How to Learn Visual Effects!

  • Published on Jun 26, 2018
  • A discussion about how you can learn Visual Effects!
    If you're interested in some spicy Graphic Elements, Stock Footage, Fonts and much more, you can go ahead and check out Envato Elements:
    Andrew Kramer Speech:
    TheNewBoston 3D's Max Series:
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  • Broken
    Broken  Year ago +6

    If you're interested in some spicy Graphic Elements, Stock Footage, Fonts and much more, you can go ahead and check out Envato Elements:

  • alex bonchuk
    alex bonchuk 8 days ago


  • ll uji
    ll uji 12 days ago

    Thank you so much I’m 13 years old and this is soooo helpful but do you have any specific tips for someone my age?

    • ll uji
      ll uji 6 days ago

      LeNuiz Thank you so much!

    • LeNuiz
      LeNuiz 9 days ago

      Just start doing it and stick with it. Repetition is key. Stick with it and you'll thank me in a few years

  • Jelly Lelly
    Jelly Lelly 17 days ago

    Do you have to be good at drawing to make good vfx?

    • Broken
      Broken  17 days ago

      Not at all, unless you're doing VFX that involve drawing.

  • Marlon bellamy
    Marlon bellamy 23 days ago

    Hey do you have any maya 3d tutorial, equivalent to video copilot?

  • Albe Carts
    Albe Carts Month ago


  • Galaxy S4
    Galaxy S4 Month ago

    Thank u brother its help me full

  • Wassel TM
    Wassel TM Month ago

    I'm happy that came across your channel

  • Angel Colin
    Angel Colin Month ago +1

    Thanks, bro I could start my editing

  • A. abiyyu
    A. abiyyu Month ago

    Visual effect......, and what is the special effect😂🤔

  • sorenpx
    sorenpx 2 months ago

    Recognized that whistle from Hanna immediately.

  • k ra
    k ra 3 months ago

    thanks!! :3

  • Shubham Modi
    Shubham Modi 4 months ago +1

    Bro u r a legend. Just found ur channel while Recreating Stranger things intro. You r so good at tutorials. But the sad part is U stopped creating tutorials :( I wish u too create new tutorials .

    • Nishen Samuel
      Nishen Samuel 4 months ago

      @Broken that's good to hear!

    • Broken
      Broken  4 months ago +1

      I have a lot of projects that I've been working on which will generate a lot of tutorials so stay tuned!

  • sam kam
    sam kam 4 months ago +2

    Thank you! that was really helpful! i hope i could learn all those stuff you just mentioned :))

  • Hiroumi Yuza
    Hiroumi Yuza 4 months ago

    Am I the only person that feels uncomfortable seeing him jump cut like every 5 sec?

  • AML Films
    AML Films 4 months ago +1

    Just found this channel and I'm learning so much..

  • Gyane vlogs
    Gyane vlogs 4 months ago

    What about houdini bro

  • *-YOUR and YOU'RE are 2 different words-*


  • Guillaume
    Guillaume 5 months ago

    Kill Bill cmon who's saying rob stone...

  • Striker Indeed
    Striker Indeed 6 months ago

    What happened to your game???.... I didn't find it on play store🙁

  • Herois da Foto
    Herois da Foto 7 months ago

    Inspirational video tho!

  • Osacraft J
    Osacraft J 7 months ago

    NIce advice. Thanks. Truly you cant just close your eyes and hope to learn everything within a day. It takes time, patience, perseverance and determination. Nice advice

  • raja zamurd
    raja zamurd 8 months ago

    Awesome speaking boy...

  • Yuvraj Wedding Filmmakers

    Thank you so much for this video. Very informative!!

    GRAPHILZ MEDIA 9 months ago +1

    I wanna double subscribe to your channel bro. How do I do that? Lol❣

  • Welcome To Kodaikanal
    Welcome To Kodaikanal 9 months ago

    Hi sir... great time to watched to your footage...can u suggest which plotform do I start for 3d animation basic level as a beginner?

    • Broken
      Broken  9 months ago

      There isn't really a perfect choice when it comes to 3D Software, they all are capable of most of the same things. When I started off, 3D's Max was the one I went with, but it was heavily influenced by the videos I was watching back then, and most of the people that were making those videos were using 3D's Max.

  • Saakshi Bhatia
    Saakshi Bhatia 10 months ago

    Thank you so much! This was really helpful and I appreciate you for making this video!

  • Black Infinity
    Black Infinity 10 months ago +1

    Whats the difference? Special effects vs Visual effects?

    • Broken
      Broken  10 months ago +2

      Special effects is what you would do on set Practically, for example: Practical Explosions, setting someone on fire, etc.
      Visual Effects is what you would call CGI (Computer-Generated-Imagery), basically everything that is created using 3D software, compositing software, etc.

  • Besnik Runjeva
    Besnik Runjeva Year ago +1

    great job dude keep it up im albanian to(kosovo)

  • Bharath Kumar
    Bharath Kumar Year ago

    Kindly start tutorial for us ....about compositing...

  • Mike Mor
    Mike Mor Year ago

    dude you deserve more subscribers just upload a bit more constant :)

    • Broken
      Broken  Year ago

      I'm planning on focusing the majority of my time and energy on this channel in the upcoming weeks so stay tuned for some new Short Films, Tutorials and a bunch of other cool stuff! :D

  • Flamur Kastrati
    Flamur Kastrati Year ago

    Cool English. Well done bro

  • Teidi
    Teidi Year ago +2

    9:37 // Rob Stone-Chill Bill

  • iGhost
    iGhost Year ago +7

    This was so helpful, I wish you more subscribers, this was pure gold. Thank you!

  • Marvin P. Don
    Marvin P. Don Year ago

    Thanks for this video! Totally helpfull, keep up the good work mate!

  • PakolaiShow
    PakolaiShow Year ago +2

    Maaannn now that I have seen your channel, I really know the true meaning of the word 'underrated'. Keep going on buddy!

    • Broken
      Broken  Year ago

      PakolaiShow Oh wow... Thank you for your lovely comment.

  • Oltion hyseni
    Oltion hyseni Year ago

    Which one to use

  • Aileen Michelle
    Aileen Michelle Year ago

    You're awesome. I've learned a lot from your videos :D

  • Strattymvm.
    Strattymvm. Year ago

    I honestly believe you have to have a do it and try it mindset, dont expect to have AAA visual effects with the first film you make. Just keep trying and learning boys!

    ISUFRTV Year ago

    You are great dude.
    I like visual effects but the only software I am good at its only Sony Vegas, adobe and other complicated programs seems so painful to learn

  • Do Vector
    Do Vector Year ago

    your presentation style is just amazing

  • maLY
    maLY Year ago

    Rob $tone - Chill Bill xD

    • Broken
      Broken  Year ago

      maLY Yes, but not quite! Haha

  • Micah Akati
    Micah Akati Year ago

    Thanks so much for this video

  • prod. BlueWave
    prod. BlueWave Year ago

    Amazing 😉

  • Duong tung
    Duong tung Year ago

    what a inspirational story
    i love this video, you did good

  • Elhan Behluli
    Elhan Behluli Year ago +1

    Amazing Story.

  • Berat
    Berat Year ago - I Know u wont break this keyboard ;)

  • Danny Mendiola
    Danny Mendiola Year ago

    Best logo animation in the game

  • Fatvjol Duli
    Fatvjol Duli Year ago