BBC iPlayer Dragons' Den Series 14 Episode 2 1v2

  • Published on Aug 1, 2016
  • SplashMaps pitch for investment from the Dragons on 31st July 2016
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  • James Storm
    James Storm 5 days ago +1


  • H. P.
    H. P. 6 days ago

    Gosh Touker really knows how to goof off

  • Dirty Versa
    Dirty Versa 11 days ago

    LOL @ Touker's comb over!!

  • Fish
    Fish 21 day ago

    That woman with the guitar pitch looks scary as hell.

  • Dulles Perez
    Dulles Perez 29 days ago

    Wao what a nutjob

  • Nana Pateker
    Nana Pateker Month ago +1

    I'm evolved .
    They feared my dummy-nance .

  • thousandsunny627
    thousandsunny627 Month ago

    Than google map destroy this guy career

  • Alf DarkDeadly
    Alf DarkDeadly Month ago

    Lol an evolved dragon. You can tell he grew up watching Pokemon.

  • erepsekahs
    erepsekahs 2 months ago

    I must say, the host has a lovely voice, and a GREAT face for radio.

    • SplashMaps
      SplashMaps  2 months ago +1

      erepsekahs now there was a guy with a face for radio!

    • erepsekahs
      erepsekahs 2 months ago

      @SplashMaps I am so very happy for him. Jimmy Savile was also popular within the BBC.

    • SplashMaps
      SplashMaps  2 months ago +1

      erepsekahs Evan is great. But it’s a real shame you do t meet him on the show. All his bits are edited in later. Normally he’s the BBC’s top current affairs guy

  • Casper S�
    Casper S� 2 months ago

    Marco was frankly an obnoxious little c**t

  • Polar Sky
    Polar Sky 3 months ago

    The LightLead looks great. I looked it up to buy some online, but i'm not seeing anything. Such a shame, it was a cool idea.

  • deoeers
    deoeers 3 months ago +3

    He wants to be “free from life and be a billionaire”. So a dead rich guy then.

  • Myri Мириам
    Myri Мириам 3 months ago

    The euro dance lady is lovely. ❤️

  • Fernando Migliazza
    Fernando Migliazza 3 months ago +1

    I want to be a millionaire. I have been trying for years but !!!!!!!!! I’m still a plumber

    • SplashMaps
      SplashMaps  3 months ago

      Fernando Migliazza then you’ve probably got a better chance than most :-)

  • Akash Agarwal
    Akash Agarwal 3 months ago

    what an irritating piece of crap..who will work with him.

  • Uzma Mehmood
    Uzma Mehmood 3 months ago

    A lot of people are mocking him but I think he has been through a lot in his life and is desperate to make it somewhere. He doesn’t have a lot of business knowledge but is clearly very passionate. Hope he makes it...

  • Asu Razu
    Asu Razu 4 months ago

    that's one of the reasons why you're not going to the next level peter, you rely on quantity products like the very breakable cheap products and don't have the balls to make great ones fearing no one is gonna buy expensive cables, well guess what? there are cheap and expensive guitars for a reason, GoPro cameras and so many more products that are so great only serious passionate buyers buy because they're very serious about it, expensive is translated into quality, you pay more to get better results, and if you live by price mr jones, you will die by price, because if an artist bought this cable from you and it got damaged in the middle of the concert and embarrassed him/her, they won't buy again because it's a piece of shit product that hurt their reputation and mainly your brand... don't embarrass yourself with your intentionally crappy product(s), you gotta give a damn about your costumers and prospects. it's a great idea and a very good business, sara.

  • Asu Razu
    Asu Razu 4 months ago

    14:59 "has marko's determination and drive got under the skin of Pizza Jones" XD

    that caption is fucking stupid LOL

  • 3x7
    3x7 4 months ago +1

    How *HOT* is Sarah Willingham?!

  • Gilles Morin
    Gilles Morin 4 months ago

    This Sarah is quite sexy and professional !

  • McLovin
    McLovin 4 months ago

    Hello, Jenny here, just wanted to say I love the business, I could really see myself working with you in the business, I think I am the best dragons for you, I am really excited, I love everything about your business, and it's for all those reasons, that I am not going to invest and I'm out

  • Nermin Mowsa
    Nermin Mowsa 4 months ago

    He came in with a dodgy patent looking like a douchebag, acting like a douchebag - and claims the dragons were intimidating by his “dominance”. Right the dragons are intimidated! Gtfo!!

  • Deer Doe
    Deer Doe 4 months ago

    Sarah is so beautiful 💖

  • Betty Webster
    Betty Webster 4 months ago

    Jenny: “I’m Jenny. So, for that reason, I’m out”.

  • T C Y
    T C Y 4 months ago

    Marco is such an arrogant douche.

  • Stephanie Broadwater
    Stephanie Broadwater 5 months ago +1

    Sarah is hot

    • Chris Craven
      Chris Craven 2 months ago

      Yes, yes she is

    • Stephanie Broadwater
      Stephanie Broadwater 5 months ago

      @SplashMaps No I get it, presenting a product is hard, let alone on TV and infront of a hottie like Sarah lol

    • SplashMaps
      SplashMaps  5 months ago

      Stephanie Broadwater distracting when you’re there!

  • JF 15
    JF 15 5 months ago

    How big is the drainage industry though. I can't imagine that last guy's company making a big profit.

    • Orange Car Bad
      Orange Car Bad 3 months ago

      About every city on Earth, plus some private contractors in every single one.

  • John Schotz
    John Schotz 5 months ago

    This guy should visit a psychiatrist

  • ImaginaryMdA
    ImaginaryMdA 5 months ago

    The first guy teaches a very important lesson about survivorship bias.

  • christschool
    christschool 5 months ago

    Marco is psychotic. I have no doubt he'll be successful as a Mafia hitman.

  • kylie Lax
    kylie Lax 5 months ago +2

    I love Debra

  • Ulysses Dotson III
    Ulysses Dotson III 5 months ago +1

    Tuca’s solo was all I needed in my life !

  • Elias Ashoal
    Elias Ashoal 5 months ago

    i'd spank sarah's bare ass.

  • Butmunchr
    Butmunchr 5 months ago +1

    ''feared my dominance'' booyyy i'll slap u silly

  • Fabiana A.
    Fabiana A. 5 months ago +3

    Do maps still exist? 😂

    • SplashMaps
      SplashMaps  5 months ago +2

      Fabiana A. Well, #splashmaps grew 80% this year, global print sales are up 10% and Munich is about to see how it all grows from there

  • Gonken88
    Gonken88 5 months ago

    The prolapse guy really does have something; ADHD. I don't see how anyone would dare to invest in someone who's that impulsive and stupid.

  • Dominic Easton
    Dominic Easton 5 months ago +2

    22:00 You just sell it for a higher price than you would something that's easily breakable so instead of selling something for £10 you sell it for £30 and it would make up the cost of someone buying something 3x.

  • WonkaVator72
    WonkaVator72 5 months ago

    I'd rather be a rich dragon than an "evolved" dragon.

  • Inefable Theo
    Inefable Theo 5 months ago +4

    And after the super arrogant dude come the most humble and genuine couple. What a contrast! So fun to watch!

  • Inefable Theo
    Inefable Theo 5 months ago +1

    I was thinking "He thought that by threatening them they would invest", and then he says "they feared my dominance". Poor man, so arrogant. You are going to suffer a lot out of your own ideas my friend.

  • andrew c.
    andrew c. 6 months ago

    this millionaire said to me once on a job site ? how can you be so smart Andy and yet be so poor ? its crazy i thought to myself . and said to him ? how could he be so rich an so dumb . im out i guess .

  • carpii
    carpii 6 months ago +1

    omg that first guy is so cringey. He seems like hes used to bullshitting his mates in the gym, and thinking itd wash in the den

  • J
    J 6 months ago +3

    Marco ahole meal dude went into liquidation and was still taking orders upto January of this year and charging people and keeping their money and credit card info. He is in deep deep legal and financial troubles.. he stopped doing business in summer of 2018 and continued stealing money. Bad guy..

  • Majk Strand
    Majk Strand 6 months ago

    LOL! That first guy is UK´s Jason Genova!

  • Scabbz
    Scabbz 6 months ago

    That lady with the guitar cord freaks me out. Crazy eyes, and her mouth makes me nervous...

    • Gonken88
      Gonken88 5 months ago

      Bet you wouldn't be so nervous if you were shoving your cock into that mouth.

  • jackline muriukitah
    jackline muriukitah 6 months ago +1

    Sharks are the best

    • SplashMaps
      SplashMaps  6 months ago

      jackline muriukitah they always seem to have more money than Dragons. Perhaps British people value their businesses too low?

  • Jules Mpc
    Jules Mpc 6 months ago

    good guy with no background ends up in huge losses....sad but recurrent.

  • Ludak021
    Ludak021 6 months ago

    Cant you just lift all the manhole covers with a hook-like tool? Something like a modified crowbar essentially? smh

  • D N
    D N 6 months ago +1

    Dragons den uk are very mean, i dont see much investment given like in shark tank or dragon den canada. Uk are only thinking of how to say "I am out".

    • jackline muriukitah
      jackline muriukitah 6 months ago

      They are also mean and makes people feel down like women they feel like the owe everything

    • jackline muriukitah
      jackline muriukitah 6 months ago +1

      They are also mean and makes people feel down like women they feel like the owe everything

  • Shifty Powers
    Shifty Powers 6 months ago +1

    He is a cocky guy and his businness is gonna be a flop

  • Angel
    Angel 6 months ago +1

    I am always For people who believe in themselves but this 1st guy is just Not Realistic!

  • Noelf
    Noelf 7 months ago +2

    With regards to the map guy I can't believe Peter Jones didn't mention Google Maps!...Who uses paper maps these days?

    • Gonken88
      Gonken88 5 months ago

      Next there will be some old fart asking for a 150000 pound investment in his phone book company "because you can't find them ANYWHERE these days".

    • SplashMaps
      SplashMaps  6 months ago +3

      Tony Clifton certainly can help you map out your route, but it will need a bit of your brain Tony. Can a google map operate without batteries? Will it work if there’s no signal? Our mountain rescue customers rescue more people off the hills due to misguided reliance upon on-line maps than anything else. Horses for courses I guess. Love the outdoors? Which would you choose?

    • Tony Clifton
      Tony Clifton 6 months ago

      SplashMaps can the map tell me what time the store is open, how far he walk is and map out steps? Also live bus times?

    • SplashMaps
      SplashMaps  7 months ago +2

      Noelf too right! Paper maps are yesterday’s news. It’s time for something better and for once Google does not have all the answers

  • abelucious
    abelucious 7 months ago

    They should call it liars den .

  • haymakers210
    haymakers210 7 months ago +1

    First guy is a little manic

  • Dex Ssm
    Dex Ssm 7 months ago +2

    Marco either did too much coke or not enough coke for his pitch lol

    • Gonken88
      Gonken88 5 months ago

      With adhd you don't need any coke.

  • moe1105
    moe1105 7 months ago +5

    is it just me, or does Tucuman look like leisure suit larry ? lol! That first guy though .. hahaha!

  • big gay
    big gay 7 months ago +4

    I think your pitch went great and you took it on the chin like a champ. They need more entrepreneurs like yourself. Best of luck, splashmaps!

    • SplashMaps
      SplashMaps  7 months ago +3

      big gay really kind of you to say! We got by just fine without the Dragons with Launches in the USA and Germany. Now available via retailers on 4 continents. Dragons don’t always get it right! Thanks for your support. Means a lot!

  • Peoples Choice
    Peoples Choice 7 months ago

    1st dudeclearly is some middle east roots scammer

  • Epicscore Eu
    Epicscore Eu 7 months ago

    29:00 thats crazy eyes

  • Derek Johansen or something

    9:49 the dude doesn't communicate well...but he succeeds. I get what he is saying. He values the business twice as much as the current value because his asking valuation is based on future success, not current figures.
    It would be the equivalent to Uber asking for $200,000 at 2% based on future potential success and not current if Uber would have pitched with a crazy valuation.

    • Kate W
      Kate W 7 months ago

      Derek Johansen or something they ask for the current value though and he attempted to use the future value as the current value. The guy’s a liar. And also the business is insolvent.