MY TOP 50 OF 2018

  • Published on Jan 17, 2019
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    2018 is over! Let’s talk about it for ten minutes and then never talk about it again!
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    Patrick Willems
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  • Alex Cortez
    Alex Cortez 22 days ago

    Great videos man. I love that you don't follow a formula, it's probably my favorite thing about your channel. Keep the good work.

  • The moopies
    The moopies Month ago

    At first I hade no idea what you were talking about, then I thought “oh this guy is american”... yea you guys are in deep shit.

  • Samuel Raji
    Samuel Raji 2 months ago

    How good actually is Miracle Man?

    Darkseid Is .......

  • T Melloon
    T Melloon 2 months ago

    That personal goals list though. If anyone was going to take over the world, why not you?

  • Sol Morningstar
    Sol Morningstar 2 months ago

    Dawg! We're shingles brothers =.= I also had it, travel a long not one but TWO fucking nerve paths, except mine was on my back just below my right shoulder-blade -.- I was 25 at the time. >.>

  • Wilhelm II, German Emperor

    Well...what you didn’t do was buy a real tree.

  • 187 ummm
    187 ummm 3 months ago

    What's his other channel....

  • moondog548
    moondog548 3 months ago

    I would pay to watch you and moviebob sit down and have a conversation about the Mission: Impossible movies.

  • THK
    THK 3 months ago

    you know Patrick I'm not angry because you put a picture of your shingles on the video. I'm angry because of 5:06

  • THK
    THK 3 months ago +1

    1:40 Vsauce! Patrick here

  • Nick DiBernardino
    Nick DiBernardino 3 months ago

    Glad to hear you liked AWK's new album. What are some of your favorites off of it? I absolutely adore Music is worth Living For, Ever Again, and Total Freedom

  • Ron Burgundy
    Ron Burgundy 3 months ago

    I missed the twitter poll, cuz I'm not on twitter ... but if I may chime in, I need some more Blue Flame Special in my life.

    I'm a sucker for the nuts and bolts of filmmaking (well, of all things really) and BFS did a great job of illustrating those.

  • A Kind Hobo
    A Kind Hobo 3 months ago

    Everyone should get off twitter

  • Lou Bloom
    Lou Bloom 3 months ago

    Succession is the best TV of 2018

  • Tiempo Negro
    Tiempo Negro 3 months ago

    Vsauce, Patrick here

  • Suraj Berry
    Suraj Berry 3 months ago


  • ghostmemeboi
    ghostmemeboi 3 months ago


  • Guille DA
    Guille DA 3 months ago

    Which is the song at the beginning?? PLEASE

  • Azzam Abdur-Rahman
    Azzam Abdur-Rahman 3 months ago

    I never comment on TheXvid videos but I LOVED seeing Blank Check mentioned and I LOVED even more that you shouted out Billy Lynn’s Long Half Time wall episode! That letter but was dope!

  • jblue1622
    jblue1622 4 months ago

    Just got pinkeye...

    • jblue1622
      jblue1622 4 months ago

      “Why am I telling you this?” - Patrick (H) Willems

    • jblue1622
      jblue1622 4 months ago

      For 2 weeks...

  • Betty Alonso
    Betty Alonso 4 months ago

    You have hands down the best TheXvid channel and content

  • 95InTheShade
    95InTheShade 4 months ago

    Here are my top 21 favorite movies of 2018 (out of the 21 that I saw lol)
    21) Leave No Trace
    20) The Old Man and the Gun
    19) Pacific Rip: Uprising
    18) First Reformed
    17) Jurassic World: Fallen Kingdom
    16) Deadpool 2
    15) Heats Beat Loud
    14) Ant-Man and the Wasp
    13) Fantastic Beasts: The Crimes of Grindlewald
    12) Aquaman
    11) A Star is Born
    10) Sorry to Bother You
    9) Incredibles 2
    8) Black Panther
    7) Won't you be my neighbor?
    6) Solo: A Star Wars Story
    5) Isle of Dogs
    4) Annihilation
    3) Eighth Grade
    2) Hereditary
    1) Avengers: Infinity War

  • Jennifer Meyer
    Jennifer Meyer 4 months ago

    Got shingles at age 45. Went to my Dr and said "I think I have shingles" He said "Oh no, you're too young to get.... oh hey, you have shingles". Its awful. God bless ya man.

  • Tristan Williford
    Tristan Williford 4 months ago

    As someone you got shingles a few years back, your statements on remembering life is better now no matter what's on the news speaks to me. I'm glad you're in a better place. You're doing great work. Can't wait to see more.

  • iremember kaskade
    iremember kaskade 4 months ago

    hmm the fuck i watch this in 2019

  • Literosexual
    Literosexual 4 months ago

    I actually watched Paddington because of this channel and i just adore them!

  • Derrick Lugo
    Derrick Lugo 4 months ago

    Pat, I love your videos, I love this list. Keep it up

  • TheHillDragon
    TheHillDragon 4 months ago

    oof, Shingles are the worst.
    When I get stressed I can feel that spot on my back where my shingles were. it makes it a little bit worse.

  • T Wolfe
    T Wolfe 4 months ago

    I skipped this video the first time I saw it thinking it was just a top 50 video list, this isn’t just a top X list video :)

  • Revolver Ocelot1988
    Revolver Ocelot1988 4 months ago

    My favorite movie of 2018: Commando Ninja.

  • There are four lights
    There are four lights 4 months ago

    We're all loving the new Robyn album, aren't we

  • The Rocker X
    The Rocker X 4 months ago +1

    You should add anime to your interests in 2019. You seem like the nerdy type that would love it

  • Mike Bolan
    Mike Bolan 4 months ago

    Talkin the Walk and Staind Glass 2 BABY! Just started listening to We Heart Hartnett loving it so far!

  • oh yeah yeah
    oh yeah yeah 4 months ago

    The Mission Impossible videos are my favorites. I like seeing you give lots of love and genuine insight to movies that are typically seen as surface level entertainment.

  • Matthew Farren
    Matthew Farren 4 months ago

    OMG we both got shingles together as a result of work stress at the same time! :D

  • CoolKwaz
    CoolKwaz 4 months ago

    What would improve your mood even more is switching to dark mode on Twitter

  • James Wilson
    James Wilson 4 months ago +4

    Patrick, have you seen King Arthur: Legend of the Sword? Can you do a video about it? Feel like its underrated and would like to know if you agree or disagree.

  • Soleftimright
    Soleftimright 4 months ago

    I like you because we don't always agree, but I still understand why we don't and can respect the differences. Cheers, and my best wishes however self-serving those might be on the videos for this year.

  • Rudie Obias
    Rudie Obias 4 months ago

    Hey! I had shingles at the beginning of 2017, a very, very low point in my life in NYC.


    Thanks for mentioning Buster Scruggs. And good luck taking over the world!

  • KefaTV
    KefaTV 4 months ago

    Which song is it in the very beginning?

  • Jonathan Tefft
    Jonathan Tefft 4 months ago

    Patrick, in regards to your list of stuff you missed in 2018 you need to put Blindspotting at the very top because it's great.
    Now here's my top 50 movies of 2018.
    1-The Favourite. A+
    2-Creed II. A+
    3-Paddington 2. A+
    4-The Death of Stalin. A+
    5-American Animals. A
    6-First Man. A
    7-Spider-Man: Into The Spider-Verse. A
    8-Annihilation. A
    9-Bohemian Rhapsody. A
    10-You Were Never Really Here. A
    11-If Beale Street Could Talk. A
    12-The Vanishing of Sydney Hall. A
    13-The Sisters Brothers. A
    14-Searching. A
    15-Won't You Be My Neighbor. A
    16-Mid90s. A-
    17-Please Stand By. A-
    18-Blindspotting. A-
    19-Green Book. A-
    20-The Endless. A-
    21-Mission Impossible: - Fallout. A-
    22-A Star Is Born. A-
    23-Avengers: Infinity War. A-
    24-Aquaman. A-
    25-Black Panther. A-
    26-Hereditary. A-
    27-Leave No Trace. A-
    28-The Last Movie Star. A-
    29-Incredibles 2. B+
    30-Christopher Robin. B+
    31-The Old Man & the Gun. B+
    32-Papillon. B+
    33-Isle Of Dogs. B+
    34-Paul: Apostle of Christ. B+
    35-Tag. B+
    36-Unsane. B+
    37-A Quiet Place. B+
    38-Game Night. B+
    39-Overlord. B+
    40-A Simple Favor. B+
    41-Journey's End. B+
    42-Borg vs McEnroe. B+
    43-Bumblebee. B
    44-The Catcher Was A Spy. B
    45-Hearts Beat Loud. B
    46-Upgrade. B
    47-Crazy Rich Asians. B
    48-Juliet Naked. B
    49-Deadpool 2. B
    50-Anna And The Apocalypse. B

  • bart tehe
    bart tehe 4 months ago

    fuck shingles. hurts like fucking hell.

  • Meshugganaut
    Meshugganaut 4 months ago +1

    Jesus christ what a waste of time.... A few seconds on the top 50 of 2018 and the rest on your life and advertisments that nobody wanted to know about!

  • Ubersnuber
    Ubersnuber 4 months ago

    Starts at 4:20
    Yes, really!
    Vlog with the end part actually having the content promised.

  • Gilbert Moore
    Gilbert Moore 5 months ago


  • AquaArtistCat
    AquaArtistCat 5 months ago

    I started watching your channel this past year, and I have to say that you have enlightened me in many ways. I never even thought about watching the Mission: Impossible movies until I saw your video on it, and a month later, I was begging my dad to bring me to watch Fallout, and losing my shit in the theater as Tom Cruise ran. I also recently watched Paddington 2 with my grandmother, a huge fan of Paddington, and it was the most delightful viewing experience. Thank you for all of the wonderful videos this past year!
    Also, thanks for recognizing the genius that is Tom Hardy's performance in Venom.

  • Guilherme Bosco
    Guilherme Bosco 5 months ago

    I'm really curious now,
    Is that Sean Gordon Murphy's Back to the Future drawing original? like, was that a comission?

    Great video btw

  • Duran Barnett
    Duran Barnett 5 months ago

    Switch your Twitter to dark mode you monster!

  • Steven W Howard
    Steven W Howard 5 months ago

    Quality over quantity. That's why I love your channel and reviews. Keep it up. I look forward to your future vids. From one Mission Impossible fan to another, have you seen the OG TV series? If so, thoughts?

  • MXM194
    MXM194 5 months ago

    Also also, I will now subscribe not JUST to infinity podcast but also to i heart hartnett. I know you don’t read the comments section so ha ha I can post three positive comments in a row without repercussion!

  • MXM194
    MXM194 5 months ago

    Also, I ADORE that little hand clap you do from hand to hand with that flourish at the end. Amazing.

  • MXM194
    MXM194 5 months ago

    You are an inspiration. I am tired of being JUST angry and am weary of not being a happy and joyful being. I’m going to re-start school in March, to get a degree in film, theater, and media criticism. This is #notanews and I love that I know what that means. All the success and wishes to you and yours.
    -always, some random fan trying real hard to be the Shepard

  • rowdful
    rowdful 5 months ago

    end each video with a celebratory cake!!!!!!!!!

  • Gabrielle de Bourg
    Gabrielle de Bourg 5 months ago

    It has been a joy to follow you throughout the year. I've shared a great deal of your videos and in one I called you the "anti-angry critic" TheXvidr. Your essays and videos are often filled with so much insight, depth and often valid critique, but most importantly they are filled with love and passion. You love movies (and media) and in everything you do, it just shines light a light through the screen. When you do criticize it is always valid, thoughtful and often emotional: often one can hear on your voice that you dislike it because you wished that the filmmakers had done better.
    Because while the world is often a dark and often a scary place, in the middle of all of is Patrick Willems, who's love and passion for movies, filmmaking and stories knows no bounds. And that love makes this world, at least for me, a tid bit brighter.

  • cientochentasur
    cientochentasur 5 months ago

    Try not having an intern though because that makes you a shitty human being.... unless it was a paid internship. If it wasn't you're a slave driving piece of shit.

  • Jasper F
    Jasper F 5 months ago +1

    Bbbbut Paddington 2 came out in 2017

  • Christian Paystrup
    Christian Paystrup 5 months ago

    The Meg is a B-Movie masterpiece.

  • Jake Lewis
    Jake Lewis 5 months ago

    Top things of 2019, Pat's beard. It's a nice beard, and I'm jealous

  • Alex Matthews
    Alex Matthews 5 months ago

    Looking forward to the celebratory cakes

  • The Big LeBoschski
    The Big LeBoschski 5 months ago

    My Heroes Have Always Been Junkies and Aquaman love.
    Truly, My Man.

  • MariaVosa
    MariaVosa 5 months ago +2

    Patrick: I'm going to change up the formula of my videos
    Me: Oh no, what if his parents...
    Patrick: My parents will still appear in my videos
    Me: 2019 IS SAVED!

  • spacecowboy
    spacecowboy 5 months ago


  • Lugi Daxdorf
    Lugi Daxdorf 5 months ago

    Dear mr. willems, thank you so much for your work and your channel. i find it truly inspiring! Thank you even more for sharing such intimate things with me and everbody who watches this.... i goes to show that people on youtube who often appear to me larger than life or just perfect like you, have their own package that they have to carry, just like me or anybody else. THANKS a whole lot! i think you make the world a better place with your openess ... and iam looking forward to enjoy more of your content. All the best!

  • Fer Dumas
    Fer Dumas 5 months ago

    I'm glad your parents are going to come back

  • Josh hopkins
    Josh hopkins 5 months ago

    Grant's best performance is A Very English Scandal

  • Benjamin Xue
    Benjamin Xue 5 months ago

    you got me with Robyn!

  • jonny pepperston
    jonny pepperston 5 months ago

    Really!? The news is always bad no matter what year it is and most of it is bullshit 🤣

  • Bartłomiej Guza
    Bartłomiej Guza 5 months ago

    You should definitly check out Cold War! I can't recommend it enough.

  • Sam Hendriks
    Sam Hendriks 5 months ago +2

    Your top 50 literally took up as much time as your skillshare branding.... Around a minute in a ten minute video, come on man you’re better than this

  • Elizabeth
    Elizabeth 5 months ago

    I just recently discovered the Defunctland channel and binged almost everything there. It was a pleasant surprise to hear you call them out!

  • DebbyAbqNM
    DebbyAbqNM 5 months ago

    0:25 who cleaned up all those strips of paper? Starting 2019 trashing a park isn't good... the artificial Christmas tree is okay though.

  • xXMinniNinJaXx
    xXMinniNinJaXx 5 months ago

    I Heckin' love Paddington 2

  • Pat G.
    Pat G. 5 months ago

    Is that a Sean Gordon Murphy Back to the Future art piece I see behind his Christmas Tree?

  • Nirlash Karki
    Nirlash Karki 5 months ago

    It started with Robyn, so I shall stay

  • eric brown
    eric brown 5 months ago

    Are you going to address Mauler? He took you to task

  • Martin Kronström
    Martin Kronström 5 months ago

    First time saying: "Can't wait to see your parents".

  • Thibaut Claudel
    Thibaut Claudel 5 months ago

    Dat original Sean Murphy's original art tho :]

  • HippoandBear Makes
    HippoandBear Makes 5 months ago

    I have to agree! Your 2018 was great! I look forward to every video! Can’t wait for more

  • CultClassic/ DeadInside

    my mom and I went to go see Paddington 2 like the adults we are xD we loved it 💕

  • moviesforme
    moviesforme 5 months ago

    A lot of us were so enamoured with Paddington 2 in 2017 as well, because that's when it came out in its home country!

    SPACEBALLS 5 months ago


  • Andrew
    Andrew 5 months ago

    Hey Patrick! But what about CLIMAX?!

  • The Movie Buffs
    The Movie Buffs 5 months ago

    When are we getting a feature film from you? That’s what we truly need in 2019.

  • Dylan Slye
    Dylan Slye 5 months ago +4

    Patrick, we love you.

    And we love that you love Mister Miracle.

  • CalvinTenembaum
    CalvinTenembaum 5 months ago

    YAS PRIVATE LIFE! Still hoping that it gets some Oscar love

  • Jayse Mitchell's
    Jayse Mitchell's 5 months ago

    Thanks for the Better Call Saul shoutout

  • Yono khanman
    Yono khanman 5 months ago

    7:50 Sounds great!

  • Connell Wood
    Connell Wood 5 months ago

    The stained glass 2 episode was phenomenal. Great ep.

  • phunkym8
    phunkym8 5 months ago

    i like those table talks with your parents where you convince them of horrible movies

  • Evan Schooling
    Evan Schooling 5 months ago

    Your videos are quickly becoming the highlight of roughly every 2 weeks to month.

  • The Dude
    The Dude 5 months ago

    woo the parents

  • Naram-Sin of Akkad
    Naram-Sin of Akkad 5 months ago

    Unsane was so good!

  • Agustín Prieto
    Agustín Prieto 5 months ago

    If the Star Wars ends like that I'm going to shoot the messenger like in old times. So watch out Patrick.
    JK... I really doubt they'll ever introduce time travel to SW, this isn't freaking Star Trek

  • marinara bandit
    marinara bandit 5 months ago

    Please tell me you are gonna make some type of video about the mission impossible 7 and 8 news cause youre hype for it in this video was so genuine and I wanna hear more from you about it

  • Bongwater Bojack
    Bongwater Bojack 5 months ago +1


  • Joseph Martinez
    Joseph Martinez 5 months ago

    Bro you're going to love Haunting of Hill House. Can't wait for a video essay on it.

  • I. Zimulation
    I. Zimulation 5 months ago

    Usually, artists talking about their process and the nuances of the industry they're steeped in is boring. That's not the case for TheXvid, at least for me. More talk about your experience as a TheXvidr would always get me excited.

  • Monica Estrada
    Monica Estrada 5 months ago

    I had them in 2015 too, it was horrifying!

  • Matteo Ferrando
    Matteo Ferrando 5 months ago

    Does this list exist in letterboxd?