Will Smith Bungee Jumps Out of a Helicopter!


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  • Kratos The God Of War
    Kratos The God Of War 9 hours ago

    How much does this cost?

  • Aditya The Great

    *It’s Rewind time!*

  • Rage Vibes Forever

    disconnecting will

  • *Action Family Customs*


  • priyansh goyal
    priyansh goyal 2 days ago

    Not even a mention to yes theory... Wow!!!

  • J.J. Bone
    J.J. Bone 3 days ago


  • moi mooha
    moi mooha 3 days ago


  • LeoTehJester
    LeoTehJester 7 days ago

    Nice one Will

  • Jn Mc
    Jn Mc 7 days ago

    Carlton hasn't aged a day since fresh prince

  • Anabel Pizarro
    Anabel Pizarro 12 days ago

    Super... who should I contact in order to do this. anabelpi@gmail.com Thnks

    • Michelle Alexandria
      Michelle Alexandria 2 days ago

      Anabel Pizarro they offer bunji jumping over the grand kanyan tours in vegas. Last time Iooked a few years ago it was $500

  • polo poñk
    polo poñk 13 days ago

    Hapy birthday 50

  • polo poñk
    polo poñk 13 days ago

    I love you wiiiiiiiill

  • Jonathan Duenas
    Jonathan Duenas 15 days ago +1

    How is it possible to not hit the edges of the canyon .__.

  • polidelia
    polidelia 16 days ago

    this is gorrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrgeus this is gorrrrrrrrrrrrrrrgeus fuckin americans

  • Andrew C
    Andrew C 16 days ago

    I'd definitely do that..no hesitation!

  • Joonha Shcal
    Joonha Shcal 18 days ago

    Yes Theory's video is better.

  • Donte Jackson
    Donte Jackson 21 day ago

    Some part of the future is going to be unbeatable and that part is the good side of life.

  • dedezinhoow fort
    dedezinhoow fort 22 days ago

    um maluco no pedaço kkkkk
    algm br??

  • Виталий Поляков

    Я бы не только обписился но и обо....ся от этого экстрима.

  • Nine Tailed Fox
    Nine Tailed Fox 24 days ago

    Did your stomach hurts?

  • jessi gut
    jessi gut 25 days ago

    I went skydiving with coworkers after watching his skydiving video

    FELITO21 GDWS 26 days ago

    Yes theory video was more epic and emotional lol

  • LieutenantEggRoll
    LieutenantEggRoll 26 days ago

    Oh yeah

  • Carlos XD
    Carlos XD 26 days ago +1


  • P.O.L.O
    P.O.L.O 27 days ago

    👏🏽👏🏽👏🏽👏🏽👏🏽 this make me wanna go skydivin even more...iono about the bungee jump. 🙄
    but s/o to u, dad! 😂

  • Beckaboo3397
    Beckaboo3397 27 days ago

    Props to the yes theory for putting this out into the world and manifesting it. ✨✨
    Also happy belated birthday Will. 🎂

  • Walker #18936
    Walker #18936 28 days ago

    Yes Theory has made the right decision in asking you this XD

  • Robert Punt
    Robert Punt 28 days ago

    This is not TheXvid

  • Ghost Rider
    Ghost Rider 29 days ago


  • baldy hardnut
    baldy hardnut 29 days ago +1

    he got paid a mil for this i think

    • baldy hardnut
      baldy hardnut 2 days ago

      +Michelle Alexandria well he certainly wont do it for free... ?

    • Michelle Alexandria
      Michelle Alexandria 2 days ago

      by who and so? he’s worth a few hundred mil, so he certainly didn’t do this for the money.

  • Hamie
    Hamie 29 days ago

    It looks fake when it’s zoomed in on him😂😂😂😂😂😂

  • Sam Obama
    Sam Obama Month ago

    Who cares!

  • Comrade Ladd
    Comrade Ladd Month ago +1

    FЯее v ъuСкз

  • Oh Yeah Yeah
    Oh Yeah Yeah Month ago +1

    It's rewind time OH Yeah Yeah

  • 석길남
    석길남 Month ago

    윌 스미스

  • Verbs describe us
    Verbs describe us Month ago

    who did bungee jumping? :)

  • Jack Shite
    Jack Shite Month ago

    Call Jane Goodall

  • Ahmareyon Cobb
    Ahmareyon Cobb Month ago

    Your moving with your auntie and uncle in Bellaire

  • Шкаф Лат
    Шкаф Лат Month ago

    Respect FrOm Ukraine!!!!! You very good people! You very good actor!

  • Nassim Ps44
    Nassim Ps44 Month ago

    Voll geil

  • roblox productions
    roblox productions Month ago

    Play me some of that jumping music

  • 2DGorillaz22
    2DGorillaz22 Month ago

    so why did he do this

  • John John
    John John Month ago

    Damm it! Hes still alive!

  • Злой МОСКВИЧ

    Это случайно не тот негр, который играл в "Люди в чёрном"?

  • TheBiscuitGames
    TheBiscuitGames Month ago

    Great subtitles

  • Bluefire
    Bluefire Month ago

    Ah that's hot! that's hot!

  • King.K The Best
    King.K The Best Month ago +1

    That's hot

  • paty ramirez
    paty ramirez Month ago +1

    Will soy tu fan te quiero❤❤❤

  • Nico MONART
    Nico MONART Month ago

    Hancock where are you? 😂😂😂😂😭

  • No Bigy
    No Bigy Month ago

    *wire snaps* Its rewind time

  • Wireless Studios
    Wireless Studios Month ago

    “Das hot, das hot”

  • Grant Spams
    Grant Spams Month ago

    It's rewind time

  • Genial Fire
    Genial Fire Month ago

    will smith more like sweaty smith

  • Mr Pears
    Mr Pears Month ago

    Дарова это новые съёмки люди в чёрном?

  • Ms Love
    Ms Love Month ago

    Am I the only One who want to do this Sooo BAd.....but feel they just simply CAN NOT!!

  • TΛBBY : Chill
    TΛBBY : Chill Month ago +1

    _Aah that’s hot_
    _That’s hot_

  • Yoel Glover
    Yoel Glover Month ago

    And then you realize the bungee broke off his foot

  • ッRGG
    ッRGG Month ago

    And he will jump out of a Battle bus


    Roses are red
    Violets are blue
    The number your looking for
    Is 4:42.

  • Alexander  Briceño
    Alexander Briceño Month ago

    El dinero vuelve estupida alas personas con lo que esas personas gastan en sus estupideses uno desea una cantidad mínima para comprarse una cobacha . Ricos idiotas

  • Guy Manson
    Guy Manson Month ago +1

    I can't be the only one concerned that he could've hit the rotors...

  • Peter Pan
    Peter Pan Month ago

    Kinda funny how the word he uses is gorge-ous. The words aren't related, but it's a funny coincidence.

  • Zeppy Brawl Stars
    Zeppy Brawl Stars Month ago

    Will died from fall damage

  • Xharyuk
    Xharyuk Month ago

    Welcome the xander zone J

  • Anne - Marie Audet
    Anne - Marie Audet Month ago +2

    How come he looks sooooo young
    Looks like 35 year old......FOREVER young

  • goonsy
    goonsy Month ago

    That’s hot

  • Alice Schmidt
    Alice Schmidt Month ago

    I wish you long live😳😳😳

  • Alice Schmidt
    Alice Schmidt Month ago


  • bellabana
    bellabana Month ago

    All the people on here wrongfully complaining that Yes Theory didn’t get enough credit when in fact they did are actually doing a disservice to Yes Theory because people are now pissed off about the constant whingeing & moaning from you guys. You’re spoiling it for everyone involved & making Yes Theory sound like a bunch of crybabies!

  • Löschgruppe Vilkerath

    Boy, what is wrong with you 😂😂😂😂🤟🏻

  • murilo Rodrigues
    murilo Rodrigues Month ago

    May nami is Murilo

  • murilo Rodrigues
    murilo Rodrigues Month ago

    No próximo vídeo vou falar todos os inscritos

  • murilo Rodrigues
    murilo Rodrigues Month ago

    Gente aperte na minha foto e se inscreve no meu canal

  • Kubek toDzban
    Kubek toDzban Month ago

    YAAA its rewind time

  • Mikael Andersson
    Mikael Andersson Month ago


  • makitaki1
    makitaki1 Month ago

    ich sehe nix ? nur schnittechnik , wieviel wiegt man wenn man 30 meter tief fällt ? und ein gewicht von 80 kg hat ? wieviel gewicht zerrt an dem Heli ? ^^ wie gesagt ich sehe keinen Sprung nur geschnittenes Material .

  • Lol Phoenix Gaming
    Lol Phoenix Gaming Month ago


  • Charles S. Adams
    Charles S. Adams Month ago

    Didn’t think the Bluegum was gonna do it...

  • mukhtar ansari
    mukhtar ansari Month ago

    Wow thanks for reading bhagwat geeta

  • TIAGO Bezerril
    TIAGO Bezerril Month ago

    I dont be afraid not anymore but you jump first ok.

  • Elementalgamer 2000


  • HosenUltraViolento
    HosenUltraViolento Month ago

    Apple watch marked 140BPM while watching this vid! This was a rebirth day, not a birthday!

  • Laura games 123 br
    Laura games 123 br Month ago

    Sou maigod

  • Gavin Themoon
    Gavin Themoon Month ago

    Bad boys 3 preview

  • Milo Estobar
    Milo Estobar Month ago

    hey not fair why he is the only one playing?...

  • 萌愛ちむ1225
    萌愛ちむ1225 Month ago


  • Amós Figueiredo
    Amós Figueiredo Month ago

    Wil, seu maluco no pedaço, ae Brasil. Tem nada o que fazer com a grana não!!!.hahahaha. da pra mim: seu doido abraços.

  • CIA
    CIA Month ago +2

    It's rewind time!

  • أحمد علي
    أحمد علي Month ago

    I n for

  • Bullet proof
    Bullet proof Month ago

    It would give me the rush let mei Tell ya

  • Marcus Davis
    Marcus Davis Month ago

    My Nigga Made it...!!!

  • D B
    D B Month ago

    Will looked like he needed to go to the bathroom right before that jump. That boo boo that show's up up when you're terrified😳🤪.

  • IYD
    IYD Month ago

    this reminds me about what happened to trevor....rip

  • Ярема Керр


  • YoYoT4F Op
    YoYoT4F Op Month ago

    Grosse couille

  • Сергей Масляников


  • Waskita Pratama
    Waskita Pratama Month ago

    Who has the mic?

  • Sarah 12345
    Sarah 12345 Month ago


    It’s rewind time

  • April Triana
    April Triana Month ago

    I was like damn I hope he doesn’t end up like Trevor (Hilary’s boyfriend) lmao
    Glad he enjoyed this experience it was a bit emotional to watch!
    Love it 😍

  • Evil Dude
    Evil Dude Month ago

    dude, very disappointed, was waiting for you to call me for this day. I was all ready to jump too. :( Also, plz pump out some more scifi blockbusters, yours are always awesome.