thefunnyman713
    thefunnyman713 Month ago

    New york pizza is the bomb!! First thing i ate when i went to New York!!

  • Ree Panda
    Ree Panda Month ago +1

    You know that new York mad pizza not Italy the idea was from Italy but was never made I learned it in facts class

  • Diamandinae
    Diamandinae Month ago

    IS this the good Nutella? Has to be not the one in stores get it from Italy I believe!

  • Diamandinae
    Diamandinae Month ago

    Only in the last few years, I go toward SPICY!!

  • Diamandinae
    Diamandinae Month ago

    Mum made the Neopolitan, miss it!!

  • Diamandinae
    Diamandinae Month ago +1

    Thank you, love that kind of pizza with thin crust-YES I could eat the whole thing!!

  • lizcasanova
    lizcasanova Month ago

    Are you fool yet?

  • Kevin Commisso
    Kevin Commisso Month ago

    First pizza place looks especially amazing

  • Collin Mariano
    Collin Mariano Month ago

    "un-apologetically loaded with flavor"... huh?

  • Laurent Meiling
    Laurent Meiling Month ago

    Location 2 pizza crust is burned

  • Anonymous Diet Coke

    No one:
    Mike: It needs some chili

  • AQuietNight
    AQuietNight Month ago

    I am convinced he is an Italian wearing an Asian man suit.

  • Heavix18
    Heavix18 Month ago

    Well I know where I'm going for my cheat day at the end of the month lol

  • Lorenzo Rossi
    Lorenzo Rossi Month ago

    Go to denino’s in Staten Island it’s the best I’ve ever had

  • Lorenzo Rossi
    Lorenzo Rossi Month ago +2

    Fact: “New Yorkers love thin pizza”

  • Oskar Laing
    Oskar Laing Month ago

    I don’t know why but I keep watching these videos of toucher.

  • Sami Miettinen
    Sami Miettinen Month ago +1

    Your first place, bread with tomato sauce and a slice of cheese.... The dough is what makes it magic... If the dough is bad, everything is bad

  • donald trump
    donald trump Month ago

    One bite everyone knows the rules

  • Daphne Yan
    Daphne Yan Month ago

    sir, would you like some pizza with your chilis?

  • Daniel Goldman
    Daniel Goldman Month ago

    is it just me or does his channel name make you hungry as well.

  • don_may
    don_may Month ago

    I’m both lactose intolerant and allergic to gluten... why am I watching this...

  • Kent Drummond
    Kent Drummond Month ago

    This guy sucks dick.

  • tHe UnkNoWN
    tHe UnkNoWN Month ago +4

    "Make your pizza life complete. " - Mike Chen

  • tHe UnkNoWN
    tHe UnkNoWN Month ago +5

    At 6:16 when he went on that rant saying that the pizza is not shy, have a crush on you for a year and then awkwardly ask you out for a cup of coffee..... why did I feel like he described me? Lol how does he know me?! 😂😶

  • Redfoxx Vampette
    Redfoxx Vampette Month ago

    Love that the pizza's are all the way to the crust! There is no crust, just pizza!😁😀👍👏👏👌 My kinda pizza.

  • T Boner
    T Boner Month ago

    Idk mikey... no one does pizza like pres...barstool pizza rules...

  • ruVLOGS
    ruVLOGS Month ago

    Went to New York, had Joes pizza like every day for a week lol

  • Something Good
    Something Good Month ago

    Gordon Ramsay : "DISGUSTING !"

  • Alexa Cruz F
    Alexa Cruz F Month ago +1

    I usually don’t really like pizza but this video is making my mouth salivate 😍🥴

  • Rhea Sari
    Rhea Sari Month ago

    Those melted cheese... heaven 😍

  • Carretero Herndas
    Carretero Herndas Month ago

    He's literally grown up version of me love root beer with pizza

  • Victor Vidal
    Victor Vidal Month ago +1

    Does any one else feel strange when someone call's pizza a pie? No. Ok.

  • O.G Stoner
    O.G Stoner Month ago +1

    The best New York Sity Pizza is 2Bros , trust me I'm a real New Yorker

  • Flávia Gensem
    Flávia Gensem Month ago +9

    I am so happy I watch this videos with a full stomach 😍 😂 😂 😂

  • Mo -
    Mo - Month ago

    i hate myself so much for watching this during the fasting portion of my day. this is straight up abuse.

  • SuperNeshter
    SuperNeshter Month ago

    Di pizza non ne capite nulla...

  • Rohith Vijayakumar
    Rohith Vijayakumar Month ago

    need more pizza videos 😭

  • Steve
    Steve Month ago

    I'm 2 months into my keto diet and this popped up in my recommended....
    Thanks YT!

  • Gerald Brienza
    Gerald Brienza Month ago

    Rays of Greenwich Village was the best NYC pizza ever. Gone now (RIP)

  • XLMarwin YT
    XLMarwin YT Month ago

    I thought of his poop oh god 5 pizzas in the toilet

    I mean 6

  • Carlos Carranza
    Carlos Carranza Month ago

    Man he’s lucky

  • navneeth sridhar
    navneeth sridhar Month ago

    Didn't like the chocolate thing.. And JOE'S is lame.

  • Jonathan Isaac Rice

    The second pizza you had (thick, square, with lots of pepperoni), isn't that Detroit Style?