• Published on Jan 22, 2022

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  • Bianca Ramos
    Bianca Ramos 3 months ago +3834

    she’s truly so entitled - “most loved girl on the internet” girl i didn’t know who you were until this scandal came out 💀

  • makaela bower
    makaela bower 3 months ago +2870

    “to make mistakes or be wrong is human” it is not human to sa someone, sienna.

    • 🖤Ali Ioana🖤
      🖤Ali Ioana🖤 3 months ago

      @makaela bower I’m gonna hope they meant that it’s human to sa someone in the sense that only humans commit sa??

    • isaaa
      isaaa 3 months ago

      @peanut not even for a caveman...

    • Ali
      Ali 3 months ago +1

      @yoruba 😃

    • Audri Rianna
      Audri Rianna 3 months ago +2

      @Kia K. most SA cases would never make it to court bc a) its extremely hard to prove in most cases b) the legal system offers little to no support system for victims- it doesn't mean that SA doesn't happen

  • Fae
    Fae 3 months ago +2477

    “i thought turning 18 would b great but it sucks 🥺” girl it’s literally the consequences of your own actions

    • SilverFeather
      SilverFeather 2 months ago

      @Grace Rush Admittadly I used the wrong word but couldn’t find my comment after I made it to fix lol, sorry ab that

    • Grace Rush
      Grace Rush 2 months ago

      @SilverFeather that’s a serious statement and shouldn’t be saying that about a human you know nothing about. I’m sure you have personally made plenty of mistakes

    • marceline
      marceline 3 months ago


    • Sophie Ruddy
      Sophie Ruddy 3 months ago +43

      The fact that she fails to even see that is... horrifying. If she can't understand that is was her own doing, there's no way she understands how wrong and literally illegal, her actions were. I feel like Sienna's legal team have a say in what Sienna has published here.

  • allison cundiff
    allison cundiff 3 months ago +4500

    it’s honestly disgusting that she apologized to netflix, their team, and the hype house members before jack. even if the boundaries were blurred for her, it doesn’t excuse what she did. no one in their right mind would do something as nasty as she did with an unconscious partner.

    • Relaxation rain music
      Relaxation rain music 3 months ago

      @Lucius I just saw a pic but not a whole video. Are u sure that video was not a set up

    • allison cundiff
      allison cundiff 3 months ago +2

      @Relaxation rain music there’s videos SHOWING she did it. there’s nothing innocent about that

    • Sierra Hollister
      Sierra Hollister 3 months ago

      @Lucius Oh my god she did that?! I only saw a blurred version of the video so I couldn't see what she was doing apart from the fact that she was sitting in his lap while he was clearly passed out which is bad enough. But I wasn't able to see any inappropriate touching since it was blurred.

    • Relaxation rain music
      Relaxation rain music 3 months ago

      @allison cundiff did u ever hear about innocence until proven guilty.

  • Huggable Penguin
    Huggable Penguin 3 months ago +568

    Sienna: "He was driven only by money ://"
    Also her: *says "I lost brand deals" 100 times*

  • Kanna Hashimoto
    Kanna Hashimoto 3 months ago +279

    I read the whole thing twice. She’s basically calling him a gold digger and a player who strung her along (which I find interesting because this is what s*xual abusers often say in order to shift blame on victims) I don’t know why she had to write a whole thesis just to say that. Notice how she views herself in her writing “love driven, confused and lost teenager, the most loved girl by the internet” etc. Does she think she’s a movie character or something? Jack talked about years of emotional and s*xual abuse he went through and it only took him 17 minutes. I’m kinda surprised someone as young as her can be this way.

    • current see
      current see 3 months ago

      I wish I could like this more than once🙄,bc this is exactly what was said!

  • Rafaela De Bonadona
    Rafaela De Bonadona 3 months ago +270

    As a latin american, I am so angry that she used the "latina" card as an excuse. For people that don't know, she is 1/4 "latina". She has made that her personality, to the point of perpetuating harmful stereotypes. As latina woman, we are expected to be "spicy" and "over the top" and some people even call us "touchy". She has used being part latina as a brand, she is profiting of the fetishization and generalization of our cultures.

    • Florida Man
      Florida Man 3 months ago +1

      @Bdaaygcf Tech I would, but I would never actually claim Asian. 1/4th is nothing lol

    • Bdaaygcf Tech
      Bdaaygcf Tech 3 months ago +1

      lol I’m 1/4 Asian but I would never use that as an excuse for anything

    • nørth
      nørth 3 months ago +5

      yes omg !! i’m so tired of people stereotyping us as crazy, it’s just an excuse people use to act out and dumb as fuck of her to blame her literal CRIMINAL ACTIONS on her ethnicity 💀

  • avrieee_
    avrieee_ 3 months ago +375

    As a living breathing human… we do not claim this nasty human being. She needs to be held accountable for what she did because it’s not okay and she knows that. Justice for Jack!

    • Julianna Bjelkvik
      Julianna Bjelkvik 2 months ago +1

      @Grace Rush that’s exactly what I mean, good point!

    • Grace Rush
      Grace Rush 2 months ago +1

      @Julianna Bjelkvik I like this comment but still is not anyone’s business. They are both young and we don’t know anything truthfully because that’s their own business. It’s frustrating everyone is acting like they know jack is the victim. When no one knows the truth but them

    • avrieee_
      avrieee_ 3 months ago +4

      @Julianna Bjelkvik And I understand that. But there’s literal video evidence of her SA Jack. She needs to be held accountable.

    • Julianna Bjelkvik
      Julianna Bjelkvik 3 months ago +7

      But we need to listen to her story too, cause it’s always two sides of a story. I don’t think Jack or Sienna are telling the whole truth and that’s why we need to listen to both of them!

  • Dollaz Gang Fam
    Dollaz Gang Fam 3 months ago +430

    She doesn’t even deny it. She’s just beating around the bush.

    • June N
      June N 3 months ago +5

      I would like her to tell us why she thinks jack did those “fake allegations” if she thinks he is lying why would he do that, what’s the motive in her head if she is saying the truth

    • Diego Cardenas
      Diego Cardenas 3 months ago +3

      I like this comment ND it's tru

  • A Mystery
    A Mystery 3 months ago +303

    this is disgusting she says “I wish we set our boundaries” saying your just friends multiple times is basically setting a boundary of not wanting to be more than friends. Or anything inappropriate. She did SA and denied it when there’s proof it just shows what type of person she is.

    • Samantha Malkin
      Samantha Malkin 3 months ago +2

      @Megan Nihart if you watch his videos he sets boundaries multiple times and it was only when he mentioned there was video evidence that she said she'd go to therapy and fix her behavior. Shes just gaslighting the absolute fuck out of him

  • Dana Jones
    Dana Jones 3 months ago +237

    As a neurodivergent person, thank you for reading this whole thing as I could never have done it myself.

  • Johnny Zeppeli
    Johnny Zeppeli 3 months ago +56

    Her "oooh I just turned 18 and it sucks" pity party is laughable yet frustrating. Its disgusting how she's victimising herself like this

  • motherinnit
    motherinnit 3 months ago +85

    the fact she called him crazy for standing up for her when she was cat called is like insane to me i would love for someone to stand up for me like that i feel as tho there might be a lot not said yet about what happened and there are always two sides to every story some might see it one way some the other but i still feel as though she should just come out and say yes i did this and that instead of saying she’s oh so innocent he wouldn’t make up lies this serious if nothing no matter what extent happened

  • Lydia
    Lydia 3 months ago +5439

    It’s scary how she genuinely believes what she’s saying……….

    • Helane Ruslan
      Helane Ruslan 3 months ago

      Peak narcissist behavior

    • K_H
      K_H 3 months ago +12

      What is also disturbing to me is I can imagine her fans looking up to her thinking what she did wasnt that bad and they end up following her path to other dudes….absolute shameful

    • Sophie Easter
      Sophie Easter 3 months ago +35

      @Lydia M there’s literally a video online of her groping jack?? maybe not all of the accusations that he made has proof but that video alone is enough proof to say that sienna isn’t a nice person and doesn’t respect boundaries. she’s literally groping him and he’s passed out?

  • Otaku11BTS
    Otaku11BTS 3 months ago +161

    Worst apology. She’s not holding herself accountable for literally breaking boundaries in ways that have and will affect Jack forever.

    • King Deuce
      King Deuce  3 months ago

      Why would she apologize if she feels she didn’t do it. It’s kind of dumb on ur part to expect an apology

    • • sunlight. •
      • sunlight. • 3 months ago +2

      On top of that, the fact that SA has already affected Jack’s life once.

  • vero solana
    vero solana 3 months ago +38

    Damn she really wrote a whole biography that we don’t care about when we just want an honest apology/for her to take accountability for what she’s done.

    • Grace Rush
      Grace Rush 2 months ago

      She doesn’t owe you an apology. And you don’t know the real truth. I’m guessing you’re a perfect person

  • Alexandria Geiler
    Alexandria Geiler 3 months ago +30

    Her "apology" to him is textbook gaslighting. "I'm sorry YOU felt this way" "I didn't MEAN for that to happen" "I didn't do EVERYTHING you are accusing me of"... god what a backhanded apology. I'm sure Jack would've preferred no apology rather than a bs one to save her image. She's a creep

  • Kara Gable
    Kara Gable 3 months ago +130

    If this were a man pressing himself on a woman that was passed out. Kissing and grabbing, this would not be a conversation. It would not be a social media debate. It would be jail time. The fact anyone would still follow or support this girl is condoning sexual assault and saying its ok for a woman to do this to a man because of her age. I've watched the video. Thats sexual assault. That needs to be prosecuted and she needs to really answer for her behavior

    • Isabella
      Isabella 3 months ago

      What evidence would they use in court for a legal battle?

    • SOPA
      SOPA 3 months ago +11

      please let’s not compare situations, women that suffer sexual assault often dont get the justice that they deserve. there are other ways to show support for jack

  • Miranda Miller
    Miranda Miller 3 months ago +5926

    Instead of taking responsibility, she pulls the “I was a teenage woman of color card”. Absolutely disgusting. So sis, now that you’re 18, *A LEGAL ADULT* , you could get put on the sex offender registry! It won’t matter that you committed this crime when you were a minor. You were adult enough to SA Jack. I sincerely hope he does press charges and win, because he deserves justice.

    • Bri
      Bri 3 months ago

      @Sydneyaustraliabutnot at this point you're just moving the goal post. Why are you trying to place blame on anyone else but the girl who sexually assaulted someone? It just doesn't make sense to me how you can claim to believe and support him but then also say everything you can think of to displace the blame.

    • Sydneyaustraliabutnot
      Sydneyaustraliabutnot 3 months ago

      @🖤Ali Ioana🖤 stop being ✨naive✨

    • 🖤Ali Ioana🖤
      🖤Ali Ioana🖤 3 months ago

      @Sydneyaustraliabutnot stop victim blaming. Just stop.

    • T Bankhead
      T Bankhead 3 months ago

      @Sydneyaustraliabutnot what youre saying is basically saying it is a woman, or your fault for being sexually abused just bcuz u didnt report it, or that u stayed with that person, or stayed at the same school as them. Or its your fault for being physically abused bcuz u went back to the guy u love who beats tf out of you. Thats a weird arugement for u to have. Like, really really weird. Especially when it was the woman who stated she was doing videos with him for fame and money.

  • eric christopher
    eric christopher 3 months ago +15

    she is SOOO immature it is insane. i feel so bad for jack

  • MikeOfMichigan
    MikeOfMichigan 3 months ago +45

    I can't at her using him fending off cat callers as an example of him making a mistake. Like uh, that just sounds like an awesome friend and an ally to women tbh.

  • Kirsti Kingery
    Kirsti Kingery 3 months ago +57

    You could see the emotions in Jack's eyes as he was telling his side. You could see him sitting there struggling not to cry.All you could see from her was anger, and if she felt so bad about those videos why were they still up when she made this statement, why hadn't she taken them down. I think the fact that she made a written statement instead of a video this time says a lot. She's hoping we can "feel" her emotions in her words cause Sshe knows damn well we'd see how fake she is and that she doesn't mean anything she said in a video. At the end of day it doesn't matter if you're in a relationship, it doesn't matter if the guy/girl leads you on, when clear boundaries are set you don't cross those boundaries end of story.

  • Tiara Sosa
    Tiara Sosa 3 months ago +7

    It’s insane how delusional she seems to be about all of this. Just take accountability, apologize and try to be better. I know that’s easier said than done because of her tik tok fame but this is just bad. She cares more about her brand deals and money.

  • Katherine Reshetnikov
    Katherine Reshetnikov 3 months ago +6724

    I hate that she made this about race. This has nothing to do with her being Latina. It has everything to do with her sexually assaulting someone.

    • Ali
      Ali 3 months ago

      @Ashaaa she still made it abt her being Latina

    • Lara Veras
      Lara Veras 3 months ago

      It wasn’t like this, she only said she was disappointed for jack making her seem like this stereotype of Latinas being crazy and loud etc

    • Camila Narvaez
      Camila Narvaez 3 months ago

      @Ashaaa okay fine ethnicity if that works better with you

    • Gabriella Danci
      Gabriella Danci 3 months ago

      @Katherine Reshetnikov her dad is half mexican and her mom is white. she's like 25% latina at best

    • Diogo Barreto
      Diogo Barreto 3 months ago

      "If I didn't squeeze it, you must acquit"

  • Rs King
    Rs King 3 months ago +41

    I believe them both. Children being exploited and thrown into "adult" situations for the sake of "entertainment" NEVER ENDS WELL!!

  • Azea Stevens
    Azea Stevens 3 months ago +6

    “To admit those mistake shows your ability to learn and grow” girl you didn’t admit to ANYTHING. You straight up just avoided the topics and victim blamed Jack.

  • Lara Leigh
    Lara Leigh 3 months ago +27

    Only the two of them actually know the real truth but no matter what the truth is, I feel so sad for young people these days having to live their lives so publicly. I wish all young people could experience being able to live the way I did, back before social media. Back when it was ok to be young and make mistakes without the whole world knowing and coming down on you! FYI: By no means am I excusing assault, or anything of that nature.

  • BiWorld
    BiWorld 3 months ago +5

    All shes doing is literally victimising herself, classic liar behaviour.

  • need gucci, thanks
    need gucci, thanks 3 months ago +7538

    being latina is definitely NOT a valid excuse for SA-ing someone. I’m latina and yes the stereotype of us being “crazy” can be exhausting but i would never do something like this to another person. I sincerely hope Jack is okay and will heal and find peace and I hope Sienna gets some help because this 3,000 word essay of excuses is just that. Excuses. I don’t wish her to k*ll herself but to do better and be better and accept whatever punishment may come with this.

    • Roselle’s Beauty
      Roselle’s Beauty 2 months ago

      Exactly I don’t wish death on her at all and for ppl wishing death on her should step back and rethink what ur saying but overall I wish she can get help, i wish she gets the punishment that comes with her actions because every actions have consequences. I wish she really could understand what she did was wrong and no”I’m sorry” will fix this issue

    • Lolol
      Lolol 3 months ago

      @spooksicola yes

    • Lolol
      Lolol 3 months ago

      @Lara Veras she literally picked the loco of his door when he was having a shower and walked in. Screams at him for talking to other girls when they’re not dating. Her actions are being represented as somewhat of a crazy person, and not her ethnicity.She needs help that’s all.

    • Lolol
      Lolol 3 months ago

      @Lara Veras she literally picked the lock if his bathroom door while he was in the shower and went in, screams at him for talking to other girls when their not dating. She needs help. And that has nothing to do with being Latina when her actions literally explain everything

  • emily peterson
    emily peterson 3 months ago +27

    i think it’s interesting how she’s choosing to not pursue the lawsuit against jack for defamation of character if what she is saying is REALLY the truth. if i was accused of something this serious (im sure this also applies for people who are truly innocent of this serious of an accusation) i would FULLY take legal action to truly clear my name. it makes me wonder what else she’s hiding and leads me to believe she won’t take it to court because jack has more evidence he hasn’t shown (or the biggest evidence, the actual TRUTH) on his side. i truly hope for nothing but healing on his part and nothing but real psychological help on hers. they are so young and this will follow them and their careers for the rest of their lives. she’s making it look so much worse by not admitting to what she KNOWS in her heart she did/ what really happened. it’s a shame she won’t just take accountability and get real help.

  • cliodhna
    cliodhna 3 months ago +8

    She still failed to actually address anything in this 3000 word essay of victim blaming and excuses. The point isn’t that Jack supposedly lead her on, or that she felt betrayed by him, etc. The fact is that there is *video evidence* of her SA Jack, that’s peoples argument. She is such a horrible and narcissistic person.

  • m4567 M
    m4567 M 3 months ago +13

    hate me or whatever but i don’t trust either of these people. not jack, nor sienna.

  • Megan Napier
    Megan Napier 3 months ago +3

    Something that jumped out of me from get statement was the "unknowingly made you comfortable"..... This is something that's commonly heard/said by those accused of inappropriate conduct. I've heard it for years, and to me it's a huge indicator of zero remorse, like a backhanded apology. Don't know what happened between these kids but that jumped out to me personally as a red flag.

  • Avra Perez
    Avra Perez 3 months ago +4551

    As a Latina woman we DO NOT claim her. Real people of color would never hurt someone and then use the color of our skin as an excuse for our wrong doings. It does not matter how successful or colored you are, Sienna. When you hurt someone there should be consequences. You’re lucky Jack has his own reasons for not contacting the authorities, but you DO deserve to be locked away from the world so no one else can ever be hurt by you again. You are a victim blamer and a danger to society. Jack deserves a REAL apology and for you to hold yourself accountable. Do better.

    • SebastianYT
      SebastianYT 3 months ago

      I didn’t even know she was latina she looks white with a tan

    • Eric B
      Eric B 3 months ago

      Cardi b did the same shit

    • BLAST
      BLAST 3 months ago

      @Avra Perez bur she was drunk and she wasn’t aware of her actions.

    HBBILY 3 months ago +8

    Here's the thing, regardless of if she was confused about the status of their relationship, regardless of if she felt pressured to define their relationship, what we *all* saw in that video is in no way acceptable behavior. She lacks a moral compass that a anyone her age should have. She assaulted him and she needs to be punished because she clearly still does not understand the wrong in her actions.

    • Isabella
      Isabella 3 months ago

      The video really doesn’t show anything. His hand moved off and the friend next to them just left. Like if someone is getting sexually assaulted next to you, would you just leave and do nothing? They’re making out, and that’s why the brother said they heard kissing noises. She wouldn’t just be making out with someone who isn’t moving, that’s kinda hard to do

  • Lily Wool
    Lily Wool 3 months ago +4

    this reeks of narcissism. As a psychology major and someone who was raised a narcissistic parent, one of the most easily identifiable moments was her direct "apology" to Jack (timestamp 14:44). Here I break it down:
    "Jack, if you are reading this: I apologize if there were times that I made you uncomfortable. I am sorry if anything I ever did triggered other things you experienced... But anything I did, I did unknowingly"
    This shallow apology is using the SAME language narcissists often tend to use. Using "IF" in order to introduce doubt and take zero responsibility, instead of, "I apologize FOR the times when..."
    In addition, her saying "anything I ever did" and "anything I did." Using the word "anything" is an attempt to de-contextualize the entire allegation and make his claims more obtuse and vague. Because the assaults are alleged to have taken place on several occasions, namely the recorded instance, this is an attempt to cast doubt, make vague, trivialize the claims in such a way that "anything" could be as simple as an unrelated argument on a separate occasion. This is an attempt to confuse the victim and distract the reader.
    Her saying "anything I did" the second time, is almost an attempt to appease to the victim's sanity through the pretense that she is accepting some semblance of blame, though this is certainly not the case.
    Continued, when Sierra apologizes if 'anything' she ever did "triggered other things you experienced," she is now attempting to come across as a force of empathy. (I am very familiar with this manipulation technique.) She is portraying herself as someone who feels for his pain, and again trivializing her own actions as just "triggers" of traumas that were caused by forces unrelated to herself.
    And finally, Sierra's last manipulative attempt, "But anything I did, I did unknowingly," is once again a deflection mechanism claiming naïveté, in order to preserve her public image of her conscience, if you will. That if she EVER committed something as heinous as sexual assault, that it had to be by accident!
    This statement is truly nothing but evidence to her character. Whoever let her release this (assuming that someone encouraged her to) lacks the oversight to acknowledge that educated and intelligent people will see through this poorly crafted narrative. There are way less sloppy ways to successfully manipulate the public, but then again, she was only 17 huh?

  • Anna Frick
    Anna Frick 3 months ago +13

    chasing after a car of guys who cat called her is nice idk how she is comparing that to jumping out of a moving car

  • Angel Botero
    Angel Botero 3 months ago +6

    As a survivor of SA i can 100% feel what jack feels and its so hard to go thru what he went thru and i hope he gets justices because he nor does anyone have to go thru that

  • Shannon G
    Shannon G 3 months ago +4028

    Sienna is the perfect example of why guys stay silent. She is the example of why guys will believe no one will believe them. There has to be a change. We need to use this, her as a way to change the stigma against males and sexual assault.

    • Ali
      Ali 3 months ago

      @j_m1234 well it’s kinda of mixed some ppl don’t believe men some ppl don’t believe women and some blame the victim, we need to stop saying who gets more hate or this and that and just try our best to help the victims💕💕 (no hate)

    • Ali
      Ali 3 months ago

      @petrolhead1987 I am so sorry luv, you deserve so much better and I hope you’re doing better now💕💕

    • Ali
      Ali 3 months ago

      @911 Mr.Lonely oh my I am so sorry, idk why people think that is something that’s okay to someone. I honestly don’t know what’s wrong with people🙁💕💕

  • ally
    ally 3 months ago +8

    it is sad/scary that she believes what she’s saying in this statement, what she did was not “growing as a person” it was a filly committed crime. I hope on the inside she knows what she did, and end up holding herself accountable she needs to give jack the justice he deserves. Now changing topic to the alcohol subject, she was an underage girl that shouldn’t be drinking alcohol, absolutely pathetic, that could also be a charge as well as SA.

  • Cloe Lambert
    Cloe Lambert 3 months ago +3

    i feel so bad for Jack. i went through the same thing last year. the guy tried to say he didnt do it, but i wouldnt lie about it. i wish this society was better.👍🏼

  • User 1
    User 1 3 months ago +5

    Her statement is interesting. It seems highly groomed, edited and curated - as if it was written by her lawyers and not herself. The contrast between the way she speaks and the sound of her statement is pronounced, making it seem even more like something written for her, and not her own thoughts or sentiments. Even though the explanations in the statement are logical and sound reasonable, the apparent “staged-ness” of the statement makes it feel markedly less real and less sincere. What she doesn’t do is directly address her wrongdoing (such as groping someone who is passed out and can not consent or defend themself), admit it’s wrong, and apologize for it - or for any other specific wrong doing. That’s probably why the denizens of the internet judge her harshly and dump ridicule and harsh criticism on her. I think people tend to turn up the volume, repetition and acidity because she doesn’t seem to be getting the message that all her “reasonable” explanations and statements do not constitute an apology (either sincere or otherwise), and do not demonstrate understanding that her aggressive and/or predatory actions are wrong. Lack of understanding of wrongdoing leaves others fearful that the wrongdoer may victimize others. She is being ridiculed and shunned because instead of taking real responsibility, acknowledging wrongdoing and apologizing for it, except for this seemingly insincere statement, she has denied, gas-lighted, and victim-shamed, which just leaves others to believe that she may still be a danger.

  • Mary Miranda
    Mary Miranda 3 months ago +2

    This reminds me so much of the battle between Amber Heard and Johnny Depp. This is the reason why male victims have a hard time speaking up. I hope people will look at this situation and protect male victims just as much as female ones and send them support!

  • Hmm Mmm
    Hmm Mmm 3 months ago +9342

    She lacks humility. Even if she doesn’t think she did anything wrong; if somebody is telling you, you crossed a boundary with them. The proper response is, “I’m so sorry I will not do that again.” Besides the horrendous act she committed, it’s the fact that she doesn’t care how the other person feels at all.

    • Agus Allende
      Agus Allende 3 months ago

      @Alleona Haynes I think the weird person is you who cannot understand this is not drama, or tea, or the type of things that usually go around like: “this influencer is smoking” or “x influencer is called fat”. This is not the same. This is a crime, and no one is saying she needs to apologize, she did apologize, but it doesn’t hold weight cause she doesn’t understand the extent of her actions.

    • abby
      abby 3 months ago +1

      @sarah yeah, seems more like someone backed into a corner saying whatever they feel necessary to get out. totally performative.

    • graceful
      graceful 3 months ago +2

      And she just thinks she's right all the time. but there are times where we we'll be wrong and have to accept it. sienna on the other hand just thinks she's not human and is made to be "perfect" when she isn't.

    • Alleona Haynes
      Alleona Haynes 3 months ago +2

      How do you know she hasn’t apologized to him in person. She doesn’t have to publicly apologize to people that immediately seen the worst in her and don’t believe her. Regardless to her apologizing to the public or not you all are still going to find ways to bash her. Though half of the things you did in your life if we’re public would be bashed worse. Try putting yourself in others shoes rather than judging someone about a situation that you have no idea what happened or how it felt to be there. People are so weird and feel so entitled to speak on other peoples lives because it’s public. You are one of those weird people

  • Ximena Vargas
    Ximena Vargas 3 months ago +7

    I’m so glad that you aren’t say “tea” about this and your spreading awareness about this messed up situation that is just so disturbing what she did.

  • Sydney Norris
    Sydney Norris 3 months ago +3

    the way that she calls her situation with jack “a relationship” even when she knows he only wanted to be friends

  • lana
    lana 3 months ago +7

    she’s such a gaslighter… she’s literally making this all about her & trying to make people feel bad for her like she’s the victim. a truly disgusting person.

    • King Deuce
      King Deuce  3 months ago

      You definitely don’t know what gaslighting means if you think her response was gaslighting. If anything she’s lying. She’s not making Jack feel dumb. She’s not making him question himself or reality. She’s stating her side and how she viewed the situation. Even if she is wrong it’s not gaslighting.

  • [ Lila ]
    [ Lila ] 3 months ago +5

    Idc what happens to her , she SA someone , and her using the excuse of being young, Latina, etc etc is disgusting. I wish for the worst for her.

  • Melissa
    Melissa 3 months ago +3963

    The fact that she keeps blaming things on “my underdeveloped brain” is INSANE. You KNEW BETTER. I knew better by 13 Sienna.

    • richa rozario
      richa rozario 3 months ago +1

      Lmaaooo like even a middle schooler knows better 💀

    • ⨯ 𝙎 𝙭 𝙠 𝙪 𝙧 𝙖 ~!
      ⨯ 𝙎 𝙭 𝙠 𝙪 𝙧 𝙖 ~! 3 months ago

      @angelic dove sorry but no, I’ll continue to cuss

    • sarah m
      sarah m 3 months ago

      @angelic dove but he isnt 24 or 25 so that has nothing to do w anything in this situation.

    • Rubes
      Rubes 3 months ago

      @Brandon Lares In any other situation, this whole thing would probably be different. If sienna nd jack were just regular people like you and me, it might've stayed out of the public eye but as you're aware, theyre both famous. Did you want jack to stay silent? Did you not want him to talk about the situation? So sienna gets to deny the situation left and right, she gets to post her shitty "apologies", she gets to keep on living like nothing ever happened? Because jack sure doesn't get to live like nothing happened. Like I said, he had all the rights to post that video and talk about what happened to him. And yes, sienna did make a huge mistake but it's a mistake you can't say "oh, everyone makes mistakes". It. Was. Assault. Literal assault. Young people make mistakes and you can get away with most of those mistakes with a slap on the wrist and treat it as a new lesson learned and move on from it. What she did was sexual assault. That's not something you look at and go "oh yeah, I did that once! It's okay, it was just a little mistake". Bro. It's an assault. If you treat assault as a "mistake people make"... yowza.

  • Shianne
    Shianne 3 months ago +9

    "Suddenly we were America's favorite teen couple" The fact she thinks they were so relevant, most people don't even know who she is lol

    • Ello, I'm bored
      Ello, I'm bored 3 months ago

      @Angel Dalia LOL SAME💀
      the first time i ever heard of her was when i saw Jack’s video about the sa

    • Shianne
      Shianne 3 months ago +2

      @Angel Dalia Right she's so delusional

    • Angel Dalia
      Angel Dalia 3 months ago +3

      I swear I didn’t know her until recently

  • ghost
    ghost 3 months ago +17

    the way she keeps bringing up how she "just turned 18" makes it seem like she is desperate to show that she was a minor when she did that to jack, because age IS important when you commit a crime.

  • alex
    alex 3 months ago +2

    just because she had a crush on him and he didnt feel the same way doesnt give her the right to do that stuff to him. absolutely disgusting. I really hope she gets help because she needs to seriously work on her response to being rejected and respecting boundaries.

  • MiaMichellee
    MiaMichellee 3 months ago +8

    She’s making it seem like everyone turning on her… there’s consequences to actions. No death threats aren’t cool at all but you can’t be surprised brand deals are going and your losing friends.

    • Alleona Haynes
      Alleona Haynes 3 months ago

      She’s not making it seem like anything. Everyone is turning on her in actuality and it’s been happening for months since the situation went public. She’s been getting bashed left to right people telling her to kill herself. She’s not surprised at all she stating what has happened to her and how she has dealt with it. You all are painting her out to be such a horrible person when you weren’t there and don’t know either her or jack personally. It’s so weird.

  • adriana flores
    adriana flores 3 months ago +3019

    i feel like a lot of people forget that REGARDLESS if you’re in a relationship or not SA can still happen!

    • Christina
      Christina 2 months ago

      They used to say wives couldn't be r-ped by their husband just because they were married. Now they say if you even seem to like someone you can't say no.

    • evelyn
      evelyn 3 months ago


    • Emily Sztuhar
      Emily Sztuhar 3 months ago +1

      @Jsjaks mannsj they dont have to be. I have been s*xually *ssaulted in a relationship and out…. Theres no difference

    • ⨯ 𝙎 𝙭 𝙠 𝙪 𝙧 𝙖 ~!
      ⨯ 𝙎 𝙭 𝙠 𝙪 𝙧 𝙖 ~! 3 months ago +1

      @Jsjaks mannsj yeah, it was a fake one but this comment is basically talking about the people who say “Well they were in a relationship soooo”.

    • Jsjaks mannsj
      Jsjaks mannsj 3 months ago

      Yes but they were not in a relationship tho

  • Melody
    Melody 3 months ago +8

    Let's just hope that everything works out. This is hella messy. I'm just not gonna get involved with tiktok drama or any drama on the internet anymore.

  • Sara Q
    Sara Q 3 months ago +14

    just an fyi, you don’t need to press charges to be a victim of sexual assault! not pressing charges or pressing charges does not erase the trauma.

  • ellie kennedy
    ellie kennedy 3 months ago +3

    it's crazy how well this could convince someone that sienna mae was the victim and not jack

  • FurbyLesbian
    FurbyLesbian 3 months ago +2

    “To make mistakes is to be human” yeah. And to abuse someone is to be a monster.

  • Oldladymae
    Oldladymae 3 months ago +1

    As someone who is in their late 30’s and unfortunately have been SA in my teens and as an adult I think survivors can tell when another person has had a SA experience. I don’t watch these kids so going in blind I believe Jack and his statement. Hopefully everyone learns from this and they both seek help

  • BoogieMonster Mom
    BoogieMonster Mom 3 months ago +5

    I'm sorry but there's a video clearly showing her hand on his crotch, while he appears to be passed out. The fact that she still denies ever touching him there makes me question her whole statement because what else is she going to lie about or twist if she's willing to deny something everyone can see with their own eyes? What about the things we couldn't/can't see? How can we expect honesty when it comes to the those? I think they both may have done some things wrong, giving mixed signals etc, but you don't touch on someone when they're asleep/drunk. That should be common knowledge now even when it comes to youth. Doesn't matter what signals he was giving, he didn't deserve that.

  • Theresa layton
    Theresa layton 3 months ago +3

    I really hope young people really take this as a life lesson for themselves. Thies were 2 Kids in a VERY Adult situation. And I hope people can learn from this debacle situation.about boundaries and toxic relationships. A difficult situation from All sides. SO GLAD this is being addressed in the same format as it was created, so others can learn from the mistakes made and not repeat them 💙

  • Um Okay
    Um Okay 3 months ago +3

    Ugh this one is tough for me because I do think consent can be a gray area when it comes to people in a close relationship. On one hand we have romantic comedies telling us to make the first move, then all of a sudden that message gets flipped on its head. It would be heartbreaking if all this was happening just because of miscommunication.

  • Reenadactyl
    Reenadactyl 3 months ago +2467

    She’s literally unhinged omg. She can’t even fathom a reality where she’s not the victim it’s so weird. And maybe if just turned 18, let your legal team do their job? She never denies anything, she just says “other people were there too”

    • Leyah
      Leyah 3 months ago +12

      she did try and deny it by saying the statement was “defamatory and painting her in a different light” it’s just funny bc she is simultaneously admitting to it and trying to excuse it lmfao

    • Reenadactyl
      Reenadactyl 3 months ago +14

      argo the key code thing? all that shows is why she has it, it doesn’t debunk if she broke on or not

    • argo
      argo 3 months ago +10

      she does deny tho LOL

  • Cheryl Morris
    Cheryl Morris 3 months ago +1

    I love this type of format you’ve been doing. Thank you so much for covering this.

  • Official_Sez
    Official_Sez 3 months ago +4

    “I, I, I, I, I, me, me, me” thats all I heard. SHE is not the victim, HE is the victim.

  • Kakomi
    Kakomi 3 months ago +4

    It sounds like shes just making excuses and is gas lighting everyone to make people feel bad and she only cares about what she wants.

  • Kamila
    Kamila 3 months ago +1


  • Hailey Marissa
    Hailey Marissa 3 months ago +3478

    It really is sad/scary how she believes that she isn’t in the wrong…this is why so many people who have been assaulted struggle so much to open up and talk about what THEY have been through. Rapists are SO GOOD at manipulating and lying to people just to continue their horrible shit. I feel awful for jack, especially because it just kept happening to him.

    • ⨯ 𝙎 𝙭 𝙠 𝙪 𝙧 𝙖 ~!
      ⨯ 𝙎 𝙭 𝙠 𝙪 𝙧 𝙖 ~! 3 months ago +1

      @Hailey Marissa I hate her and what she did was wrong but she most certainly is not a rapist, you shouldn’t call people that just because you think that’s what they will be in the future.

    • Mack Ryder
      Mack Ryder 3 months ago +1

      @K_H Never once did I agree with her. Nor did i say she didnt traumatize him. SA IS VERY SERIOUS. But you can not label someone as a rapist if they did not. I feel for the kid and i know he is hurting. All I am saying is be mindful of the words you use because it can confuse victims as well.

    • Mack Ryder
      Mack Ryder 3 months ago +1

      ​@Deanna Clayton I am not saying it cant be!! im just saying that you cant label her as that. SA is just as traumatic but they are different.

  • sarah escobedo
    sarah escobedo 2 months ago +1

    i know i'm easily manipulated when i genuinely believed she was being sincere

  • Faith Hill
    Faith Hill 3 months ago +1

    "I've never been so scared in my life" good, she should be

  • Zena- faith
    Zena- faith 3 months ago +2

    12:03 so what I'm hearing is he backed her up because he wasn't going to stand for sexism towards someone he knows. Thats not crazy girl, that's showing he cares. Thats something more men should do.

  • Malik Kamagate
    Malik Kamagate 3 months ago +22

    She’s pretending like she was 12 when this happened. Girl wasn’t this like 6 months ago?😭😭 “my brain’s not fully developed yet.” Okayyy?? Get your hand outa that man’s pants😭😭

  • summerseve9924
    summerseve9924 3 months ago +2279

    So…her “growing as a person” rant means she didn’t commit a crime? It means she doesn’t have to actually hold herself accountable and give jack the justice he deserves? Pathetic.

    • Momoecita
      Momoecita 3 months ago +4

      i hope she can apologize, cause there cant be a point in time where she didnt at least feel what she did was a little not right

    • Chloe Mills
      Chloe Mills 3 months ago +14

      Honestly!!! I am the SAME AGE as Sienna and there is no way I would EVER sa someone or even try to justify it being done. She’s acting like a maturity thing when it’s really just being a sane person. Anyone in their right mind knows it is not ok to do anything to someone without their consent. The “growing as a person” excuse should only be used during insignificant events such as gossiping or having a bad attitude, not literally assaulting someone.

    • strawberrykathleen
      strawberrykathleen 3 months ago +61

      She really said some "I'm just so young and our relationship was so confusing 😩 he flirted with other girls!!" Like why are you trying to point a finger when you literally assaulted him. "I would hug him I'm sorry if that made him uncomfortable" girl bye🤣

  • dani
    dani 3 months ago +3

    i feel very uncomfortable with her bringing up the fact that she just turned 18 at so many points to paint the picture that she was just a young girl in love who made mistakes. its absolutely not the case. you dont magically learn about consent or respecting someones boundries at 18. i find it absolutely disgusting that shes trying to make herself look like the victim in this case, her intentions are very clear from what she writes. as a SA victim myself i wholeheartedly stand with Jack and i hope she gets a proper punishment for her actions. its not only hurting Jack but other SA victims too….

  • Shruti J
    Shruti J 3 months ago +2

    Umm, I have only made it up till 12 minutes into this video and I just have to say this; you cannot, under any circumstances, chalk something up to being ‘teenagers do stupid things’, cause even adults, kids and so many other categories of people do that. Don’t say that ‘teenagers do stupid things’ cause not every teen does stupid things. Just say that ‘I did stupid shit’ and take responsibility for what YOU did, whatever it may be. I just got really offended and angry when i heard that

  • Miss Lady K
    Miss Lady K 3 months ago +7

    I’ve heard both sides. They’re young. I kinda feel both sides too. I don’t think anything hurtful was intentional- but maybe I don’t know every single part that I should; none of us do. I’m feeling glad she shared her side at least.

  • Blah blah blah
    Blah blah blah 3 months ago +3

    The quote she shared, "to admit those mistakes allows us to learn"? girl I know you did not just say that because you did not admit a single mistake. Everyone would have much more respect for you if it wasn't until your victim called you out on it that you responded in a SLIGHTLY less aggressive way. But still its deny deny deny. I'm an extremely empathetic person and I always try to find the good in people, but I doubt you wrote that, you chose not to own up to shit, and you blamed everything on being young. A few months from eighteen is basically the same as being a legal adult. You wanna stop getting hate Jack's tears were real, so your statements should be too. You're lucky he is not pressing charges. Also why would he lie about this, especially if he hasn't pressed charges? This was a rant I'm sorry this just pissed me off

  • victoria s
    victoria s 3 months ago +777

    she’s putting so much emphasis on how “confusing” their relationship was but even if he really was giving her mixed signals, there is nothing confusing about hearing “no, get off me” multiple times in several different situations. doesn’t matter if they were dating or even married - being in a relationship with someone does not grant you consent 24/7

    • Samantha Malkin
      Samantha Malkin 3 months ago +4

      and the thing is, even if he had feelings for her he was still not consenting and was unconscious

    • ⨯ 𝙎 𝙭 𝙠 𝙪 𝙧 𝙖 ~!
      ⨯ 𝙎 𝙭 𝙠 𝙪 𝙧 𝙖 ~! 3 months ago +3

      He quiet literally said “not yet” and “no” but she still didn’t take the hint.

    • Fallen4theFallen2
      Fallen4theFallen2 3 months ago +11

      THANK YOU! I don't understand how someone can hear "No" but still not understand to STOP!

  • Liana
    Liana 3 months ago +1

    the fact that she brought her nationality into it to make it seem like Jack was being “racist” is on a whole other level of not okay, because now people will start associating Latino/a(s) with sexual assault all because of what sienna did. Absolutely disgusting…

  • Malena
    Malena 3 months ago +2

    "I went from being one of the most loved girls on the internet" LMFAOOOOOO baby who are you

  • Ava..1234
    Ava..1234 3 months ago +2

    All she did was make excuses and “apologize.” Each time she said sorry there was an if or but right after it trying to justify what she did. She definitely does not deserve people sending threats and telling her to kill herself (nobody does) but there is proof of what she did and she can’t hide behind a wall of excuses forever.

  • Jessica Greenwald
    Jessica Greenwald 3 months ago

    I really hope people start realizing that men are victims of these sorts of things too and that society will be more willing to hear their stories. Everyone who goes through this deserves justice regardless of their gender. We also need to acknowledge that women DO commit these crimes too and they should not get a free pass.

  • Olivia Barone
    Olivia Barone 3 months ago +2573

    I have no idea how she goes to bed at night knowing in her mind everything she has done to all those poor people.

    • Beeii 🇺🇦
      Beeii 🇺🇦 3 months ago

      @Tori Blackaby yep 🚶‍♀️

    • Angie Yonaga
      Angie Yonaga 3 months ago

      @Boogie Luv Jack is not the only victim Sienna's had. There are more that recently came out as well.

    • Beeii 🇺🇦
      Beeii 🇺🇦 3 months ago +8

      @Boogie Luv not only she SA-ed jack, there were other victims too sadly. Wow what a confidence she has 🚶‍♀️

    • Olivia Barone
      Olivia Barone 3 months ago +18

      @Boogie Luv all the people she did terrible things to, what jacks video

  • Bre Jackson
    Bre Jackson 3 months ago +4

    Netflix needs to release the RAW uncut video and expose her

  • I don't like you
    I don't like you 3 months ago +2

    It’s crazy to me how at the end of the day the only ppl who know 100% what happened is them two and even then there are conflicting statements. I wonder what will happen next and that hopefully in the end there’s justice

  • Mariztle
    Mariztle 3 months ago +1

    It's crazy how entitled these TikTok famous teenagers can be as they feel like they're living in their own little world where they're the main character who can't be in the wrong and the world revolves around them.

  • Kuma Shock
    Kuma Shock 3 months ago +3

    She’s really acting like he just accused her of hugging him or holding his hand unwanted. SHE WOULD TOUCH HIM WHILE HE WAS PASSED OUT, GET NAKED AND CLIMB ON TOP OF HIM WHILE HE REJECTS AND TRIES TO PULL HER OFF, AND MORE. That isn’t something she “saw her parents do”.

  • Anna De.
    Anna De. 3 months ago +4981

    Im honestly so happy you spread awareness about things like these and not treat it like it's "tea" when it isnt.. I honestly understand the feeling of being sexually assaulted and being afraid to say something. I'm so glad Jack came out about this and Also happy you spread awarness because it'll encourage others who's going thru this to see that it's okay to speak out and get help.

    • Cory Braun
      Cory Braun 3 months ago

      @911 Mr.Lonely comment?

    • Sixk
      Sixk 3 months ago +1

      @911 Mr.Lonely news channel on TheXvid always have their channel monetized and making money off people traumatizing stories 💀

    • Laurie Evans
      Laurie Evans 3 months ago

      @Brittney Bubby we aren’t telling our stories. This is the problem with a lot of victims when we hear about another. Anytime we say, oh thanks for saying this I have also suffered with this, y’all say “THiS iSnt AboUt uS” we never said it was. We just making it known that he’s not alone. Stop.

    • Kenzie Brown
      Kenzie Brown 3 months ago

      @B- DAWG not necessarily I don't wish jail on mine

    • Satan's Muffin Top
      Satan's Muffin Top 3 months ago +6

      @911 Mr.Lonely the news makes money off of the same thing.

  • Taya Hillerud
    Taya Hillerud 3 months ago +8

    She acts like she's so much more "grown up" now that she's 18. And that her actions when she was 17 were bc she was a teenager. Like sis, you don't suddenly grow up when you turn 18 despite the fact that, unfortunately, the government says you're an adult. The fact that you feel you have to write this whole essay to defend yourself as an immature teenager, means you knew what you did is wrong and you're just trying to paint yourself as an immature teen who didn't know. Also the saying your name is being slander and your business deals are ruined, being so concerned about your influential status and then saying you wish you were a "normal girl" is so contradicting. Like this isn't someone trying to cancel you bc you're famous. If you weren't famous and did this shit, it would still be wrong.

  • Adalyn Montrose
    Adalyn Montrose 3 months ago +1

    Her saying she was one of the most loved girls on the internet shows exactly how highly she thinks of herself like bestie I’ve never heard of you until now

  • cubsgirl101
    cubsgirl101 3 months ago

    The way to defend yourself from allegations about breaking into someone’s house is definitely not to respond with “I never broke in I just knew the garage code.” So… you still went into his house without him knowing?
    Sienna needs to seek counseling for why she thought any of this was ok.

  • Peachkins
    Peachkins 3 months ago +1

    I think these accusations are extremely serious, and this needs to be handled in court. Not on social media.

  • 1 X
    1 X 3 months ago +2001

    Imagine how much courage it takes for a man to admit a woman sa'd him. Then we have this nasty woman spouting 3,000 words of excuses, manipulation and even trying to make him out as a bad person... No remorse, no empathy. Sociopathic.

    • jay.ffx1
      jay.ffx1 3 months ago +5

      @Abel Rose babe it isn’t about you☠️

    • Flore
      Flore 3 months ago +5

      @ValsaysHi I'm a gurl and wtf is this.... yes it's hard but they always believe women more than guys about SA

    • Joe Fitzgerald
      Joe Fitzgerald 3 months ago +9

      @ValsaysHi this is why the conversation about male victims never advances, someone always has to make it about women. Yes it’s an issue for both genders, but you don’t see anyone “oh well it happens to men too” when discussing a female victim. Saying that it’s not just men who face this issue takes away from the actual issue at hand and once again takes the attention away from male victims

  • Libby
    Libby 3 months ago +1

    She’s either telling the truth, or saving her own ass from being end up put in jail🤷‍♀️

  • Nora Patt
    Nora Patt 3 months ago

    The dedication to your fans for reading that damn essay out. I solute you.

  • vfam.
    vfam. 3 months ago +2

    did she really pull the "I turned 18 4 days ago so I'm so wise card" ... 💀 girls its not like a light switch

  • Dian Varughese
    Dian Varughese 3 months ago +2

    “Have faith and trust that I will land where I am meant to be…” oh you mean jail right?!

  • Hello
    Hello 3 months ago +2

    “America’s new favorite teenager couple” and “one of the most loved girls on the internet” literally who does this girl think she is?

  • Ruby J R
    Ruby J R 3 months ago +1

    touching someone without consent/their knowledge several times isn’t a mistake. not when the occurrence of the action became normality. sienna deserves to be locked up for what she did. she may have been young, but even most three year olds know the difference between “yes” and “no”. this is absolutely disgusting, and i hope jack heals from this.

  • Amy Melton
    Amy Melton 3 months ago +3

    "We were America's new favorite teenage ship" lol calm down sweetie. I didnt even know who you were before this.