[WayV-ariety] Research Note_LUCAS

  • Published on Feb 19, 2019
  • [WayV-ariety] Research Note_LUCAS
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  • 이채린
    이채린 7 hours ago

    Xiaojun ❤

  • Brianna Shah
    Brianna Shah 12 days ago

    if WayV met Nine Percent I'd actually cry

  • Brianna Shah
    Brianna Shah 12 days ago

    if WayV met Nine Percent I'd actually cry

  • Sonya Guérard
    Sonya Guérard 13 days ago

    the other time I asked my sister who is her favorite in "Wayv" and she told me who speaks Chinese😅😅

  • Kisari
    Kisari 24 days ago

    Ma baby wrote one lyrics about Lucas... HE'S MADE OF TALENT OMG

  • lan sm
    lan sm 25 days ago

    you can tell that xiaojun is very observant of everyone & will basically find out stuff you don’t know ab yourself 💀


    Xiaojun is a brilliant lyricist. SM give him opportunity to write songs. Let whole WayV showcase their full potentials.

  • alisa cheng
    alisa cheng Month ago

    xiaojun knows him so well wtf LOL

  • Veronica Kim
    Veronica Kim Month ago

    Yukhei...Xiaojun wo ai ni💚💚💚💚💚

  • wonteokki wonteokki

    *Lucas is a fine fiiiine man i suddenly have an issue with my breathing and that suit isn't helping at all*

  • lovely grasses
    lovely grasses Month ago

    Lucas reaction is so funny xD

  • Lisda Amalia
    Lisda Amalia Month ago

    all of sudden, i miss Lucas with nct korean member :") and his precious jungwoo.......why this feeling comes so suddenly????

  • Alex Mus
    Alex Mus Month ago

    Love Xiaojun's research notes❤ I mean lyric song :)

  • Charlie Bleen
    Charlie Bleen Month ago

    NCT Lucas, WayV Lucas, Wong Yukhei and Xuxi are so different, God.. He has so many personalities and he is handsome in all of them.. I love Lucas 💖

  • Sam UI
    Sam UI 2 months ago

    Me is Xiaojun while everyone around me is Lucas everytime I say something without adjusting it to make them understand. It's like an unedited essay or something or a draft. No one understands but me or a few people who thinks like me or atleast have a deeper understanding. 😂

  • Rose Tidwell
    Rose Tidwell 2 months ago

    xiaojun is the Most thoughtful babe.

  • Jung Hoseok
    Jung Hoseok 2 months ago

    Wow! A child can now understand beyond lyrics!

  • Victoria Yasmin
    Victoria Yasmin 2 months ago +1

    Xiaojun is art.

  • dbsksarangx3
    dbsksarangx3 2 months ago

    Wow that was...so good Xiaojun?? He literally wrote a song/poem about Lucas that was very perceptive, observant, and on point. No wonder he was my favorite from the three newbies, he is so deep. I hope he gets to show off his lyrical genius soon!

  • Space & Time
    Space & Time 2 months ago

    This is......uncomfortable

  • my little peach lover erinavadeki

    Lucas so handsome 😍😍😍😘😘😘

  • Arlene Guzman
    Arlene Guzman 2 months ago

    Who's the oldest in the 99liner in wayv

  • Alexandra Diaz
    Alexandra Diaz 2 months ago

    Wow I already loved Xiaojun so much but now that I know I write as deep and extra as him, there was a reason as to why I liked him so much

  • 3lyaa
    3lyaa 2 months ago

    Okay i am new but lucas is almost shritless and i realize they are not speaking korean i know i am NEW. But man he is HOT and i mean it. Can someone tell me more infromation about him?☺️🙂

  • function of x
    function of x 2 months ago

    I love how xiaojun gets so excited explaining every lyric and all its symbolism that describes lucas so well and he genuinely looks so proud of himself meanwhile lucas is just over there smiling and nodding the whole time 😂

  • b1a4 Sandeul
    b1a4 Sandeul 2 months ago +2

    So Xoijun is that one passionate classmate that writes extra research papers to impress the teacher 😂😂😂😂

  • b1a4 Sandeul
    b1a4 Sandeul 2 months ago +2

    So here we got Xoijun being passionate song writer talking about how the mirror was checking out Lucas meanwhile Lucas being confused af 😂😂😂

  • b1a4 Sandeul
    b1a4 Sandeul 2 months ago +2

    So now we get Hendery being ten's fanboy
    And xoijun being Lucas fanboy
    And yangyang being winwin's fanboy

  • b1a4 Sandeul
    b1a4 Sandeul 2 months ago +1

    It's like he wrote a poem to confess to his crush why he likes him

  • Maggie Holm
    Maggie Holm 3 months ago

    It’s so true Lucas! Everyone can’t stop staring at you!!!!!!
    He always reminds me of Choi Minho of SHINee because he is so passionate about his life, he’s like fire, and just from those words from him and his partner, he reminds me of Minho.

  • Azmira
    Azmira 3 months ago

    why lucas looks like someone who doesnt understand anything but pretend like he does.

  • _hana ty
    _hana ty 3 months ago

    That was so thorough and detailed that Lucas barely had to say anything, I am impressed

  • Ayesha Nuraini
    Ayesha Nuraini 3 months ago

    Speechless--- Xiaojun is really good with his wordsss

  • jjjb01
    jjjb01 3 months ago +2

    Omgg😂😭😭 Xiaojun's on another level! His nature for music and lyrics.. Deep thoughts and observations. SM promise us you wontttt waste Xiaojun's talents ! (as well as other members)

  • Sudarwanti Yayuk
    Sudarwanti Yayuk 3 months ago

    This video should be a note about Lucas, but everyone here is praising xiaojun lol

  • Liz Kim
    Liz Kim 3 months ago

    샤오준 가사 잘쓰네 자작곡 기대된다

  • Liz Kim
    Liz Kim 3 months ago

    루카스 이렇게 차분한 아이였어? 새롭다

  • kinderellalight
    kinderellalight 3 months ago

    Lucas in NCT and Lucas in WayV is like 2 different people ;; I kinda miss the hyper Lucas but this Lucas is so cool as well

  • Tanya Krotowa
    Tanya Krotowa 3 months ago

    Lucas`s "Wow"s hahhaah

  • N
    N 3 months ago

    1:03 CUTIE

  • jill
    jill 3 months ago


  • Paige Elise
    Paige Elise 3 months ago

    I want the “Yeah” at 1:32 to be my alarm.


    okay. this was SO cute!! i love those lyrics!

  • Ellie
    Ellie 4 months ago

    I really wish the next Rainbow V project would be on Xiaojun's song on Lucas with a bomb ass MV.

  • Raisa Mahmud
    Raisa Mahmud 4 months ago

    Bruh wait why is xiaojun being so deep

  • Soft uwu 4Mina&hyuna
    Soft uwu 4Mina&hyuna 4 months ago

    Xiaojun when he called Lucas "Xuxi" he went 'oops wrong name that's not Xuxi ' he knows Xuxi is the craziest most loudest side of Lucas

  • Mew4ever18
    Mew4ever18 4 months ago

    Please don’t get mad at me but I have to ask, what language/dialect are they speaking in this video and other videos? Mandarin or Cantonese? What is the default language they all speak with one another in wayV?

  • صارة B.
    صارة B. 4 months ago

    stfu he wrote him a song 💀

  • Casandra Lopez
    Casandra Lopez 4 months ago


  • Angry British Frog
    Angry British Frog 4 months ago

    What the fuck

  • tani mon
    tani mon 4 months ago


  • Catsaremybias
    Catsaremybias 4 months ago

    Bro, Xiojun litterly wrote lyrics

  • you cute
    you cute 4 months ago

    this is so precious omg

  • Siti Hadrayanti Ananda
    Siti Hadrayanti Ananda 4 months ago

    thankss babyyy

  • Kim_Soobin김소빈
    Kim_Soobin김소빈 4 months ago

    Xiaojun looks so tiny 😭😭😭

  • weightycarlos
    weightycarlos 4 months ago

    1:03 THAT CUTE AF

  • R Vandrius
    R Vandrius 4 months ago

    Bro where did the crazy lucas go

  • Violet Butterfly
    Violet Butterfly 4 months ago

    Ok, listen
    When Xiaojun said mysterious fire I immediately thought he sounded like Johnny
    I can’t be the only one who thinks this right?

  • Rachel Varghese
    Rachel Varghese 5 months ago +2

    Xiaojun is being an intellectual and I'm HERE for it

  • Anna Huang
    Anna Huang 5 months ago

    Lucas : I didn't get any of that but ok

  • rectangle with acne
    rectangle with acne 5 months ago +1

    I dropped all of my uwus

  • dearDREAM
    dearDREAM 5 months ago +3

    xiaojun is such a genius. he's amazing and smart and his lyrics have depth

  • on A KPOP DiEt
    on A KPOP DiEt 5 months ago +1

    I see a sm station Xiaojun track in the future

  • Geena Denissa Dennis
    Geena Denissa Dennis 5 months ago

    *Xiao Jun : THE INTELLECTUAL* damn i need a friend *ehem i mean bf* like xiaojun pls

  • unemotional alien
    unemotional alien 5 months ago

    That little smirk though 1:27

  • Silvana najarro
    Silvana najarro 5 months ago


  • Angelika Gunawan
    Angelika Gunawan 5 months ago

    But in this video why Lucas only answer yes,that's right and short answer?

  • Angelika Gunawan
    Angelika Gunawan 5 months ago +1

    Lucas character is very similar with me 😂😂😂

  • Donghyuck's Mom
    Donghyuck's Mom 5 months ago +2

    Singer song writer Xiaojun 😭😭😭

  • twinkle toed
    twinkle toed 5 months ago +2


  • Blooming Days
    Blooming Days 5 months ago +1

    Xaojun made a really good research note of Lucas. Everything was on point hahaha



  • ana julia
    ana julia 5 months ago +2

    xiaojun is so sweet

  • Karla Georgette Mendez
    Karla Georgette Mendez 5 months ago

    ❤ WAYV

  • The IcePrince
    The IcePrince 5 months ago +4

    The whole video summarized: Lucas not understanding what Xiaojun is saying for 4 minutes straight.