Gordon Cooks Steak For A Vegetarian - Gordon Ramsay

  • Published on Jul 4, 2016
  • Gordon heads to London Zoo, where Hannah the zookeeper feeds the animals better than she feeds herself. Can Gordon convince her to try a steak for the first time in 3 years?
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Comments • 28 904

  • Jesse Arnold
    Jesse Arnold 4 hours ago

    4:00 the monkey literally flips a bush and lands it

  • George Costarica
    George Costarica 12 hours ago

    Organic does not mean proper treatment of animal

  • George Costarica
    George Costarica 12 hours ago

    Gordon is empathetic but he cant stick out for everyone that wants his attention. I used to think he was an angry asshole but then, not through his pr charitable work, through the little unscrited quirks I understood his decency

  • George Costarica
    George Costarica 12 hours ago

    Primates: monkyies, apes, and pakis. Is that the correct term my boys in brit?

  • Thore
    Thore 16 hours ago

    It looks so delicious! I would love to cook that stuff too, but I think I don't have the time and I live alone in my flat, so it's not easy to eat all the fresh food before it gets rotten

  • It’s Timy I have small Willy

    Fucking vegan

  • nabiha zehra
    nabiha zehra 18 hours ago

    3:59 "this grass is FUCKING RAAAAW!!!!!!"

  • TiOPA
    TiOPA 20 hours ago

    Scroll down the comments and take a shot every time you see someone replying with 3:59

  • Lauren Summers
    Lauren Summers 22 hours ago

    Man, I love Gordon. But I think he knows more about making tasty food than he does about protein. I am vegetarian and I don’t have a protein deficiency. I actually used to be anemic when I ate meat and I no longer am according to my blood donor records. Maybe it’s because I pay more attention. I don’t know but a person can be a healthy vegetarian. Most people consume too much animal protein that consume animals, and they are actually at a higher risk for heart disease and cancer. Vegetarians typically outlive meat eaters. We have a lower risk of diabetes, lower blood pressure, lower risk of cancer, less likely to be overweight. Cavemen made a successful hunt maybe a few times in a month if lucky. We were hunters but also gatherers. They say a caveman diet is mostly meat, but actually the majority was stuff we found on the ground. I was also raised by my aunt growing up who in her village, meat was scarce and rarely eaten and they regularly lived to be over 100 years old. I wish Gordon could have a more open mind, I’ve seen him visit villages and try their ways and this is just another totally acceptable lifestyle I wish he could approach with a more open mind.

  • invaderzak11
    invaderzak11 23 hours ago

    Who else is laughing at the irate vegetarians and vegans in the comments?

  • jason robbins
    jason robbins Day ago

    She didn't even eat the fake meat... Vegans have mental disorder... We all love animals yet its the way of life!

  • Shlug life
    Shlug life Day ago

    "Good quality lean meat is key part to a healthy diet" no its not gordon....... its key part of heart disease

  • wheat
    wheat Day ago +4

    james charles: turns straight people into gay
    gordon ramsay: turns vegans into meat lovers
    hotel: trivago

  • Bam Westy
    Bam Westy Day ago

    Gordon the nutritionist lol sounds like she isn’t eating enough more like it. 1 potatoe is barely 200 calories. Should be eating atleast 4 or 5 of them to call it a meal

  • flynavy2222
    flynavy2222 Day ago

    1:52 anyone else love how Bobby just chugs that tea all at once? Reminds me of my niece, anytime I give her iced tea she gulps it down in one swig

  • RaNdoM- -ThoUghTs
    RaNdoM- -ThoUghTs 2 days ago

    Ironic a vegetarian enjoys an non rehabilitation zoo.

  • Saged Glacier
    Saged Glacier 2 days ago

    4:00 is the best frame.

  • Ryan Adam
    Ryan Adam 2 days ago

    3:59 "FUCK THIS GRASS!!"

  • Rafael Andrade
    Rafael Andrade 2 days ago

    This Gordon dude, is gonna be famous one day.!

  • Albert Vitela
    Albert Vitela 2 days ago

    My favorite cook

  • Josh Ng
    Josh Ng 2 days ago

    3:59 😂

  • Zimmy
    Zimmy 3 days ago

    Isn't this Gordon guy the one from half life?

  • KendrickMan
    KendrickMan 3 days ago

    Mucho respect for not actually forcing the girl to eat the steak.

  • cotypt145 john 3:3
    cotypt145 john 3:3 3 days ago

    WTF happened at 3:59

  • xxweeman92
    xxweeman92 3 days ago

    I'm so hungry now..

  • Midnight Lycanroc
    Midnight Lycanroc 3 days ago

    3:59 What sorcery is this?!

  • Reyna Andrdae
    Reyna Andrdae 4 days ago

    Before I start rambling off about how Chef Ramsay is low key an idiot for cooking a piece of steak or a vegetarian... I want to know if he actually has any background in nutrition because he offered steak as a " good source of protein" . I figured a world-class Chef should at least have some background in nutrition. Or at least be able to come up with some dish that's meatless.... Idk tho... steak not that creative.

  • Mr Corndog
    Mr Corndog 4 days ago

    she needs a KFC

  • Daren Gauthier
    Daren Gauthier 4 days ago

    she's an animal nutritionist and she's feeding seeds, whole seeds, and in some cases cut seeds, to animals,.? do you know where arsenic, (one of the deadliest poisons known to life)... comes from?
    just keep pretending like you represent health and the well-being of those animals while you keep feeding them poison, don't forget to cut the seeds to make it easier for them to ingest the arsenic

  • GhostOfRhurValley
    GhostOfRhurValley 4 days ago

    She didn't eat the stake made by a world famous chef, BLASPHEMY !

  • InfinityGlazing
    InfinityGlazing 5 days ago +5

    Absolutely no one:

    Me: “Don’t you worry about that! I’ll eat it.”

  • Roy King
    Roy King 5 days ago

    4:00, Gorilla " why ain't that going my stomach???"

  • LiberalLogic IsAnOxymoron

    She's ok with eating fish... But not steak? Not ready for steak but ready for salmon? Yeah, because salmon is definitely a vegetable, stupid vegetarians

  • XxDrama PotatoXx
    XxDrama PotatoXx 5 days ago

    *cooking steak for a vegan is like feeding chocolate to a dog*

  • Rafa Alghazali
    Rafa Alghazali 5 days ago +2

    This zoo should be michelin starred zoo..

  • Renegade Gamez
    Renegade Gamez 5 days ago

    3:59 YEET

  • SkippingLegs
    SkippingLegs 5 days ago

    I'm glad she didn't give in to peer pressure.

  • Tiv F
    Tiv F 5 days ago

    Maybe if it was well done she would have liked it more

  • Ultra Knight107
    Ultra Knight107 5 days ago

    He is cooking meat inside the zoo , what would the animals think?

  • trevor sode
    trevor sode 5 days ago

    She looks very malnourished. Proof that going vegetarian or vegan is not the healthiest choice for people. We thrive on eating meat because we are natural carnivores.

  • Fooos
    Fooos 6 days ago

    How do you not like a good steak.

  • nunor97 2
    nunor97 2 6 days ago

    God watching this high as fuck was a horrible idea.... I'm hungry as fuck but also lazy.

  • Lil’ White Negro
    Lil’ White Negro 6 days ago

    He sounds like the narrator from a series of unfortunate events movie

  • Lil’ White Negro
    Lil’ White Negro 6 days ago

    And the meal costs 1000 dollars

  • Granny Low
    Granny Low 6 days ago

    Would have been funny if the ape shit in his hand and threw it at Gordon

  • Dennis Loosli
    Dennis Loosli 6 days ago


  • 卡茲
    卡茲 6 days ago +1

    "wE dOnt kiLl to eat liVinG tHingS" -vegetarians
    little do they know plants are living things and they are killing them by eating it HAHAHAISND

  • Constantine Joseph
    Constantine Joseph 6 days ago

    Humans are treated worse than animals these days

    FORS4TAN 6 days ago

    I'm not against vegetrains but vegans... vegeterians actully eat normal, they just need to try fish, for example a smoked mackerel right from the sea. This stuff melts in your mouth basically, if this dosen't do it, they might as well be mentally ill and malnutritioned just as vegans. Or... insects, they are very rich in protein.

  • Ryan Svoboda
    Ryan Svoboda 6 days ago

    Yeah she really needs some meat

  • dmxdxl
    dmxdxl 6 days ago

    Man I wish I could eat at one of his restaurants the man knows his shit...But alas I ain't ballin enough for that....

  • Norman Bates
    Norman Bates 7 days ago

    Did he wear a leather jacket just to bug her😂

  • Brett Mitchell
    Brett Mitchell 7 days ago

    She needs some meat alright.

  • Sheild
    Sheild 8 days ago +4

    “Raw is more”
    You sure about that, Gordon?

  • Shamboozler
    Shamboozler 8 days ago

    Gordon ramsay a real life yukihira soma

  • hunter agent
    hunter agent 8 days ago

    3:59 HARAMBE!!!

  • Simon S.
    Simon S. 9 days ago +6

    3:59 Dude Perfect can't hold a candle to this gorilla.

    • Todd Foret
      Todd Foret 7 days ago

      Well, the root ball is heavier than the dead plant so it couldn't have landed any other way

  • nick khuu
    nick khuu 9 days ago +3

    Bobby the gorilla:99% (also at 3:59)

  • Hi Hu
    Hi Hu 9 days ago +3

    Ramsey helped her. The diet is too extreme.

  • Ahri
    Ahri 9 days ago

    Gordon Ramsey is honestly a lad

  • Kaitlyn G
    Kaitlyn G 9 days ago +1


  • Dread Hollow
    Dread Hollow 9 days ago +1

    grass flip 3:59

  • Matthew Sherin
    Matthew Sherin 9 days ago

    I like my meat raw 😛

  • Tom tonka
    Tom tonka 9 days ago +1

    What a Scottish pig. He is told she is a vegetarian and cooks her a steak anyway. That is unbelievably rude.

    • Tom tonka
      Tom tonka 7 days ago

      +JNR 1234567 She didn't eat any of the meat......Did you even watch the video? And nowhere does she consent either. The Scottish pig obviously sprung it on her as a big surprise that she would be eating meat today. Good for her for sticking to what she believes in when obviously the Scottish pig was looking to get a headline like "even vegetarians will eat my meat meal".

    • JNR 1234567
      JNR 1234567 7 days ago

      +Tom tonka The genders are completely inconsequential. There's nothing wrong with the video because she consents to having meat. Your "vegan logic" happens when you assume she was forced to eat meat. And you're probably going to say that she made weird faces while eating, well guess what? She hasn't eaten meat in three years, of course it tastes weird.

    • Tom tonka
      Tom tonka 7 days ago

      +JNR 1234567
      Yes, I'm sure. It's fine if you don't want to argue but just tell me how I am using "vegan logic" How is my logic wrong? It is not a "man cooking meat for a woman", the genders are inconsequential. it's a person cooking meat for a vegetarian. It is rude to serve meat to a vegetarian. Tell me how that's wrong.

    • JNR 1234567
      JNR 1234567 7 days ago

      +Tom tonka You made me laugh. I will not continue arguing here. Are you sure you are not vegan? Because you sure have the logic of one. And remember, our whole discussion was birthed on a man cooking meat for a woman on TheXvid

    • Tom tonka
      Tom tonka 7 days ago

      +JNR 1234567 No it's not making a big deal out of "a woman eating meat". It's a Scottish pig trying to force someone he KNOWS is vegetarian into eating something she clearly doesn't want to. She probably only said that about the salmon because he was harassing her to eat meat. It's downright rude whether you accept it or not.

  • TheSilverPhoenix100
    TheSilverPhoenix100 10 days ago

    3:59 Did i just watch a gorilla just go Gordon Ramsay on Gordon Ramsay

  • Shane
    Shane 10 days ago +1

    Bruh Bobby wildin out at 3:58

  • killerslyaerboss2227
    killerslyaerboss2227 10 days ago +1

    1:47 that's not Bobby, Harambe has just come back to life

  • Che Cook
    Che Cook 10 days ago

    I wish I could get my wife to try meat again. Her health and energy levels are low and I have to make two versions of every meal.

  • Emilia Svensson
    Emilia Svensson 10 days ago

    Wow this is so ignorant. A vegan diet is proven to be one of the healthiest while reversing diseases that are our top killers. Steak is not the answer, a balanced vegan diet is. Also, no one who eats enough calories has ever had a protein deficiency. Plants have protein

    • Emilia Svensson
      Emilia Svensson 9 days ago

      BananaHero2018 also, you didn’t state any scientific facts at all about the “meat gives you energy” argument so how do you expect me to take you seriously?

    • Emilia Svensson
      Emilia Svensson 9 days ago

      BananaHero2018 food chain? A food chain is an ecosystem, that doesn’t involve buying your food from a supermarket. Sorry to burst your bubble but we’re not part of the food chain.

    • BananaHero2018
      BananaHero2018 9 days ago

      Also, no. I’m not an antivegan protester. I don’t care if people step back in the food chain.

    • Emilia Svensson
      Emilia Svensson 9 days ago

      Brandon Martinez they contain all the essential nutrients which makes our bodies thrive. It boosts our immune system and helps fight disease. Also our #1 killer cardiovascular disease is caused by consumption of cholesterol and trans fats which only exists in animal products.

    • BananaHero2018
      BananaHero2018 9 days ago

      Emilia Svensson, i’m gonna start ending this conversation, but meat gives you more energy than any other thing out there (other than weird boost juices) also tastes good. I don’t really care if you’re a cow or not, it’s a step down in evolution. 🤷‍♂️

  • mathewpist4
    mathewpist4 10 days ago

    "I had to start eating differently from a suddeb gluten allergy" "I don't like to eat meat because i work at a zoo" *eats meat* I hate vegans who claim they have to when they don't....

    • Brandon Martinez
      Brandon Martinez 10 days ago

      ok? shouldn't hate a person for trying a lil piece of meat in three years

  • Jess_ KillEmAll
    Jess_ KillEmAll 10 days ago

    Bobby the silver back gorilla is like: I HATE YOUR STUPID VIDEOS AND HOW DARE YOU USE MY MEAL INGREDIENTS!!!!! when he sees Gordon cook for Hannah. what a scary gorilla.

  • Video Gaming Guys
    Video Gaming Guys 10 days ago

    When the goorilla throws the grass he is like fucking look at me

  • Wood Duck
    Wood Duck 11 days ago

    3:59 homedawg gorilla 🦍 over here be flippin’ plants over here... that’s the single most amazing thing I’ve ever seen

  • Larpazuu Sippil
    Larpazuu Sippil 11 days ago +2

    Holy shit that looks good. I would probably start to be a vegan just for Gordon Ramsay to cook that to me

  • enrique2395
    enrique2395 11 days ago

    Here we go with that protein defeciency bullshit. Shes obviously undereating/ not having a variety. That doesnt mean vegans are defecient .jesus christ ramsay

  • Blue
    Blue 11 days ago +4

    yikes she looks sickly she honestly must feel weak constantly i don't understand how vegans and vegetarians do it, talk about suffering for your beliefs...

    • Neo Xiao Long
      Neo Xiao Long 3 days ago

      She probably hasn't been taking protein supplement pills which if your a vegetarian or vegan I believe you have to take protein supplements to stay healthy if I'm wrong please someone let me know but I think this is correct

  • join the fist
    join the fist 11 days ago

    oh no, its better for humans to be vegetarians, but not so much for other animals

  • Lwooten 101
    Lwooten 101 11 days ago

    4:00 that gorilla landed it

  • Fried Penguin
    Fried Penguin 11 days ago

    3:58 tell me someone saw that 😂

    • Jack Messina
      Jack Messina 8 days ago

      I'm pretty sure 95% of the comments are about that

  • Zacky Mohmand
    Zacky Mohmand 12 days ago

    This was a mistake to watch while fasting 😅

  • YouCanCallMeReTro
    YouCanCallMeReTro 12 days ago

    They go through all of that and then she doesn't eat more than a bite and says we should have made salmon instead. lol

  • King Kun
    King Kun 12 days ago

    Imagine refusing a steak cooked by Gordon himself.. “what an idiot” - Gordon Ramsey

  • BlaDeZ Imabot
    BlaDeZ Imabot 12 days ago

    The gorilla at 4:00 😂😂😂

  • EFS_Mystic
    EFS_Mystic 12 days ago

    3:58 gorilla has skills

  • The Creeper King
    The Creeper King 13 days ago +3

    The damn the zoo animals get higher quality food then everyone at my school.
    Fucking school *_steams_* everything that can be steamed and be considered food.

    • Panduh Playz
      Panduh Playz 13 days ago

      You get warm ham cheese and whole wheat bread with soggy buns. Some nice condensation along with your sandwich

  • ImFunny
    ImFunny 13 days ago

    “Raw is more”
    Cuts to Hell’s Kitchen
    “It’s fucking raw!”

  • Frase Vazquez
    Frase Vazquez 13 days ago +1

    "I'll eat it" that is legit something I would do 🤣

  • Jeffrey Miller
    Jeffrey Miller 13 days ago

    Ramsey is savage

  • Christopher Stone
    Christopher Stone 13 days ago +3

    3:12 "raw is more"

    Yup he said that

  • SnNs'es YT
    SnNs'es YT 13 days ago +5

    4:00 beautifull clip of gorilla salad wait whats in the backgroud? " gorilla casually throws a big plant and lands it" Omfg do they teach water bottle flipping at the zoo?

  • Typical Gamer
    Typical Gamer 14 days ago

    So gorillas eat tobasco now?

  • ollie tandy
    ollie tandy 14 days ago


  • Super Ripper flame
    Super Ripper flame 15 days ago

    *dO yOu LiKe tHe mEaT?*

  • Super Ripper flame
    Super Ripper flame 15 days ago +1

    "When was the last time you sat down to a great peice of meat"- ramsay

  • Exactly 22 Gaming
    Exactly 22 Gaming 15 days ago +1

    3:59that gorilla is a bottle flip MASTER

  • 酸糖果SourMikku
    酸糖果SourMikku 15 days ago +1

    now I wanna see that gorilla flip his fruit juice bottle

  • tpose
    tpose 15 days ago

    whos trying to find an angry vegan in here

  • mr thizz 1
    mr thizz 1 15 days ago +1

    Vegetarians are fucking weird

  • Tima Solis
    Tima Solis 16 days ago

    Beans and rice are protein

  • Elizabeth Harttley
    Elizabeth Harttley 16 days ago +1

    Photobombed by a gorgeous gorilla.
    She could use cooking lessons to expand her diet.