Best Gears of War Yet? | Gears 5 Tech Test Review | New Modes, Better Gears Gameplay

  • Published on Jul 23, 2019
  • New Gears of War Modes, Graphics, Gameplay and everything else!
    Did Xbox make the BEST Gears of War game YET!?
    Is Gears 5 going to QUITE the critics of the game?
    Has Microsoft and Xbox finally brought out one of their BEST AAA games this entire generation?
    Twitter: Zalker87

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  • The 4th Komodo
    The 4th Komodo 3 months ago

    Definitely not the best.

  • Edwardo Figueroa
    Edwardo Figueroa 3 months ago

    Holy shit arcade is gonna be so fun. I feel like this gears is definitely gonna be good for both new and good players. I usually just grinded the gears ranked mode to get good at gears and end up raging but this gears is gonna be great arcade mode sounds like my cup of tea and im looking forward to escape and horde.

  • guts on the mic
    guts on the mic 3 months ago

    it better have great storytelling like god of war and red dead

  • AWetDrippy gaming
    AWetDrippy gaming 3 months ago

    Fav franchise, but you don't like gnasher fights? Wait what?

  • Matthew zampogna
    Matthew zampogna 3 months ago

    Wow.. LoL just wow... I'm so sick of being the only guy who expects more for $60. this game is nowhere near done is not even close if this thing ships in the condition it is be ready for Gears 2 map glitches and everything else.

  • Royal Benpai
    Royal Benpai 3 months ago

    AAA im so hypeddddd, i cant wait to play Jack and be a support

  • Vivi Aern
    Vivi Aern 4 months ago

    What i disliked about Gears of war 4 is there is only 5v5 mode (i play since Gears of War 2) and now i only play in hord or Koth (and sometimes social if i don't have lots of time) and when i played the Gears 5 beta the problem were the same as in Gears 4, if one of your allies is absent (for objective mode like KOTH or escalation) or is a newbie (mostly for TDM or Dodgeball) you will feel this absence or the way some people don't care about the ring, and in TDM it's worse, when 2-3 ppl of your team have 0-7 or 0-11 k/d and suck all the life of the team and you, who finish with like 15-2 something like that and just had like 2 or 3 respawn for yourself... because the "casual" players have used all the life... it's really annoying for the veterans player and at the end of the match you lost the game but you are MVP anyway in a team who lost 2-0, and that's why i would appreciate if they bring back FFA or Wingman mode wich was awesome and the games was more intense

  • Cougar up
    Cougar up 4 months ago +1

    I disagree with you dude, great video but in gore and violence, gears of war 3 nailed it, the new "blood" of the gears of war 4 and 5 seems like Ketchup

  • Bruno Alexandre
    Bruno Alexandre 4 months ago

    Hordes offline or no but for me. Hated that on 4

  • GearsSlayr Rogue
    GearsSlayr Rogue 4 months ago +1

    Honestly, just because the new arcade mode doesn’t promote traditional Gears play style, doesn’t mean the rest of the game will suck. This has been the smoothest/optimized Gears I ever played. Most of those weapons your complaining about have been cut/changed due to balance reasons. I’m a hardcore veteran and can say with confidence this game has the potential to be the most successful Gears! If TC includes Dodgeball, Guardians, and Wingman I will be super excited. Everything in Gears 5 is an absolute improvement from GOW4.

  • Itreallybelikethat
    Itreallybelikethat 4 months ago

    This is not a gorey gears at all the characters drop like LEGO characters when they die

  • Tyler Fedroff
    Tyler Fedroff 4 months ago

    “Best gears yet” said nobody ever

  • DRajfuss
    DRajfuss 4 months ago

    The gore is pretty lackluster, no bones no internal organs :(

  • Itreallybelikethat
    Itreallybelikethat 4 months ago +3

    This was definitely not the best gears of war you clown

  • Carlos Porras
    Carlos Porras 4 months ago

    Ray traced gears2 RM (Mikedrop).

  • BiggRod ATL
    BiggRod ATL 4 months ago +1

    The game look good, but its doesn't feel like a Gears of War game to me anymore.

  • O836 Official
    O836 Official 4 months ago

    The Coalition has slowly been killing off the franchise by making it more welcoming to new players (noob friendly). Gears is such a unique game and nothing really rivals it. Instead of them playing to the strengths that the game brings, they are changing the focus to assault rifles and slow gameplay (hiding & camping). What makes gears MP great is the learning curve. By nature, it is a very hard game to get good at however, the payoff for practicing is very worth the effort. I can't think of any other developer who has tried to simplify their game more to the point that it no longer feels like it originally did.
    I mean this in the nicest way but you're gameplay footage clearly shows that you only play hoard and campaign. In all honesty, Arcade mode should not be any representation of the core gears MP experience. New players who will spend hours playing arcade, spawning in with rifles and sitting back holding an angle all game are going to have a VERY salty experience should they decide to jump into any other mode. Having a social mode is swell and all but I feel the entire game, what made gears so great, is going to be lost to dumbing down the game.
    Wanna leave some notes about how the game has attempted to make the game more noob friendly
    1. The elephant in the room, the overpowering red screen. It's too much, but players didn't know when they were damaged? Are you serious?
    2. Here's a thought... let's add a second kill feed? Again, new players didn't know when the got a kill so they added another killfeed right in the middle of the screen?
    3. Rifle Buff, Gnasher Nerf. Inexperienced players have a sour time because the game is gnasher focused. Make rifles more prominent.
    4. The new maps are designed to be rifle focused. There is NOTHING fun about hiding behind cover and spending the entire match lancering etc.
    I mean, I could honestly go on all day... I really hope somebody takes the time to read this. Coming from someone who has been a die-hard fan of the franchise since 2006, I'm VERY sad to see a game I once loved fade into irrelevance.
    Have a good day y'all

    • O836 Official
      O836 Official 4 months ago

      @eM97 new player in guessing?

    • eM97
      eM97 4 months ago

      What are you crying about? Just ducking play escalation!!!’ There is no aim assist. And the movement is faster. Repawns are limited for its more focused on 1v1’s.
      There’s nothing casual about that mode... also there’s not as much sitting back with rifles.... quit crying and play that mode. Everyone in gow 4 said the same thing because they hated the core experience even tho on paper the competitive experience and weapon tuning was the best we have seen in gears to date.... ignorant fuck tards

  • Bishop Smith
    Bishop Smith 4 months ago

    Best Gears yet, but nothing solid on the campaign. You really going to believe that narrative? Xbox fans will believe and say anything. One month away and all they show is multiplayer. Maybe that's all that matters to some.

  • Paige Xbox gamer 2000
    Paige Xbox gamer 2000 4 months ago

    Great video Zalker 87 Gears 5 will be awesome im still working on 4 lol

  • tj joe
    tj joe 4 months ago +1

    The new gnasher is inconsistent, the lancer is a freakin' nuke, and the beta play was smoother in 16 than this tech test.

  • Andre k
    Andre k 4 months ago

    If you REALLY felt the visuals and graphics were so great why have you emphasize d on that 4 times before half of the video was over? To me after playing the tech test gears deff needs to upgrade the multiplayer graphics. Gow4 graphics were smoother. Also the vocals of the characters were edited from gow4 to an extent and made less enthusiastic...sorta bland. It was a fun game to me but something is missing most people agree with me.

  • Sixto Reyes
    Sixto Reyes 4 months ago

    Some bugs here and there. Hope you fix. Omen takes out visibility, can't even defend my self, the sides are just too red.The rest is ok. Didn't know how to use the mortar rifle. Saw people aiming at the ground. I think this weapon works from the top where you can mark better. Head shots with other guns doesn't bother me at all. Knife is ok. Gnasher: we just have to get use to it. 2 hits 99% or 97% still not good. Sound of guns and sight changes are ok. Could have change gnasher and other weapons executions or add others with the same weapon similar to the snub but with new executions. Talon is nice but goes back to much for me. The bugs I've found are players that keep running like when the match enters in a lagg that all players go running on the screen, well I saw them doing this on the match and no one else saw it on my team, I died and when came back from the count, the player was still there running against a corner but he actually was playing but I couldn't see him playing only the lagged clon. The kill cam gets stucked too, maybe it's intended to be like this, I mean the scene doesn't continue till it stops, instead the players get stucked too after it shows your death. Other times doesn't even show the kill cam and others show the red dead omen. I saw other bugs but just can't remember. You guys brought back from judgement falling from places but in a short way (don't know what to say about that, I guess doesn't affect playability). Chainsaw and execution button change: what's the point? I can handle it but chainsaw with RB to then press b, I guess increases difficulty ok but I don't fell the RB for this, maybe LB perhaps, maybe you'll give us personalized control options like before.

  • jody1music
    jody1music 4 months ago

    I hate the damage Omen.
    that's my only negative.
    LOVE everything else.

    • jody1music
      jody1music 4 months ago

      @Leo Ferreira It takes up too much shot and the entire screen is covered.
      God forbid the high pinging lagger situation has'nt been fixed.

    • Leo Ferreira
      Leo Ferreira 4 months ago

      New omen was one of my favorite changes. Don't know where people complaining are coming from, the old omen was ugly and unfunctional

  • Zoide
    Zoide 4 months ago

    The game looks amazing in 4K and with hdr

  • HyksosAmo
    HyksosAmo 4 months ago

    Gears shotgun is overpowered and anybody can pick up and use it which is bad. nerf it and it will be good

  • Stressed Robin74
    Stressed Robin74 4 months ago

    I love this gears and the way it looks but it’s not perfect I only hate the way they put aim assist in the game I really hate that I don’t even what to pick up a sniper anymore. I don’t like how people just lancer in king of the hill it just makes the game mode boring and just a waste of time I remember on gears 3 where it was always a rush to get to the hill and not worry about the lancer shooting you down and I play king of the hill so that doesn’t happen because I will lancer in TDM matches and other game modes but I mostly play king of the hill so I can just have rush. The first part of the gears tech test was amazing because in a king match everyone was using the gnasher and no one was using the lancer but now when it came out this week for the second time I don’t even want to play because they changed the gnasher but that was ok. The reason I don’t want to play is because of how people are using the gnasher in a king of hill match which makes me personally feel bored and not want to play anymore.

  • Farcus Menix
    Farcus Menix 4 months ago

    Can't wait till September

  • Farcus Menix
    Farcus Menix 4 months ago

    IGN will give it a bad review regardless

  • Truth Warrior
    Truth Warrior 4 months ago

    Been posting this on crapgamerreviews channel. Lol! The game looks great!

  • Anub1sMenph1s
    Anub1sMenph1s 4 months ago +1

    I just wish there were some kind of challenge, like 1000 kills with Lancer and ill get a skin that is only thru challenge or 1500 kills with the sniper, that way ill will be pressure to use different weapons to complete the challenge and keep playing even more after finishing the game.

  • Fred Wilson
    Fred Wilson 4 months ago +4

    Only thing don't like is when get hit the entire middle of the screen is red can't see and can't slide wall to wall

  • 1angryunicorn
    1angryunicorn 4 months ago

    I think arcade is underrated. Seen a lot of gear heads mad because it’s not a gnasher fest but people who don’t play gears all the time love arcade the most lol

    • Your Head
      Your Head 4 months ago

      1angryunicorn i agree, its one of the best game modes ive ever played. I know that gears is traditionally nothing but gnashers killing everyone but its a nice change where you arent getting wrecked by gnashers at every second

  • Ethereal Soul
    Ethereal Soul 4 months ago

    You beta male idiot..nobody is excited about gears 5..this games will sell less than a million copies.

  • Steven Lowes
    Steven Lowes 4 months ago

    I love how it’s not even finished and people are saying its the best gears yet. Which isn’t s bad thing!

  • Carlos Perez
    Carlos Perez 4 months ago +4

    I'm a gears ver and while the game does play smooth and graphics look great, i really feel like they slowed down the wallbouncing,the damage omen is the worst,less shots for the gnasher why? Everything feels less agressive, killcam doesn't let you teabag,in arcade the enforcer is op and lancer and retro pop heads like wtf,gears have always been a very aggresive multiplayer and with a aggresive comunity wouldn't want that to go away althought it seems it might

  • Nickel Back2
    Nickel Back2 4 months ago

    The only thing i care about is campaign and gears 4 disappointed. Hopefully it doesn't suck this year too

  • Ken Isrockin
    Ken Isrockin 4 months ago

    Hey TheXvid

  • Icebear
    Icebear 4 months ago

    First off loved to hear about you and your friends enjoying the horde mode so much! I myself are more of a versus and campaign guy myself but its refreshing to hear! I always play the gears campaigns with my little brother and it has been a bonding experience to have with him so as always really excited for the campaign! The shooting feels so nice and addicting :)
    Grear vid, i'm subbing ^^

  • Steven Arita
    Steven Arita 4 months ago

    Why do you play the same background song in all your videos

  • CriminalGameplay
    CriminalGameplay 4 months ago

    The boot camp is campaign graphics

  • Bewildered Bodhisattva
    Bewildered Bodhisattva 4 months ago

    This is a shill job. Why don't you talk about the motion blur which is still factually in the game?

    • Itreallybelikethat
      Itreallybelikethat 4 months ago

      Bane Pepe he got paid for the vid for sure this is definitely not the best gears he is just repeating what he’s saying most of the time

  • Костя тайгер!


  • Brian Hogg
    Brian Hogg 4 months ago

    Thee single greatest multiplayer experience bar none and the tech test proved it yet again, amazing stuff

  • James Copeland
    James Copeland 4 months ago

    I'm Sick of Gears.

  • shisno elite
    shisno elite 4 months ago

    I loved the tech test and cant wait for the next test and of course the full game. Tbh I dont play PvP in gears so I really suck at it. But the Arcade mode was fun. It did feel more fluid I guess is how to word that. Just felt smoother to play. Great video Zalker

  • EviLzX
    EviLzX 4 months ago

    I played it on Saturday and Sunday mostly because Friday ques were just crazy like 3-6 hour waits. After Friday i didn't have any issues joining and playing at any time. Thou i'm not a fan of the Gears style of play... Drives me a little mad lol.. I did play arcade mode and got like lvl 30 or something and thou i don't like the game play style i did enjoy the game a lot.. There were a lot of rage moments but the game ran Crispy Smooth.. and i never once had lag issues, as well as everything looking really good.. Really looking forward to the campaign and seeing the other modes..

    Great video mate.. As always.

  • Taco Van Peski
    Taco Van Peski 4 months ago

    I played the tech test all weekend on xboxonex and loved the arcade mode a lot. I really can't wait for the game to come out allready. I loved the mechanics of the game and the way it looks.

  • GojiBerry
    GojiBerry 4 months ago

    What a fanboy fag defending Microsoft trying to baby its fans by putting no smoking and push fake woke bullshit like having to have a strong female lead, that's the narrative THEY are trying to push you fucking dolt

  • Duncan Self
    Duncan Self 4 months ago +2

    The map design looks so bland and dull, also it looks tactically very boring, sorry

    • TeaDouble_E
      TeaDouble_E 4 months ago

      Game hasn't changed since Gears 1. Every game after is basically dlc for the first Gears

  • Russell Fuller
    Russell Fuller 4 months ago +1

    After they got the servers going it was great. Idk if it's just me but the inverse omen kept getting me killed where in gears 4 I could clutched or escape. Hopefully I get used to it

  • RoboSeal1
    RoboSeal1 4 months ago +1

    The only thing I don't like is the new blood omen when you get shot it is a terrible design imo

  • Andres Escobar
    Andres Escobar 4 months ago +1

    good to hear you are so excited as someone converted to being a lover of Gears I was too the Tech Test like for many did not start out smooth but it imporved over the weekend substantially and I think I enjoyed it because as many I am not a good at Gears Versus but the game felt balanced even in the matchmaking I did not feel overpowered and the kill cam gave me a chance to learn where I messed up!

  • Saltine 772Life
    Saltine 772Life 4 months ago +2

    I played it an I didn't stop for like 6 hrs an I haven't played a gears game since the first one but it was fire an now i think it will be the first online game i play for more than 20 hrs probably about 100

    • Saltine 772Life
      Saltine 772Life 4 months ago

      @Reloaded Past me to I was killing shit until dudes on pc I think came in I dunno

    • Reloaded Past
      Reloaded Past 4 months ago

      @Saltine 772Life Nice man, I'll add you. Pumped for gears 5!

    • Saltine 772Life
      Saltine 772Life 4 months ago

      @Reloaded Past salt772life

    • Reloaded Past
      Reloaded Past 4 months ago

      What's your gamertag buddy?

  • Monstroll Vision
    Monstroll Vision 4 months ago +1

    I played on Xbox one S and it was amazing, didn't expect the well it was, they optimized it perfectly for both consoles.

  • Dangelo Rivera
    Dangelo Rivera 4 months ago +1

    Do you think it will win game of the year!!!! I think it will even against death stranding!! But it will be tough to beat

    • Dangelo Rivera
      Dangelo Rivera 4 months ago

      @AH really dumb ass! What will be nominated then!

    • AH
      AH 4 months ago

      It wont even get a nomination dont be a silly billy

  • MB Gay
    MB Gay 4 months ago +3

    I don't care about Gears 5!
    I don't care about anything that makes Xbox look great.
    I only care about bad news from Xbox to keep my fanboys happy.
    Gears 5 looks just 'ok'
    But The Order 1886... Wow!

  • Savage Trump ES
    Savage Trump ES 4 months ago +1

    Ranking system is still flawed so badly likening said this isn't gears anymore the real gears died like they should had in the 3rd game

  • Savage Trump ES
    Savage Trump ES 4 months ago +1

    It's garbage it's not gears its Call of Duty or Domino's

  • snarfsnarf85 snarf
    snarfsnarf85 snarf 4 months ago +2

    As someone who has played through every gears game, the movement in this one feels so wrong. The aiming feels very sluggish even on max sensitivity, the corner reaction shots favor people with trash ping, and taking cover/wall running was terrible. This was noticed almost immediately during the garbage training section dodging Dave's laser targeting beam. If this isn't fixed for launch, long time gears fand will drop this game really quick. Scrubs like you might not mind and that's dandy, but this tech test made me lose a lot of hype for this game. Judging by other gears related content, this franchise is toast, which sucks. Went back to gears 4, and the movement and framerates were so much better, even playing against tons of Mexican kids. Not a good sign. Ps, graphics on my base xbox on a 4k screen...looked BAAAAAD.

    • snarfsnarf85 snarf
      snarfsnarf85 snarf 4 months ago +1

      @AH Pains me to say, but I fully agree. Gears has been killed off by lazy developers who are far too scared to make any changes.

    • AH
      AH 4 months ago +1

      @Emmet Farrell modern 4k TVs upscale so he would get a sharper image than just standard 1080p..stop damage controlling a bland cover based shooter. Gears use to be great now it's been overtaken by bigger and better games of its type

    • Emmet Farrell
      Emmet Farrell 4 months ago

      Why are you playing a 1080p console on a 4k TV. Also take a look at Gears 4 beta footage. This is a 10GB tech test

  • Markus Chief
    Markus Chief 4 months ago +8

    All the content this game has will make other single-player-only triple A games this year look as short demos...
    Those who are hating the game are just the Sony fanboys all jealous ... And we know they are majority

    • Valhura77
      Valhura77 4 months ago

      @Tristan Allen AH never lets facts get in the way of a dumb as shit post

    • Tristan Allen
      Tristan Allen 4 months ago +3

      @AH people still playing gears of war 4 today and sea of thieves

    • Valhura77
      Valhura77 4 months ago

      @Slayer Man6-6-6 You missed his point, this game has a full single-player campaign, in addition to verses, evacuation and horde mode

    • AH
      AH 4 months ago +1

      Oh here comes markus with damage controlling garbage give it 2 weeks and nobody will be playing gears 5 just like sea of thieves..crackdown 3 and gears 4