442oons of the Day - MATCHDAY 7 (Muller penalty Messi injury Sanchez hattrick)...

  • Published on Sep 27, 2015
  • Sturridge goals vs Villa, Spurs beat Man City, Neymar haircut, Dante trolls Muller football cartoon.
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Comments • 824

  • giorgi gamer
    giorgi gamer Month ago

    why miuler miss and miss penaltis? dd:

  • Lionel Messigician
    Lionel Messigician 2 months ago

    0:40 Why Neymar left

  • Katarzyna Dawidowska
    Katarzyna Dawidowska 3 months ago

    Sanchez hattrick

  • Anton Leung
    Anton Leung 5 months ago +1

    Does anyone here looking for the old Karius at 1:27?

    • Anton Leung
      Anton Leung 5 months ago +1

      At least he didn't concussed while Muller missed his penalty.

  • gjergji medrese
    gjergji medrese 6 months ago +1

    Dirty sanchez and muler hhaaah

  • gjergji medrese
    gjergji medrese 6 months ago

    Neymar hahaha
    He look like a dick

  • Prabhat Kandel
    Prabhat Kandel 6 months ago +1

    Dante 7 - 1 5 - 1

  • Salman Siddiqui vines
    Salman Siddiqui vines 7 months ago

    Hair haha

  • Ultimate Mewtwo
    Ultimate Mewtwo 8 months ago

    Muller. well that went bad
    Dante.probaly as bad your joke
    Muller.what joke?
    Dante. Oh I thought you were hazard in a coseplay

  • Alexis Dirty Sanchez
    Alexis Dirty Sanchez 11 months ago

    Dante can prank muller by his own tricks

  • 259Leviathan
    259Leviathan 11 months ago

    all the jokes that thomasshole muller did to dante

  • Gaming Darth
    Gaming Darth Year ago

    (Muller misses penalty)
    Dante: Ha ha! Looks like I'm the one who doesn't have high penalties or high reactions. Get it? Re actions are you taking high pens and having a high reaction over and over! IM SUCH A COMEDIAN! GREAT JOKE THAT WAS!

  • Triple AAA
    Triple AAA Year ago

    0:10 I died.

  • Lucas Bennett
    Lucas Bennett Year ago

    Muller could shout to him 7-1

  • nishba pk
    nishba pk Year ago

    dante: i think you shoot a MISSile to the post

  • chris robbins
    chris robbins Year ago

    The crossbar prank

  • sam williams
    sam williams Year ago

    Dante: Muller, give me a high 5!
    Muller: (High fives him but misses)
    Dante: Oops I meant high miss!, ha ha ha

  • Hazzy YT
    Hazzy YT Year ago

    They could go to a pub and ask for a drink at the bar

  • Iyad Tlemat
    Iyad Tlemat Year ago

    Dante could say I hate my self then muller says because you lost 50 hahahahahahahahahahahhahaahhahaahhaahaah

  • YK youtube
    YK youtube Year ago

    The movie prank

  • Yng_bk_active _lndn_12

    I had fun watching the game with your Misses

  • RogieTy12
    RogieTy12 Year ago

    Neymar is just standin there while Suarez and Messi roast him. XD

  • Turko - Emre Özuslu

    Fuck Dante

  • EZvideos
    EZvideos Year ago

    Muller:3 floor please
    Dante:so... Over the bar

  • Endermanelen roblox is life

    Dante said have you gon to space muller said no and Dante says it's as hi as your penalty

  • I am d comic book nerd

    sing that dante maria ricky martin song so muller will be jelous of him.

  • Sahil hayati 2
    Sahil hayati 2 Year ago

    ;; and

  • Krypolic
    Krypolic Year ago

    remember the world cup yes 7 1 no how bad you where in it

  • Bros Gaming
    Bros Gaming Year ago

    fuck you 442oons

    FREESTYLER FR Year ago

    Dante's revenge was the worst revenge ever if that happened to Dante muller would slap him with cake saying hahahaha happy miss day ahhh im such a comedian

  • yam79
    yam79 Year ago

    OmG!!! Dante :>

  • Alex Parry
    Alex Parry Year ago

    transfe news : mullet thomaashole muller has joined
    tomaashole muller i can se jesus i can se jesus
    jesus navas ...

  • Kun Aguero
    Kun Aguero Year ago

    You should call Barca banterlona

  • John synnak
    John synnak Year ago

    hi guys

  • m e
    m e 2 years ago

    where's Dantes windup against tomasshole

  • Goku and Krillin
    Goku and Krillin 2 years ago

    I hate tomasholler

  • Dejane Belfort
    Dejane Belfort 2 years ago

    Müller kkkk 😂😂😂

  • El Hunto
    El Hunto 2 years ago +2

    I cant stop watching the brendan Rodgers part😂😂😂😂😂

  • Devinsdead
    Devinsdead 2 years ago

    0:10 he looks like paper

  • Deano 1/9
    Deano 1/9 2 years ago

    Hey Thomas I'm going to BARcelona

  • Argiris 4
    Argiris 4 2 years ago

    what did eldersquirrel did ?

  • Jrockx 25
    Jrockx 25 2 years ago

    I love that lolerpool dance so bad!😄😄😄😄

  • Damir Tirić
    Damir Tirić 2 years ago

    you can't score goal 25 miles away like you club

  • Zoey
    Zoey 2 years ago +1

    I still don't get what the "Dirty Sanchez" is about...Can anyone explain?

    • wasaasaw101
      wasaasaw101 2 years ago

      look it up on urban dictionary

  • Mr NCFC
    Mr NCFC 2 years ago +2

    muller: "wow this building is really high, it's almost as high as...
    dante:"your penalty!!!! hahahaha"😂😂😂

  • Inferno 1
    Inferno 1 2 years ago

    7 1

  • Risto Luht
    Risto Luht 2 years ago

    I thought that this was 2016 video not 2015 cuz of messis injury

  • Giorgos Iliadis
    Giorgos Iliadis 2 years ago


  • Genius 07
    Genius 07 2 years ago

    muller should shave dante's hair
    :) :) :)

  • Miguel Shock
    Miguel Shock 2 years ago

    the dante one fuck you

  • Lego animasjon kanalen

    dante Can prank call Thomasshole Müller

  • RBG Swiftz
    RBG Swiftz 2 years ago

    Take the mike

  • Tom Sikora
    Tom Sikora 2 years ago


  • Tom Sikora
    Tom Sikora 2 years ago

    they are at a bar tom serves Dante a drink and says that over the line or should I say bar +442oons

  • Messi Monster
    Messi Monster 3 years ago

    he could suck him to death !!!!!!👉👌=💀

  • Noot Noot
    Noot Noot 3 years ago

    Its 2016 but that was the day of my birthday!!

  • Faris Alsalman
    Faris Alsalman 3 years ago

    Omg really funny video

  • Emmanuel Garcia
    Emmanuel Garcia 3 years ago

    that how dirty sanchez talks

  • Jack McCluskey
    Jack McCluskey 3 years ago

    urn tommasshole muller while replaying the pen

  • Sean McGloin
    Sean McGloin 3 years ago

    @just a mere hero for fun that's a good joke

  • Lili Perez
    Lili Perez 3 years ago

    u are worst than messi when he shot against Man city ha it's also funny because u lost against bancelona

  • you dead bro
    you dead bro 3 years ago

    I like how neymar dosnt give fuck

  • MaGz x GaMeR
    MaGz x GaMeR 3 years ago

    442oons to wind muller up they go in a evaluator and Dante could say we're going as high as your penalty miss hahahaha I'm such a comidean

  • Bernardo Gomez
    Bernardo Gomez 3 years ago

    Suarez is extremely funny

  • mercdes ramirez
    mercdes ramirez 3 years ago

    Dante should say what kind of penalty was that

    RYAN DOUGLAS 3 years ago

    The way he slipped it looked he was wearing ice skates

    RYAN DOUGLAS 3 years ago

    He should say you did a John Terry

  • George Bocanci
    George Bocanci 3 years ago

    this was a lahm video

  • Jenson
    Jenson 3 years ago

    David Brent!!!

  • Grljo Džrugesh
    Grljo Džrugesh 3 years ago

    you gotta think out the way Dante trolls muller

  • Andrew D
    Andrew D 3 years ago

    Because England's going away

  • Andrew D
    Andrew D 3 years ago

    Dante says look at England's plane at the world cup there as high as you penalty

  • isela arellano
    isela arellano 3 years ago

    Kiss his ass

  • sajid bhobha
    sajid bhobha 3 years ago

    What an Idiot

  • Nav Randhawa
    Nav Randhawa 3 years ago

    I see you've included that dance from The Office 😂😂😂😂

  • Creative academy
    Creative academy 3 years ago

    kinking him shit

  • Ricky Ponting
    Ricky Ponting 3 years ago

    What's the reference to "dirty sanchez"??

  • Kalkidan Mekete
    Kalkidan Mekete 3 years ago

    mullers revenge will be a doctor slap cheek

  • Finley Collis
    Finley Collis 3 years ago

    it was for chartey.

  • Felix Johnson
    Felix Johnson 3 years ago

    Fellaini should be called Marouane the Falafel because his hair looks like one

  • natmanno7 gaming
    natmanno7 gaming 3 years ago

    Dante could say would you like to kick the limit, did I say limit I meant bar

  • ATS
    ATS 3 years ago

    Dante is a news presenter and says that it is raining balls outside because of Tomas muller missing to many spots.

    Toooo be real I had nothing but I wanted to write something. LOL

  • CrazyShark Gaming
    CrazyShark Gaming 3 years ago

    Scene : Munich
    Dante : Thomas, I heard something bad.
    Muller : What is it?
    Dante : A plane came down, according to the pilots your ball went as high as a plane can go
    Muller : I think i'm going to die
    PepeRedeCarde : I didn't even do any thing, the ball is blocking your path to see Jesus too. Ha Ha.
    Dante : Pep, he might get Jesus.
    PepeRedeCarde : It went higher then Raheem Stirling breathing 80k Balloons.
    Muller : Grrr
    Dante : That roar went so high, higher then your ball.
    PepeRedeCarde : The ball might go above Mount Everest
    Dante : 10 of them
    Muller : My death code will be 5 - 1, 1 - 7 , 4 - 0. I'm such a comedian
    Dante : A comedian's thought would not go higher then your Penalty.
    2009, Sunlessland. Sunlessland vs Liverpool
    Commentator : It's missed, the Penalty that Muller took travel back in time and saved Leavethepool.
    Munich Again
    Muller: It looks different
    Dante : Your penalty stopped Leavethepool's goal
    Muller : Ahhh. Sub Me Off!

  • Rayan Alsinan
    Rayan Alsinan 3 years ago

    remember your penaltys

  • Devanshu Sinha
    Devanshu Sinha 3 years ago

    are u going to make a video where Dante trolls muller?

  • Juan Jose Maria Flores

    throw pie at his face

  • Mitch Ellems
    Mitch Ellems 3 years ago

    cool video

  • abdullahi adan
    abdullahi adan 3 years ago

    I like how Sanchez tries to defend himself " do u have to this eeevry time i score a goal"

  • Deni
    Deni 3 years ago

    Netherlands don't make it out of group stages. Canada (De Guzman) Gets 35 yard goal (Top corner). Lewandowski holds record for most goals scored in a Euro qualifing campaign. Albania, Wales, Slovakia, Slovenia and Iceland qualify for Euro cup for the first time. Argentina lose 0-2 to Ecuador.
    Some major events/news going on...

  • Habibur Sikdar
    Habibur Sikdar 3 years ago

    Benteky fried chicken bfc

  • DeathTooSlow
    DeathTooSlow 3 years ago

    Didn't Neymar go bald for his grandmother that has cancer? Who is the douchebag now?

  • astro
    astro 3 years ago

    Mr. 442oons, put a slight afro on Notaxmar, his RL counterpart is growing an afro

  • Mr Yeet
    Mr Yeet 3 years ago

    What a MISSile.

  • Rio Joao
    Rio Joao 3 years ago

    I just got the Brendan Rodgers reference! It's from Deluded Brendan's twitter!

  • Sam Swain
    Sam Swain 3 years ago

    TheXvid has changed

  • Baconplayz soccer
    Baconplayz soccer 3 years ago

    he should kick a soccer ball at mullers face

  • Kerry Williams
    Kerry Williams 3 years ago

    +442oons the reason Neymar shaved his hair was because one of his relatives died of cancer. So show a little bit of respect.

  • Eoin Galavan
    Eoin Galavan 3 years ago

    he could give him balloons because he ballooned it