Is the MacBook Pro 2018 REALLY Bad?

  • Published on Aug 26, 2018
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    Apple’s reputation for… Less than stellar thermal performance certainly precedes it. But is that really all there is to the 2018 Core i9-equipped MacBook Pro?
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Comments • 7 534

  • Jack Dawson
    Jack Dawson Day ago

    I am looking to buy a Macbook pro 15inch 2018 I7, version. If i run Netflix or Amazon Video, or just browsing on the internet, Will the laptop run cool? on my lap?

  • Evan Sargent
    Evan Sargent Day ago

    Why so much apple hate their products are good for "most" people. I'm getting rid of my gaming stuff to focus more on work, family and important things in life ya know. I've build 6 gaming PC's for myself so I'm no fanboy and the note 9 is my go to phone, but I need a powerful portable laptop that I can take to edit 4k real estate videos and also take with me to work on my real estate investment business. I tested one and loved it. i7, 512Gb, redeon 560x, 32Gb of RAM. $2,600 refurbished or $2,600 for the new Razer 15 RTX 2070 white edition. I'm not wanting the temptation to game so the macbook it is!

  • bytejuggler
    bytejuggler 2 days ago

    It's asinine for Apple to (try to) save a few cents per macbook by soldering the SSD onto the motherboard. SSD's have a limited number of write cycles so it's inevitable that at some point it will need replacing. It's not good enough to simply shrug and expect your customer to buy a whole new laptop if and when that happens.

  • Kinowe Sunga
    Kinowe Sunga 2 days ago

    ssd soldered on the board. what the f apple

  • Rob827
    Rob827 2 days ago

    I need this to play minecraft

  • Got Game
    Got Game 3 days ago


  • Nguyễn Thanh Huy
    Nguyễn Thanh Huy 3 days ago

    sorry, but try to install the windows 10 on the mac please

  • IlikeAlotOfThings
    IlikeAlotOfThings 3 days ago

    I love how on every laptop video, apple haters will be on apple videos, while windows haters will be on windows videos.

    • Delain124
      Delain124 3 days ago

      Its not about being a hater. It's about the fact that Apple and many of there fans can't admit when they mess up. They mess up here. Windows fans will call out window when they mess up. Apple fans should do the same.

  • Daniel Adler
    Daniel Adler 4 days ago

    thank god for PC laptops and Windows!
    imagine buying an expensive car but not being able to replace the tires because they're glued in to the rims! lol

  • JR ii
    JR ii 4 days ago

    Why no nvidia gpu options though? Will it ever be an option?

  • Leon Baksh
    Leon Baksh 4 days ago

    He’s rlly dragging the heat 💀

  • NobleBlazer 123
    NobleBlazer 123 5 days ago +1

    For everyone that is complaining about the MacBook pros not being better than other products out there you’re right and you’re wrong. First off, I have to agree that other products have better value for what you get, in most cases. I also agree that windows is a better os, but I think that a lot of Apple haters overlook some key details. One is the security you get from buying a MacBook. The MacBook is way less likely to get viruses and other programs design to slow down your computer. Another thing is that over a course of 4+ years apple products will continue to run smoothly, while on windows devices it is likely that your computer will start to slow down after only a year. Finally is the resale value of MacBooks. MacBooks depreciate in value way less than windows devises, so the extra money you can get from reselling your product helps justify the price. Not to mention how apple has a more premium vibe and the brand name.

    • Delain124
      Delain124 3 days ago

      It's less likely to get a viruses the same way Linux users are less likely to get one more people use desktops and laptops with WINDOWS. So the people who make the malware and viruses are going to go after them. But make no mistake Apple computers do get malware and viuses.
      "Another thing is that over a course of 4+ years apple products will continue to run smoothly, while on windows devices it is likely that your computer will start to slow down after only a year. "
      That depends on the the price point for the windows desktop or laptop. You see unlike Apple there are many different companies that make desktops and laptops for windows are many different price points. The higher the price point the longer it will last based on the better hardware. You really think Dell, HP, ASUS, Lenovo, etc are going to put the best hardware into a $200 dollar desktop or laptop?
      On top of that people who know how will either build or update the hardware on there PC to always be running faster and smoother then Macs so next.
      "Finally is the resale value of MacBooks. MacBooks depreciate in value way less than windows devises, so the extra money you can get from reselling your product helps justify the price. Not to mention how apple has a more premium vibe and the brand name."
      Because no one else makes PCs that run IOS. And I'm going to be really honest there are Windows laptop that are just as premium as Macbooks. Razer, Alienware, ASUS, Dell will have very premium laptops that higher the prices is.
      That's what you Apple fan boys don't get or understand is that there ARE DIFFERENT PRICE POINTS. You can't compare a 200 dollar computer to a iMac or Macbook is. You can compare the Razer. Guess what you can get a Razer Blade Pro for $4,899.99 with a 1080 GPU and an i7 and it will be great for the next 4+ years. Also ever thing you can do on a Macbook you can do on the Razer Blade Pro and more. Also just for the hell of it you can get a Microsoft Surface Book 2 for 3,099.00 from Bestbuy. It has the Intel 8th Generation Core i7 and NVIDIA GeForce GTX 1060 and its very premium and can do ever thing a Macbook can do and more.
      So sit get off your high horse and sit down.

  • huajie666 liu
    huajie666 liu 5 days ago

    No. I love it.

  • Altj Eveningstar
    Altj Eveningstar 5 days ago

    just here for the underwear...........who dis apple btw 😎🖖

  • Video 1
    Video 1 5 days ago

    lame. deeply profoundly lame.

  • Gwapo Osuma
    Gwapo Osuma 6 days ago

    apple product,recreated all machine for the costumer consume more once something defected in the machine it's better to buy another one than go to repareshop
    you cannot upgrade anything because all components is solderd

  • oksana gutierrez
    oksana gutierrez 6 days ago

    This is just the video I needed. Thank you for helping me not waste my $ 👌💁🏼

  • oksana gutierrez
    oksana gutierrez 6 days ago

    😮 I appreciate this vid . I was looking into a mbp to spend leftover tax $ on, but you’ve shown me that this just is not worth my hard earned $$. I’ll stick with my Lenovo up grade

  • TheBestMapper
    TheBestMapper 7 days ago

    Can someone please help me donating too me so I can get a MacBook Pro and start coding apps and games. Thank you!

    ZUBAIR AHMED 8 days ago

    agree agree agree

  • kambaala yashwanth
    kambaala yashwanth 8 days ago

    the PRO blem.....

  • Anthonius Wu
    Anthonius Wu 8 days ago

    :( ugly and boring

  • Ethan Hughes
    Ethan Hughes 8 days ago

    Just purchased the exact same model of the MacBook pro.....can do benchmarks completely fine.

  • Nikos Charp
    Nikos Charp 8 days ago

    Ok very nice!! But im confused... i need a laptop for heavy editing photoshop with a accurate color monitor!! What are you suggest?

  • sam kid
    sam kid 9 days ago

    Things could also get lost in the mix if your MacBook was stolen, I can't wait for the video were you berate Apple for not supplying for highly trained ninja security guards with each MacBook to stop you losing valuable data through theft.

  • Husmann Andy
    Husmann Andy 10 days ago

    I got 10 years out of my 2008 MacBook. I will probably get at least five or more years out of my 2017 MacBook Pro i5 8/256. I am the target market for these machines. I’m extremely mobile. “Pro” means it is for a professional...not necessarily a computer pro. I do every day things on my machine for my business...never needing more than 6 or 7 MB of RAM and backing my stuff up everywhere. MacBooks are for people like me who want something that is simple, reliable… And most of all… Very cool. It FEELS COOL. Every time I touch a PC or android device I feel like I’m dealing with a toy. It’s just me...and like half a billion other people..

  • Nic Maennling
    Nic Maennling 10 days ago


  • subbbass
    subbbass 12 days ago

    absolutely right. I am using a MacBook Pro mid 2012, when it was a real Pro. I would buy the 2012 Model even thicker and heavier with new i9 or i7 and up to date graphics and memory.
    I want to work and have everything in one fat box, not a thin Macbook with almost 100°C, and a thousand adaptors plus additional drives.

    KIKITO 12 days ago

    so what's the best MacBook Pro ? for coders and UI design

  • Gage W
    Gage W 13 days ago

    six core sucks. I would way rather have a quad core because if you are not useing thoes cores then they are slowing down your maching. For a macbook most things that most people will be useing it for will at most use 4 cores and then the extra two will just be expensive dead weight.

  • 145
    145 13 days ago

  • hi hungry i'm dad
    hi hungry i'm dad 13 days ago

    Recieved one as a gift and it's baffling how unintuitive and problematic this $2000 dollar product is compared to my $300 dollar gaming laptop. I can hardly run Adobe InDesign without the thing burning my legs off.

  • OP Sihota
    OP Sihota 13 days ago

    A "pro" device which I can't pull the drive out of to get my data is not worth the risk. Every single time I've had a device fail on me it's been in the field, not in the comfort of my office or home, and every time I've been able to pull the drive and put it in another machine to retrieve my work.

  • Brian Mi
    Brian Mi 14 days ago

    What if we just focus on using this thing to get the job done instead of hacking into the hardware and all that bullshit, I’m video editor and I get my job done 5 times faster on my old macbook pro than I was doing it on my latest pc desktop, guess why? Because it just works, doesn’t matter how good pc you get windows is still crashing and you are constantly dealing with different kinds of errors and shit. The question is why the f** do you want to remove and upgrade some parts and hacking into the laptop? That’s pc brother because it never works and you think better parts will help you

    • Brian Mi
      Brian Mi 3 days ago

      +Delain124 show me the projects you did with your custom bilt PC and I show you mine. Plus your specs gonna cost same as iMac pro so for sure you can do more with it. Practicality over f-ing around little brother.

    • Delain124
      Delain124 3 days ago

      Because hardware is key to running a great computer and sorry but there are people out there that can build a great desktop that will be far faster and better then the Macbook pro. So you are telling me that if someone puts a Geforce RTX 2080 Ti GPU into a desktop with an Intel Core i9-9900K, ASUS Prime Z390-P, CPU / Motherboard that the Macbook pro will be faster? A cough bullshit cough. And if you put in the Titan RTX yeah let's see that AMD GPU try and keep up. Hell even the Titan V would be more powerful and faster. So please sit down.

  • Darkred
    Darkred 14 days ago

    Macbook pro is too thin.

  • MrChrisluke42
    MrChrisluke42 15 days ago

    Knock knock! Who's there? Apple! Fuck off.

  • S and G Travel info
    S and G Travel info 16 days ago

    Why not just get to the point instead of the typical American hype and stupidity?

  • George Rady
    George Rady 17 days ago

    Excellent points... Apple naturally assumes that it can - build in obsolescence - forcing people to BUY new machines when the old one melts down... and that you should be Clouding ALL your data anyway!
    I’m looking to buy a NAS and keep my (priceless) Video EXTERNAL anyway - both for performance and capacity - concerns... and leave the MacBook Pro to really run as my Video (FCPX) processor.
    QNAP TS-453BT3-8G-US 4-Bay Thunderbolt 3 NAS. Intel Celeron Apollo Lake J3455 Quad-core CPU, 8GB RAM, SATA 6Gb/s

  • PuppetGameReviews Chef PiPi

    Ok, guys so the difference between the 2016 macbook pro and the 2018 one is its more expensive and it will burn your hands!....Help us Steve

  • Mt. Silver Productions

    Although I understand the concern with the SSD being unrecoverable due to integration with the motherboard, I feel like if you can afford a ~ $3,000 Macbook Pro you can afford a $100 backup hard drive to use with Mac's integrated Time Machine backup feature. Anybody who doesn't have Time Machine set up is absolutely mad.

  • rck
    rck 18 days ago

    This dude is so unbelievable annoying, jesus...

  • megacurlerer
    megacurlerer 18 days ago

    Damn. It's getting really competitive with all these you tubers. They're getting really creative with their videos

  • Triston Here
    Triston Here 18 days ago

    Be grateful for a computur

  • Triston Here
    Triston Here 18 days ago

    This person is REALLY bad...

  • Mark Richards
    Mark Richards 19 days ago

    ... rather than just pointing the finger at labtop producers and saying 'your new purchase is going to self-distruct in XXX seconds (, minutes or, if you're lucky years ?), cool 3rd party companies (e.g. Corsair and the like ...) should be now jumping at this market opportunity! Who wants their 2000 $ PLUS investment to just go up in smoke, unless your the type who lights his cigars with 1000 EURO notes ...

  • Mark Richards
    Mark Richards 19 days ago

    Has anyone come up with a liquid cooling solution for the new MBPs ??? Just putting the metal base/shell in supercooled liquid should help, even without actually directly cooling the CPU, shouldn't it ???

  • Aleksandar be together not the same

    Apple put more cheap plastic with aluminum frame to make it premium 🤣

  • Чингиз Мамаев

    Нефига не понял но было приятно смотреть.

    CONO MAG 20 days ago

    So would you get this problem with an i7 prossesor

  • Ahmed Hashem
    Ahmed Hashem 21 day ago

    Not really a PRO product! 2015 and 2016 models were marvelous. But at the end, just pay to get the top of the line product. Marketing shit !!

  • J MO
    J MO 22 days ago

    Stick with the base 2.2 555x and upgrade the SSD. Plenty fast and won’t become molten hot during use.

  • Brian Baratheon
    Brian Baratheon 22 days ago

    Apple is trash. I don't even know why anyone would waste their money on an Apple notebook.

  • Jon Booker
    Jon Booker 22 days ago

    Rossmann will be reporting on MacBook Pro 2018 problems shortly.

  • Smoke Out
    Smoke Out 23 days ago

    Overpriced, over hyped and shity customer service. Fuck apple anything.

  • Mrok_ Randomiser
    Mrok_ Randomiser 23 days ago

    Its like supreme makes little sense but costs a ton

  • Sumarno Resosuhardjo
    Sumarno Resosuhardjo 23 days ago

    But can it run *MINECRAFT* ?

  • Steve Lowry
    Steve Lowry 24 days ago

    Extremely sad with preformace of my mac book pro 2017. Sorry my 13 in Mac book pro was faster over all. The new mac cost was $3,200.00. Sence jobs died the company has changed from quality to profit focus. The direction of a faltering company. I no longer can support with my money low quality and unjustified prices. Apple user for 18 years. You can lie to some people all the time but not all the people all the time. Sad but not silly. Time to move on.

  • TexasCat99
    TexasCat99 24 days ago

    There damn thing is made to fail. Repairs? Nope. It is so stupid to have the memory and SSD soldered to the board... Kills the longevity of the computer.
    Guess it's fine for people who buy new $3000-5000 computers every 12 months.

  • JD Hudgins
    JD Hudgins 24 days ago

    Still gonna buy a 2018 pro tho

  • Aihara
    Aihara 25 days ago

    A lil too expensive
    A lil too stupid lol

  • Ívar Arason
    Ívar Arason 25 days ago

    This is as with a car producer, once in a while the new car model is a car that lasts for decades and hundreds of thousands kilometers with a little maintenance. But for the car producer it is not practical always to make long lasting cars, it is simply not practical for a producer always to sell a good long lasting product because of one obvious reason, the market gets saturated and sale drops since there is no need for the products.
    Apple in general makes rather good products, for the computers, it is mainly the operating system that sells, I have a Macbook Air and I love it, but I won't spend money on iMac or Mac Pro, I just use the operating system on a PC with out any real problems.
    Apple iPhones are awesome, but so are many many other brands of mobile little pads with telephone app that we call mobile telephones, all this relies on techniques derived from the transistor production which first led into IC chips then into something called CPU and so on.
    And if it was not for Kodak, then there would not be any mobiles today, not digital cameras and Adobe would be at least different company and the screens in TV's, computer screens in mobile telephones would probably not have OLED displays.

  • drone tech
    drone tech 25 days ago +2

    Why buy mac when the surface laptop is so much better and touchscreen

  • Ammar Hassan
    Ammar Hassan 26 days ago

    I still love my mid 2012 MBP.

    • Ammar Hassan
      Ammar Hassan 26 days ago

      Dbrand doesn't have my laptop skin.

  • Kshapo
    Kshapo 26 days ago

    97 degrees lol do they have idiots working for them?

  • -Unknown Gaming-
    -Unknown Gaming- 26 days ago

    Its that bad

    UNPETEABLE 27 days ago

    2 minutes in " Hey siri what's the weather like OUTSIDE...???" .Where else would the weather be.;) ;) ;)

  • bethany shipley
    bethany shipley 27 days ago

    I'm selling a MacBook pro 13" 2017 model with Apple Care plus if anyone is interested:

  • Matt Tunes
    Matt Tunes 27 days ago

    Excellent video!

  • Juliett A
    Juliett A 28 days ago

    Based on this testing, it looks like everyone should just buy the Asus G703G.

  • Pegasus One
    Pegasus One 28 days ago

    as far as i can see apple have become too arrogant, and profit masters with their over priced products...dont get me wrong i love my iphone 8plus and 2014 macp. but upgrade no way! the iphone x is twice the price as the 8 but not twice as good. Na, i'll stay with what i have until it dies!!

  • Alex Cabezas
    Alex Cabezas 28 days ago

    I think apple block Chinese cables if you buy the original adapter probably this problem is not showing again,
    Fkin apple company!

  • 陳大雍
    陳大雍 29 days ago +2

    This apple product is the best handwarmer I've ever used!!!!!! It not just heating, it can also lighting!!!! amazing prodct!!!! But somehow it come with a screen, I dont think it is necessary, it would be much lighter if they remove the screen. Anyway, mac is the best handwarmer

  • Amanda Poland
    Amanda Poland Month ago

    I’m so happy I watched this before buying! Let’s hope the next models will cut down on the heat bc no one wants their laptop burning their thighs!!!

  • Showemright YTchannel

    Is there a such thing as an EMP PROOF Macbook Pro?

  • Adam Productions
    Adam Productions Month ago

    Good video. In my opinion, Apple does make mistakes but so do other manufacturers. Personally I love my 13’ 2017 MBP but I do want to save to build a desktop with windows 7 (I personally hate windows 10, probably why I switched to OSX) Anyways, I’m trying to say that both OSes have perks and downsides, but in my opinion they are both pretty good, although I will always enjoy the natural gestures in macOS

  • dandi
    dandi Month ago

    Macbook pro non touch bar annouce mid june 2017 to june 2018 has an issue data loss and failure of hard drive pls review of this

  • abdelrahman mohamed
    abdelrahman mohamed Month ago +1

    thinner laptops may be looks cools but let's be real here if you know anything about electronics you would always know that space have always been an issue that is not easily passed. I can't imagine a actual GPU running inside such a thin device it's just real hard not just to jam it inside but also cooling would be unpractical at all. so it comes to does it really need to be that thin or not. I personally find it a personal preference it would not really affect your productivity to carry couple more pounds the heaviest laptop i have ever heard of is about 2.6 kg which is heavy but still could be lift by a single hand so it really comes down to what you prefer. personally I would get a higher GPU anyway I just need it for my work.

  • Beau Wolf
    Beau Wolf Month ago

    Linus, Can you make a review on Huawei Matebook Pro X? It looks exactly like a MacBook! It has better features, it's much more affordable and looks amazing!

  • bjj collection
    bjj collection Month ago

    What's the alternative?

  • 阿囡Josh
    阿囡Josh Month ago

    But can it run roblox???

  • Cabalistic
    Cabalistic Month ago

    I have a Space Grey MacBook Air and a Google Pixel 3... and exactly 0 shame

  • odd1sout
    odd1sout Month ago

    Wtf did u put it in the oven?

  • Himbeer Toni
    Himbeer Toni Month ago +1

    Sorry bro. Your voice is annoying..

  • Tomas Molina
    Tomas Molina Month ago


  • Isaac Weaver
    Isaac Weaver Month ago

    It's ridiculous that they can't show the Apple logo without being sued

  • Slayer666 \#/ CSGO Life

    mac products are shit

  • Alex Garlea
    Alex Garlea Month ago

    The 2.6 GHz i7 (8th gen) model is still better than the i9

  • C Rizzy
    C Rizzy Month ago +1

    This is an ideal computer for Apple though. They don't want their computers to last. They run really hot so they fail pretty quickly and then Apple makes it so that you can't replace anything or get it fixed. If you go to the Apple Store, the "geniuses" will quote you a price that is so absurdly high to fix your computer, that they will just talk you into buying a new one. Great business model Apple!

    • C Rizzy
      C Rizzy 28 days ago

      +Stephen Boyer I have several 2009 Mac Pros as well as a 2011 iMac and a 2012 Mac mini so I hear you. The reason I say that is because of the way things are built now and the measures Apple has taken to ensure that you can't fix their computers or upgrade them in any substantial way. Most of their laptops have a glued together chassis with a glued in battery. Laptop batteries don't last that long. Their iMacs and mac minis have soldered in SSDs and many have soldered RAM as well. SSDs die or just are too small to be practical over time, and RAM dies quite often, especially in a machine that routinely has a CPU running at 100 degrees C. They actively block access to used parts, siezing used parts being imported for repair by "unauthorized" service providers. They removed error codes that actually tell you what is wrong with your computer, opting for a general error message now saying "take it to an Apple certified service center". They removed tools for people to use in diagnosing problems. They now have installed a T2 chip which has capability (albeit not fully exercised YET) to reject any parts not installed by an Apple certified technician (which they also have done with their iPhones). Even their trashcan mac pro doesn't have upgradeable graphics cards, making their computers obsolete out of the box. Is that enough? They remove tools to diagnose, remove availability of parts, remove the ability to replace damaged parts and then insert instructions into a chip that can disable your computer in case you find a way around all of that!
      Take your computer to an Apple technician and they will routinely quote you a price that is so high, it would be absurd to fix it... so what do you have to do? Buy another one. I am glad you have had good luck, and I have as well, (but I have had to replace dead RAM several times, as well as dead HDs and small HDs) Because my computers were built during a time when they were upgradeable and repairable, I have upgraded the CPUs, RAM, SSD, and even the GPU on the Mac Pros. As a comparison, just take a look at the new mac mini. 799 base price is high but palatable until you realize that if you want a 1TB SSD, the price DOUBLES to 1600! Want a CPU that isn't base model? Another 300. Apple knows that people are stuck with whatever SSD they put in because it is soldered so they price gouge you on it. A standard PC configuration of a Mac Mini 16GB RAM, 1TB SSD and an i7 and your price is $2,100 for a computer with integrated graphics!

    • Stephen Boyer
      Stephen Boyer 28 days ago

      C Rizzy of all the criticism of apple what is it with the “they don’t want their stuff to last” my iPhone 4 5 and 5s all still work just fine and my 2012 and 2015 MacBook Pros are amazing laptops

  • Pete Eddy
    Pete Eddy Month ago

    Pro is meaningless on anything that focuses on aesthetics over functionality. Thin and light != pro.
    Fast and reliable = pro.
    Durable and robust = pro.
    Serviceable = pro.
    Apple is a consumer company, it’s arguable they don’t make any pro products at this point. Even saying they are a “premium“ brand is questionable. Soldering everything to the motherboard is a cost-cutting measure for cheap products, not premium products.

  • Scoox
    Scoox Month ago +2

    To be honest, I don't mind a slightly thicker machine with a more varied selection of I/O. I'd like some USB 3.0 Type-A connectors (two at least).

  • md sahif hossain
    md sahif hossain Month ago +1

    apple will create cards to recover your ssd data for 300 extra dollars or just buy an external hard drive

  • Jan Krupička
    Jan Krupička Month ago +1

    Do you know someone who try autocad/ autocad civil 3D on macbook 2018 13? (bootcamp or parallels)? Thank you.

  • Nasal Chain
    Nasal Chain Month ago

    It's not actually solving the problem. The problem is this machine can not give you performance you should be achieved, even if it's already fast enough at that 2.9 GHz

  • Flipaphira
    Flipaphira Month ago +1

    Lol all the haters here🙄 if you don’t like it it’s okay but MacBooks are NOT bad and if people like them and WANT to pay the money to get them just leave them alone...

    • nah im not real
      nah im not real 28 days ago

      Flipaphira I could buy a more powerful windows laptop and then go on a nice trip somewhere with the price of this laptop.
      But sure if you WANT to pay that extra money and be a chump then be my guest.

  • Fahmi Azizi
    Fahmi Azizi Month ago +1

    Does its graphic card support 3D Modelling Animation & Rendering softwares such as SketchUp ,Lumion 9,V-Ray to the next ultimate level ?

  • Spectral
    Spectral Month ago

    I'm waiting for the MacBook Gourmet version. I want only the best and I make no compromise.

  • Bryan Welch
    Bryan Welch Month ago

    Fuck apple. They are a shit company that just wants to take all of your money. They can suck me.

  • Khamaryn Kearney
    Khamaryn Kearney Month ago

    The new MacBook Pro is definitely great for gaming, projects, and for an everyday work laptop. It’s fast, compatible with many programs, and this processor is amazing. I now use it everyday and wouldn’t trade it for anything else. You can purchase it here:

  • Daniel Smith
    Daniel Smith Month ago +1

    that's why you dont buy apple. phones included.

    • Daniel Smith
      Daniel Smith 10 days ago

      +Adrian Turingan hey guys, look! We found the apple fanboy!

    • Adrian Turingan
      Adrian Turingan 12 days ago

      And yet iPhones are the best selling phone every year. And macbooks are still until unmatched. And also the unbeatable iPad and Apple Watch.

  • Art Vandelay
    Art Vandelay Month ago +1

    I think anyone actually defending apple in the comments didn't actually watch the video