The IMPOSSIBLE Missing Square puzzle

  • Published on Nov 29, 2021
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  • Puzzle guy

    GET a 2-year NORDVPN plan plus 1 additional month with a huge discount!

  • ZonalJump97

    In the beginning, the pieces in the triangle had some slack in the frame. When the pieces were rearranged, the slack was gone. That's how the illusion works

  • KINFIN123

    The hypotenuses on the triangles aren’t perfectly straight lines, they’re bowed slightly. This accounts for the area difference as when they’re lined up one way around they add a square of area, and then they’re arranged the other way they remove it

  • Joseph Ten
    Joseph Ten Day ago +919

    The best part:he subtly mentions his sponsor without wasting screen time

  • Squigga.Mp4
    Squigga.Mp4 Day ago +559

    It’s in the angle of the cut if that makes sense. The amount of space is the same but the way the shape was cut makes it so when both A and B are swapped the outcome is different. It’s kinda like that infinite chocolate thing if you do it enough times it gets visibly smaller after some time.

  • gopal B.
    gopal B. 23 hours ago

    When you interchange the positions of trianglular shapes the combined length of the remaining shapes increases and which in turn creates a gap keeping the area same

  • Anton _
    Anton _  +6

    Fun fact, people used to shave off gold from gold coins for this reason. Looks almost undetectable but you get an extra nugget at the end. Of course it was also punishable by death.

  • Simon Kim
    Simon Kim  +225

    Notice how when there's a hole missing in the second configuration, all the pieces fit snug? But in the original configuration they fit loose and rattle around? Basically all that loose space added up together is enough to make that hole in the middle.

  • Hanabishi Kai

    When you put it at the first order (full) the whole puzzle has very small space in between each piece, you can wiggle it... When you put in second order (missing square) the whole puzzle no longer has those small space (or even smaller space) and those "used up" space will become the missing square

  • VulcaniteALT
    VulcaniteALT 11 hours ago +23

    The A piece is actually not the same angle as the B piece and that angle difference is not visible in the first configuration but it makes a large gap when rearranged

  • Eric Kubota

    Na posição normal cada peça tem um espaço livre de um milímetro externamente.

  • Kushagra Surve

    There are actually little spaces between the puzzle pieces and ridges so when he changes the positions of the pieces it fits perfectly without leaving any space

  • Richard Braxton
    Richard Braxton Day ago +2

    Instead of C sitting on top of D.

  • cozmonauts
    cozmonauts 15 hours ago

    They’re less snug at the start, the little spaces between the pieces add up to the area of the square

  • Volta X
    Volta X 21 day ago +38

    The answer is in the wiggle when you first touch the pieces. Those triangles don't have the same slope, and as a result don't fill the space in the starting position. All you've done is moved the empty space from along the hypotenuse of the large triangle in the starting position to the "missing" square in the rearranged one.

  • StarPrism Gaming
    StarPrism Gaming Day ago +11

    The two triangles don’t have similar angles. There is a ~1 degree difference between the angles between the base and hypotenuse. In the original arrangement, this causes what is perceived to be a line(the supposed ‘hypotenuse of the larger image) to actually be two separate lines, to point ever so slightly inwards. When they are rearranged and the triangles are swapped, the difference in the slopes of the hypotenuses point outwards, and the empty space which used to exist from it pointing inwards is translated into the square in the second formation as the lines point outwards. The whole structure is actually a quadrilateral, though it’s very hard to tell with the naked eye.

  • Hanuman Ganesha

    Is nobody gonna adress the fact that he literally pitched us sponsorship so smoothly, only me ok

  • alinasrallah nasrallah
    alinasrallah nasrallah 28 days ago +14

    The surface area of the triangle in the first configuration equals A+B+ (the overlapping shape of C and D in a square shape)

  • Wissem Cezayirli
    Wissem Cezayirli Day ago +1

    In the first configuration, there is tiny spaces between the pieces... And in the second configuration, the pieces are squeezed together and all the tiny spaces are gathered in that square

  • Imran Badal

    Im first case, the right shortest portion of c covers the shortest side of D. In 2nd case, the right shortest portion of C covers the left longest portion of D which is imoossible to cover completely.that's why we get some extra gap between the componenets.