Wood and Steel | Critical Role | Campaign 2, Episode 58

  • Published on Apr 15, 2019
  • The Mighty Nein explore Rosohna, the City of Perpetual Night, before embarking on a dangerous mission for Professor Waccoh...
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  • Flando Maltrizian
    Flando Maltrizian 5 months ago +3371

    HEY, there might be some SPOILERS under the thing
    1:10 Liam announces his running mate
    2:25 Ashley roasts Sam
    8:05 The road to 10 million
    11:10 Intro cinematic
    12:45 Episode Starts
    15:25 Recap Ends
    15:45 Yasha is more alert than usual
    25:15 Jester has an important task for Beau
    26:30 Beau flashes her stick
    27:10 And break
    28:10 The flask
    30:40 Fjord meets a bigger half-orc at the forge
    36:30 Fjord can almost carry a barrel
    38:55 Fjord’s too tough for jewelry
    41:25 Wersh and Fjord
    45:00 His advice had abs
    45:55 Consoling Fjord
    47:00 Fjord backstjory
    49:05 Half-orc-ling
    52:05 Beau teaches us to deal with cops at the library
    56:25 Liam gets to hit Marisha back
    1:01:20 Professor Tuskwaco
    1:10:40 Beau flashes ab
    1:20:20 Long-winded pigeon
    1:25:00 How dare you Sam
    1:33:55 Jester goes for the full tickle at the jeweler
    1:36:00 You can’t trick The Dragon with cubic zirconium
    1:37:20 Sam is under attack
    1:40:00 Jester is great at compliments
    1:42:05 Turmin’s tinctures and tonics
    1:42:50 Chemists: you can’t take them anywhere
    1:43:45 The splash zone
    1:44:10 Too adventurous
    1:45:25 Not just sex powers
    1:52:10 Rain on Sam night
    1:53:25 Nott goes back to her old ways
    1:58:05 Break Starts
    2:07:30 A full-cast Thank You video
    2:10:35 Art Montage
    2:23:20 Break Ends
    2:24:45 In medias res
    2:28:05 Shaft
    2:32:45 If they did a morning-to-night game some weekend, I’d be there for it
    2:35:20 Jester gives up her weasel
    2:38:20 Exchanged messages
    2:39:20 Taliesin backstory
    2:41:15 I LOVE YOU
    2:43:30 Nott and Caleb update their character art
    2:51:10 Through the Ghostlands
    3:12:10 Foreman Boto
    3:14:00 Fjord mjurders Foreman Boto
    3:16:05 Contradictory orders
    3:41:30 Nott cleans up loose ends
    3:44:45 Ashley is welcomed
    3:48:05 Episode Ends
    The in-game start date for the episode was the 20th of Horisal 836. Sam’s flask says “Creepy ain’t a crime, neither is D&D” over a picture of Brian W. Foster
    Any moments I missed? Feel free to post them here. Is it Thursday yet?05

    • Bla Blub
      Bla Blub 20 days ago

      @50:22 Laura and Travis are clearly married

    • David Parkes
      David Parkes Month ago


    • qcnixongab81
      qcnixongab81 2 months ago

      What's the music in the art montage ??

    • Davis Straus
      Davis Straus 2 months ago

      Flando Maltrizian 1:28:38 “Good luck boys have fun storming the castle!”

    • aboppy6
      aboppy6 2 months ago

      Can somebody explain 1:37:20 to me. I'm so confused

  • MaedayMisfit
    MaedayMisfit 23 hours ago

    Im not sure exactly what it is but something about the mannerisms or accent of the professor really reminds me of Wolf from the 10th kingdom mini series

  • Claud Seward
    Claud Seward 4 days ago

    Can... can we have them as our leaders p l e a s e

  • WexMajor82
    WexMajor82 4 days ago

    The interaction with the foreman had my almost literally rolling on floor laughing.

  • One Crazy Pig
    One Crazy Pig 4 days ago

    It's a little strange that Caleb and Beau have equal strength.

  • MrDimox
    MrDimox 5 days ago

    "How do we kill seven giants?"
    One at a time.

  • Hans Olav
    Hans Olav 5 days ago

    do hope they don't plan on sending the two humans out on their own without their medallions(that are in the bag)....oh, good. thank you, Veth. saved the day. :)

  • Patty M.
    Patty M. 5 days ago

    Oh man, Ashley with the roasts! I felt bad for Sam but I was dying laughing. Thank you Sam, Liam and Ashley

  • Jessica Hill
    Jessica Hill 6 days ago

    I almost feel bad for the guy fjord intimidates, also... SCATTER

  • Draconic Kaiser
    Draconic Kaiser 6 days ago

    The scene with Fjord intimidating the foreman was sooooo good.

  • Mo Ke
    Mo Ke 8 days ago +1


  • Ujira 0
    Ujira 0 9 days ago

    I wonder if one day the mighty nien will chant after they mess up:
    Level 20! Level 20!

  • jacob bower
    jacob bower 9 days ago

    Ashley’s speech was awesome

  • νοικοκυρης
    νοικοκυρης 10 days ago

    Alright I'll just watch the intro to this episode and enough CR for today.
    "We have our wonderful Ashley Johnson back!"
    Great, now I have to watch it.

  • MeeesterBond17
    MeeesterBond17 11 days ago

    1:18:09 "So, what about that magical sword blade, huh?" (knowing full well Caduceus has been carrying a faintly magical and very mysterious sword hilt for about 20 episodes)
    DM: "Oh, it's very faint, it's barely there..."
    Travis (and every player ever): "YOU F***ER!!!"

  • Herbert Kraft
    Herbert Kraft 11 days ago

    Police! I would like to report a murder.
    Ashley returns to the table and the first thing she does is drop a fucking nuke and kill Sam. Holy fucking shit, that was good.

  • OffRoadRN
    OffRoadRN 12 days ago

    Matt... A wench is a barmaid. You use a WINCH to raise a portcullis.

  • Allen Vogel
    Allen Vogel 12 days ago

    As I walk into my living room I’m about to sit down while watching the stream and the light that has a switch on it turned on for no reason I’m ri this just in case this will be the last thing the world will hear from me

  • kitiri Hopuare-Blan
    kitiri Hopuare-Blan 13 days ago

    Taliesin has just the BEST laugh!

  • rebma
    rebma 14 days ago

    Ashley is such a sweet hearted goof but also the queen of roasting, I love her 😭

  • Jack the Bard
    Jack the Bard 15 days ago

    That Fjord intimidation scene was so cute, Travis is a beast actor.

  • Philip Martindale
    Philip Martindale 16 days ago +1

    How did laura manage to get vex to seep into jester again. Jester started out caring so little about money and not being the group money handler, but all the sudden it's dragon lady shopper and party bank all over again.

  • Matthew Acker
    Matthew Acker 17 days ago

    Jester is going to have abandonment issues by the end of this campaign...

  • Baby Starfish
    Baby Starfish 17 days ago

    Bullying an imaginary Drow is the greatest thing I've ever heard.

  • Triggerith
    Triggerith 20 days ago

    I want that voltron shirt so bad that Sam has on.

  • Michael Johnsen
    Michael Johnsen 22 days ago

    Give him your weasel! Do it now!

  • Bob Dole
    Bob Dole 22 days ago

    You think Marisha would have learned her lesson about turning and sneezing from pulling a rib, now she sprays Liam... just use the inside of your shirt and face forward or get a larger handkerchief and face forward. Spent to much concentration on turning inside of focusing on covering your mouth and nose, disgusting.

  • joshua rose
    joshua rose 25 days ago

    It could be a princess cut... or a handful of shitty ones you know...

  • Karma Vatsin
    Karma Vatsin 25 days ago

    3:14:00 This whole Foreman segment is perfection. But 3:15:30 would you raise your voice again to Travis? 🤔🤔

  • Liam Bittles
    Liam Bittles 25 days ago +1

    Matt giving off serious Jake Gyllenhaal from Nightcrawler vibes in the entirety of The Professor scene

  • jacobsonmg
    jacobsonmg 26 days ago +8

    "Here's 20 Platinum" can you imagine your reunited wife dropping $20,000 in your lap and saying "be cool, ill be back in 3 days"

  • Jorge Ian Fernandez
    Jorge Ian Fernandez 26 days ago

    I can't wait until Nott gets double Nat 20 on her crossbow. "4 arrows shot in quick succession, you can see 1..2..3..4 all shots land into the chest of the brightqueen immediately ending the war"

  • Minionki7
    Minionki7 26 days ago +3

    wow ashley already making use of the brutal critical she just got with level 9. rip sam

  • Stink simply stink
    Stink simply stink 27 days ago


  • Jorge Ian Fernandez
    Jorge Ian Fernandez 27 days ago

    Sam reigal bout to pull a Trump on us.

  • polor awesomelex
    polor awesomelex 29 days ago

    3:07:07 Forever Fall

  • DragonFartMaysa
    DragonFartMaysa 29 days ago

    27:13 bottom row had a perfect wave

  • Raven Cross66
    Raven Cross66 29 days ago

    2:25:00 beau only got one d*ck in. ;)

  • frog
    frog Month ago +3

    When Sam said at least I have the comfort of my imaginary husband, I was so confused, Liam is right there.

  • thewaxman4
    thewaxman4 Month ago +2


  • Final7even
    Final7even Month ago

    Why is the orc professor a friggin mobster?

  • Final7even
    Final7even Month ago +1

    Of course the 2 humans decide to go alone. Oh dear.

  • Treegona
    Treegona Month ago

    The Fjord is a Shorthalt theory makes way too much sense: Relatively tiny, not terrifically strong, healthy, able to charm the proverbial pants off anything, kinda book-smart, wisdom score of 7.

  • Josh Rupp
    Josh Rupp Month ago

    The Robe of Indecent Exposure....

  • Terry Maughan
    Terry Maughan Month ago

    Look at my Balls!... now, that's a distraction technique worth holding on to.

  • Scott Mefford
    Scott Mefford Month ago

    That's not a flask, its a bloody Gerry can.

  • AsherPH2020
    AsherPH2020 Month ago +2

    Taliesin is so much more lively with Ashley around and she’s a riot in her own right. I’m glad she’s back!

  • wouter neirynck
    wouter neirynck Month ago +1

    Mat wanted Sam to steal that that 1k potion so bad by sending the dwaf to the back and looking at sam while he waited for a moment.

  • Thor B.
    Thor B. Month ago

    1:54 the Roast of Sam

  • Eugore Sdrawde
    Eugore Sdrawde Month ago

    Any time Nott’s husband Is polite Like I Know it’s Normal but One of My characters Would just Be like “Ooooh My God I love how oddly nice you are and it is amazing! how no person you’ve met has just wanted to be nice to you, like damn!”

  • acentric Soul
    acentric Soul Month ago

    at 1:46:46 you can hear travis (?) making the zombie minecraft sounds in the background and its great

  • Joshua Fuller
    Joshua Fuller Month ago

    I legit thought all of the art was going to be chairs for a second, I almost died

  • Joshua Fuller
    Joshua Fuller Month ago

    1:13:25 Laura: "I thought he said Vex" 😭😭😭

  • Rebekah Pierce
    Rebekah Pierce Month ago

    *deadpan* Jannik is angry and likes to kill

  • Corvus
    Corvus Month ago

    There's something kinda hot about the thumbnail.

  • nott my cup of tea
    nott my cup of tea Month ago

    to be fair yasha should've had ½ or ¾ cover when hiding from the giants in the forest

  • nott my cup of tea
    nott my cup of tea Month ago

    'i feel real confident about this plan'
    proceeds to send the whole party to stealth around the mines
    without even casting past without a trace
    3 seconds later, the whole party is discovered
    *slow clap*
    can't wait for tpk lol

  • Maxime
    Maxime Month ago

    Why are orcs texan?

  • The Egky
    The Egky Month ago

    very sexy of them to make that the thumbnail

  • sedeslav
    sedeslav Month ago +1

    Mercer is one of the best story teller on this mortal plane!