Villain Pub - Trick or Treat

  • Published on Oct 30, 2018
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    It's Halloween and some of the Villain Pub Patrons are not happy about it.
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Comments • 4 622

  • Geckoman gaming
    Geckoman gaming Hour ago

    I dressed up as Slender Man

  • Heru Affandy
    Heru Affandy 11 hours ago

    I'm really glad Heath Ledger's Joker toke role in Villian Pub. Not that emo Joker from suicide squad.

  • Wilson Wilson
    Wilson Wilson 19 hours ago +1

    I would pay to listen to that theme song

  • Captain Phoenix
    Captain Phoenix Day ago +1

    I just want to know who had the balls to egg EMPEROR PALPATINE's place of business.

  • Mariano Picado Mata
    Mariano Picado Mata 2 days ago

    I want to say, that I really love the villain pub. Thank you this videos are really incredible

  • Kaelo Sinjin
    Kaelo Sinjin 3 days ago

    Halloween is also the day Voldemort killed Harry's parents, so I am sure he's quite fond of it.

  • LEGO spider-man Cars fan 28

    I remember that Halloween after trick or treating I went to the door and made a stake out with my phone and watched this and gave out candy

  • Zenix Is Dark
    Zenix Is Dark 4 days ago +1

    2:01 raven looks like she is so done with the Teen Titans. The true face of an emo. Lol.

    EPIC ARIAN 6 days ago +1

    apex legends !!!!! , ya missed it hishe

    EPIC ARIAN 6 days ago +1

    # Also every single thing they missed

    EPIC ARIAN 6 days ago +1

    and mario !!!!

    EPIC ARIAN 6 days ago +1

    What about apex legends ?

  • Angelo Felix
    Angelo Felix 6 days ago +1

    gimme some candy
    because I'm Batman

  • Johnny Rabaya
    Johnny Rabaya 7 days ago

    1:06 I’m pretty sure at the end of Ragnarok and the beginning of Infinity War that Loki is now a hero. (Until he gets choked by Thanos. Also, if getting his neck snapped didn’t kill Loki, either the ship exploding or the Decimation did.)

  • Brendan Folk
    Brendan Folk 8 days ago

    Deadpool, solving modern day problems

  • Eighthnickel 151
    Eighthnickel 151 8 days ago

    I feel bad for the kids who lost their candy.

    DJ HYPE 8 days ago

    Everybody already hates my face.

  • Lisa Gaughan
    Lisa Gaughan 9 days ago

    What do you mean we don't dress up as villains I dressed up as Darth Vader

  • faridonm20
    faridonm20 10 days ago

    Shut up Voldi,SAURON is the real Dark Lord.

  • αทgєl
    αทgєl 12 days ago

    Was this video based of “The Christmas Carol”? Cause the ending was very familiar

  • Michi Fischer
    Michi Fischer 14 days ago

    *Joker steals Robin's candy...* I'm crying :'DDD

  • Ahmed H
    Ahmed H 19 days ago

    Hallowe’en is the reason why Diabetes is rampant in America

  • Shaggy Like slinks dude!
    Shaggy Like slinks dude! 20 days ago +1

    Why are kids trick or treating at a pub?

  • Ger Gorkowski
    Ger Gorkowski 21 day ago

    like taking candy from a baby.

  • James Goode
    James Goode 21 day ago

    Are you crying 😢

  • Mary Ann Mervin
    Mary Ann Mervin 22 days ago

    2:58 The Emperor-Oh no. It's bad enough that Joker keeps stealing the trick-or-treaters candy. I'm not having you blasting people.

  • Chase Song
    Chase Song 22 days ago

    And Voldemort’s heart shrunk three sizes that day

  • Chris Alonso
    Chris Alonso 23 days ago

    howly cow someone thruw lots of 🥚🥚🥚🥚🥚 out here JOKER

  • Mushroom_hunter
    Mushroom_hunter 23 days ago

    *LoOk At ThOsE cHiCkEnS*

    Oh wait..

    Aaaw :(

  • Korben Northrop
    Korben Northrop 26 days ago

    Ravens what spawned the love of big tiddy goth gfs. Look at her. Even in this animation style you know she looks good af

  • Sue Vallejo
    Sue Vallejo 26 days ago

    Wow voldermort really did have a change of heart

  • Doroteja Coer
    Doroteja Coer 27 days ago

    Wheres michael myers in this?

  • Adarsh Saraf
    Adarsh Saraf 27 days ago +1

    Please do crimes of grindelwald

  • Para Site
    Para Site 27 days ago

    Lookin back at This it’s nice to know they would like my costumes

  • Catalina Myrrhpaw
    Catalina Myrrhpaw 27 days ago

    I dressed up as Loki for 2017 Halloween

  • Ada Arat Sevgili
    Ada Arat Sevgili 27 days ago

    Türkce altyazı

  • ZEROweapon
    ZEROweapon 29 days ago

    This was nice.

  • Sasha Robins
    Sasha Robins 29 days ago

    Bratman was so cute I legit died😭😭😭🖤🖤🖤

  • NukaNart’s Food review

    I was hoping for a Jason Todd reference when robin and the teen titans showed up

  • The_limeninj a
    The_limeninj a Month ago

    Voldemort: It’s about demanding the candy they don’t deserve

    Me: *replays*

    Deadpool: trick or treat *beeps*

  • Fred The oncoming Storm

    This is one of the best shows I’ve ever seen. I love it

  • Jason Stark
    Jason Stark Month ago

    2:30 thought he was going for the mask! Lol

  • Mlia RC
    Mlia RC Month ago

    "I'm not crying! Your're crying! shut up!"

  • X-Static
    X-Static Month ago

    These guys finally under stand the true meaning of Christmas I mean umm... Halloween...

  • Rlamas478
    Rlamas478 Month ago

    Isnt loki a good guy now

  • Akshay Shah
    Akshay Shah Month ago

    give me some candy! because I am Batman.

  • Jake Carter
    Jake Carter Month ago

    You should make a villain pub video about how the emperor started running it in the first place

  • Salma Manzoor
    Salma Manzoor Month ago

    2:25 🤣🤣🤣🤣 what do you know? its BRAT-man

  • Salma Manzoor
    Salma Manzoor Month ago


  • Salma Manzoor
    Salma Manzoor Month ago

    Joker in truck or treat they mean giving candy or they play a trick on you not choosing tricks or treats

  • Ada Arat Sevgili
    Ada Arat Sevgili Month ago

    Türkce altyazı lütfen yazan güzel cevirmen

  • Shrimp Nuggets Jr.
    Shrimp Nuggets Jr. Month ago

    hmm, I’ll take treats

  • anne li
    anne li Month ago

    2:30 Because I'm BATMAN!

  • anne li
    anne li Month ago

    2:07 uhhhh we TOTALLY dressed up like them XD

  • V-kuki
    V-kuki Month ago +1

    4:41I DEEIIIID🤣

  • Ada Arat Sevgili
    Ada Arat Sevgili Month ago


  • PrincessofPower84
    PrincessofPower84 Month ago

    That doorbell tho.

  • Ryan Da PlushieMan
    Ryan Da PlushieMan Month ago

    2:30 is my favriot

  • Awesome Giraffe
    Awesome Giraffe Month ago

    I thought James and Lily died on Halloween.

  • Majira Fan
    Majira Fan Month ago

    Where's Michael this is halloween right

  • jacob vaughn
    jacob vaughn Month ago

    To be honest, I kinda am suprised there is no combines in villian pub. They did create glorifed janitors out of humans?

  • Podróżnik z pustkowi

    No fortnite skins ok

  • Emma Anderberg
    Emma Anderberg Month ago

    Joker: Voldy? Are you crying?
    Voldemort *shaking with emotion*: I'm not crying, YOU'RE crying! Shut up!
    That was the most touching part of the video. It made me tear up!

  • mrunali yadav
    mrunali yadav Month ago

    I love Loki sm😂❤️

  • Tia and Lulu Animations

    I’m genuinely happy they took Jared Leto’s joker out of the theme song.

  • Ciel OzBone
    Ciel OzBone Month ago

    I actually painted my face like Ledger's Joker for Halloween '18! "I love Halloween!!!" 😃

  • DD J-W
    DD J-W Month ago

    Voldemort is a cinnamon roll

  • Pennywise O Palhaço Dançarino


  • CaraRiddle
    CaraRiddle Month ago

    The villain pub is the best thing they ever created. I have watched all of them so many times. Still loves them!

  • Alex Mee
    Alex Mee Month ago

    I love the picture of Drago

  • kookoobanana
    kookoobanana Month ago

    Man I wish scarecrow was in this

  • Mimikyu Cutie
    Mimikyu Cutie Month ago +1

    What if monika from ddlc showed up at the pub? Lol

  • TAc
    TAc Month ago

    Why are these kids going into an alley for candy in the first place

  • Whammy Cheng
    Whammy Cheng Month ago

    Deadpool should have just dressed as Pikachu.

    Voldermort is nice to muggles lol. I was expecting a Darth Vader costume, that is a very popular villain costume.

  • Azalia Perez
    Azalia Perez Month ago


  • Cars High School The Series

    Should have made a Michael Myers joke

  • Otaku Obsession
    Otaku Obsession 2 months ago

    My suspension of disbelief is broken by the idea of children trick-or-treating down a dark alleyway at a pub. Or parents willingly bring their children to a pub to trick or treat.

  • Sk0baltt
    Sk0baltt 2 months ago

    The intro is truly beautiful

    BLOOPLE DOOP DOOP 2 months ago

    What makes this vid just that much funnier is that these kids went trick or treating at a pub. Haha, I love this channel

  • Jp Blast
    Jp Blast 2 months ago

    Make more

  • RX46E xx
    RX46E xx 2 months ago +1

    Idk why but I like the song

  • Dio Falkner
    Dio Falkner 2 months ago

    Funny as it is.. Nowadays the people "dressed" as heroes and pretending them are the real villains..
    And 3:08 Lmao.

  • Baikal920
    Baikal920 2 months ago

    Wow! This actually made me see how twisted Halloween really is.

  • Christoffer Mohn
    Christoffer Mohn 2 months ago


  • Lbpc2 2
    Lbpc2 2 2 months ago

    I went as a fried egg once for Halloween

  • justin gagne
    justin gagne 2 months ago

    the song at the begining is a remake of a show CHEERS

  • Ada Arat Sevgili
    Ada Arat Sevgili 2 months ago

    Altyazı türkce please yeter artık altyazı yazan kişi yazar mısın

  • Furkan Korkmaz
    Furkan Korkmaz 2 months ago +6

    How about a magic trick ? -Joker

  • Erich Dykman
    Erich Dykman 2 months ago

    love the villain pub series

  • Sam Chalk
    Sam Chalk 2 months ago

    The real question is why all these kids are going down an alley

  • Abbygail Mckoy
    Abbygail Mckoy 2 months ago

    I need Villian Pubs's intro as my ringtone

  • TheAverageJoe
    TheAverageJoe 2 months ago

    3:53 made me cry 😭

  • Zavier Robinson
    Zavier Robinson 2 months ago

    For so reason even after what Voldemort has done i sort of like him

  • It's Pizza Time 2002
    It's Pizza Time 2002 2 months ago

    3:01 is my favorite part

  • Sarvesh Sundaram
    Sarvesh Sundaram 2 months ago

    ok, I don't know how nobody knows this, but KIDS WHEN YOU SEE VOLDEMORT AND THE JOKER, YOU RUN!!!

    GUARDIANS SAINT 2 months ago +1

    why can i see the real deadpool do that in my head 2:59

  • Franz-Josef Knoblauch
    Franz-Josef Knoblauch 2 months ago

    Joker is crazy, I like that . It's so funny

  • Zlobni Zmaj Smaug
    Zlobni Zmaj Smaug 2 months ago

    3:37 is that general Zod ?

  • Jason Voorhees
    Jason Voorhees 2 months ago +1

    Poor deadpool can't enter either villain pub or Super cafe