What Happened To The Magic Of Rahat | Trey Full Interview

  • Published on Sep 30, 2020
  • The Full Interview with Trey Sullivan. Trey used to work with Rahat back in 2013 - 2015 and granted me and interview to gain a little bit more info as to where The Magic of Rahat is these days.
    Full video - www.youtube.com/watch?v=hA9nj...

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    G2 NELSON Year ago +128

    You and Trey saved Rahat's life. Thank God for putting you on this interview and documentary. Honestly man, you saved a person's life.

  • Samantha Hussain
    Samantha Hussain Year ago +45

    Trey. my man. You saved rahat. You trusted your instinct and defended your friend. You and Jay saved Rahat from ending his life. Thankyou trey. for not hiding away in fear. thankyou for being brave enough to do this interview. Allah bless you.

  • Truth
    Truth Year ago +27

    I wish Rahat the best, I love that man, so talented and had a heart of gold, wishing him nothing but the best!

    KT PYRO Year ago +71

    Trey seems like a really cool nice guy. I would say I can trust his judgment of character unless he was just too nice and naive in his younger years but I won’t assume that of him necessarily

  • TopDog
    TopDog Year ago +35

    Feels to me that Rahat just took this opportunity as a good time to step away from making goofy youtube videos and start living his life - I don't believe Rahat deserves any backlash and I can't even imagine getting so much hate for trying to help someone out.. such a crappy situation.

  • MHatz
    MHatz  +5

    this video saved Rahats life, good man

  • Mitul Jariwala
    Mitul Jariwala Year ago +26

    Thank you for saving Rahat’s life

  • Kyle Sanders
    Kyle Sanders Year ago +8

    I’m so glad that Trey and Jay saved Rahat’s life. He’s back and he’s happy doing what he loves. Btw I guess the two dislikes were from Eric and Razz lol

  • Doudou Mouri

    Thank you two for saving Rahat’s life.

  • Karim Jovian
    Karim Jovian Year ago +102

    Will him and Rahat ever make a come back to TheXvid?

  • D
    D Year ago +13

    Wow, its nice to see another perspective. Like you said, the silence made it feel like Rahat was guilty of something, but this definitely makes more sense

  • H305
    H305  +1

    I wish everyone had a friend like you Trey….😊! Great stand!!!

  • Auggi Alphonso

    Great job guys may God bless you

  • DigiByte Memes
    DigiByte Memes Year ago +8

    Loved the documentary! thank you so much.

  • lifeloverNorris
    lifeloverNorris Year ago +5

    Not all heroes wear cape, but some of them wear a plain white t shirt.

  • Muhammad Hakeem
    Muhammad Hakeem Year ago +6

    This channel is underrated!!! Deserve more views and subs

  • APotatoSapling
    APotatoSapling Year ago +9


  • Self-Imp

    Well done, this is respectful high level behavior worthy of Rahat, Eric was a low level person acting like a crab towards others and now everyone will know it

  • BlackAntoITA

    God bless JayLaw and Trey for saving Rahat's life from a disgusting and ungrateful crackhead.

  • Happy methehappyone
    Happy methehappyone Year ago +3