Custom Dystopia (Symphobia Strings)

  • Published on Feb 20, 2011
  • After a few messages asking my opinion on Symphobia strings and how I think they stand up on their own, I decided to create a video dedicated to them. I create a few custom 'Dystopia' patches as well as make use of the effects and ensembles.
    The track can be heard in higher quality here:
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Comments • 21

  • Tokyo Joe
    Tokyo Joe 11 years ago

    Brilliant stuff! Please keep 'em coming!

  • Cedric Vermue
    Cedric Vermue 11 years ago

    This tutorial is great, thank you very much
    Shortly I got both kontakt 4 and symphobia, so its really inspiring to get such an indepth tutorial

  • Proxenos Papias
    Proxenos Papias 10 years ago

    nice sounds you got there, oh and thanks for all the information about symphobia. Cheers!

  • richard gordon
    richard gordon 8 years ago

    hi daniel. your demo sounds great.
    was wondering, what is the difference between Symphobia 1 and 2?

  • TruthSurge
    TruthSurge 9 years ago

    strings and a VERY loud keyboard. :) I'm just starting to dabble with orchestral sounding stuff and wondered about how you would ever get a full orchestra composition b4 running out of CPU and RAM. thanks for the vid!

  • Sashman 77
    Sashman 77 7 years ago

    Daniel, first of all very much for your videos. They are awesome. To further learn from this video, I've tried to replicate the sound. I just can't get the same sound using my ping pong delay and mono delay. I am using cubase. Can you share how you have set the tempo on both and how they are linked together?

  • EagerSleeper
    EagerSleeper 11 years ago

    Wow, that 1:00 demo sounded a lot like Metal Gear Solid 3

  • Cedric Vermue
    Cedric Vermue 11 years ago

    Just a short question, how can you get this 'attack, decay, sustain and release' control panel within Symfobia? - by the way, I don't have this function 'main page' at the moment -

  • RV School of music
    RV School of music 10 years ago

    nice and usefull , pls tell me about the reverbs u use...

  • Alberto Toribio Diaz
    Alberto Toribio Diaz 9 years ago

    Thankx a lot for your tricks ..the music i make by myself - Thankxx !!

  • uHuTNO
    uHuTNO 9 years ago

    Thx for the vide, but please make your voice more quiet or the sound of the rest louder in the future!

  • FireWalkWithMe67
    FireWalkWithMe67 9 years ago

    .nki files are library files that are meant to be automatically detected in Kontakt.

  • Daniel James
    Daniel James  9 years ago

    Get 1! the 2nd library is more of an addition to the 1st than a replacement.

  • Carter
    Carter 8 years ago

    how do u get symphobia 2 into a program such as fl studio etc???!

  • ambientsky01
    ambientsky01 9 years ago

    hi. how do you open symphobia on ableton? it's .nki files. thanks

  • Melo. D
    Melo. D 10 years ago

    What program is that?

  • monkeh88
    monkeh88 10 years ago

    how come i dont have low staccato s :S

  • John Chapman
    John Chapman 7 years ago

    i have copy of symphobia 2

  • nowpainfeedsme
    nowpainfeedsme 9 years ago

    19,5 mins of talking, anybody help me

  • nowpainfeedsme
    nowpainfeedsme 9 years ago