442oons of the Day - MATCHDAY 7 (Muller penalty Messi injury Sanchez hattrick)...

  • Published on Sep 27, 2015
  • Sturridge goals vs Villa, Spurs beat Man City, Neymar haircut, Dante trolls Muller football cartoon.
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Comments • 798

  • dong Tran
    dong Tran 8 days ago


  • Yameen Socho2019
    Yameen Socho2019 2 months ago

    Germany 7-1 Brazil
    7-1 HAHA
    7-1 HAHA
    7-1 HAHA
    7-1 HAHA
    7-1 HAHA
    7-1 HAHA

  • giorgi gamer
    giorgi gamer 4 months ago

    why miuler miss and miss penaltis? dd:

  • Lionel Messigician
    Lionel Messigician 4 months ago

    0:40 Why Neymar left

  • Katarzyna Dawidowska
    Katarzyna Dawidowska 6 months ago

    Sanchez hattrick

  • Anton Leung
    Anton Leung 8 months ago +1

    Does anyone here looking for the old Karius at 1:27?

    • Anton Leung
      Anton Leung 8 months ago +1

      At least he didn't concussed while Muller missed his penalty.

  • gjergji medrese
    gjergji medrese 9 months ago +1

    Dirty sanchez and muler hhaaah

  • gjergji medrese
    gjergji medrese 9 months ago

    Neymar hahaha
    He look like a dick

  • Mr football fan
    Mr football fan 9 months ago +1

    Dante 7 - 1 5 - 1

  • Salman Siddiqui vines
    Salman Siddiqui vines 10 months ago

    Hair haha

  • Ultimate Mewtwo
    Ultimate Mewtwo 11 months ago

    Muller. well that went bad
    Dante.probaly as bad your joke
    Muller.what joke?
    Dante. Oh I thought you were hazard in a coseplay

  • Barça Man
    Barça Man Year ago

    Dante can prank muller by his own tricks

  • PurpleMonkey
    PurpleMonkey Year ago

    all the jokes that thomasshole muller did to dante

  • Vortex Fusion
    Vortex Fusion Year ago

    (Muller misses penalty)
    Dante: Ha ha! Looks like I'm the one who doesn't have high penalties or high reactions. Get it? Re actions are you taking high pens and having a high reaction over and over! IM SUCH A COMEDIAN! GREAT JOKE THAT WAS!

  • Triple AAA
    Triple AAA Year ago

    0:10 I died.

  • Lucas Bennett
    Lucas Bennett Year ago

    Muller could shout to him 7-1

  • nishba pk
    nishba pk Year ago

    dante: i think you shoot a MISSile to the post

  • chris robbins
    chris robbins Year ago

    The crossbar prank

  • sam williams
    sam williams Year ago

    Dante: Muller, give me a high 5!
    Muller: (High fives him but misses)
    Dante: Oops I meant high miss!, ha ha ha

  • Hazzy YT
    Hazzy YT Year ago

    They could go to a pub and ask for a drink at the bar

  • Iyad Tlemat
    Iyad Tlemat Year ago

    Dante could say I hate my self then muller says because you lost 50 hahahahahahahahahahahhahaahhahaahhaahaah

  • YoussefPlayz
    YoussefPlayz Year ago

    The movie prank

  • Yng_bk_active _lndn_12

    I had fun watching the game with your Misses

  • Balester
    Balester Year ago

    Neymar is just standin there while Suarez and Messi roast him. XD

  • Turko - Emre Özuslu

    Fuck Dante

  • EZvideos
    EZvideos Year ago

    Muller:3 floor please
    Dante:so... Over the bar

  • Endermanelen roblox is life

    Dante said have you gon to space muller said no and Dante says it's as hi as your penalty

  • cachersonic
    cachersonic Year ago

    sing that dante maria ricky martin song so muller will be jelous of him.

  • Sahil hayati 2
    Sahil hayati 2 2 years ago

    ;; and

  • Krypolic
    Krypolic 2 years ago

    remember the world cup yes 7 1 no how bad you where in it

  • Bros Gaming
    Bros Gaming 2 years ago

    fuck you 442oons

    FREESTYLER FR 2 years ago

    Dante's revenge was the worst revenge ever if that happened to Dante muller would slap him with cake saying hahahaha happy miss day ahhh im such a comedian

  • yam79
    yam79 2 years ago

    OmG!!! Dante :>

  • Alex Parry
    Alex Parry 2 years ago

    transfe news : mullet thomaashole muller has joined
    tomaashole muller i can se jesus i can se jesus
    jesus navas ...

  • Kun Aguero
    Kun Aguero 2 years ago

    You should call Barca banterlona

  • John synnak
    John synnak 2 years ago

    hi guys

  • m e
    m e 2 years ago

    where's Dantes windup against tomasshole

  • Goku and Krillin
    Goku and Krillin 2 years ago

    I hate tomasholler

  • Dejane Belfort
    Dejane Belfort 2 years ago

    Müller kkkk 😂😂😂

  • El Hunto
    El Hunto 2 years ago +2

    I cant stop watching the brendan Rodgers part😂😂😂😂😂

  • Devinsdead
    Devinsdead 2 years ago

    0:10 he looks like paper

  • Deano 1/9
    Deano 1/9 2 years ago

    Hey Thomas I'm going to BARcelona

  • Argiris 4
    Argiris 4 2 years ago

    what did eldersquirrel did ?

  • Jrockx 25
    Jrockx 25 2 years ago

    I love that lolerpool dance so bad!😄😄😄😄

  • Damir Tirić
    Damir Tirić 2 years ago

    you can't score goal 25 miles away like you club

  • Political Rice
    Political Rice 2 years ago +1

    I still don't get what the "Dirty Sanchez" is about...Can anyone explain?

    • wasaasaw101
      wasaasaw101 2 years ago

      look it up on urban dictionary

  • Mr NCFC
    Mr NCFC 2 years ago +2

    muller: "wow this building is really high, it's almost as high as...
    dante:"your penalty!!!! hahahaha"😂😂😂

  • Inferno 1
    Inferno 1 2 years ago

    7 1

  • Risto Luht
    Risto Luht 2 years ago

    I thought that this was 2016 video not 2015 cuz of messis injury

    BA FIERCE 2 years ago

    Neymar bald

  • Giorgos Iliadis
    Giorgos Iliadis 2 years ago


  • Genius 07
    Genius 07 2 years ago

    muller should shave dante's hair
    :) :) :)

  • Miguel Shock
    Miguel Shock 3 years ago

    the dante one fuck you

  • Lego animasjon kanalen

    dante Can prank call Thomasshole Müller

  • RBG Swiftz
    RBG Swiftz 3 years ago

    Take the mike

  • Tom Sikora
    Tom Sikora 3 years ago


  • Tom Sikora
    Tom Sikora 3 years ago

    they are at a bar tom serves Dante a drink and says that over the line or should I say bar +442oons

  • Messi Monster
    Messi Monster 3 years ago

    he could suck him to death !!!!!!👉👌=💀

  • Noot Noot
    Noot Noot 3 years ago

    Its 2016 but that was the day of my birthday!!

  • Faris Alsalman
    Faris Alsalman 3 years ago

    Omg really funny video

  • Emmanuel Garcia
    Emmanuel Garcia 3 years ago

    that how dirty sanchez talks

  • Jack McCluskey
    Jack McCluskey 3 years ago

    urn tommasshole muller while replaying the pen

  • Sean McGloin
    Sean McGloin 3 years ago

    @just a mere hero for fun that's a good joke

  • Lili Perez
    Lili Perez 3 years ago

    u are worst than messi when he shot against Man city ha it's also funny because u lost against bancelona

  • you dead bro
    you dead bro 3 years ago

    I like how neymar dosnt give fuck

  • MaGz x GaMeR
    MaGz x GaMeR 3 years ago

    442oons to wind muller up they go in a evaluator and Dante could say we're going as high as your penalty miss hahahaha I'm such a comidean

  • Bernardo Gomez
    Bernardo Gomez 3 years ago

    Suarez is extremely funny

  • mercdes ramirez
    mercdes ramirez 3 years ago

    Dante should say what kind of penalty was that

    RYAN DOUGLAS 3 years ago

    The way he slipped it looked he was wearing ice skates

    RYAN DOUGLAS 3 years ago

    He should say you did a John Terry

  • George Bocanci
    George Bocanci 3 years ago

    this was a lahm video

  • Jenson
    Jenson 3 years ago

    David Brent!!!

  • Grljo Džrugesh
    Grljo Džrugesh 3 years ago

    you gotta think out the way Dante trolls muller

  • Andrew D
    Andrew D 3 years ago

    Because England's going away

  • Andrew D
    Andrew D 3 years ago

    Dante says look at England's plane at the world cup there as high as you penalty

  • isela arellano
    isela arellano 3 years ago

    Kiss his ass

  • sajid bhobha
    sajid bhobha 3 years ago

    What an Idiot

  • Nav Randhawa
    Nav Randhawa 3 years ago

    I see you've included that dance from The Office 😂😂😂😂

  • Creative academy
    Creative academy 3 years ago

    kinking him shit

  • Ricky Ponting
    Ricky Ponting 3 years ago

    What's the reference to "dirty sanchez"??

  • Kalkidan Mekete
    Kalkidan Mekete 3 years ago

    mullers revenge will be a doctor slap cheek

  • Finley Collis
    Finley Collis 3 years ago

    it was for chartey.

  • Felix Johnson
    Felix Johnson 3 years ago

    Fellaini should be called Marouane the Falafel because his hair looks like one

  • natmanno7 gaming
    natmanno7 gaming 3 years ago

    Dante could say would you like to kick the limit, did I say limit I meant bar

  • ATS
    ATS 3 years ago

    Dante is a news presenter and says that it is raining balls outside because of Tomas muller missing to many spots.

    Toooo be real I had nothing but I wanted to write something. LOL

  • CrazyShark Gaming
    CrazyShark Gaming 3 years ago

    Scene : Munich
    Dante : Thomas, I heard something bad.
    Muller : What is it?
    Dante : A plane came down, according to the pilots your ball went as high as a plane can go
    Muller : I think i'm going to die
    PepeRedeCarde : I didn't even do any thing, the ball is blocking your path to see Jesus too. Ha Ha.
    Dante : Pep, he might get Jesus.
    PepeRedeCarde : It went higher then Raheem Stirling breathing 80k Balloons.
    Muller : Grrr
    Dante : That roar went so high, higher then your ball.
    PepeRedeCarde : The ball might go above Mount Everest
    Dante : 10 of them
    Muller : My death code will be 5 - 1, 1 - 7 , 4 - 0. I'm such a comedian
    Dante : A comedian's thought would not go higher then your Penalty.
    2009, Sunlessland. Sunlessland vs Liverpool
    Commentator : It's missed, the Penalty that Muller took travel back in time and saved Leavethepool.
    Munich Again
    Muller: It looks different
    Dante : Your penalty stopped Leavethepool's goal
    Muller : Ahhh. Sub Me Off!

  • Rayan Alsinan
    Rayan Alsinan 3 years ago

    remember your penaltys

  • Devanshu Sinha
    Devanshu Sinha 3 years ago

    are u going to make a video where Dante trolls muller?

  • Juan Jose Maria Flores

    throw pie at his face

  • Mitch Ellems
    Mitch Ellems 3 years ago

    cool video

  • abdullahi adan
    abdullahi adan 3 years ago

    I like how Sanchez tries to defend himself " do u have to this eeevry time i score a goal"

  • Deni
    Deni 3 years ago

    Netherlands don't make it out of group stages. Canada (De Guzman) Gets 35 yard goal (Top corner). Lewandowski holds record for most goals scored in a Euro qualifing campaign. Albania, Wales, Slovakia, Slovenia and Iceland qualify for Euro cup for the first time. Argentina lose 0-2 to Ecuador.
    Some major events/news going on...

  • Habibur Sikdar
    Habibur Sikdar 3 years ago

    Benteky fried chicken bfc

  • DeathTooSlow
    DeathTooSlow 3 years ago

    Didn't Neymar go bald for his grandmother that has cancer? Who is the douchebag now?

  • astro
    astro 3 years ago

    Mr. 442oons, put a slight afro on Notaxmar, his RL counterpart is growing an afro

  • Mr Yeet
    Mr Yeet 3 years ago

    What a MISSile.

  • Rio Joao
    Rio Joao 3 years ago

    I just got the Brendan Rodgers reference! It's from Deluded Brendan's twitter!

  • Sam Swain
    Sam Swain 3 years ago

    TheXvid has changed

  • Baconplayz soccer
    Baconplayz soccer 3 years ago

    he should kick a soccer ball at mullers face