BKCHAT LDN: S2 - EPISODE 11 - "He Ate Me Out On My Period!"

  • Published on May 10, 2017
  • After a series of serious topics on recent weeks, this BKChatLDN episode takes a more jovial approach. The cast discuss genital odours and how to communicate that to the opposite sex. Those who watched the first episode of this serious will remember a controversial moment regarding a cast member.
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Comments • 4 375

  • Jessi
    Jessi 4 hours ago

    I do the same thing Riva said at 16:20 to 16:41

  • Chloe5264
    Chloe5264 18 hours ago

    The vajayjay is a self cleansing organ. Outside of something like BV, if you are not eating a lot of junk and drinking enough water to flush out toxins it will not smell. Soaps and chemical douches are actually the worst thing you can do for the PH levels and actually over time will encourage bacteria that smells to grow.

  • Asima Xo
    Asima Xo 3 days ago

    This was one of the most mature Backchat eps ever!!!

  • EightFrancs
    EightFrancs 4 days ago

    "I'm a package, the blood comes with me."
    Whether she's telling the truth or trolling...
    That line (and the way Nunu delivered it), was phenomenally funny.

  • Uchechi  Duruji
    Uchechi Duruji 6 days ago

    Lucas is absolutely right.For example, Indians tend to have a smell, because of all the spices and stuff that is very affluent in their cultural food. he did not say you're going to walk out of your house and smell like jollof rice. if you go to Nigeria from the states or from the UK, where the sun isn't as pertinent, and you smell people who are constantly outside, constantly working, and don't have strong deodorant, the smell will put off, but that's the climate that they are accustomed to and because in developed countries there are ways to prevent you from smelling the way that they do

  • Bintou S
    Bintou S 6 days ago

    “Lemonade” took me out

  • Bintou S
    Bintou S 6 days ago

    Here in 2020 cause why not 🤝

  • Deandre Simms
    Deandre Simms 7 days ago


  • Deandre Simms
    Deandre Simms 7 days ago

    Walé n biskit dead me😂

  • Deandre Simms
    Deandre Simms 7 days ago

    Anyone here coz of insta?

  • Boujie _V_
    Boujie _V_ 8 days ago

    Nunu is being 100%
    That’s why she said it on camera lol
    And I’m sure there’s plenty women that can relate with her, life is not just about following good principles or what society says

  • Boujie _V_
    Boujie _V_ 8 days ago

    Nunu speaking facts
    sex is nasty, period

  • whatever Whitney wants

    Alsooooo i have friends that have gotten eaten out on their period. But only after they showered and they put a tampon in. So basically their man just licks there clit. Issa no for me dawg but its not that uncommon in America anyway lol

  • whatever Whitney wants

    Running red lights is quite common esp in the very beginning & end of ur period. Grow up🙄

  • Flex Gawd Orignak
    Flex Gawd Orignak 17 days ago

    Ewh if she stinks in the shower sis not clean it’s not ph she’s not showering

  • Flex Gawd Orignak
    Flex Gawd Orignak 17 days ago

    2017 Lucas looks better than 2019 Lucas , is he going through something 😂, who broke his heart

  • Mr steal Yo bitch
    Mr steal Yo bitch 18 days ago

    The Nigga who licked Nunu’s pussy while she was on her period is probably dead right now Lmaooo

  • TheShaqDukes
    TheShaqDukes 20 days ago

    35:04 is what y’all came for 😂😂😂

  • S'nini
    S'nini 23 days ago

    This was the best episode ever 😂😂😂 never gets old

  • Rebo Sabr
    Rebo Sabr 24 days ago

    Nunu is disgusting

  • Waveyg -Star
    Waveyg -Star 24 days ago +1

    Believe it or not Nunu really made what bkchat is today from that comment

  • Derick Senam
    Derick Senam 24 days ago

    The Way Esther was starring at Nunu...🤣🤣

  • saltesi aymar
    saltesi aymar 25 days ago +1

    Lmaoooooooo I’m dying. Why is Nunu like this? 😂😂😂

  • ruth balogun
    ruth balogun 26 days ago

    Lucas is tooo rude. He needs to talk to women with respect

  • Quincy Ileh
    Quincy Ileh 26 days ago

    Whenever I see nunu I will give a devil stare ,she is wicked ,may your son lick someonelse blood when she is on her period

  • Gens World
    Gens World 26 days ago +1

    Lmao im sick and tired of us not knowing if aliens exist, NASA needs to contact Esther and ask her about her experience with aliens and get that shit over with.

    YOU NICK 28 days ago

    35:04 😂🤙🏾

  • The Sibling Show
    The Sibling Show 28 days ago +1

    Every time Esther and Lucas speak their logic I lose brain cells 🤦🏽‍♀️

  • Keirra Ęwa
    Keirra Ęwa Month ago

    Riva is grog and smart asf

  • Simply Grace
    Simply Grace Month ago +15

    Esther looking at nunu like she is a stranger creature... rude manners

  • Naomi Odiase
    Naomi Odiase Month ago +3

    11:24 i actually dont like esther

  • faye tyler
    faye tyler Month ago

    lucas likes talking

  • Melisa Djoumessi
    Melisa Djoumessi Month ago

    I looovve Riva looveee her she’s sooo real!!!

  • keen juggs
    keen juggs Month ago

    Some of these dudes outfits look CRAZY.

    • keen juggs
      keen juggs 15 days ago

      @whatever Whitney wants is tht you in the thumbnail? You are pretty as a flower godddamn

    • whatever Whitney wants
      whatever Whitney wants 15 days ago

      U should see some of the other episodes! Lol maybe its a cultural thing (British)🤷‍♀️

  • brian nyazika
    brian nyazika Month ago

    Nunu why u gotta do dat fam dats nasty

  • Elizabeth Adewale
    Elizabeth Adewale Month ago +1

    I see Nunu's point. I wouldn't do that, nor do I want anyone to do that to me... but I do see her point

  • Elizabeth Adewale
    Elizabeth Adewale Month ago +8

    These men are so disrespectful, with the way they're talking to NuNu.
    But even her, she needs to use wisdom. Lol!

  • Jason Kat
    Jason Kat Month ago

    I swear nunu got a kicking fanny

  • Jason Kat
    Jason Kat Month ago +1

    biskit at 1:21 bet that's the face he used when he went full fledged predator and attacked his mums batty

    • Pc Pete
      Pc Pete 29 days ago

      Jason Kat 😂😂

  • Daniel Lee
    Daniel Lee Month ago

    Ayo made good sense!!

  • moyosore xo
    moyosore xo Month ago

    why tf do they all act like lucas is talking sense? oya shut your mouth oga.

  • KeKe Nyte
    KeKe Nyte Month ago

    stink is stink....that's generic not if your unfamiliar with

  • SoExtra
    SoExtra Month ago

    Nunu is disgusting like frr

  • Txko. N
    Txko. N Month ago

    These man are smarter than the man on the recent episodes

  • YxngMxnz
    YxngMxnz Month ago +25

    Y is biskit acting like that like he didn’t touch his mum’s batty

    • genderbender 40000
      genderbender 40000 Month ago

      @Suhail Khan u said lowe it like its forgivable or forgettable action ya dumb ass and by name you can tell its a joke ya fucking ponce

    • Suhail Khan
      Suhail Khan Month ago

      genderbender 40000 brudda what are you smoking I literally said he came to a video a year later to comment that, your name is gender bender your the one making “us” look dutty

    • genderbender 40000
      genderbender 40000 Month ago

      @Suhail Khan how u gonna say lowe a man who touched up his marj when you come from a pk house hold wrogen

    • Suhail Khan
      Suhail Khan Month ago

      genderbender 40000 what are you on

    • genderbender 40000
      genderbender 40000 Month ago +1

      @Suhail Khan making us ahks look dutty lowe its brudda

  • JN RW
    JN RW Month ago

    what lol, races give off certain scents? lol

  • Mohammed-Aamir Patel

    What’s worse..nunu letting a guy lick her out on her period? or biskit caressing his mums bum?

  • Ocean Sheppard
    Ocean Sheppard Month ago +3

    If this Esther girl ever gave me the look she gives nunu on my life I would drop kick her that look is disgraceful

  • Nachiyoba Chinyama
    Nachiyoba Chinyama Month ago

    Nunu is dumb 🤣🤣🤣

  • Yaboi Jay
    Yaboi Jay Month ago

    😂😂😂😂I can’t💀

  • Aysha
    Aysha Month ago +1

    Lol this is just hilarious, for real for real. I've had a FRIEND who'd told me my breath smelt bad but the dude I was with didn't and I appreciated and did something about it and I didn't hold it against him bcos yeah maybe he felt awkward then. I told a female friend she didn't smell good and to try doing something and she got really mad and stopped talking to me. People react differently to these things but should that really stop you from being matured and doing the right thing though? Lucas... You're OK.

  • Lois Howard
    Lois Howard Month ago

    These lot are very uneducated

  • Jordan Dunn
    Jordan Dunn Month ago +1

    This was the best group, I miss these guys man

  • Paris Newsam
    Paris Newsam Month ago +1

    Here we have a platform with young black men and women having an opportunity to talk about anything they want; watched by hundreds of thousands and all they can talk about is utter bullshit. The producers are a joke for finding the dumbest fuckers they could find and the viewers are just as bad for consuming this shite.

  • Livvy
    Livvy Month ago

    Wait I don’t need a narrator! That was really rude I’m sorry I absolutely hate esther

  • Ivan Frederico Tavares Barros

    'be horny in the corner' AAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAH i'm weak

    FRANK CASTLE 2 months ago

    Chioma is flames

  • Edwin Etornam
    Edwin Etornam 2 months ago +3

    2 years and we still here

  • Aphiwe Ngobese
    Aphiwe Ngobese 2 months ago

    I’m not captain save a hoe😂😂😂😂😂😂

  • Philips olaomo
    Philips olaomo 2 months ago +1

    Will you suck iitttttt😂😂😂