Schiff gets choked up during Trump impeachment trial

  • Rep. Adam Schiff (D-CA) gets choked up during day three of the Senate impeachment trial of President Donald Trump and says Trump could do "a lot" of damage in the time leading up to the 2020 election.
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  • J Scott
    J Scott 10 days ago

    Wish I could dislike this video x1000

  • Ragnar Lothbrok
    Ragnar Lothbrok 12 days ago

    OK you’re guilty Adam Schitt for being a lying two-faced backstabbing ass-kissing weasel

  • M Masters
    M Masters 15 days ago
    The Best Is Yet To Come - #Trump2020

  • Sherlyn Mark
    Sherlyn Mark 15 days ago

    I TOTALLY trust Trump. I trust you not a tiny bit.

  • mark busch
    mark busch 15 days ago

    Shiff is lucky he is not getting choked up by a truther.

  • Brandon Johnson
    Brandon Johnson 17 days ago +1

    All this is a lie you paid demacrats paid for the russia hoaks. Hillary clinton administration are thay under investigation yes or no don't lie i know the answer fake media CNN Conmedia National Network

  • Rudy Stamm
    Rudy Stamm 18 days ago


  • Nerthus
    Nerthus 19 days ago

    Rat Fink

  • Jessica Lynn
    Jessica Lynn 29 days ago

    Im glad us blacks are waking up to liars like Schiff. We are tired of crime ridden hoods, fatherless homes, wellfare state, and constant PANDERING. We want progress. Trump has delivered. Go play in traffic.

  • John Baugh
    John Baugh 29 days ago

    Crocodile tears, or concern for his own neck. I really hope he and several of the other Democrats get arrested for sedition.

  • Misha Rasic
    Misha Rasic Month ago


  • Misha Rasic
    Misha Rasic Month ago +1


  • George C
    George C Month ago

    You are a peice of Schiff💩. You know you are a liar and a thug. People of California in you district want you out.

  • dan glennon
    dan glennon Month ago

    What an extreme puss y

  • openyoureyes
    openyoureyes Month ago +5

    I"m starting to think that the Russians aren't nearly as dangerous to our country as Schiff is!!

  • openyoureyes
    openyoureyes Month ago +1

    I"ll bet anything that Trump couldn't do near the damage that Obama did!!!

  • Scott Stooksbury
    Scott Stooksbury Month ago +1

    Adam Shifty Shift is EVIL AND DOESN'T KNOW THE TRUTH!! TRUMP 2020!!

  • Pete Randolph
    Pete Randolph Month ago

    This guy looks like he’s acting in the 7th grade play.

    WHAT WABBIT HO Month ago +1

    I would be All Choked up too Knowing I was going to HANG!

  • Esoteric Mystery
    Esoteric Mystery Month ago

    It wasn't emotional, it was over-dramatic narcissist gaslighting and crocodile tears.

  • Esoteric Mystery
    Esoteric Mystery Month ago +2

    This literally puts me to sleep.

  • Esoteric Mystery
    Esoteric Mystery Month ago

    Such verbal strong-arming, Lol.

  • charles parr
    charles parr Month ago +1

    Schiff for brains is the most treasonous man in politics he should be tried and sentenced!

  • Raven R
    Raven R Month ago

    Why isn't Adam Shit not in prison? Adam Shit is guilty of Standard Hotel. Democrats are a clown show, especially their leader clown Nancy stutter drunkin Pelosi. They should be sitting on death row.

  • Bo Duke
    Bo Duke Month ago +1

    douche bag

  • ideaquest
    ideaquest Month ago +1

    Adam will even pollute a new heaven.

  • Luis Gonzalez
    Luis Gonzalez Month ago +1

    American patriots hate you, liar!

  • F X
    F X Month ago


  • vlad Setstone
    vlad Setstone Month ago +1

    If "RIGHT" matters why are you so far LEFT!

  • vlad Setstone
    vlad Setstone Month ago

    What a joke..

  • RanGam 74
    RanGam 74 Month ago +1

    cnn never gets the captions for their clips right. I believe it's called constipated, not "choked up" when the person is full of BS.

  • Johnny rowland
    Johnny rowland Month ago +1

    I hope you go to jail soon schiff...

  • Jared U
    Jared U Month ago

    Oscars are tonight.. Adam get one?

  • VintageWrestling
    VintageWrestling Month ago

    CNN get your facts straight. Don't write misleading titles on the videos. He wasn't choking at all during his speech.

  • LoneWolf
    LoneWolf Month ago

    He's a dumbass lol

  • African Diaspora
    African Diaspora Month ago

    Democrats control up to 90% of the administrative state and couldn't even frame President Trump for a fake crime and they want to control your life from cradle to grave....Ha !!

  • serb1320
    serb1320 Month ago


  • rusty nuts
    rusty nuts Month ago +2

    😂 do dimocrats actually think anyone believes their manipulation?

  • Boris Notbadenov2
    Boris Notbadenov2 Month ago +4

    The last time he got choked up was when he was swallowing a big one.

  • Boris Notbadenov2
    Boris Notbadenov2 Month ago

    One of the greatest lowlifes drawing breath. May the flies of a thousand camels infest his armpits.

  • Valerie Pittman
    Valerie Pittman Month ago +1

    "Rep. Adam Schiff (D-CA) gets choked up" ? On his lies!

  • jettstap
    jettstap Month ago

    He was not only acquitted but exonerated and your impeachment papers are being torn up now off to jail for Schitt and Pissosi and the rest of their bowel and urinary tract infection mates

  • Brains Ironically
    Brains Ironically Month ago

    He got choked up because that's what spoiled children do when they don't get their way.
    Look at pelosi... didn't get her way and now she looks like a complete fool.
    Very similar to don lemon and the other dolts at cnn.

  • Jason Wilson
    Jason Wilson Month ago

    Hey Shiff...Trump found NOT GUILTY!

  • basant vimal sharma

    Lier his conspiracy backfired. Remove Trump in November elections Adam Schiff I dare you.

  • Nameless Ghoul 1222
    Nameless Ghoul 1222 Month ago +1

    🇺🇸TRUMP 2020🇺🇸

  • XXXHoodooXXX
    XXXHoodooXXX Month ago +1

    It takes a strong man to cry in front of the world. Naaaaa... just kidding, this guy is weak and a shady psychopath.

  • Rockboy8 Pebbles
    Rockboy8 Pebbles Month ago +3

    AQUITTED!!! Take THAT, Madam Schiff! Focus all that intense unpatriotic hatred and crocodile tears elsewhere please.

  • Kyle Blank
    Kyle Blank Month ago

    You're a danger to our country you goofy looking fukc! 🖕🏻🤬
    They should tar and feather this loser.

  • G Sterling
    G Sterling Month ago +4

    Democrats prove once again, they can't get anything done!

  • PrimeTime Fitness
    PrimeTime Fitness Month ago

    Choked on a fat dong

  • Boar Hog
    Boar Hog Month ago


  • Nelsy Capote
    Nelsy Capote Month ago

    100% Propaganda!
    Viva TRUMP 2020 Trump Jr
    2024 2028 2032 2036....
    Will the real whistleblower please stand up. Oh gee its a an illegal WIRE TAP
    DemocRats need a vacation for working hard to rid of a Trump because he exposes their incompetent VENEZUELA WELCOMES THEM ALL
    Schiffty Adam, Nadler, AOC Maxine Waters, The Clintons, Obama, should join creepy Joe Biden on his No Malarkey tour bus, so they can drive off cliff. Stop destroying America.
    Eradicating the these swindlers that seem to always get away with scamming the American people. Before Trump the previous 4 administrations was an illusion of choice.

  • Nelsy Capote
    Nelsy Capote Month ago

    Yes, Schiffty is all choked up because like Hilter he has to keep selling the lies.
    If one does not have a valid argument "Tell a big enough lie and tell it frequently enough, it will be believed" by adolf hitler. Weaponizing intelligence agencies quote "We got six ways till Sunday to destroy anyone"Its a Dark Day for America. The media hijacked, ALL outlets just listen to someone in their ears piece who just keeps
    selling the narrative that boost their RATINGS; which into turn secure their paychecks.

  • DevilDawg PDT
    DevilDawg PDT Month ago

    Trump, has not abused power he did what he did to protect the US and our military and civilians... CNN will tell the truth now after they’re Democratic Party has lost.

  • Savah Bejin
    Savah Bejin Month ago +3

    We all know what he was choking on.

    LEE BECK Month ago

    Lemon head________ 🤢🤮 BUAWHAWAAAAAAAAA.... what a stunned “c”

  • ES
    ES Month ago

    For God's sake people give shift some money for mental health treatment!

  • Al Faiella
    Al Faiella Month ago

    Now I heard it all the mentally ill shit shit said that Trump is going to sell Alaska to Russia that’s why Trump approval numbers are on the rise

  • Andy Pettit
    Andy Pettit Month ago +2

    Slee stack. Bubble eye monster.

  • Jack MeOff
    Jack MeOff Month ago +26

    And the academy awards goes to Adam Schiff.

  • Guida Mopazan Rabinowitz

    This. Yes this. Now we know why.

  • Kala Kaluahine
    Kala Kaluahine Month ago

    Mr Shit you is a joke 💩 THE SHIT SHOW 💩

  • Science Freak!
    Science Freak! Month ago +10

    Pathetic. Crying to try and get votes. Shifty schiff, you make me sick

  • Science Freak!
    Science Freak! Month ago

    Schiff you’re an idiot.

  • Science Freak!
    Science Freak! Month ago

    Trump is putting Americans first you moron. He didn’t get rid of NAFTA to help other countries idiot. He did it for America. The wall for America. The unemployment being the lowest it’s ever been for America dumb ass. Your crying because YOU are crooked and you’re being outed. Eat it schiff!!

  • Science Freak!
    Science Freak! Month ago

    He chose Rudy Giuliani. That’s not a crime dumb ass

  • Danny Balint
    Danny Balint Month ago

    Schiff is choked up because of this

  • Leslie Ackerman
    Leslie Ackerman Month ago +17

    This guy is crazy. After all that has been presented, he says the same things as day one. What a circus.

  • tiffsaver
    tiffsaver Month ago +11


    • XXXHoodooXXX
      XXXHoodooXXX Month ago

      I would be shocked if we hear any kind of justice from this. Law is for you not for them, know your place peasant.

  • Nancy Smith
    Nancy Smith Month ago


  • Joey Hardin
    Joey Hardin Month ago

    What a load of garbage. Shutup schiff

  • The Angry Bass
    The Angry Bass Month ago +4

    Schifty, you are a great liar but a terrible actor. You need lessons on being a patriot from Trump. At least his agenda has brought America back from the brink of economic disaster. What the hell have you done for America or your constituents? You are an obsessed madman and nothing else

    USA STRONG Month ago +1

    Bet your sorry, lying, pencil-neck tears are really falling NOW you pathetic pile of 💩
    Remember pile of Schiff:

  • Omicron Algol
    Omicron Algol Month ago +3

    That was a virtuoso speech, what a loser!

  • Gus McCrae
    Gus McCrae Month ago

    How embarrassing. Liberals are such beta men. Crying and carrying on. Meanwhile, Trump is facing down the enemy and ordering hits on terrorists. Liberals are SUCH the girly-men.

  • iridefast1
    iridefast1 Month ago +1

    Schiff is responsible for Trump not being removed. Schiffs Lies caught up with him.

  • James Jeske
    James Jeske Month ago +22

    When will shift answer for the things he did???

    • Andrew Christopher
      Andrew Christopher Month ago

      Probably at the Judgment Seat, which of course he does not believe in. Like all the other weasel Dems.

    • Raven R
      Raven R Month ago

      @XXXHoodooXXX : Its our fault for allowing these Communist to infiltrate our Government years ago. Second Amendment was put there for that reason, and now people fear the Government. Look at what we are allowing these Crimnal Communist to get away with. They are picking apart the Constitution. Trump is in on to. Shame on us all.

    • XXXHoodooXXX
      XXXHoodooXXX Month ago +1

      Right after Hillary, Obama, FBI, CIA, Bush... It takes unity of the people to end corruption like this. But I would love to see a lot of these people receive justice like the average citizen would. It's the "just us" department.

  • Helen Martel
    Helen Martel Month ago

    If you end up going to the court make sure you hide your documents. Don’t forget to make sure all the witnesses disappear. And please don’t appear yourself either; just send your lawyer. Let’s see how far you can go!!!

  • tehfast
    tehfast Month ago +9

    when the ukraine investigatons against adam schiff will be start?