Blair: No-deal Brexit could lead to 'silent revolution'

  • Published on May 12, 2019
  • Tony Blair says the main political parties could be swept away in a "silent revolution" if there is a no-deal Brexit.
    The former Prime Minister told Sophy Ridge the government should present all options on Brexit to parliament - and then put whatever is approved to the people in another public vote.
    He added it would be a "healing process" because voters would be able to make a much more informed decision compared with 2016.
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Comments • 2 953

  • TheLargino
    TheLargino 12 days ago

    Theresa Blair and Tony May seem like two peas in a pod.

  • Jay dog
    Jay dog 14 days ago

    Anything he says do different

  • Luke A
    Luke A 16 days ago

    What crap.

  • Luke A
    Luke A 16 days ago

    Lies lies lies lies

  • Abra Cadabra
    Abra Cadabra 18 days ago

    First stage is to get out of the EU. Second stage vote in Patriotic leaders. Its still possible but people have to want it, if they dont then we are finished because if people havent woken up yet to our immigration crisis and other problems then they never will they must be in a coma.

  • robbiexxxxxx
    robbiexxxxxx 27 days ago

    I think that a second referendum would be a betrayal of the British public, however Blair makes some good points here. The vast majority of our laws are made in the uk, so it is a fallacy to say we are not in a sovereign state. Also Brexit won't make much difference to immigration as tory bosses want cheap labour and the government will facilitate this. Most immigration is from outside of the eu, which we have control over.

  • shellsbignumber2
    shellsbignumber2 Month ago

    Nothing like the image of Tony Blair to make me give my screen a damn good fist shaking to.

  • BigDuke6ixx
    BigDuke6ixx Month ago

    Blair lies when he says that if we stay we have to 'deal with those issues around immigration'. There is simply no way of dealing with immigration because as a member state we are stuck with freedom of movement. Mass immigration from Eastern Europe into Britain will carry on until we are poorer and those states are a lot richer.

  • BigDuke6ixx
    BigDuke6ixx Month ago

    All Blair cares about is the Labour Party.

  • Shaggydoo
    Shaggydoo Month ago

    When I saw blair I only clicked on this video solely to diss like it. As did the other three thousand people

  • Red Knight
    Red Knight Month ago

    I might disagree with Tony Blair on many things, but when it comes to Brexit, his analysis is spot on!

  • Karl Munford
    Karl Munford Month ago

    Why is he still allowed on TV... hasn't he done enough damage?

  • steve m
    steve m Month ago

    Sorry this guy's credibility is down the toilet with his lies that dragged us into the Iraq war. The country voted for Brexit so let's get on with it. It's called democracy.

  • Dylan Jones
    Dylan Jones Month ago

    Who in there right mind would trust what this criminal says ffs

  • andy fielding
    andy fielding Month ago

    Surely,the most HATED person in the EU.
    Mr. Blair please,go away and NEVER come back.

  • splinterbyrd
    splinterbyrd Month ago

    Anagrams: Tony Blair MP = I'm Tory Plan B

  • Anime Wire
    Anime Wire Month ago

    Treasonous little rat...

  • Gordon Welford
    Gordon Welford Month ago

    And One More Remark From Billy Liar Might Get Him Lynched.

  • 6stringer
    6stringer Month ago

    Has tony Blair been under the knife?

  • Paul Kennelly
    Paul Kennelly Month ago


  • TheCK1234
    TheCK1234 Month ago

    Why didnt sky news ever invite Slobodan Milosevic on for us to hear his views?

  • Embrace Your Story
    Embrace Your Story Month ago

    Stand down your wacko revolutionaries Blair!! We ain't down for threats!

  • CULT68
    CULT68 Month ago +2

    TONY BLAIR GREAT 3 WINS PM 100% RIGHT on VILE brexit SHI TE Blair bad Iraq. SOPHY R=FAB

  • Blue Sky
    Blue Sky Month ago

    WTO rules replaces EU Rules it's what the British voters are asking for. When are the currup politicians will understand that ??

  • Tony Ronald
    Tony Ronald Month ago

    There will be a noisy revolution if we do not get out!! Bliar has done enough damage to Britain so should either keep his mouth closed or be locked away somewhere.

  • Antony Robertson
    Antony Robertson Month ago

    Absolute snake he is.

  • ToneyCo
    ToneyCo Month ago +1

    It's the other way round haha brain dead idiot

  • undercrackers56
    undercrackers56 Month ago

    Blair misled parliament. Blair lied to the UK public. Why the f.... should we believe anything he says now?

  • pete brennan
    pete brennan Month ago

    Why is this has been war criminal being even allowed air time. At the very least he should be in a cell in the Hague. Better still, walking onto a gallows. Like his slimey friend Bush did with Saddam. Maybe when we are out of the EU, This may become a reality...

  • Carole Taylor
    Carole Taylor Month ago

    No Deal is such a disaster to these people - WHAT and HOW MUCH is it going to affect their ill gotten gains? They do need investigating! The Dictating EU has only been around a short time - This Country ran quite well before the EU. The Brexit Party has a goal, is clear minded and is Democratic. The 'truthful Blair?'

  • dave brooks
    dave brooks Month ago

    Why O why do they keep wheeling that old toad out .

  • Tsarist Calvinist
    Tsarist Calvinist Month ago

    Blair the Apostates

  • Nick Burton
    Nick Burton Month ago

    He’s so loathsome I can hardly bear to watch him 🤢

  • Mr Indiscret
    Mr Indiscret Month ago

    A silent revolution? If they don't like Britain with Brexit, they can sod off to the EU to live, that they love so much..

  • Simeon Wardle
    Simeon Wardle Month ago

    bLIAR is a bankrupt politician.
    He is as much to blame as Cameron for a divided nation.
    If he had fought Brown to get UK to join the € he may have solved this issue a decade ago.
    His inteligent analysis is flawed due to his polemic.
    Like most of the political elite it seems he is simply fumbling in the dark.
    But leadership is required. Especially as his point regards 2 options, remain or leave, is the binary choice.

  • cdgh99
    cdgh99 Month ago

    Iraq war has nothing to do with Brexit. We know he failed on Iraq. Remember he won an election after Iraq. Don't throw him in the bin when a decade long serving PM has a perfectly sensible position on Brexit.

    • Steve Austin
      Steve Austin Month ago


      It wasn't a Decade, 9 years and so many months, but not a Decade.

  • Martin Holland Films

    The liar with a thousand faces aiming to rule Europe.

  • Alexpmgr8 K3
    Alexpmgr8 K3 Month ago

    Blair is the toss pot who caused this crap. The man is an A class idiot who should hang with bush. We (uk) is NOT CONFUSED.. The suggestion we are is crass. Labour and Cons ---OUT FOR GOOD.

  • I don't give a Fork

    Tony, Your stomach churning face has more to fear of a revolution than anyone

    ON SONG Month ago

    I cannot understand why Blair is not in prison.

  • ned perry
    ned perry Month ago

    Where does Tony Blair live ? NOT on a housing estate with al the multicultural society he is so in love with

  • sally decker
    sally decker Month ago


  • Juan Swart
    Juan Swart Month ago

    Being on the right of politics, I think Tony Blair is in general a very fair and reasonable person from the left (most are not). Alas, as far as Brexit is concerned, I am very disappointed in him. To openly campaign to ignore a democratic vote, I find hard to understand and justify.

  • John Cook
    John Cook Month ago

    This man is a murderer.

  • Ian Clark
    Ian Clark Month ago


  • Christopher Watson
    Christopher Watson Month ago

    When he was first elected I used to taste the fresh air of of a modern breeze; each time he speaks now I smell the stench of dishonesty. Brexit NOW.

  • Kronos my account got hacked

    He works for Israel not for UK.

  • Kronos my account got hacked

    War Criminal.

  • John Hughes
    John Hughes Month ago

    Traitor, sent the forces to war on a pack of lies, negotiates with terrorists and now the forces have the prosecuting sword of Damocles hanging over their head

  • Khalifa's Koffee
    Khalifa's Koffee Month ago

    He been on the helium again?

  • Mike Wang
    Mike Wang Month ago

    Best PM after Churchill.Bush was to blame for Iraq.

  • Alex Elliott
    Alex Elliott Month ago

    When will he get the message. Nobody gives a pig's arse what he says anymore

  • Onyash Ed
    Onyash Ed Month ago

    Me think the guy is prone to loose a check from the EU .. Listen to how he insists on a debate over a soft or hard brexit then a confirmatory vote attached to either... the guy is lost. Exit trade then if things get worse then rejoin EU...

  • Onyash Ed
    Onyash Ed Month ago

    A silent revolution is better than betraying the people's vote.

  • Dan Channer
    Dan Channer Month ago +1

    I'm not a fan of Bliar, but he's right.

  • HSBC ClawbackPensionThief

    The little bugger! Hard / Soft / Hard as the choices which would dilute the Brexit vote. How about just Hard or Remain?

  • Mark Heath
    Mark Heath Month ago

    What is a silent revolution? Is that a riot of the silent majority? Sounds about right?

  • Fire and Brimstone
    Fire and Brimstone Month ago +1

    Blair cultural Marxist globalist war monger

  • Rufff Rufff
    Rufff Rufff Month ago

    Obama's buddy talking out of all 4 sides of his mouth.

  • zo0mpa
    zo0mpa Month ago +1

    Take a look at the number of dislikes compared to the likes.... Go to hell Blair.

  • Thomas Macken
    Thomas Macken Month ago

    Let the traitorous war criminal stay in Brussels.

  • Lord Elrond
    Lord Elrond Month ago

    The interviewer is hopeless! Why doesn't she challenge his glib assertion that Britain is in charge of itself?

  • GhostlyJorg
    GhostlyJorg Month ago +1

    As against brexit as I am, I almost forgot this is a war criminal... downvoted

  • angrychappaz
    angrychappaz Month ago +1

    Why do they give this war criminal any air time when it's jail time he needs!

  • Paul Rooks
    Paul Rooks Month ago +1

    I will only listen to his opinion when its beamed live from his jail cell for his war crimes

  • pykkervots
    pykkervots Month ago +1

    Great to hear Tony speak up again. This should add a few thousand votes to the BREXIT PARTY on Thursday

  • this
    this Month ago +1

    Fvck off Blair.

  • John Schofield
    John Schofield Month ago +1


  • Angus Rutherford
    Angus Rutherford Month ago

    SAW 8 staring Tony Blair as "the war criminal"

  • Austin Thornton
    Austin Thornton Month ago +1

    Everything he says here about Brexit is correct.