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  • chuuu saraa
    chuuu saraa 5 days ago


  • Phill Edits Randomly

    Dahyunie is so cute omggggg

  • Game boy
    Game boy 11 days ago +1

    Momo and mina always best dancer 😍😍😍😍

  • Hannah
    Hannah 26 days ago

    Me Is Dahyun lol

  • Rochelle Esperanzate
    Rochelle Esperanzate 26 days ago

    You can see the difference

  • Carlo Sarmiento
    Carlo Sarmiento 27 days ago +1

    Twice: Sorry if we mess up 😬
    Doni: Hey Chaeryoung I'm the best

  • Wanna One Forever
    Wanna One Forever Month ago +3

    Doni always mention chaeryeong 😂😂 let itzy join this show 😂

  • Arman Boncales
    Arman Boncales Month ago

    Doni ia cute when he dance

  • Star Feliks Amyl Seduco

    Mina actually knows the dance too. Look at her same as Momo

  • K-pop fanı
    K-pop fanı Month ago +1

    23 april is children day❤

  • KailyTQW/ Kaily The Queen of Weird

    Momo and Mina be like "Bitch I CREATED THIS CHOREOGRAPHY!!" and everyone else is lost as hell XD

  • kook gigi
    kook gigi Month ago +2

    Momo and mina💖💖💖💖

  • Faker Mider
    Faker Mider Month ago +1

    Dancing MoMochine

  • Shippo haha
    Shippo haha Month ago

    Love Jeongyeon new hair style 😍

  • Zero Blank
    Zero Blank Month ago

    0:44 an 1:13 that move is so hot.

  • rose pink
    rose pink Month ago +1

    So beatiful

  • kokkie bais002
    kokkie bais002 Month ago +1

    Momo always win

  • BangTwice 4ever
    BangTwice 4ever Month ago +6

    Momo is a dance machine

  • poe noe
    poe noe Month ago

    What's the name of Momo's haircut?

    • neutral name
      neutral name Month ago

      She's Japanese. It's a Japanese hairstyle. It's cool that she is representing her culture.

    • Piks Ov
      Piks Ov Month ago +1

      Hime cut

  • とが田中
    とが田中 Month ago

    Showing their little sisters some love❤️❤️❤️❤️🌹🌹🌹🌹

    YU AN LIU Month ago +1

    M〇mO,Mina best

  • juLia ant
    juLia ant Month ago


  • Laras
    Laras Month ago +2

    Somebody know why his always mention chaeryeong ITZY when other group dance Dalla-Dalla?

  • IU
    IU Month ago +8

    MOMO NO1

  • ayyalaa zia
    ayyalaa zia Month ago +1

    people comment about momo's amazing dance,but can we appreciate doni's FABULOUS dance

  • Elaine Swag
    Elaine Swag Month ago +6

    Momo as Yeji
    Mina as Lia

  • KPopReal EJB
    KPopReal EJB Month ago +1

    dahyun and yeji pleaseeeeee

  • Alhannah Kim
    Alhannah Kim Month ago

    Where can I watch full version please give me a link I can't find a full version eng sub

    • Titanium
      Titanium Month ago

      Watch on Kshowonline.. rite now, no eng sub.. u shud wait

  • cherry itzy
    cherry itzy Month ago

    sana look pretty

  • Dada O
    Dada O Month ago +2

    Mina is so sophisticated at everything she does

    • Dada O
      Dada O Month ago

      @Marben Claros I was talking about how she moves and makes it look sophisticated even though she did not execute the choreo properly. I have seen so many dancers and how they make the moves look powerful but in mina's case, she's rare. She makes the moves look so soft and classy.

    • neutral name
      neutral name Month ago

      @Marben Claros Are you even a twice fan? Why are you here?

    • Marben Claros
      Marben Claros Month ago +1

      Do you consider stiffness sophisticated lol just look at 0:20 and 0:42

  • Anju Rana
    Anju Rana Month ago +54

    Actually momo did with a little more effort than others so it stood out and she did mirror so what! She slayed though

    • Kaye •
      Kaye • Month ago

      ooooo i thought it was intentionally mirrored lmao

  • i purple you BTS
    i purple you BTS Month ago +2

    Now they're wearing idol rooms hoodies hahahah

  • あやのパン
    あやのパン Month ago +3

    ミナ 完璧だね♥♥

  • Sisu Wite
    Sisu Wite Month ago +10

    minas the only one who did it correct actually lol

    • Sisu Wite
      Sisu Wite Month ago +3

      Marben Claros yeah momos was the mirrored version

    • AlexFroste800
      AlexFroste800 Month ago +5

      Marben Claros Momo’s moves were better but she is wrong because it looks like she didn’t use the mirrored version to learn the dance so... Mina is actually correctly

    • Marben Claros
      Marben Claros Month ago +5

      Sisu Wite bitch momo was the most perfect and accurate ACTUALLY and look at mina’s hand at 0:21 lol it’s so stiff

  • winwin's missing lines

    shouldve given fancy to itzy and let twice get the dalla dalla. lmao just a thought

    • neutral name
      neutral name Month ago +2

      That's an interesting thought, but I don't know if it would suit twice to have such a dramatic concept shift. It would cause a lot of conflict in the fanbase. And people would start insulting their older music.

  • Aisyah Qur'an Nur A.
    Aisyah Qur'an Nur A. Month ago +28

    momo dance is so precious

  • anisa nurraudah
    anisa nurraudah Month ago +54

    Momo is google
    Mina is safari
    Naeyeon is yahoo!
    Dahyun is bing

  • James Andante
    James Andante Month ago +16

    Mina is the right one while Momo is doing the mirrored one lmaoooo

    • Game boy
      Game boy 11 days ago

      @ellana leija mina is shy, if she not shy will be good

    • Hellodarknessmyoldfriend
      Hellodarknessmyoldfriend Month ago

      ellana leija bitch she did look good gtfo

    • ellana leija
      ellana leija Month ago +1

      they danced right and mina didn't look good dancing soo

  • Loyal Taulai
    Loyal Taulai Month ago

    Instagram post this earlier but wasn't able to find it on TheXvid until now.... 😂 😂

  • lcstjcy
    lcstjcy Month ago +1


  • Fancy Mina is cute!
    Fancy Mina is cute! Month ago +11

    I will be looking for the full episode subs for the next few hours 😊

  • Kristelle Tabernilla
    Kristelle Tabernilla Month ago +164

    Lol Mina and Momo are the only useful here 😂 look at how lost Nayeon,Dahyun and Doni is hahaha

  • 폴Spurs
    폴Spurs Month ago +5


  • Sally Brimir
    Sally Brimir Month ago +34

    Mina and momo dancers' twice

  • Martha Sherif
    Martha Sherif Month ago +136

    Momo dance queen 😱❤
    Jeong hyeong dance king 😂😂😊

  • Chel
    Chel Month ago +12


  • Quratulain Bokhari Quratulain Bokhari

    Oh my poor tired TZUYU baby 🤗😚😙😗😍😘

  • TT TT
    TT TT Month ago +30

    Dahyun so cute even she dont know what she doing 😂😂😂

  • Nhung Hồng
    Nhung Hồng Month ago +11


  • Amirun Sam
    Amirun Sam Month ago +15

    Please dance battle between tw momo, bp lisa, izone chaeyeon, wjsn dayoung, yooa, rv seulgi, chung ha, and gfriend members

    • Dada O
      Dada O Month ago

      @ellana leija I think otherwise. My top 3 would be chungha, chaeyeon and seulgi

    • Michael Usman
      Michael Usman Month ago

      @ellana leija I agreee ❤️

    • ellana leija
      ellana leija Month ago +3

      that would be a dreaammm but i think that momo, seulgi and chayeon are the top dancers what do you think?

  • Arielle Aguila
    Arielle Aguila Month ago +58

    wow hahaha the dancing machine takes over hahaha...😄😄😄...love you Twice...

  • my love is twice
    my love is twice Month ago +37

    Wow Momo so good

  • bbysh xz
    bbysh xz Month ago +17


  • FC Wendy Thảo ONCE TWICE

    MOMO is the best😁❤

  • Martin Trinidad
    Martin Trinidad Month ago +1

    where do you watch this?

    ONCE STAR1 Month ago +42

    Mina is the correct one. HAHAHAHA

    • JEY YAP
      JEY YAP Month ago

      @wonwoo's burger
      Some step of momo is not mirrored that's what i meant

    • JEY YAP
      JEY YAP Month ago

      @wonwoo's burger
      I learned the dance tho

    • wonwoo's burger
      wonwoo's burger Month ago

      @JEY YAP she used in mirror mina didnt use it in mirror lmfao

    • ellana leija
      ellana leija Month ago +3

      mirrored or not momo was still the focud and had more camera time cause mina was kinda stiff soo oh well she tried

    • Kaye •
      Kaye • Month ago

      theyre looking at the video, right?

  • Je Ban Vil
    Je Ban Vil Month ago +398

    Only momo and mina knows the exact choreo.. 😅😃
    But look where baby chaeng looking.. 😂

  • Kaye •
    Kaye • Month ago +36

    dancing momochine 🤩

  • Twice Once
    Twice Once Month ago

    Full ep jeballl

  • Sibling Goals!
    Sibling Goals! Month ago +4

    I think momo have hair extension because there is a part of her real hair is short

    • Sibling Goals!
      Sibling Goals! Month ago

      @chu oh then sorry theres no perfect lol 2

    • chu
      chu Month ago

      She cut that part lol her hair is long

  • AX ZI
    AX ZI Month ago +11

    Were can i watch it full

  • AX ZI
    AX ZI Month ago +1

    Link pls

  • Dubu Pingu
    Dubu Pingu Month ago +135

    Dahyun is still so cute with her mistakes ahahaha

    CHOU TZUYU Month ago +3


    JAEBUM IS EXTRA Month ago +87

    Queen Momo 😍.. I'm Don BTW

  • yohanie
    yohanie Month ago +2