Is the MacBook Pro 2018 REALLY Bad?

  • Published on Aug 26, 2018
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    Apple’s reputation for… Less than stellar thermal performance certainly precedes it. But is that really all there is to the 2018 Core i9-equipped MacBook Pro?
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Comments • 7 752

  • Tizezone
    Tizezone 13 hours ago

    I watch it happy nowww

  • Zetsuke4
    Zetsuke4 2 days ago

    what the fuck was that oven shit

  • drewyn tewliss
    drewyn tewliss 2 days ago

    Did that FLIR imaged Macbook have a dbrand skin on it?

  • qia sun
    qia sun 3 days ago


  • qia sun
    qia sun 3 days ago


  • qia sun
    qia sun 3 days ago


  • JC Denton
    JC Denton 3 days ago

    Down with Linus
    Up with UFD Tech

  • carioca
    carioca 4 days ago

    iron your shirt

  • Tan Tan
    Tan Tan 4 days ago

    I would have had to pay $1,100 AUD to replace a 120gb SSD in my 2014 Macbook Air 11" if it wasn't for my Apple Care package

  • Jayblue873
    Jayblue873 5 days ago

    uhh uhh uhhhhhhhhhhh ok I’m sticking with a i7 for my 2018 MacBook Pro in the future

  • Huaihaizi
    Huaihaizi 6 days ago

    I thought you were a windows boy

  • Andrew Somerville
    Andrew Somerville 7 days ago

    I wish they'd make it a little thicker with more key travel.

  • Ibrahim Adeosun
    Ibrahim Adeosun 8 days ago +1

    I wonder why people keep up with apple's shit.

  • Eric Lambert
    Eric Lambert 10 days ago

    My 2016 Macbook Pro 15" touchbar died 3 months after the warranty, 900$ to repair... it was my fifth and last one. I think they completely messed this model. So back to PC after ore than 10 years on Mac OS. And I have to say Windows has improved a lot, and my new pc is much more versatile, thin and refined but also a beast in gaming.

  • silvermica
    silvermica 11 days ago +2

    Still using my 2015 MacBook Pro - three years later the keyboard works flawlessly, I have (and use) all the ports and the touch pad is the right size. I have absolutely no interest in a 2016, 2017 or 2018 MBP - especially with that faulty keyboard - there's absolutely no way I'd spend my money on that.

  • MrPhotographer4
    MrPhotographer4 11 days ago

    Still using my MBP Mid-2010 ;))

  • amar sanusi
    amar sanusi 13 days ago +5

    I bought a new 2018 MacBook Pro with touchbar..To be honest, it think my mid 2012 MBP non-retina (upgraded to ssd and 8gb ram) is much faster.. damn u apple!

  • Christian Figueroa
    Christian Figueroa 14 days ago

    Does the macbook 2018 still have the "e" key glitch?

    • Christian Figueroa
      Christian Figueroa 11 days ago

      +silvermica alright thank you

    • silvermica
      silvermica 11 days ago

      My guess is that it probably does - but I wouldn't know - stuck with my 2015 MPB.

  • jax2maxs1
    jax2maxs1 14 days ago

    Thnx linus(i hope u read this) i was goin to buy this one tomorrow...but now...naaaaaaaahh

  • Tom Atkinson
    Tom Atkinson 14 days ago

    I agree, I'd prefer thicker aluminium and the old power adapter (big one) phased out in 2015. Thiner is not better.

    • Adam Gill
      Adam Gill 13 days ago

      I don't care about bigger or smaller for power, I just want upgrades to be of equal to or greater level of performance.

  • rene the kton
    rene the kton 15 days ago


  • Niladri Das
    Niladri Das 18 days ago

    What about the hinge ??

  • wesley rennie
    wesley rennie 18 days ago +1

    I watched the whole video and I didn't understand anything he said!

    RIVX SPONGE 19 days ago

    i start to hate Apple

  • Liam 24
    Liam 24 20 days ago

    If i just want to use the Mac book for office 365, TheXvid and Netflix should I get the baseline 2018 or baseline
    2017 model

    • froy1228
      froy1228 20 days ago

      Liam 24 get a 2013 retina. Save the money

  • Gurgeh
    Gurgeh 21 day ago

    I am working now with a mb pro 2018 for s few weeks. Before that I tested a hp notebook, also with metal casing.
    Let me say, it is like day and night. Against the MB Pro the HP, as an average windows notebook, was pure crap.
    Windows is crap, the keyboard was crap, the touchpad was the worse, even in idle mode the cooling was noisy as hell. Also the screen was crap. The MB Pro and Osx is on a total other (Much higher) level. An all terms.
    Sorry Linus. You can bash apple like you want. But their Notebooks are really next gen in comparison to most windows dust blowers.
    You are thinking in specs only. That might be applicable in desktop machines but not on notebooks. In that segment there is much more to think of.

  • Kris Got Stuff
    Kris Got Stuff 21 day ago

    This does only apply to the i9 version , not the i7!?

  • joewger
    joewger 22 days ago

    Apple = Expensive Junk!

    • Daniel P
      Daniel P 20 days ago

      just another way of saying you're poor haha

  • Igor Costa
    Igor Costa 22 days ago

    Makes it funny when you hear from Apple that design is function. Sure it is, but not in your product Jony Ive.

  • Ralph Guzman
    Ralph Guzman 22 days ago

    0:38 the best acting I have ever seen

  • gkaka jay
    gkaka jay 24 days ago

    MacBook Pro a joke thing

  • Camilo Velandia
    Camilo Velandia 25 days ago

    Bought one today. Returning it tomorrow. I wasn't impressed, sorry, Apple. It also doesn't help that I work with thunderbolt and USB A and this stupid USB C means that I gotta go out and spend over $100 in cables to make my units compatible. So stupid.

  • Rahul Sarkar
    Rahul Sarkar 25 days ago +2

    Wow ! MacBook Pro ! Adding to Global warming by burning a hole in your wallet and then burning your lap!

  • Daniel Shara
    Daniel Shara 27 days ago

    I'm holding off on purchasing a MacBook Pro until they get their shit together. I'm not spending $4000 for a half a baked product

  • Mizz Wicked
    Mizz Wicked 27 days ago

    Samsung 😂

  • Nelson Neves
    Nelson Neves 27 days ago

    I agree, I bought a new MacBook pro 2018, and it was slower than my 2014 , I returned it... and will keep using my 2014

  • Edgy memes for edgy teens

    Apple essentially has 3 Mac book Airs now, One Slow, One Meh, One On fire.

  • gary proffitt
    gary proffitt 28 days ago

    What else is superb hp x360 15 with amazing cool metal !

  • msi
    msi 28 days ago

    97c?? Imagine they had an AMD CPU in that thing

  • msi
    msi 28 days ago

    This thing costs 3300€ and you cant play GTA IV or even Fortnite lol

  • SaraOBoi
    SaraOBoi 28 days ago

    Im going to be buying a laptop but I have no idea whether to buy a hp pavilion x360 or a MacBook Pro, what would you suggest?

  • Priceless_dora
    Priceless_dora Month ago

    Just got my first MacBook Pro for my TheXvid channel and just used your code for dbrand to get my covers and got one for my phone too! Thnx it’s good quality cuz they are nice 👍🏾

  • Liam Harrington
    Liam Harrington Month ago

    Did anyone else’s Siri start working at 2:02 lol

  • Askar Birmuhammedov

    I hope Apple will not hire killer to destroy you.

  • Ladies
    Ladies Month ago

    fire the whole team at apple and hire some new people with brains eh.

  • Rockwood Frank
    Rockwood Frank Month ago

    mac Weldon

  • Evan Woodruff
    Evan Woodruff Month ago

    Why do you block the apple logo every time the laptop is in frame with you linus?

  • lestliness
    lestliness Month ago

    Hackintosh's that I've built always work better on MacOS than Windows. Can't say why but they just do. Hate their computers. love the the OS.

  • Zafar Marlianto
    Zafar Marlianto Month ago

    Apple died with Steve Jobs 😪

  • Kasper Hansen
    Kasper Hansen Month ago

    I bought a Dell XPS 9570 recently which had immense throttling issues. I fixed it by repasting and undervolting the CPU and GPU and it runs like a dream. Max temps at 80 degrees (C) after stress testing it in 1 hour.

  • muneeb malik vlogs
    muneeb malik vlogs Month ago

    So consumers can't have MacBook pros you need to be professional
    Is that your saying Linus

  • Jerome Krupp
    Jerome Krupp Month ago

    Still using mid-2015 model! Works fantastic!

  • Prinz AtiffArjuna
    Prinz AtiffArjuna Month ago

    Did you recommended for Mac Book Pro and what model, spec , for video editing user. Tks for yr feedback

  • TheJajopa
    TheJajopa Month ago

    *Steve Jobs joined the Chat*
    *Tim Cook joined the Chat*
    *Steve Jobs left the Chat*

  • David O
    David O Month ago

    It’s bad because of 2 words. FLEX GATE

  • Ben Weeks
    Ben Weeks Month ago

    At home is where my heaviest MBP work is done. Away tends to be for presentation or email. I would love to have a liquid cooled MBP even if there's an external unit that plugs in to keep it cool at home. That would be a great solution to this cooling issue.

  • Nasirkhani
    Nasirkhani Month ago

    Since Steve died Apple died too... SIZE THE COMPUTER AND IT WORK!

  • Vegas Butler
    Vegas Butler Month ago

    Ok I have had macs for ever. I need to edit the new GoPro 7 videos. What should I get instead of the map with Vega 20? What is close in the pc would thanks!

  • Maester Meep
    Maester Meep Month ago

    So I shouldn’t use a MacBook Pro for Twitch streaming???

  • Michael Jordon
    Michael Jordon Month ago

    why is ram and ssd's soldered onto the board

  • 9aus
    9aus Month ago +3

    Steve Jobs became thinner and thinner; it didn't end well.
    Apple gear becomes thinner and thinner; it won't end well.

  • Chaz van Zuijlen
    Chaz van Zuijlen Month ago

    Does this computer thermal throttle even with much lower specs??

  • runneryg
    runneryg Month ago

    i wouldn't touch it but did buy the macbook pro 2018 2.9 560x i7 but still in package i don't know if i am going to keep it. i just might. keep it.

  • tom keane
    tom keane Month ago

    The solution is use Linux.

  • clvinning
    clvinning Month ago

    tl;dr buy a macbook pro if you like the sound of a fan running at 10,000 rpm all the time. apple should have saved the butterfly key switches and all the slimming for the Air and marketed that and keep power users happy. we (well, most of us) know that when buying a powerful laptop there has to be sacrifices in portability. the macbook pro is 10lbs of shit crammed into a 5lb bag. most of us don't give a single shit on the thickness reduction between 2015 and 2016+ models. the 2015 model macbook pros where already thin enough without the product feeling like a flimsy piece of shit.

  • Daniel Zhang
    Daniel Zhang Month ago

    I know Linus hates the new macbook pro. I know he hates apple

  • nick parkin
    nick parkin Month ago

    I think the iPhones are still fantastic (lets face it if apple made iPhones with massive inherent design flaws, their stock would crash so apple knows they have to design it right) however I will never upgrade from my 2012 MacBook Pro. Apple needs to get their heads out of their ass, and so do consumers.
    Why-the-fuck do people buy a laptop with a 6 core i9, and get angry when it thermal throttles. Its great and all but your computer will always run hot and thermal throttle.
    Apple, why do you make such a shitty keyboard, and refuse to acknowledge it and pass off with a silent change for the 2019 MacBook.
    Why do you solder everything in and make it harder to repair
    why do you leave the consumer helpless to recover data when their motherboard dies
    this would all be OK if apple would have better customer support instead of saying "yeah you can buy a new memory module that is attached to a new motherboard which will cost $1500 because you are one day out of your 90 day apple care so you should probably just buy a new computer"
    why the fuck can't apple just make a good machine. if they didn't have the keyboard issues, and left the data recovery port on, and gave better customer service then there would be no problem and it would be the best hands down. Unfortunately most people including myself, feel very unsure about buying a new MacBook because of all the problems, and the the fact that apple will charge us a premium but leave us high and dry when something goes wrong, which something will.

  • Don Donzo
    Don Donzo Month ago

    This Line guy promote "molecular scanners". Please don't take tech advice from him.

  • Jarno Seppälä
    Jarno Seppälä Month ago

    There seems to be a lot of haters here :D I have this MacBook and its hands down the best computer experience I ever had. I love everything about it, and what's not to love? Maybe we Apple users are spoiled and tend to become critical of any flaws that we personally think that the device has. I was a PC man but I just got tired of things not working... Not hating them but its just not for me :D

  • Tuấn Dũng Nguyễn

    It's kinda sad how most of Linus's viewers are mostly gamers. Seriously you don't need that much power at all for video editing, photography, music production, DJ, business and design. People keeps talking about specs without any care about how much productivity macOS has over windows. Trust me I bought the 2018 Mac because I'm so tired of carrying my MSI around so much and the fact is i got my work done much faster when i do it on Mac. I know Mac is weak, but yes it is a better work station compare to most windows laptops.

    HL JJANG Month ago

    Appreciate your input!!! Will stick to my old 2014 mac pro for now XD

  • Sygrider
    Sygrider Month ago

    MacBook Weldon

  • KayVee
    KayVee Month ago

    I love apple idc what anyone says... it classy

  • irene.angelina
    irene.angelina Month ago +2

    How is the quality of Facetime?! Anyone shares about it? :)

  • 100% Drunk
    100% Drunk Month ago

    Apple is really failing with their quality! So now they are known for... nothing!
    Maybe sociopaths are useful & stopping slackness! (Jobs)

  • The Stellar Void
    The Stellar Void Month ago

    There very first time I hit 98˚C on my macbook was when I was running a Convolutional Neural Network while watching a TheXvid video and talking with my programming partners on Discord using Google Chrome. The CPU slowed down by maybe 41% and for some reason, the macbook kept chugging away even at a crticially dangerous 98˚C even 101˚C?!!!!!

  • Albein Thomas
    Albein Thomas Month ago

    Watchin/Watching this on the newest Macbook pro sucka!!!!!!!

  • _ Broody
    _ Broody Month ago

    Had some considerations on hackintosh .. However, as time is my most valuable asset, the extra hours you burn on settings this up and maintaining it is imho not worth it.
    All specs and throttling aside, considering the price difference on a macbook pro versus the extra non-productivity hours I'm gonna burn over three to four years, from a business perspective it's not worth the trouble.

  • jesuisravi
    jesuisravi Month ago

    your graphs are useless. Which refers to Macbook? Which to the others? Everything looks like it refers to Asus.

  • Far brook Memes
    Far brook Memes Month ago

    No these people just wanna hate . It’s so annoying

  • Captain Coventry Classic

    Man, the only thing I can think about is, how is it possible this guy still has earrings, like literally it was LATE 90's when "Dudes with earrings was cool."
    Its like a flash back to when the internet was invented almost, LOL

  • Saad Shaikh
    Saad Shaikh Month ago

    Dude we use the 2017 and 2018 model to for rental purposes, with in 2 months of rentals the keyboard has failed on 80% of the laptops and customer bitching about the product we supplied was not tested or good before they were sent God Bless Apple

  • Google Dude
    Google Dude Month ago

    ..."another teens surfing facebook don't mind the keyboard segment"

    CLIQUE.AS.FRICK Month ago

    Anyone else have a problem of the computer randomly stopping and shutting down when you're using it?

  • lilrush151
    lilrush151 Month ago

    And on top of thermal issues, you can go ahead and add a faulty keyboard and a display with a faulty flex cable.

  • techzung
    techzung Month ago

    Linus Tech Tips what laptop would you recommend if the MBP 2018 overheats?

  • a random internet guy

    Answer: Yes.

  • David Whitener
    David Whitener Month ago

    apple has just lost its way. the ship needs course correcting. practical yet innovative is what i used to think. now... darkness

  • eyestoenvy
    eyestoenvy Month ago

    Give me the option of a thick laptop loaded with everything possible. With all port versions, numerous ports, Ethernet connector, powerful battery, large screen, upgradable memory, good cooling fan, comfortable keyboard, & etc. All of it, both old & new. I’ll take that over a dam paper thin dongle book any dam day .......

  • Boris Terekidi
    Boris Terekidi Month ago

    Many years ago I was a diehard Apple fan. Now, Apple SUCKS. Like really, almost every product they produce is a short-term usage, sexy but unusable (port and hpj removal), overpriced garbage with gimmicky features (like the touch bar). We don't want thinner and lighter, we want shit that is powerful, lasts long and doesn't break after 2 years.

  • Jorge Gaitan
    Jorge Gaitan Month ago

    Would you then say that the MacBook Pro with i7 is a better option than latest and greatest i9? I been considering upgrading my 2013 MacBook air

  • jkeener1988
    jkeener1988 Month ago

    Any Apple product is bad, crap actually.

  • Brutally Remastered

    What a pain in the ass you are.

  • Em Ka
    Em Ka Month ago

    actually same problems with the i7 version .. 60-80°C at 5%CPU.. Fans going crazy... 3 hours of battery at 5%CPU... Apple is dead !

  • OPUS Digital Audio
    OPUS Digital Audio Month ago

    The earrings are an EPIC fail!

  • Elez Z
    Elez Z Month ago

    Fuck off you killed my computer xD

  • Phenix HSIEH
    Phenix HSIEH Month ago

    i7 cpu for MacBook Pro would be much better solution, if I need much stronger CPU performance, I would just use my desktop to solve my problem, case solve!

  • Phan :’3 lololol
    Phan :’3 lololol Month ago

    Is it just me or does the inside of the bottom of the computer look scary

  • TopHatCat1989
    TopHatCat1989 Month ago +1

    I agree with Linus. This is what happens when you put an overpowered CPU into too small a package without improving the cooling system.

  • World of Wyland
    World of Wyland Month ago

    I still use my MacBook Pro 15 inch 2012 non-retina display for travel and my windows "workstation" for design in the office. I stopped buying Macbooks after 2012 because of this soldering trend does not sit well with me on a device I'm overpaying for in the first place. My 2012 model is the perfect thickness and has survived many falls over the years. I can upgrade the ram, hard drive along with changing the battery and adding a second storage if needed. Oh, and the keyboard is the best! This Macbook was worth every penny but once it dies I'll be done with Macs.