André Rieu - Christmas in London (2018)


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  • maria yanes
    maria yanes 6 days ago

    Realmente Hermoso, gracias André!

  • Bazz inBulgaria
    Bazz inBulgaria 9 days ago

    Has anyone ever noticed this?...there is almost always one particular lady in the audience. She must go to every performance, wherever Andre and the JSO happen to be. Here she is at 35.32 and 35.48...I admire her loyalty.


    Me encantan sus presentaciones, felicitaciones desde Venezuela.

  • Noureddine Tah
    Noureddine Tah 14 days ago


  • Anne ramos
    Anne ramos 16 days ago

    When are you coming back to the US ? I want to see you all playing music here , i havent see ypu yet ! Thanks hermie of california.

  • Alvin Chen
    Alvin Chen 17 days ago

    Andre Rieu's music makes me laugh every time. It's really fantastic. Thanks a lot, Andre. I am always in love your wonderful music.

  • Olivier Cresson
    Olivier Cresson 17 days ago

    Vous savez se qui me plait le plus hormis le talent d'andre rien et de toute son équipe c'est le bonheur du public!

  • Teodora Teneva
    Teodora Teneva 20 days ago


  • healer healer
    healer healer 22 days ago


  • Arlene Grebenc
    Arlene Grebenc 27 days ago

    nearly a whole box of tissues used up because of all the beauty in this video. Thank you So VERY MUCH Andre

  • Jacks Grandma
    Jacks Grandma 27 days ago

    Can you imagine how many millions would not hear classical music without Andre? How many would go their whole lives without seeing an orchestra? Oh Andre you are a treasure. Thank you, Kathleen

  • bee aem
    bee aem 28 days ago

    Fantastic. The whole concert creates joyful happiness to all. Thank you very very much. Salute.!

  • Bożena Nawrocka
    Bożena Nawrocka 29 days ago


  • bryan vd riet
    bryan vd riet Month ago

    What's the song at 38:05?

  • Lara F.
    Lara F. Month ago

    I am so sad now that i missed this concert here in UK...

  • Gamer Republik
    Gamer Republik Month ago

    queria essa cultura para nosso Brasil, demais......

  • Gordana Rula
    Gordana Rula Month ago

    Thanks for this beautiful vidio.

  • john stringer
    john stringer Month ago


  • Dorin Victor Cristianciuc

    Manoe, my love !!!

  • A.W. Flores
    A.W. Flores Month ago

    What is Christmas without André Rieu his orchestra & their wonderful music ....??? Nothing ... André Rieu & orchestra thank you so much for the beautiful Christmas you gave to us ..... Vrolijke kerstfeest ... Merry Christmas ... Frohes Weihnachten .. Feliz Navidad .... Joyeux Noël ... Buon Natale ... Feliz Natale ... ;-)

  • Janet Torres
    Janet Torres Month ago

    Wonderful sopranos!!

  • stephen Gibson
    stephen Gibson Month ago

    Saw Andre Rieu with my Russian partner in Leeds a year before she sadly passed away with cancer. A beautiful night and a more beautiful memory of us for me to keep forever

  • virgo10c
    virgo10c Month ago

    name song 52:48 pliss

  • Henry Jurkiewicz
    Henry Jurkiewicz Month ago

    Shame about the song Jerusalem spoilt the show. Sentimental nonsense that has no place or connection to anything written in the book of revelation. A work of pure fiction.

  • nice pera
    nice pera Month ago

    The name of the birth person Jesus Christ was not mentioned. E o aniversariante, sabem Quem é? JESUS CRISTO!!!

  • Paul Cotter
    Paul Cotter Month ago

    Thank you Andr'e Rieu for sharing this with those of us in the USA who are not able to be at one of your wonderful music appearance. All our love to you and your amazing forks.

  • Donna Riggs
    Donna Riggs Month ago

    Love the internet for this gift. Music can bring the world together. What incredible talent, dedication and passion to their craft. One of the most beautiful experiences to have enjoyed . Long live MR Rieu and Crew!!!! Fabulous!!!!

  • fabian camero
    fabian camero Month ago


  • Antonio Fernandes
    Antonio Fernandes Month ago

    You can almost smell the urine and uninformed racist views on that room.

  • mara silva
    mara silva Month ago

    wonderful! and the audience singing along with the orchestra!

  • chavo nueve
    chavo nueve Month ago

    En verdad,este show no tiene una palabra para ser calificado,es...UNICO EN EL MUNDO!

  • marco peroni
    marco peroni Month ago

    Fantastico sublime meraviglioso fatto piangere

  • Sarahi Ayala
    Sarahi Ayala Month ago +1

    Me gustaria ir alguno de estos eventos

  • Carla Pinna
    Carla Pinna Month ago

    Grazie magnifico

  • jános varjaskéri
    jános varjaskéri Month ago

    Boldog új évet mindenkinek.

  • José Marques de Souza Ramos

    Christ deserve the best of us ! Allelujah!

  • Algis Šik
    Algis Šik Month ago

    What a wonderful music world

  • Robert Allen
    Robert Allen Month ago

    Absolutely fabulous! Enjoyed every minute!

  • Sandy Weekley
    Sandy Weekley Month ago

    You are one of God's greatest gifts to the world.

  • Lenny Online
    Lenny Online Month ago

    What is that song at 49:00?

    • Cleber Roberto
      Cleber Roberto Month ago

      André Rieu - Adieu mein kleiner Gardeoffizier

  • Cesar Carballo
    Cesar Carballo Month ago

    que preciosa musica

  • Oscar
    Oscar Month ago

    Muy bueno, nivel de excelencia

  • Gilberto Salomon
    Gilberto Salomon Month ago


  • Sihem Charni
    Sihem Charni Month ago


  • Cadar Sorin
    Cadar Sorin Month ago

    Was this outside??

  • Isabel Escudero
    Isabel Escudero Month ago

    Bravo maestro ANDREU

  • Amarillo Fuerte
    Amarillo Fuerte Month ago

    Me fascina su música

  • Ana María Gardella Puentes


  • Anna.Jacob Goldenshtein

    Amazing concert. I enjoyed it so much!!! Didn't want it to end.

  • Manole mihaela
    Manole mihaela Month ago

    Excellent concert! Sublim!

  • Monika Bogacka
    Monika Bogacka Month ago +2

    Merry Christmas 🌹😚💜

  • Rinske Deutekom
    Rinske Deutekom Month ago

    Hoe kom ik op Net flix?

  • Ana Maria Vera Burga


  • Vicki 0000000
    Vicki 0000000 Month ago

    There will soon be peace in Jerusalem. THE KING IS COMING SOON.

  • Girasol Redondo
    Girasol Redondo Month ago

    Sr. Andre Rieu, bellisimo como siempre bellisimo. Gracias por este deliciosisimo concierto.

  • Peter Hyatt
    Peter Hyatt Month ago

    If Islamization continues, this wonderful Christmas concert is something the next generation will not experience but only long for.

  • Luiz Gonzaga Bueno
    Luiz Gonzaga Bueno Month ago

    André Rieu merece um Nobel Prize. Yes, he deserves a Nobel Prize!!!!!

  • Guillermo Fernández Lorenzo

    Señor André Rieu, hace usted unos espectáculos, difícilmente mejorables

  • Wladyslaw Sz
    Wladyslaw Sz Month ago

    It is foolish to confuse the carnival with Christmas in such a short time concert - it leads to misunderstandings! Someone must finally bring tidy! Separate the concerts with memorabilia of God's incarnation (Advent, then Christmas) from carnival concerts (which start about eight days later)

  • Wladyslaw Sz
    Wladyslaw Sz Month ago

    This is a carnival concert, New Year's and NOT Christmas

  • Wladyslaw Sz
    Wladyslaw Sz Month ago >> Polish Christmas carols IN similar English version = Performed by Eva ANGELI

  • Wladyslaw Sz
    Wladyslaw Sz Month ago

    The need for a new Christian spirit in music, because otherwise it will flood us with the pagan socio-political doctrine of Muslim and not any religion! And here the carnival with Christmas is mixed up - stupidity!

  • Wladyslaw Sz
    Wladyslaw Sz Month ago

    A lot of glitz, stupid merriment and still little charm. They do is only for the public, for the money - There is not even one Polish Christmas carol, despite the fact that Polish carols are the most beautiful - they should be known because they have no equal. There are several times more of them and they have not been discovered yet... E.g. why this song "Hallelujah" here?

  • Wladyslaw Sz
    Wladyslaw Sz Month ago

    What does the "Waltz of Skates" have to do with the memory of the Savior's incarnation? What about the beautiful melodies that have little to do with the Christian tradition? Marxist correctness, secular? What stupidity? Mistakes Christmas with the New Year and the carnival! And where is the half of the world's most important Christmas music and only the Anglo-Saxon tradition?

  • katherine buttigieg

    You are one amazing man and your orchestra bringing great peace and the joy of music into so many lives, God Bless You,,

  • Claudette Perreault

    You have just made my Christmas bless you

  • Charlotte Lanssens
    Charlotte Lanssens Month ago

    André Rieu : magnifique et grandiose !


    Gracias maestro excelente musica

  • bjorndegeweldige
    bjorndegeweldige Month ago

    Perfect video to play on Christmas Day 2018 😍

  • mike mcgln
    mike mcgln Month ago


  • mike mcgln
    mike mcgln Month ago


  • Carlos Gomes
    Carlos Gomes Month ago

    Wonderful Concert excellent video!

  • Emmanuel Alonzaa
    Emmanuel Alonzaa Month ago

    So beautiful

  • thomas Prior
    thomas Prior Month ago

    a young looking billy conoly

  • Ben Gundran
    Ben Gundran Month ago

    Outstanding performance of musical voices, very impressive performances. Musical talent at the highest, wow 😮

  • ewa kowalska
    ewa kowalska Month ago +4

    Thank You Andre:))))

    • Wladyslaw Sz
      Wladyslaw Sz Month ago

      What does the "Waltz of Skates" have to do with the memory of the Savior's incarnation? Next e. g. > Why this song "Hallelujah" here? What about the beautiful melodies that have little to do with the Christian tradition? Marxist correctness, secular? What stupidity? Mistakes Christmas with the New Year and the carnival! And where is the half of the world's most important Christmas music and there is e. g. not even one Polish Christmas carol, despite

  • Elsie van Rooyen
    Elsie van Rooyen Month ago

    I cried so much while watching this concert...although it is nearly 6 years since I lost my mother early in January 2013 and my ex-husband and father of my children passed away on Christmas Day 2013 as a result of Alzheimers... Christmas will never be the same for us ever again... for a reason I will never understand, this year was especially painful... but I soooo enjoyed the music and crying my heart out... Thank you!!!, I love your music!!! When is the recording of your 2108 Cristhmas concert coming out?
    Wishing you and your family and all the members of your orchestra a joyous Christmas time and a very prosperous 2019.

  • Nicu Nicu
    Nicu Nicu Month ago

    câtă vreţi, Sănătate pentru toţi, Iar la anul care vine Să vă fie şi
    mai bine. Să vă fie casa, casă, cu bucate noi pe masă, Moş Crăciun cu
    sacul plin, drumu-n viaţă cât mai lin
    Sărbătorile de iarnă să vă
    aducă bucuria Crăciunului prin speranţă, spiritul Crăciunului prin pace,
    emoţia Crăciunului prin dragoste.
    CRACIUN BINECUVANTAT alaturi de cei dragi !❤️🍀🍀🍀

  • Marcelo Soares
    Marcelo Soares Month ago

    Very beautiful.

  • Bram Huysen
    Bram Huysen Month ago

    Arrogant, all show, no substance. Why? Because Rieu is the worst musician you can think of. He made his repute and millions giving the masses cheap glitter and mirrors, exploiting the talent of people he rounds up in orchestras and choirs, for talent is something he never had. He is a clown, simple as that.

    • Fred Lomeda
      Fred Lomeda Month ago

      and you are a devil in flesh spreading hatred and wickedness.

  • Kristine B. McAnelly

    A wonderfully entertaining performance. When the camera switches to the audience it's absolutely delightful to see the awesome wonderment of each child on the edge of their seats.

  • Javier Álvarez Espín

    Grandeeee!!! Qué cosa tan grandiosa!!! Bonito de verdad!!! Emocionante!!!!

  • Jenn Hughes
    Jenn Hughes Month ago

    He makes everyone just sob and have mental breakdowns. Lmao. Hes amazing

  • Phil Durrant
    Phil Durrant Month ago

    Brilliant,so enjoyed

  • Наташа Фатеева
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  • Miguel J. Ledesma
    Miguel J. Ledesma Month ago

    Dieser Mann mit Orchester macht alle glücklich!

  • 임창선
    임창선 Month ago

    It's a wonderful

  • Emily Windsor-Cragg

    How does you pronounce, "RIEU"?

  • Camilo iturriaga canobra


  • gene kirby
    gene kirby Month ago


  • austrorus
    austrorus Month ago

    To everyone who is celebrating Christmas, never mind where you are, who you are or what you are doing or believing in, have a great time, many presents and lots of snow!!!( hardly though in South Africa or Australia..)

  • Egy Sam
    Egy Sam Month ago

    I Love it, Thank You André Rieu, This Got me More & More Into The Christmas Spirit.

  • frans le noble
    frans le noble Month ago +1

    Zehrrr sheun,abberrr waaruhm so geillll ???

  • Enno de bruyn
    Enno de bruyn Month ago

    Geweldige uitvoering ! André Rieu voor mij ben je de beste ! maar ook voor de rest van de wereld !

  • Лариса Качаева


    SONIA LIMA Month ago

    Siempre, soy facinente.

  • Case Ville Sardegna

    Un sogno fin da quando ero piccola è stato andare a vedere un concerto come questo! Lei e l'orchestra siete i migliori. Grazie Andrè. :-)) .

  • Mabel Alvarez
    Mabel Alvarez Month ago

    muchas gracias André Rieu.... un placer escuchar estas melodías .... gracias... gracias desde Montevideo, Uruguay

  • Waldir Pires
    Waldir Pires Month ago +1

    Dear André Rieu, you made me feel crying here in Brazil. I sang for a long time in chorus and I remembered all those songs. God bless you and all your team.

    • Wladyslaw Sz
      Wladyslaw Sz Month ago

      What does the "Waltz of Skates" have to do with the memory of the Savior's incarnation? Next e. g. > Why this song "Hallelujah" here? What about the beautiful melodies that have little to do with the Christian tradition? Marxist correctness, secular? What stupidity? Mistakes Christmas with the New Year and the carnival! And where is the half of the world's most important Christmas music and there is e. g. not even one Polish Christmas carol, despite

  • Jan Dudek
    Jan Dudek Month ago

    warto tego posluchać , oj warto