• Published on May 22, 2019
  • Myself and Joe Achilles test the NEW 2019 Audi RS3 and Audi TTRS!!
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Comments • 295

  • Stef
    Stef 2 days ago +1

    There are only 2 downsides. The RS3 does not look special. It looks like an A3 with S-Line. No wow effect.
    And it’s still front heavy. A Quattro with 70% to the back and this thing would be insane.

  • Kris
    Kris 8 days ago

    Sure I'll buy it, after I sold everything else I own, including my organs.

  • valleysofneptune
    valleysofneptune 11 days ago

    You mean rent it for a while , lose some of your deposit and rent something else??

  • Timothy Monnig
    Timothy Monnig 11 days ago

    How much is the insurance on this car?

    • Psycho Bread
      Psycho Bread 10 days ago

      All depends on who’s wanting cover

  • theash3s
    theash3s 12 days ago

    we are looking at your face more than the car .....

    • theash3s
      theash3s 12 days ago

      @Mark Phill hahahaha

    • Mark Phill
      Mark Phill 12 days ago +1

      which isn't a good thing... buck toothed MFO's in a baseball caps...

  • crazy cooter
    crazy cooter 12 days ago

    hope Audi has sorted out the little " going missing " problem

  • Marcus Wilson
    Marcus Wilson 13 days ago

    Problem with the aftermarket exhaust is that if you get this car on finance which 90% of people will it’s against the agreement to make any changes until all payments are finished so u wouldn’t be able to do it for a long time into the owner ship

  • Sam Broadbent
    Sam Broadbent 13 days ago +1

    If I could afford the insurance this would be on my drive rn

    TONY MELNIK 13 days ago

    No more pops and bangs, shit hopefully they bring them back for the 2020 model.

  • khalid khan
    khalid khan 15 days ago

    Boring vid for such an awesome car

  • Strength RD
    Strength RD 15 days ago +1

    If you want a boring car buy the RS3... no special feel about it. Get something that has character...

  • Mark Rhoden
    Mark Rhoden 17 days ago

    Buy the Audi because with its 4 wheel drive its easier to drive and safer for the inexperienced drivers lol

  • Lil_ Danny904
    Lil_ Danny904 17 days ago

    I’d rather have a ttrs #nofriends

  • howsk71
    howsk71 18 days ago +2

    Great vid, lucky enough to own a 2017 RS3 Sportback. Amazing everyday car with 400ps 0-60 under 4s and that 5 pot sound and exhaust system on the 2017 never fails to make me smile! Shame they’ve changed it on the 2019

    • Jason Elliott
      Jason Elliott 12 days ago

      howsk71 what have they changed on the 19 bro

  • A R
    A R 19 days ago

    Get the 2019 RS 3 or wait for the 2020 RS 3?

  • Audi RS
    Audi RS 19 days ago

    Naw Pre facelift sounds better

  • highflysugar
    highflysugar 20 days ago

    Took delivery of my North America 2019 RS3 without the OPF last week and love it.. Will go stage II in a few thousand miles or so...

    • A R
      A R 19 days ago

      highflysugar why did you get the 2019 and not wait for the 2020. Do you have any idea if they are changing the 2020 dramatically ?

  • A R
    A R 23 days ago

    And with small Mods with stock Turbo you are a lot faster than the Audi R8 ;)

  • Rupert Evans
    Rupert Evans 23 days ago

    This or a 1 year old m4 competition.

  • djaveitlarge
    djaveitlarge 24 days ago

    no pop ands bang is the only disappointment about the 2018 RS3 over the 2015

  • djaveitlarge
    djaveitlarge 24 days ago

    surprised me because i was told by audi sales employees that the 2018 RS3 was no longer in production run that was 6-8 months ago..

    • golfmaniac007
      golfmaniac007 13 days ago

      @djaveitlarge i never said the Civic type R is in the same league. i said its Audi's version of the Civic type R. for Audi's luxury standards, the interior of the A3 is pretty cheap looking. very basic. just that in the RS3 you get the juicy engine.

    • djaveitlarge
      djaveitlarge 13 days ago

      @golfmaniac007 civic type R isn't even in the same league as the S3 audi seriously dude..... and i looked at PCP on the civic and RS3 and the differance was extra£1000 on initial and £50 per month more for RS3 and that is with £8k's of extras you'd have to be a clinical moron to PCP the civic !!

    • golfmaniac007
      golfmaniac007 24 days ago

      who would spend that kind of money on audi's version of honda civic type R. sure the engine sounds nice and its a rocket but it still a german version of a civic. the interior feels like a civic.

  • jharri92
    jharri92 24 days ago

    Can you even buy this? Went into an Audi dealership (UK) recently and they said all RS models fail current emissions standards so they aren’t selling any of them...

  • Kieran Rice
    Kieran Rice 24 days ago


  • Pablo Murf
    Pablo Murf 25 days ago

    Love the rs3 but audi are scum for doing sport additions! If you buy a rs3 there should only be one with all the trimmings

  • Daniel Krushka
    Daniel Krushka 25 days ago +3

    Here in Australia you have a 5cylinder turbo Diesel engine in out ford rangers

  • 12345moe
    12345moe 25 days ago +3

    The opf has destroyed what was once a good sounding car, gone will be the days of having a great sounding petrol

  • Lewis Gordon
    Lewis Gordon 27 days ago +1

    Aberdeen my home town

    • A S
      A S 21 day ago

      Lewis Gordon is it a nice place to stay?

  • Schnidler
    Schnidler 27 days ago

    that car is not new at all. wtf

  • Joe
    Joe 28 days ago

    Love mine 👌🏻

  • SwissTec
    SwissTec 28 days ago

    I have an end of 2018 RS3 sedan, and there are occasional pop and bangs, they are rewarding and they are big :) The general sound is better on the new RS3 though, IMO, especially at low RPM.

  • Niklas Gronwald
    Niklas Gronwald 28 days ago

    Where is the Hoodie from?

  • Track Time Videos
    Track Time Videos 28 days ago +1

    Such a boring car. Nice engine and looks smart though which is all that matters for most people.

    • T C
      T C 28 days ago

      Depends on how u define boring. If definitely isn't boring on the drag, but on track and b roads I much prefer my stage 2 fk2 type r.

  • Mouh tatar
    Mouh tatar 29 days ago +1

    The problem is not in picking the right car tho it’s all about how much u got in your pocket

  • Ferhan Khan Photography
    Ferhan Khan Photography 29 days ago +6

    When you own an RS3 and still watch reviews about your car LOL

  • Nivaal Mathurapersaad
    Nivaal Mathurapersaad 29 days ago

    I think its a better refined car than the previous one wrt to the "pops and bangs". I think they're childish.
    Also, "more sound pollution inside the cabin"? I think its nigh on perfect because the sound should be for the owner to enjoy, not the immature vlogger standing on the pavement to enjoy.

    • T C
      T C 28 days ago

      I get what u mean about the pops and bangs. Like a few back fire pops and crackle on throttle lift but not ak47 shots lol

  • Jack Kelly
    Jack Kelly 29 days ago

    That jumper is sick

  • Marcus Craven
    Marcus Craven 29 days ago

    It’s still so much quieter than the ones without the new filter even with sports exhaust

  • Ian Clark
    Ian Clark Month ago +8

    No pops and bangs???? I'll keep my 2017 RS3 saloon thanks.

    • T C
      T C 28 days ago +1

      More or less same gen with a few expensive extras and sportback wheels lol if u have a saloon keep it and let's all hope they disband the 5 pot so our gen will appreciate 👍

  • Alex Bleicker
    Alex Bleicker Month ago

    Not sure about the RS3 anymore since the engine noise has been downgraded and costing £45k with that entertainment system feels like not really in line with the competition. I'm waiting for the new CLA45 and the new M3 that will be 4 wheel drive. Having checked out a A35, you can see Mercedes has upped their game with the interior. BMW M3 may be starting around £60k when it comes out but considering the sports package on the RS3 takes it to £50k, the BMW may be more interesting and have more engine tuning potential as well.

    • Lee Szura
      Lee Szura 27 days ago

      Alex Bleicker rs3 might be the most tunable new car out. it’s hilarious what you can get from this car for such little money in mods. check @irozmotorsport

  • Ronnie Becker
    Ronnie Becker Month ago +2

    Orderd mine two weeks ago as a sportback ;)

    • T C
      T C 28 days ago

      @hlf_coder hold out for the rs3 man might be a six month wait though, my missus just ordered a ttrs in Jan due sometime in June
      Also depends on whether you prefer the rwd characteristics of m2 or raw brutal awd power of the audis. But coming from the s3 you'll love it.
      Second hand or nearly new rs3s going for a quite a bit cheaper (up to 3k on mileage) and are available too. Got mine used but almost 10k cheaper than brand new (considering extras and specs included) with 3k on the clock. Too worried about general depreciation off shown room floor. Good luck with you choice nonetheless 👍

    • hlf_coder
      hlf_coder Month ago +1

      Nice, congrats man. I've got an S3 right now, and it's time to get something new, so I'm trying to decide between the RS3 and an M2. Do you mind if I ask how long it will take between your order and the actual delivery? Is it a month? Two? Three? Regardless of whether I go with the M2 or RS3 it looks like I'll have to order it, and the wait time is one of the main things I'm curious about. (I emailed my Audi sales rep a few weeks ago with some questions, but he wasn't very specific with that particular answer)
      Enjoy the new ride! I can't even imagine my current car with 100 more HP. I think you're gonna have some fun

  • Paul Smith
    Paul Smith Month ago

    I'm going to be moving to Scotland as it seems they have no speed limits joy !

  • richboy900
    richboy900 Month ago

    Not an audi fan but they sound incredible

  • BouncyTeddy se
    BouncyTeddy se Month ago +2

    i prefer the a45 mate.
    good sound
    beter interior and ex
    like the sound more of the a45.

  • Nick Robson
    Nick Robson Month ago +1

    Audi tt rs is way better same engine but lighter/ edit just heard you are using that car too lol

  • Alistair Robertson
    Alistair Robertson Month ago +1

    Only 70kg between them. Not 200kg! Great cars though. 7/10th the car the R8 is.

  • Andy white
    Andy white Month ago +2

    Ford Ranger Wildtrak has a 3.2 litre 5 cylinder i5 diesel

  • Kyle Smith
    Kyle Smith Month ago

    VOLVO DOES IT SOL!!!! Or did it.

  • poketfull
    poketfull Month ago

    speeding gain on public roads, what an idiot

  • Malph
    Malph Month ago

    Audi's 5 pot RS cars are unique. The sound and performance combination is awesome, and something we'll all miss in around 10 years time if a certain group of people get their own way. I'm a very happy owner of an RSQ3 (340bhp), would love an RS3, but being an old git with a bad back, I "settled" for the Q3. 0 - 62 in 4.8 seconds, 36 mpg on a run is possible.....and it's rare, less than 1k ever registered in the UK (including the earlier 310 bhp model). Like all the 5 pot RSs, great daily drivers....but a bit bonkers when you feel the need.....especially in a small SUV!

  • Jamie
    Jamie Month ago

    Your old rs3 video from 2015 made me buy an rs3 in 2016 and im thinking of a new one for 2020 and this might be the video that persuades me.

    • A R
      A R 18 days ago

      @Jamie I completely agree, I honestly think it sounds better than the stock RS 7. I know I will get a lot of hate for that comment. A custom exhaust and tune might fix that filter!

    • Jamie
      Jamie 18 days ago

      @A R i have no idea but im not liking this OPF filter they have put in the exhaust from 2019> due to new emissions laws. It really muffles the sound. Still sounds better than the rs4 or rs5 though.

    • A R
      A R 19 days ago

      Jamie any idea if they are changing a lot in the car from the 2019-2020

  • War Machine
    War Machine Month ago

    Ford Ranger / Everest / Endeavour has a 3.2L 5 cylinder search it up guys

  • qwerty uiop
    qwerty uiop Month ago

    They cost about €90k in the netherlands so..... nope

  • bobwas4
    bobwas4 Month ago +2

    Good lord the opf has killed the noise.

  • GlenAshtonF1
    GlenAshtonF1 Month ago

    Main reason i bought my MK2 Focus ST is because it's a 5 cylinder. Sounds epic with a straight through 😍

  • Free The plug
    Free The plug Month ago +2

    Amazing car but massively overpriced..

    • SwissTec
      SwissTec 28 days ago

      Quite frankly, it's a weapon. A lot of more expensive cars have a hard time following it.

    • Free The plug
      Free The plug 28 days ago

      Yeh it might be special and a good all round car but personally I would never spend 50k on one👍🏼

    • SwissTec
      SwissTec 28 days ago

      When you own one you understand that it actually isn't and how special it really is.

  • Mike
    Mike Month ago

    This car just needs to be a bit bigger. The back is useless.

  • Kristian Spencer
    Kristian Spencer Month ago

    Nice cars but if I had the money I wouldn’t buy either of them, the rs3 isn’t worth £50000, I would buy a Ford Focus mk2 rs for £20000 and modify it , keep the £20000 change. And for tt rs Money I would buy a Nissan GT-R.

  • Mindy G
    Mindy G Month ago

    So which to buy.... M2 comp....or the RS3????

    • William Collins
      William Collins 29 days ago

      @Jim Ettamarna I can only get one for daily driving so you pick.

    • Jim Ettamarna
      Jim Ettamarna 29 days ago

      Mindy G the correct answer is "both!" Those two, plus a 4Runner, are the perfect three car, year round, ~ $170k family-man garage.

  • sputnikalgrim
    sputnikalgrim Month ago

    Sexy wheels. They had a few years where the factory wheels were trash

  • geriallo
    geriallo Month ago

    Troppo barigozzo.

  • Benjamin Rhodes
    Benjamin Rhodes Month ago +3

    Ford produce a 5 pot for the Ranger don't they?

  • ST Phago
    ST Phago Month ago

    Baby R8 is the one✌🔥

  • Rich ard
    Rich ard Month ago

    I have the 2017 saloon 😜

  • Fredrik Svanholm
    Fredrik Svanholm Month ago

    3:29 Sounds like a kid who just heard the ice cream truck! :D

  • Adam02M
    Adam02M Month ago +1

    Joe Achillies channel is well worth following. No click bait shite there. Good humour.

    GENNO Month ago +1

    less talk more car.......

  • Danny BGD.
    Danny BGD. Month ago

    Or you can wait for the next generation..

  • Hiten Patel
    Hiten Patel Month ago

    I was looking at the saloon version of the RS3 but settled instead for the Alfa Romeo Giulia Quadrifoglio. I must say I don’t regret it!

  • Teo Atik
    Teo Atik Month ago

    “Sounds like a baby R8 V10” Paul Wallace 2019

    What the fuck is going on

  • Luthfi Hamdani
    Luthfi Hamdani Month ago +1

    My favorite car audi rs3 sedan

  • cj hallal
    cj hallal Month ago

    In Australia there is a 5 cylinder ford focus xr5 turbo and it does sound amazing....loving the content paul keep it up!!!!

    • tjay84
      tjay84 Month ago

      Not available any, and that was Volvo's 5 cylinder :)

    RJAVD Month ago +6

    81.205 Euros for the standard RS3 Limousine here (The Netherlands). God I hate the tax system on cars in my country.

    • Gladiator Al Mousa
      Gladiator Al Mousa 3 days ago

      RJAVD same her in Sweden. Now they increase 4 time double price in tax ,I bought 2018 RS3 Sedan full option . the tax now 2100 Swedish koron if you buy the same now cost you 14500 krona. And the price go more up . They want us to buy electric cars that’s why .

    • S Ran
      S Ran Month ago +3

      Same here in Finland😅

    • Guus Lombarts
      Guus Lombarts Month ago +1

      RJAVD #f*ckdefiscus

  • Jimmy Grant
    Jimmy Grant Month ago

    so 67K on secondhand r8 or the ttrs

  • Taine Bambrough
    Taine Bambrough Month ago +1

    Some Iroz motorsport goodies and that thing becomes untouchable. 8second 1/4s, Low 3 second 100-200s etc.

  • rory macpherson
    rory macpherson Month ago

    Audi have conned everyone by giving some options free in order for you to spend 50k. Ask your self this. Look at all the other Audi’s. All have been updated. The a3 however is the same inside as it was on a 2014 car.

    • A R
      A R 19 days ago

      rory macpherson worth waiting for the 2020 RS 3 ?

  • rory macpherson
    rory macpherson Month ago +1

    What’s new..... oh look. Nothing.

  • Kory Nunn
    Kory Nunn Month ago +3

    Still loving my RS3

    • Kory Nunn
      Kory Nunn 28 days ago

      @T C mine is still stock but I've had Chris's stage 2 APR and Shaun's stage 2 custom tune on before. We actually took them to the drags on the weekend and put them head to head,.the video will be up in the next few days.

    • T C
      T C 28 days ago

      Hows the build going mate last time I saw on your channel I think it was stage 2. Beautiful car 👌

  • Shiznuts
    Shiznuts Month ago +4

    The RS3 is one of them cars you shouldn't be getting as a sedan. It just looks wrong that way.

  • Sam Gammon
    Sam Gammon Month ago

    Ford ranger is 5 cylinder

  • george fourtinas
    george fourtinas Month ago +6

    The best spec RS3...daytona grey with tints and black optics. love the rs3 !!

  • Ian
    Ian Month ago +1

    The repackaging is terrible, 'sports edition' with a horrible heavy roof. They haven't done this for the benefit of buyers, they've done it to reduce the number of individual emissions checks they have to do to reach our shores; all the options are available separate in Germany.

    • Ian
      Ian Month ago

      Not quite the case, you cannot spec in the supersports seats, new alloys and a few additional bits. It wouldn't be so bad if you could just de-select the sunroof!

    • Aiden McGregor
      Aiden McGregor Month ago

      Ian the options are still available separate but you have to select just the standard RS3 instead of the Audi Sport version on their website.

  • Munraaj Mangat
    Munraaj Mangat Month ago


  • Prateek Chopra
    Prateek Chopra Month ago +1

    Ford Endeavour 3.2 L spec has 5 cylinders

  • Mrmosebshmee15super carsseenthroughglassyo

    Vote Tommy Robinson!!!!!

  • Grey Man Racing 2007

    9 Times Champion TFSI 2.5 👌🏼

  • 888 Move Stuff
    888 Move Stuff Month ago +1

    i love my Audi Rs3 its so much fun just made it stage 2

  • Ram Saini
    Ram Saini Month ago

    Ford does 5cyl...

  • Konstantinos Prouskas fanofankle

    this video was on point ! Nice step up Paul

  • Raphy Martinez
    Raphy Martinez Month ago

    Because a Tesla Model 3 is not available in the area the person is making this decision?

  • Audi5Fan
    Audi5Fan Month ago

    Bought one! Super happy

  • pumping iron
    pumping iron Month ago +1

    Mercs fanboy here but if i ever went elsewhere it's got to be audi

  • Greg
    Greg Month ago

    The new OPF filter removed the pops and bangs right, same as Golf R. I hate the EU man.

    • Greg
      Greg Month ago

      @Mr DLN the facelift RS3 had them up until the 2019 model, but now because of WLTP/OPF garbage it doesn't sound as good

    • Mr DLN
      Mr DLN Month ago

      Since the RS3 have 400hp there's no pops&bangs anymore. Only the RS3 with 367hp have them ;)

  • boostenmkiv
    boostenmkiv Month ago

    LOVE my RS3!

  • Maximus Potestas
    Maximus Potestas Month ago

    Got mine!

  • Steve Cloutier
    Steve Cloutier Month ago

    Hey Paul that RS3 is one Hell of a car .I live up in Vancouver British Columbia Canada and those car are very limited in my area. 😎👍

  • stephen moore
    stephen moore Month ago +1

    Carnt afford either but id love an ausi TT S line TFSI

  • Frazza001
    Frazza001 Month ago +1

    The RS3 Needs better seats, its the only thing that lets it down

    • Frazza001
      Frazza001 Month ago +1

      @mohammad ali Thanks for the info and yes i'm fully aware which is exactly my point, if you have spent any time in the NEW RS3 seats you will know that they are aimed more at comfort and less on performance and also the exact same seat in the S3, for a RS model this is a shame. Audi have gone away from the traditional wingback that they used to use on there RS models which were a lot more supportive. I drive a lot of these cars , have and own performances hot hatches which is why i know they should have used a more performance orientated seat for the RS3 or at the very least have it as an option.

    • mohammad ali
      mohammad ali Month ago

      Frazza001 LoL don’t think you know but the seats you see in a bmw m car or a Mercedes Amg bucket wing back seats, AUDI were the first to put them on their cars back in 2004 onwards but Audi they moved on and went to these super sport seats which are very comfortable and bucket type much better than you get in Equivalent Mercedes a class or other cars.... I have and do own quite few hot hatches and performance cars

  • xu yancheng
    xu yancheng Month ago

    They start selling it?

  • Ho Lee Fok
    Ho Lee Fok Month ago

    The RS3 avant is a my fav station wagon beautiful beast

    • Ho Lee Fok
      Ho Lee Fok Month ago

      @Relative Doughnut ooooh is true. the avant is the rs4. my bad thanks :)

    • Enis Sellami
      Enis Sellami Month ago

      Rs3 avant Lmao XD

    • Enis Sellami
      Enis Sellami Month ago

      Rs3 avant Lmao XD

    • Relative Doughnut
      Relative Doughnut Month ago +1

      @Ho Lee Fok The Sportback? That's a hatchback, not an estate.

    • Ho Lee Fok
      Ho Lee Fok Month ago

      @Relative Doughnut only euro spec the avant rs3 :(

  • Amit
    Amit Month ago +6

    Gotta love the RS3. What a car 👌