ARSENAL VS MAN CITY! Will Arsenal embarrass Man City!? Can Liverpool extend their lead!?

  • Published on Dec 12, 2019
  • Arsenal vs Man City is a Premier League highlight. Can Arsenal beat Manchester City at the Emirates. Man Utd vs Everton is a Premier League highlight. Will Manchester United best Everton with Duncan Ferguson in charge? Will Ole Gunna Solskjaer keep his job at Man United? Wolves vs Tottenham is a Premier League highlight. Can Jose Mourinho beat Wolves with Spurs in the Premier League? Liverpool vs Watford in the Premier League is a highlight. Can Liverpool beat Watford at Anfield and stay top of the Premier League by 11 points? Chelsea vs Bournemouth is a Premier League highlight. Will Chelsea smash Bournemouth at Stamford Bridge vs Bournemouth in the Premier League?
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  • Yitbarek Fessehaie
    Yitbarek Fessehaie Month ago

    Would any of you guys have a view about a suggestion I like to make? I think the manager at Sheffield United is the guy Arsenal need at this time. He has the personality that would get a result with the current team. The players are desperate for someone who can show them how and the tactics to get results!! Your views guys? If not, I reckon Arsenal will be just outside the top ten come end of season!!!!!!!!!!!

  • mcfcguvnors
    mcfcguvnors Month ago

    How did that go for you then ?

  • Joe Conway
    Joe Conway Month ago

    UPDATE....NO is the answer man city smashed arsenal 😄😄😄😄😄

  • David harrop
    David harrop Month ago

    The Sky Blues treated treated the second half as a training session

  • Sticky Green Nigel
    Sticky Green Nigel Month ago

    Football is shit. Get out of my feed

    • rymxo
      rymxo Month ago

      Interacting with a football video will surely let youtube know that you dont want to see them in your feed....

  • Ian Kerridge
    Ian Kerridge Month ago

    I Hope the "Wenger Out " Brigade are suitably embarrassed. It has got seriously worse since Arsene has retired. Be Careful for What You Wish For!. I am an Arsenal fAN btw

  • Marcus Roy
    Marcus Roy Month ago +1

    Probably the 4 most annoying twats in this football youtube community

  • ScrewInTheTuna
    ScrewInTheTuna Month ago

    Will Man City Embarrass Arsenal?


  • Dan Smith
    Dan Smith Month ago

    Yep, totally embarrassed...

  • William Bishop
    William Bishop Month ago +1

    but Leicester are just better than anyone else ahaha

  • Itz Musa
    Itz Musa Month ago +2

    Who's here after man city embarrassed arsenal

  • jim elder
    jim elder Month ago +1

    All Arsenal embarrassed was themselves

  • riccccccardo
    riccccccardo Month ago +1

    3-0 to city.

  • antwango
    antwango Month ago +1

    Arsenal will embarrass Arsenal!

  • luke batham
    luke batham Month ago +2

    No. No they won’t 😂 3-0 at half time who the fuck thought arsenal would embarrass Man City

  • Bob England
    Bob England Month ago

    LOL yeah nah.

  • Smith Goddy
    Smith Goddy Month ago +1

    Even city women will beat this Arsenal team

  • Graham Lowe
    Graham Lowe Month ago +2

    Will Arsenal embarrass Man City!? would you like a second opinion at half time? clueless twats.

  • Thelma Viaduct
    Thelma Viaduct Month ago

    City have spent 6 x what Liverpool have over the past 5 years. Fraudiola has no excuses. #SuperPep

  • Amar Sahbi
    Amar Sahbi Month ago

    Go do something nice instead of sitting around the table takking shit

  • Seek The Truth
    Seek The Truth Month ago

    Arsenal had great success with a 5 man midfield 21 games undefeated and if you look at Sheffield United and Wolves also play like this


    Mean you guys are an inspiration to me.
    Good channel , good discussion and open minded guys

  • nb7 9uk
    nb7 9uk Month ago

    Its squeaky bum time boys

  • Mr Ginga
    Mr Ginga Month ago

    Will arsenal do what lol. I lov ed my club but its time people realise that we are at best a top 10 team. Our defense is a joke and would struggle in the championship

  • F RNG
    F RNG Month ago

    the guy on the far right literally knows nothing how he is on

  • Paul Hart
    Paul Hart Month ago

    is that the fake football fan I see on true Geordie? lol man city = bad for the game

  • XvX_K1R1T0_XvX_ Killme

    Oh what a clear victory for the gunners. 5-0 comfortably, mustafi to score a bicycle kick, and Aguero to switch teams on the pitch because we are just that good. Victory in this colour lads 🔴

  • steel ssstu
    steel ssstu Month ago

    Does anyone give a fuck its just a sport, people kick a bag of wind and cheat a lot and fans really get sad and depressed when their side loses,, sounds bloody awful game lol

    THC OF UYO Month ago

    AND THEN B'MOUTH WON...such a perfect game for Chelsea like you predicted

  • X G
    X G Month ago

    You are kiddin right, Citeh will destroy em..6 or 7

  • Alan Doherty
    Alan Doherty Month ago

    Here's a thought, could be it just be rodri isn't as good as u think? Poor citeh ur squad depth bla bla bla can field 3 teams in EPL, now complaining about injuries? Leave it out. Oh and now are obeying or bring held to FFP regulations, like the rest of us? So honourable, it's fuckin laughable. Oh BTW Harry the arsenal fan is deadweight, dragging u down. He's like his club booring

  • Jay L1471
    Jay L1471 Month ago

    Newsflash we have extended our lead, sorry nobody can catch us. hahha YNWA goodbye city and Leicester have to win till next year or maybe longer.

  • John Cooper - Art of Social

    Buvey looks like hes just watched city when they were actually city, pre-2009

    • Rob Tyman
      Rob Tyman Month ago

      This discussion looks like it's from about 2008, and the guys are talking about an Arsenal which no one recognises today.

  • Douchebags Refuted
    Douchebags Refuted Month ago

    Laca would be better partnered with Martinelli and Pepe than Aubameyang, because Laca does more to assist and win the ball, and Martinelli and Pepe will both get goals.

  • Gary Murphy
    Gary Murphy Month ago

    for a man city fan to call Watford a tiny club makes you realise city have forgotten were they came from b4 oil money. they were equally as 'tiny' and calling them it is really disrespectful and shows why most people prefer united fans to city fans.

  • Trump
    Trump Month ago

    why is the score 3 1 to arsenal vs west ham didnt west ham win 2 1 lol

  • Jason Burke
    Jason Burke Month ago +1

    How the the mighty man city have city have fallen more than arsenal since last season....both defences are shit but city have thowrn so much money at it so have more questions to answer than arsenal...what's up buvey no more showing off your team city are shit and 2nd rate to the mighty liverpool.... city are done out here.... your circle is completele

  • Andrew Edward Bailey

    Haven't Arsenal embarrassed themselves enough? For a club that could do very well, they throw away a lot of opportunity.

    Ny-ASH MANYUMWA Month ago +1

    As a Chelsea fan, it's so weird hearing an Arsenal fan speak so much sense. If they had more people like him in the boardroom, Arsenal would be the top club they deserve to be.

  • Curse These Metal Hands

    If Buvey was a football club, he'd be Gaston Villa.

  • Jeff Onyango
    Jeff Onyango Month ago

    You should start talking about the champions league and the possible draws

  • Yes That
    Yes That Month ago

    Why is Scott sitting in an invisible cupboard.. if you let him out we can hear him..

    • Scott Saunders
      Scott Saunders Month ago

      Yes That haha I think I forgot to turn my mic on

  • Mujeeb Ahmed
    Mujeeb Ahmed Month ago

    We can beat Man City if we put them under pressure.

  • Finerrz
    Finerrz Month ago +1

    Yes lads, 6 extra games👀🐺

  • Earth Changing Extremities

    I've lost respect for Simon Jordan & talkSport. The fan base social media platforms are the new era and we must all unite by showing these jealous media mongols that we are here to stay.......talkSport have picked on Don Robbie's AFTV, Flex @ The United Stand, Troopz and they have made a very big mistake.............Also, all of the fan's sport social media networks now need to subscribe to each other in solidarity #SupportFanSocialMediaPlatforms

      Ny-ASH MANYUMWA Month ago +3

      Totally agree. I would rather watch fan content than dogmatic, agenda driven mainstream media content. As a Chelsea fan, the level of bias out there against my club by the mainstream media has made channels like SkySports and BT nearly unwatchable.

  • Mr Nobody
    Mr Nobody Month ago

    Go on you Gunners 😎

  • Danish Islam
    Danish Islam Month ago +4

    Unfortunately all about timing for me. Being an Arsenal fan I just hope we loose 2-3 or 3-4 to City. They are going to be killing us after the derby defeat. A respectable loss I will take..

  • RK's Lounge
    RK's Lounge Month ago +1

    Nice to see Buvey back down to earth!

  • Jai Shaktawat
    Jai Shaktawat Month ago +7

    No Grizz, no party. Although, really impressed that Scott knew that Pearson came from Leicester's sister club.

  • ROBO1
    ROBO1 Month ago +7


      Ny-ASH MANYUMWA Month ago +3

      I hate Liverpool. Allez allez all... whatever. Lol

  • GOGO
    GOGO Month ago

    Man City board need to look back on their spending. They might have thought it is wise to recruit bunch of decent players under 50m limit but then majority of them ended up as so many flops meaning no matter how decent those players can be them all together wouldnt even worth class of Van Dijk. Laporte, Stones, Mendy, Walker for over 200m is utter joke.

    • Chris
      Chris Month ago +2

      GOGO Laporte is class but Stones and Mendy were over priced and injury prone while Walker is decent but inconsistent.

  • Metalartin _
    Metalartin _ Month ago +1

    I don't think City can take Arsenal lightly, the one thing they have is pace in attack, that's how City have been dropping points, fast counter attacking teams(who can't seem to miss their 1-2 chances when they come). I've been thinking about what's gone wrong in the defence this season. Which has put more pressure on the forwards and midfield as a result, who have dropped off a little themselves.
    Ota has never had pace, that's why he dives in but he seems to be getting slower. Fernandinho is good but he's not a CB, there are times when makes the wrong choice. LB we have Mendy and Angelino, we know the story there, both could come good in time for different reasons but we don't have time. RB would be ok in my opinion but once the back line becomes unbalanced nobody looks good.
    The biggest disappointment for me in it all, is City should have been able to turn to Stones when Laporte got injured but they simply can't. I've defended him up until now but I'm starting to see what people have been saying, that he might actually be missing the mental strength to be that player we need. I suppose if a reliable leader comes in at CB, he can look good when paired with either him or Laporte but you expect more for £50m, he should be pairing with a cheaper/younger guy leading by example. Yes he's a good ball playing CB(in possession) but he has shown that he can be a great defender at times(2017-18 season before he got injured). Frustratingly though, he looses confidence and form far too easily, which then makes him a liability when that happens.
    It was only one game but on a positive note, Mendy was looking a lot better in the CL game against Zagreb, the opposition doesn't matter, his control and his crossing were looking far closer to the player I remember from Monaco. He showed some pace for recovery runs too at times, another thing that was concerning some City fans. Ontop of that, Zinchenko got some minutes in the 2nd half, so LB might be one less thing to worry about before long. At least that's something and the other key players missing are nearing completion of their recoveries too. Laporte's return will be the biggest boost in my opinion. Sané's return would be nice but it could be that Bayern are set to meet City's asking price, to secure his services. We have missed him in the big games this season, I'd prefer to keep him. If he's sold, I hope we use that money immediately in Jan to either buy a CB or a LW or both.

  • Haddon Mutanda
    Haddon Mutanda Month ago +1

    If trophies were handed based on talking alone , you would think Spurs are the best team in the world! My only reason for not liking Spurs

    ROBSONCRUZO13 Month ago

    2 mosat important games
    liverpool 2-1 watford
    man city will win 4-5 -1

  • David Morewood
    David Morewood Month ago

    Any chance you could just mention Sheffield United or invite Traveling Blade or Ingood nnick thats their you tube channels both could give you good debate

  • jfresh stunna
    jfresh stunna Month ago +2

    Buvey is a flip flop earlier he praising now he wanna get on the guy back 😂😂😂smh

  • Breyton Johannes
    Breyton Johannes Month ago +2

    What happened to the Palace fan that used to host the show?

  • Pita Madlala
    Pita Madlala Month ago +3

    liverpool looks like a well oiled m
    achine, and looks like they are going to dominate Europe for the foreseeable future. Signing Minomino, just took them to another level.

    • W B
      W B Month ago

      @Mull1ns except that City have never done well in Europe, whereas Liverpool have reached the last two Champions league finals and won the last one.

    • Mull1ns
      Mull1ns Month ago +1

      We said the exact same thing about city 2 years ago

  • Laurence's Daddy
    Laurence's Daddy Month ago

    Leicester bossss

  • Neil Pedley
    Neil Pedley Month ago

    Where is Harvey?