Blind Slushie Taste Test


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  • Owen Mallett
    Owen Mallett Day ago

    It's what JD would've wanted.

  • Alex Madden
    Alex Madden 2 days ago

    It gets even better when you realize cotton candy randy is on roller skates

  • VickiDaGurk [Purple-Guy's-Admirer]

    Link:*tries smoothie and immediately gags and spits it out onto the tray still while gagging*
    Link:*momentarily stops gagging* "oh sorry, I'll cover this up"
    Link:*immediately starts gagging again*

    Wow. He is so polite.

  • laree82
    laree82 4 days ago

    Cotton Candy Randy = Bob Fossil

  • Iloveyoudee
    Iloveyoudee 5 days ago

    1:03 I have! My brother threw pickle juice on me, just before I was supposed to go to the movies.😟😖😂😂

  • Rose Ramos
    Rose Ramos 5 days ago

    always a thumbs up for cotton candy randy

  • Anonymous Mouse
    Anonymous Mouse 5 days ago

    Rhett: looks slightly offscreen “uh oh”

  • Anas Hart
    Anas Hart 8 days ago

    Aint pickle juice just vinegar? So... vinegar slush?

  • Shelly K
    Shelly K 10 days ago

    i really though tthe title said "blind sushi"

  • Big dig 33
    Big dig 33 10 days ago

    That chick on skates was really cute

  • Dominick Lang
    Dominick Lang 11 days ago

    I eat 10 jars of pickles every single day

  • Choukobo -
    Choukobo - 13 days ago

    I wanna be friends with sonic's vice president of product innovation. he sounds like my kind of dude.

  • the mysterious stranger the one who watches

    So you love bernecker then

  • LightSoul 8
    LightSoul 8 15 days ago

    Roses are red
    GMM's great currently
    "you smell like a diaper tastes"

  • Nichole Richardson
    Nichole Richardson 19 days ago

    The pickle slush wasn't sour like a pickle at all

  • CosplayCuisine
    CosplayCuisine 19 days ago

    Randy returns !

  • Kurt Caro
    Kurt Caro 19 days ago


  • Nina Sam
    Nina Sam 19 days ago

    Hey cotton candy daddies do you want to taste my salty juices😝😋

  • Isaac Rumley
    Isaac Rumley 21 day ago

    "Sometimes you need to put a damper on your pickle with some pickle juice"
    God Rhett it seems neverending...

  • Imagination Man
    Imagination Man 22 days ago


  • Shane Dobson
    Shane Dobson 23 days ago

    I've never noticed until now just how flimsy that desk is in the middle. It bows in everytime they put their weight on it.

  • Estelle Lauzon
    Estelle Lauzon 23 days ago

    Pickles come with burgers and since America is the fattest nation, it makes sense that they eat heaps of them every year.

  • like hell we are anxiously waiting

    I was just at sonic and she was on skates. The only one on skates tho..

  • madestmadhatter
    madestmadhatter 25 days ago

    "..There are a lot of pickles and peanut butter at my house."
    Sir we have terrible news... You're pregnant.

  • moon batchelder
    moon batchelder 26 days ago

    the pickle slush looks like some Re-Agent straight from Herbert West's fridge

  • Paige Stewart
    Paige Stewart 26 days ago

    Me and my brother have made pickle juice popsicles before because we love pickle juice so much

  • John Rohrs
    John Rohrs 27 days ago

    Cotton Candy Randy’s comments are not appropriate for kids of any age. Love what you guys do, but please keep it family friendly.

  • Rosa Alvarado
    Rosa Alvarado 27 days ago

    Everything was great till cotton candy randy😒👎🏻

  • OptimusProvost
    OptimusProvost 27 days ago

    “Hey guys. Wow.” 😂🤣🤣🤣

  • kingcab666
    kingcab666 28 days ago

    Cotton candy randy💜💜💜 omg i love that guy😂 pleeease make him join in more often Rhett & Link!! 😍😂 /sweden

  • Texas Emerald
    Texas Emerald 28 days ago

    That Ziggy Stardust shirt though!

  • metalkramer14
    metalkramer14 28 days ago

    I looooove cotton candy Randy!!

  • Chris Quid
    Chris Quid Month ago

    I dont like that there are hints that you could guess on the right answer without tasting it.

  • danny devito
    danny devito Month ago

    Rhett should try a pickle & peanut butter sandwhich.

  • Gina Stegall
    Gina Stegall Month ago

    OK I don’t just sip pickle juice out of the jar I chug it

  • Josie DeAngelis
    Josie DeAngelis Month ago +1

    I dont mean to hate or anything but i really dislike cotton candy randy... everything else is perfect though!!!

  • Kara Biel
    Kara Biel Month ago

    I'm right there with you on how much ya like pickles Rhett! I also drink the juice after the pickles are gone. Only kind I like are sour pickles like dill, I don't like bread n butter kind or sweet pickles but I also eat a lot of dill pickles weekly!!🤤😜

  • Purple Pandas
    Purple Pandas Month ago

    Rhett is the only other person that drinks out of the pickle jar like I do haha

  • Rusty Thompson
    Rusty Thompson Month ago

    I love cotton candy Randy so much x)

  • XxFootyVidzxX 19
    XxFootyVidzxX 19 Month ago

    The challenge starts at 5:18 thank me later.

  • Jasmine Hook
    Jasmine Hook Month ago

    I don't like pickles...............please don't kill me

  • Marcos Ruiz
    Marcos Ruiz Month ago

    I am not an average human!

  • Sophia Tapang
    Sophia Tapang Month ago

    Who’s cotton candy randy and when did it start?? It’s so funny i love it HAHAHAHAHA

  • Frank Sclafani
    Frank Sclafani Month ago

    Randy’s secret was the plot of Birdbox

  • dwheel502
    dwheel502 Month ago

    I love you cotton candy Randy!

  • Kitty Kat
    Kitty Kat Month ago

    Link: *gagging*
    Rhett: that’s not good

  • Cotton Candy Randy
    Cotton Candy Randy Month ago

    Happy Cotton Candy day, Daddies.

  • Liv Grace
    Liv Grace Month ago

    The pickle juice slushes from sonic are really good.

  • Daniell Bondad
    Daniell Bondad 2 months ago

    10:50-11-12:(In an excited tone)
    ''I saw a great darkness.It is coming for us.A great beast will devour us from below.We will be born anew into a world of pain where the streets run red with blood and screams are our new currency.''
    ''You smell like a diaper tastes!''

  • Lucy Link
    Lucy Link 2 months ago +1

    “17-18 pickles a week”
    Wow what a large range 😂

  • Leewise
    Leewise 2 months ago

    Stevie's voice is horrible for this show, and completely the wrong mic

  • Shinako Marston
    Shinako Marston 2 months ago +1

    Best sweet nothing so far to me😂😂👌🏼

  • Mary Ann Johnson
    Mary Ann Johnson 2 months ago

    U qrnoy love you know kaleb

  • tara sorres
    tara sorres 2 months ago

    Orange chicken is sweet and sour sauce on top of chicken

  • Samantha Macklin
    Samantha Macklin 2 months ago

    When they were talking about orange chicken at about 7:00 , Rhett says "I dont have a word in my mind for it, I just eat the shi..I just eat the orange chicken " idk if it was cut or not but it was pretty interesting

  • kayla g
    kayla g 2 months ago

    Cotton candy randy really bothers me I do not like him at all

  • EEndyy
    EEndyy 2 months ago

    I can drink a glass of pickle juice and not even flinch extra garlic btw

  • Larissa Stevenson
    Larissa Stevenson 2 months ago +11

    "Happy cotton candy daddies! Do you want to taste my sweet juices?"

    Cotton Candy Randy: 2018

  • Angel Summerall
    Angel Summerall 2 months ago

    I see panda express and think bts lol

  • Lime Jell0
    Lime Jell0 2 months ago

    I dont eat pickles :)

  • thomas thompson sunshinescopes

    Cotton candy randy deserves his own 2 minute short once a week please that way theres not to much of him but just enough

  • Addison Blonski
    Addison Blonski 2 months ago +2

    my bro got the pickle juice slush at Sonic and he loved it, i thought, eww, mixing sweet with salty in a slush! Not worth the money!!

    • ThePugNextDoor
      ThePugNextDoor 19 days ago

      Addison Blonski It was too sweet. Would have been great if it wasnt sweet at all.

  • Emaline Morse
    Emaline Morse 2 months ago

    Umm...... I hope when he said “We got lots of peanut butter and pickles at my house.” he didn’t mean he dips the pickles in peanut butter
    b/c I know people do that. Hahahaha 4:38

  • Super_squishy_awesomeness _

    You smell like a diaper tastes😂

  • Jade Anderson
    Jade Anderson 2 months ago

    My old High School had this student store with chips and slushees and whatever else, but they had a straight up dill pickle juice slushee, no sugar, and we freakin all loved it, I got it like every other day

  • Landon Jackson
    Landon Jackson 2 months ago

    Whatever happened to her... Josh is the only mythical chef who appears anymore.

  • Casual Iguana
    Casual Iguana 2 months ago

    Anyone else’s favorite youtubers Food and Wine?

  • Thot Slayer
    Thot Slayer 2 months ago

    I tried one of these when they came out. I thought it was kind of like the ‘Tigers Blood’ shaved ice flavor tastes like cherry and coconut. I thought it was a joke name and wouldn’t actually taste like literal pickle juice.
    I was so wrong. So so so so so so very very wrong.

  • Bevan Forsyth
    Bevan Forsyth 2 months ago

    David bowie is my favourite singer

    • Bevan Forsyth
      Bevan Forsyth 2 months ago

      My favourite song is sound and vision

  • Dawn Netsch
    Dawn Netsch 2 months ago

    Pickle juice is actually good for you when taken in moderation

  • Intelligent Owl
    Intelligent Owl 2 months ago

    I survived a school field trip by eating a Pickle with Soft Serve Ice cream.

  • Joseph Johnson
    Joseph Johnson 2 months ago

    Rhett trying to not break while CC Randy molesting his soul

  • OtherGuy
    OtherGuy 2 months ago

    They actually do still skate at Sonics

  • Scally Wag
    Scally Wag 2 months ago

    Will it Slushie?

  • Đęvįł
    Đęvįł 3 months ago

    Rhett doesnt like pickles as much as me

  • -WowIHave- -NoFriends-
    -WowIHave- -NoFriends- 3 months ago

    Okay so I have a bad experience with pickle juice. I once ate so many pickles and I threw up pickles juice and cried all night. 🙃

  • Samantha Shanks
    Samantha Shanks 3 months ago

    Food and Whine'

  • Spencer Hughes
    Spencer Hughes 3 months ago

    Rhetts Face When He Saw Cotton Candy Randy

  • Cait H
    Cait H 3 months ago

    Looooove pickle juice.

  • Emery Moore
    Emery Moore 3 months ago

    When it came out i got it it didnt even taste like pickles

  • Jami LaPrice
    Jami LaPrice 3 months ago

    Anyone remember that girl on Dr. Phil or something who was scared of pickles? I was just suddenly reminded of her when they drank the pickle slushie.

  • Shock and Maw
    Shock and Maw 3 months ago

    PSA: don't crush floral foam, it contains formaldehyde.

  • Alex Silvas
    Alex Silvas 3 months ago

    Why does rhett look High

  • Kitty Novastar
    Kitty Novastar 3 months ago

    I work at sonic and our pickle slush is so gross

  • Bugzpudding
    Bugzpudding 3 months ago

    Will it wig?

  • Apryl M
    Apryl M 3 months ago

    Cotton Candy Randy is my favorite.

  • Cookie Cat
    Cookie Cat 3 months ago +1

    I love Randy 😂😭

  • Demay1311
    Demay1311 3 months ago

    Pickle Rhett!!!!!!!!!

  • Trevor Fultz
    Trevor Fultz 3 months ago

    You guys would be a great duo for Sonic commercials

  • Yung Snowflake
    Yung Snowflake 3 months ago


  • ashley williams
    ashley williams 3 months ago

    did you know you can get a gallon jug of just pickle juice of amazon? I know because my dad has bought it.

  • ShaferTonic
    ShaferTonic 3 months ago

    It's funny Rhett was me : it's so good
    Link Is my in-laws : you LIKE this?

  • Alice Robertson
    Alice Robertson 3 months ago

    Imma pickle girl!

  • Brittany Smith
    Brittany Smith 3 months ago

    I have drank pickle juice right out of the jar and it winded me and I almost choked to death

  • Kolten Wilson
    Kolten Wilson 3 months ago

    oh sure, just because one person commented some random ass shit about "food and whine" everyone is just going to pretend like they didn't see it and comment the same shit, as if they came up with it on their own

  • Coco The Gamer
    Coco The Gamer 3 months ago

    I don't dillscriminate!!!

  • Lily Argent
    Lily Argent 3 months ago

    Link: *dry heaves* multiple times
    Rhett: It’s not good....

  • Mackenzyxx
    Mackenzyxx 3 months ago

    Oof. I hate pickles

  • Stanley Dominick
    Stanley Dominick 3 months ago

    I work at the sonic in newberry South Carolina😂😂

  • Diesel Dawg
    Diesel Dawg 3 months ago

    Dilly dilly!