Gordon Dismayed That Chef Can't Even Cook a Boiled Egg | Hotel Hell

  • Published on Jul 9, 2017
  • Things very nearly get out of hand here..
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  • Mr. Potatoman
    Mr. Potatoman Hour ago +1


  • ЖИДкий Ёж


  • Gamzee
    Gamzee 8 hours ago

    Why do people ask Gordon for help if they are just going to be uncooperative and disrespectful

    EDIT CLIPS 14 hours ago

    When he visits the hotels
    Others watch him
    And when he doesn't like a dish
    Everybody curses the dish too

  • SirCavemaninthewest
    SirCavemaninthewest 18 hours ago

    This is a good example where people bring their problems to work.

  • Katie Gaming
    Katie Gaming 18 hours ago +1

    The ‘chef’: *can’t boil an egg*
    Me: *putting my microwaved food in the microwave* pshh this cooking crap is easy.

  • alex jomain
    alex jomain 23 hours ago

    Me : yeah, what a shame, he can't cook an egg kick his butt Gordon !
    Also me : eating industrial instant noodles

  • Hope Johnson
    Hope Johnson 23 hours ago

    *A little vicious, aren't we?*

  • HttpHive
    HttpHive Day ago

    He wants Gordon Ramsay to die because he can't cook? Lmfao

  • Ashlyn the obsessed

    The fight that happened in the kitchen is exactly like a tv drama or something

  • DaniChani
    DaniChani Day ago

    the moment he cut the egg open i felt so bad for Gordon lol

  • Thor Eide
    Thor Eide Day ago +1

    Why does he start a restaurant when he can't even boil a f**king egg?

  • Let’s build a porn store

    This guy will appear on another show.... mindhunters or unsolved mysteries

  • Queen is Love, Queen is Life.

    "Rog, darling, how exactly do you boil an egg?"
    "I don’t know, I think has something to do with water."

  • Keanna Janae
    Keanna Janae Day ago

    How you mad cause YOU can’t cook 😭😭I’m screaming.

  • Jiggles Wiggles
    Jiggles Wiggles Day ago

    I microwave some pretty mean pizza rolls

  • Purin
    Purin Day ago

    Wow, this guy. Fuck this guy, he doesn't deserve help.

  • Billie Deschamps

    Iam 13 hes over 30.he cant cook and egg.i can cook an egg.lol

  • CHAITU Athukuri
    CHAITU Athukuri 2 days ago +1

    Let's call customer care 📞😆

  • Jecelle Cardenas
    Jecelle Cardenas 2 days ago +1

    The peeps at the resto were laughing while gordon was banging his head 🤣

  • D7MOOONY 69
    D7MOOONY 69 2 days ago

    Why every restaurant workers is good but the chefs suck a$$

  • Isaiah Sparkman
    Isaiah Sparkman 2 days ago

    This guy is a psycho, “those are fighting words in a kitchen full of knives”

  • raID irR
    raID irR 2 days ago +1

    Dude my nephew can cook a perfect boiled egg

  • SpikeTheWolf
    SpikeTheWolf 2 days ago

    A hat in time

  • Ava Le
    Ava Le 3 days ago

    Why do I feel like every single rude manager on the show forgets that Gordon ramsay is a black belt in karate

  • Dot Sy
    Dot Sy 3 days ago +1

    They wanna kill him just bc he said they can't cook lol

  • why is my life a living nightmare

    I thought that egg head chef could make a good egg but no.....

  • teh ck
    teh ck 5 days ago

    Even i know how to cook a egg

  • My Mafia Videos
    My Mafia Videos 5 days ago

    @2:08 Ramzee coming in to ****** a ********* chef who can't even boil a ********* egg

  • Penelope Alker-Jones

    “Fighting words” 🤣

  • Natasja HD
    Natasja HD 6 days ago

    Imagine wishing death upon someone trying to help you...

  • Like Am I joke to you?

    Owner talking like he can kill Gordon in a knife battle i mean have you seen that guy’s show intros? He’d go fucking muda muda on your ass

  • TheRealVirtual93
    TheRealVirtual93 6 days ago

    is it me or the owner looks and talks like a totally psychopathic serial killer? I would not be surprised if one day, we'll discover dead bodies underneath his hotel...

  • Soft_Box
    Soft_Box 6 days ago +4

    The way I COOK eggs is
    put 1 egg in bowl
    Make sure it's cracked
    Make sure egg shell isnt in there
    Add milk
    Mix untill dough color
    Put in microwave for 2 mins
    Let cool then take out and eat with any toppings.

  • Kashyap Bordoloi
    Kashyap Bordoloi 7 days ago

    Lol he can't boil an egg😂

  • Verdades que Matan.
    Verdades que Matan. 7 days ago

    I mean I got no problem with Gordon saying something about the food, but those mother Fuckers in the back saying they dont like the food, the taste and making all those faces, fucking delicate people if you dont like how peple Cook, then eat at home! But thise Fuckers are too lazy to even cook eggs and bacon, IT piss me off that this same foggets eats at macdonalds and they never Bitch about it knowing that macdonalds food isnt good.

  • Mike
    Mike 7 days ago

    Every thing is dry for him

  • Mike
    Mike 7 days ago

    Gordon is the biggest fuck. Asshole

    RANDOM ANTISOCIAL 7 days ago +1

    Fall into deep pit?Dude, Gordon Ramsey is Deep pit

  • Onion Child
    Onion Child 7 days ago

    The guy really thinks he’s all that huh? Am I the only one getting pissed of over this guy acting real immature and talking about
    k i l l i n g Gordon?

  • Mark Cervantes
    Mark Cervantes 8 days ago +4

    Two main problems of these restaurants:
    Chef Mike
    Frozen Food

  • aCtuAlly, tHatS WrOnG

    ok what, I’m 12 and I’m sure I could do better to some degree, considering that I can actually make a soft boiled egg

  • Lailah Browne
    Lailah Browne 8 days ago +1


  • It’s not Allowed
    It’s not Allowed 9 days ago

    2:28 😐

  • Deearna williams
    Deearna williams 9 days ago +1

    I can boil an egg and cook 4.5 star food im 10 years old

    • Deearna williams
      Deearna williams 7 days ago

      @Justin Moore lol nope but youre funny

    • Justin Moore
      Justin Moore 7 days ago

      Deearna williams Oh yeah well I’m 18 and can make an awesome fried bologna sandwich. Have you been training under Gordon your whole life?

  • Tan Grace Lin
    Tan Grace Lin 9 days ago

    Chef: can’t boil an egg
    Me,an intellectual: has learned how to cook since the age of 4

  • askeet ann
    askeet ann 9 days ago

    when i was younger me and my siblings use to act like we were running a restaurant and we would try to cook things, this reminds me of that 😬

    MAKEOUTHILL 9 days ago

    Gordan sounds like beerus and KSI combined and some British guy

  • Allison Gao
    Allison Gao 9 days ago

    Bruh if u want him to die in a pit why dont u go die in the pit cook I am literally 10 and could boil a stupid egg by myself so shut up if u can't even do that he is a stupid ass bitch cook

  • xxGacha Stitchxx :3
    xxGacha Stitchxx :3 10 days ago

    *after watching.....*

  • Vaira Perumal
    Vaira Perumal 11 days ago

    He feels that he is the only one chef in the world who is perfect

  • Pink Diamonds
    Pink Diamonds 11 days ago


  • Bruh
    Bruh 11 days ago

    Lol that guy is psycho

  • XxToxifiedxX
    XxToxifiedxX 11 days ago +1

    That guy sounds like a serial killer

  • Vasilis Sigalas
    Vasilis Sigalas 12 days ago

    Gordon: *Served water*
    Also Gordon: It'S dRy

  • SlighT-in-tha-MinD
    SlighT-in-tha-MinD 13 days ago

    Bro im so frustrated about how bad he fucked the egg up 💀

  • Dr. Ajai Kumar Tiwari
    Dr. Ajai Kumar Tiwari 13 days ago +1

    No animal was harmed in the making of this video.

  • sh00tme
    sh00tme 13 days ago

    He can’t cook an egg yet is a Chef
    My 9 year old Sister can cook an egg. Fight her.

  • V_RaW
    V_RaW 13 days ago

    Good screenplay..Gorden is also an director..

  • Jen
    Jen 13 days ago

    Ok. He seems like a wife beater. Like he’d swing around with the back of his hand, what did you just say to me?!