A gadget maker’s worst nightmare...

  • Published on Apr 2, 2019
  • Creating a physical product is difficult, even without the added risk of someone stealing your idea. In this first episode of In the Making, Ashley Carman chats with creators about how they dealt with people ripping off their ideas and manufacturing knock-offs. We unpack the challenges they face and how they overcome them.
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Comments • 1 488

  • The Verge
    The Verge  2 months ago +761

    Have you ever bought a knockoff?

    • Apple Exposed
      Apple Exposed 23 hours ago

      Had an android once. Knockoff iPhone.

    • karthikeyan M.V
      karthikeyan M.V 2 days ago

      Mi A1 copycat of iPhone 7

    • Gunnar An
      Gunnar An 21 day ago

      I definitely have. But in many instances, it was unintentional as I was following sales or need for function/form factor.

    • ThisPersonShow
      ThisPersonShow 25 days ago


  • João Pedro Abreu
    João Pedro Abreu 6 hours ago

    isn't this what patents serv for?

  • Levi Hanson
    Levi Hanson 11 hours ago

    I invented the Brita FilterStraw...no joke

  • Cameron tech account
    Cameron tech account 12 hours ago

    This is called a competitive market and should be encouraged. If someone can make your product cheaper or more desirable then they should be allowed to, because if they aren’t able to then it’s a monopoly. This is the stupidest video I’ve ever watched. Yeah it’s sad your idea got copied but it’s your fault if you couldn’t make your product more desirable than the other company’s. Stop crying over something you did to yourself.

  • Evan Playz
    Evan Playz 14 hours ago

    A knockoff is a worse version of a product

  • Jonathan F
    Jonathan F Day ago

    People complain about the price of Lumio, but you're not the demographic his company is targeting. That's why he doesn't really pursue legal damages for cheap knockoffs because they're not really damaging his market.

  • Sourabh
    Sourabh Day ago

    Patents are useless in modern world.

  • dhwang101
    dhwang101 Day ago

    I would call it Nimrod, not Pressy

  • dhwang101
    dhwang101 Day ago

    Why didn't he patent in China?

  • HelloHa
    HelloHa Day ago

    One huge factor that somehow got completely ignored is where do you manufacture? If you choose to do it in china the factories your hire to make your beautiful design will just continue production as soon as you are out of the door. It is part of their culture, they don't have the same ethics. So some major advice. Do it LOCALLY!

  • Aswin -
    Aswin - 2 days ago +1

    doesn't the name lumio seems to be a copycat of nokia's lumia?

  • Rob White
    Rob White 6 days ago

    Pretty much sums up what every social media platform is

  • kvisualtree
    kvisualtree 6 days ago

    This is sad. This is quite similar to when one writes something and copycats copy the content shamelessly.

  • Seif Eddine B
    Seif Eddine B 7 days ago

    Good episode, only the make-up made her look like a clown

  • Adlai Newson
    Adlai Newson 9 days ago

    no wonder the Lumio guy didn't care.. he's selling his for 200$, and the knockoffs are 12$ - totally different markets

  • pingu5746
    pingu5746 13 days ago

    I backed Pressy back then. It didn't teally work when it finally shipped.

  • Alexandra Kershner
    Alexandra Kershner 14 days ago

    When you have to pay $200 to buy a book light...yeah that knock-off doesn't look so bad.

  • DerParadonym
    DerParadonym 15 days ago

    I actively search for knockoffs of kickstarter products. Because they're faster in shipping and kickstarter is mostly likely to fail.
    First I have the kickstarter guy having problems to find manufacturers for that unexpected large quantities and then I have the AliExpress shop which is already selling this product for a price I expected the hardware to cost.

  • Carlos Ramon
    Carlos Ramon 15 days ago

    Need me some DND Boogie Dice

  • Prasenjeet Biswas
    Prasenjeet Biswas 15 days ago

    So is the last encouraging me to copy others instead of creating my own. Which side should I choose to get rich (ethical or not I don't mind if the law doesn't)

  • marwinout
    marwinout 16 days ago +2

    China will steal everything and anything they can get their hands on like philippine territories

  • david yu
    david yu 18 days ago

    I bought TWO lumio, and they both broke and no matter how many times I reach out the the service team, they never help me restore my purchase. I even ask for a way to repair them myself, I got ignored. So instead I went on Amazon and bought the cheaper one, use them every weekend, camping for 2 years. still working.

  • Matt Armstrong
    Matt Armstrong 20 days ago

    More of this sort of content please. Something a bit different and very interesting. Well done Verge.

  • Udah Vektorin Aja
    Udah Vektorin Aja 20 days ago

    3:04 and everyone said, Xiaomi is an innovative company.. wtf...

  • Kenny Baldoz
    Kenny Baldoz 23 days ago +1

    This is what trump are making noise for. Thieves lurking somewhere in the other side of the world(you know where it is) waiting for new ideas and inventions.

  • honestguy77 !
    honestguy77 ! 24 days ago

    Dont make your products in China

  • CheesecakeLasagna
    CheesecakeLasagna 25 days ago +4

    I remember Lumio in Shark Tank.

  • Franklin Romero
    Franklin Romero 29 days ago +2

    China, China, China... Donald was right about that👍

  • Casiorollo
    Casiorollo Month ago

    That’s also why you put a secret code or mark in your product. Older video games did this well.

  • Casiorollo
    Casiorollo Month ago

    I remember this book. I wanted it, but I found so many knock-offs

  • Emilio Fahr
    Emilio Fahr Month ago

    Our government makes damn sure you don't make a Mickey Mouse cartoon but let's China completely screw independent creators and inventors.

  • Silent Song
    Silent Song Month ago

    Honestly I think the most prominent example of this is the Fidget Cube

  • jose de alva
    jose de alva Month ago

    dont walk and talk you sound agitated

  • Jhan Lourd
    Jhan Lourd Month ago

    max is highkey hot 🤔

  • Jason Lee
    Jason Lee Month ago

    Rip headphone jack

  • Aetohatir
    Aetohatir Month ago +5

    That Lumio dude has charm maxed out.

  • Abdulaziz Kalbi
    Abdulaziz Kalbi Month ago

    10:46. That phone almost got knocked off his hand.

  • Yang Cao
    Yang Cao Month ago

    The price cut is also a kind of innovation to consumers...Most of these sad stories were due to unreasonable over-price to their competitors.

  • Sflot
    Sflot Month ago

    It's not a surprise at all that Pressy was copied. The way it was copied (Xiaomi taking over the production line) is pretty brutal I must admit, but a 3.5mm audio jack with a button is about the easiest thing for a Chinaman to copy after cheap kitchen gadgets. It's was bound to happen and destroy his business one way or the other.

  • ccggenius12
    ccggenius12 Month ago

    Apple is fighting knockoffs of the first product by completely invalidating it.

  • Jay is Jay
    Jay is Jay Month ago

    I would like to see a video on clever ways in which inventors thwarted copy cats.

  • Rui Ni
    Rui Ni Month ago +4

    Phone: I'm out here!
    The man: No you don't go anywhere.

  • Raknas Kihtrak
    Raknas Kihtrak Month ago

    pressy concept existed during symbian / Nokia days ...... and Lumio is not that unique an Idea .....it was more of a good execution of a good idea. ........

  • Woldin Ini
    Woldin Ini Month ago

    I feel so mad for what has happened to Pressy.

  • choboutube
    choboutube Month ago

    My wife got the Lumio from kickstarter. Our toddler likes it for bedtime reading.

  • Humboldt Oregonian
    Humboldt Oregonian Month ago

    Reinforcing the ideology that its okay for Chines companies to infringe on American patents wile the American government does noting, is wrong. The production quality of this video is good; however, I just don't agree with the underlying message. If the 90s children weren't so easily manipulated and polarized by social media, I'm quite sure that the underlying message would align it's self as such.

  • R W
    R W Month ago +2

    Copy cats are number 1 reason don't release new product quickly. Markets miss out on better products if innovation is not rewarded.

  • Respawn Entertainment

    I don’t know why, but I’m thinking about what a actual iPhone running android would be like.

  • David Handley
    David Handley Month ago

    China will destroy the world in one form or another. They have no morals and are a nation of parasites.

  • Karl Rock
    Karl Rock Month ago

    I really enjoyed this and the other 2 episodes. Hearing about such experiences is really valuable. Thanks

  • FlyFish _freal
    FlyFish _freal Month ago

    Well the pressy was already doomed

  • opl500
    opl500 Month ago

    Not just gadgets. Auto parts too. And they waste everyone's time when they break because they're so flimsy.

  • Shane
    Shane Month ago

    Looking forward to the rest of these series. I love the attitude of the smart inventors in this episode.

  • Ghossler
    Ghossler Month ago

    Government should put more money, time and resources to protect these new creative ideas and new companies against copycats and rip offs.

  • Michael Hartleroad
    Michael Hartleroad Month ago

    Google and Amazon are American companies. If our government isn’t willing to create and enforce better intellectual property laws then American retailers should be doing their part!

  • redseasplitter
    redseasplitter Month ago

    We gotta start fighting with our own knockoffs fight fire with fire 😑😑😑

  • redseasplitter
    redseasplitter Month ago

    Micro USB? You deserve to be knocked off.

  • Joris S.
    Joris S. Month ago

    Ok but why is she wearing safety goggles the entire time

  • hbarudi
    hbarudi Month ago

    Small simple to make products, but the person who first thought of the product still needs to get his idea marketable and get paid. But when it comes to old gaming technologies, why have we not yet seen fully capable replicas of something like the gamecube, ps2, and that they are built portable with battery and lcd display included?

  • Sabyasachi Patnaik
    Sabyasachi Patnaik Month ago

    China copies everything.. even their own.. DJi mavic has knockoff dronx for

  • David Willems
    David Willems Month ago

    I bought one of these Pressy buttons and it sucked.

  • Asi-oqua Bassey
    Asi-oqua Bassey Month ago

    This is so unfair.

  • Barrrrrt
    Barrrrrt Month ago

    As a product designer I wanna say: This is a really great video. Thank you.

  • red squirrel
    red squirrel Month ago

    He still got 700k of strangers money to start a company straight out of collage so while China stealing everyone else's ideas isn't good for encouraging R&D investment it's hard to feel too bad for him and is good for keeping prices down although worrying if it extends to military tech or even tech that needs more dedicated RAD investment to develop like aviation or computer chips?

  • Rolf W
    Rolf W Month ago

    I have a lot of sympathy for the original designers. In this situation, you gotta wonder where is the US govt in just allowing this knock-off stuff to be imported? It could stop right there.

  • Will Cat
    Will Cat Month ago

    🙄 Everything China produces is just a knock off man. Its disgraceful and disgusting

  • Niamh C
    Niamh C Month ago

    Wtf is the point of pressy

  • Aidan Langford
    Aidan Langford Month ago

    Poor pressi, no one has headphone jacks now. 😂😂😂

  • Consig1iere
    Consig1iere Month ago

    Sometimes the originals are way overpriced. Yes they are original but that does not mean you ask a super high price. For example, the Lumio light is $220 after customization, why on earth is a fancy LED light $220? With my 3d printer I can easily make that stuff at home for $20 max. If I buy a knock off it is 1/5 max of the original Lumio lamp.

  • Zig Bingham
    Zig Bingham Month ago

    The lumio itself is a knock-off of book lamps that were a minor fad in the early noughties. Though they actually used real books.

  • Ikki Arkez
    Ikki Arkez Month ago +1

    Oh China! You King of knockoffs you..with your plastic rice and eggs..

  • Charan Teja
    Charan Teja Month ago +1

    It's really sad because it costs not just money, knocks costs our talent.
    With just a simple math like
    School fee + College fees + idea+ years of research + time and risks faced to bring it to market = product, and knock offs just rips it apart.

    • kostas T.S.S
      kostas T.S.S Month ago +1

      That's the way world is going and it will be worse if China doesn't change or win.
      We need global laws !

  • sikhswim
    sikhswim Month ago

    It’s like patents are meaningless

  • TP014563
    TP014563 Month ago

    There are number of factors. But most contributing one is mass production and the availability of factories to help you with faborication without selling your designs to someone one else during development. There are in US and EU, but very expensive. In China, they knock of a human being for less than $10 if they want to, and that is something very hard to keep up with.

  • hiccup22
    hiccup22 Month ago

    Love your videos Ashley!

  • Stuey Griffith
    Stuey Griffith Month ago +4

    ironic.... I just finished playing a game on my SOMY PLAYSTASHUN before watching this! 😯

  • Erick Maynard
    Erick Maynard Month ago

    Entrepreneur: I have this idea, it won't be that difficult to make, a lot of people will be interested, and we will make tons of money!!!
    Everyone: Yeah.... no.
    If it's easy to make, and anyone can do it, it's not a good business model.

  • Nick C
    Nick C Month ago

    1:25 Had to go turn captions on to realize he didn’t say “tug on my fleshlight”

  • Vlad Dracula
    Vlad Dracula Month ago

    How do you tell it’s a knock off or real is the real question

  • Kenayn Amaro
    Kenayn Amaro Month ago +7

    Creator: this is a great idea
    China: let me see it

  • Megaman The Second
    Megaman The Second Month ago

    he sells it in specific curated retail stores... ok i felt bad for him but he shot himself in the face with that move supply and demand if you cant supply the demand others will

    BYRON Month ago

    A way to protect your idea from a copycat is building a strong brand behind it and price it humbly on the market. For example making your product ecologic and dotane a % of the income to a ong might drive a potential customer to choose your product

  • krayzai
    krayzai Month ago

    8:32 I don't understand the lack of consideration white people have in putting their feet up on furniture when visiting other people's homes. Transferring all the unsanitary conditions from their homes and shoes into those of others.

    FUTURE Month ago

    Thats just sad.

  • _ NIK
    _ NIK Month ago

    just making your project copyrighted can save all of this, Right ?

  • Johnny Schmegma
    Johnny Schmegma Month ago +1

    Oh boo hoo you were "copied", so what? It's called competition. Copying is the mechanism by which culture and technology emerge. IP laws are a huge problem, they artificially create scarcity just so non-excludable goods can fit within the framework of capitalism. If cheap labor is too hard to compete with, put up teriffs (like we did)

    • jmarks881
      jmarks881 Month ago +1

      Being a thief is still being a thief no matter how hard to are working at stealing someone else dream because you are unable to imagin anything on your own

  • Pedro Marinho
    Pedro Marinho Month ago

    7:52 take your feet out of the dude's sofa!

  • Curtis Das
    Curtis Das Month ago

    Im pretty sure it wasnt knockoffs to kill pressy, but apple lmao

  • damsel oliver
    damsel oliver Month ago +3

    But USA s patent troll, they never let their patents to expire with evergreening as if 20 years is not enough and kill the spirit of capitalism,

  • L
    L Month ago

    Survival of the fittest. Free market, literally FREE!!! market economy going on here. Keeps prices very very very low for consumers, but as we see not easy on the original engineers.

  • 11I1I11I
    11I1I11I Month ago

    I bought a knockoff Fleshlight, counterfeit box, papers, everything. Silicone is silicone, right? Wrong, it is terrible. Not bumpy/textured, easily rips, etc.

  • grogtgs
    grogtgs Month ago

    Lumio knockoff are all over ebay. the titles even say 'lumio' in them

  • GreenGestalt
    GreenGestalt Month ago

    The big dogs get us to pay for thier losses via tax breaks and subsides. But having things made in China opens up to theft impossible in the west.

  • Michael Taylor
    Michael Taylor Month ago +4

    Everything being made in China is being sold under another name by someone else. Built in the same factory by the same people on the same machines.

  • Scooby
    Scooby Month ago

    The movie "JOY" with Jennifer Lawrence has a knockoff theme to it.

  • Shaun Micic
    Shaun Micic Month ago

    serves them right for outsourcing their production. try to be cheap on wages and this is what you get.

  • Mimz Merlick
    Mimz Merlick Month ago


  • Alexander Martin
    Alexander Martin Month ago

    Where can I get that book light that makes the noise?

  • The Turcan's tribe
    The Turcan's tribe Month ago

    Ant took your production to china😂😂😂😂😂😂😂

  • ca5ualm3dia
    ca5ualm3dia Month ago

    is it a knock off if it out sells the original , we have a right to choose , once you let an idea go its not yours anymore , people have been mental damaged by the corporate structure they where born into , free your mind from greed and you wont have any issues , there saved you 10 minutes of stupid you tube video !!