Fiddy - Lesson Learnt [Music Video] | Link Up TV

  • Published on Dec 6, 2018
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Comments • 573

  • Hope Star
    Hope Star 29 days ago

    His talking about Fredo

  • Jam Ahmed
    Jam Ahmed Month ago

    1:49 Real Somalian slumdog😅

  • ebrahim010
    ebrahim010 2 months ago +1

    What are thooooooosssseeee no socks, no shoes just feet boiiiiii😷🦶🏿

  • Jam Ahmed
    Jam Ahmed 2 months ago

    How comes the sideman bussin the ice 😅
    Fiddy real joke man, that's a fackkt!

    • Jam Ahmed
      Jam Ahmed Month ago

      @Juned Ali lool and your the cat I'm serving to 'juned Ali sounds like a real bengali east end nitty' 😂

    • Juned Ali
      Juned Ali Month ago

      You sound like his runner g

  • lorraine simser
    lorraine simser 3 months ago

    Mans are dun outhere 😂😂😂😂😂

  • Alam Alam
    Alam Alam 4 months ago


  • El Patrón
    El Patrón 4 months ago +1

    Man got his 80bag patek taken by some tramps lol, some man will never see 80 bag in their lifespan, bare homo man hating on this guy, lol, in reality, most niggas don’t even scratch the surface compared to this ak

  • Hanzo H
    Hanzo H 4 months ago +2

    Carnival 2019

  • cobbz leone
    cobbz leone 4 months ago

    Alot of man would crumble in fiddys shoes cuz but i garunttee he still gets up from this L and makes ££££s

  • Yonis Ahmed
    Yonis Ahmed 4 months ago

    Fiddy don’t ever post on social media after what happened

  • Rxndn Cndndnd
    Rxndn Cndndnd 4 months ago +1

    Lesson learnt don’t go back to carni

  • K Mulli
    K Mulli 4 months ago +2

    Buck fiddy got smacked up in Harlesden 🤣🤣🤣

    • THE MAN
      THE MAN 8 days ago

      South is gonnna be letting off shots for da lol

  • Yonis Ahmed
    Yonis Ahmed 4 months ago +1

    Hold dat L

  • Kendal Brunel
    Kendal Brunel 4 months ago +1

    Da way my man got Gchecked at carni was juss... damn 🤦🏾‍♂️🤣🤣

  • Unknown Gangsta
    Unknown Gangsta 4 months ago

    Here after he got sucked at carni 😂

  • Hanad
    Hanad 4 months ago +1

    Nigga been a joker even getting victimised in Africa 😭😭😭😂😂😂😂😂

  • Anthony Stewart
    Anthony Stewart 4 months ago +20

    This the same bruddah who got violated at carni?

    • Kieran Davidson
      Kieran Davidson 20 days ago

      Cant tell him about bouncing back thoo

    • Ky
      Ky 4 months ago

      Video ?

    • Tony bun tanna
      Tony bun tanna 4 months ago +2

      @Outere true say

    • Outere
      Outere 4 months ago +1

      @Tony bun tanna i hear you but buckfiddy brings the energy for this shit he needs to humble himself

    • Tony bun tanna
      Tony bun tanna 4 months ago

      @Outere the streets are a myth

  • Ukhits
    Ukhits 4 months ago +72

    Who’s here after what happened today at carni 🤣🤣🤣

    • Mista Shifta
      Mista Shifta Month ago

      @PC Morgan Terry akh still counting ps though

    • Travis Scott
      Travis Scott 2 months ago

      PC Morgan Terry LOOOOOL

    • lorraine simser
      lorraine simser 4 months ago

      How they do upti like that 😂😂😂

    • Q V
      Q V 4 months ago +4

      Clearly there’s still more lessons to be learnt

    • Ky
      Ky 4 months ago


  • Imonsomebangbanghitemup

    Uno man are plotting to stain you

    SUBZINO 5 months ago

    Mali’s gang shit

  • K X
    K X 7 months ago +6

    Somali men look like they have fragile hair, like if you blow hard at the head tops, the hair will just fly off

  • Ty Logan
    Ty Logan 8 months ago

    Lil gym and he’s lil lol

  • Ty Logan
    Ty Logan 8 months ago

    This tooooo hard

  • Mustaf Ali
    Mustaf Ali 9 months ago

    Skore beezy and fiddy has to happen this year wen he come out

  • Marcus Laverl
    Marcus Laverl 9 months ago

    No cap the tracks hard❗️

  • FuckoffDab #
    FuckoffDab # 9 months ago


  • GoonLocal king
    GoonLocal king 10 months ago +1

    My face in your spot is a problem I cat snatch and i’ll Take your phenes!

  • U got To see
    U got To see 10 months ago

    Has hasn’t learnt He’s lesson because he still making music.... waryaaaaaaaaa

  • 20 18
    20 18 10 months ago +1

    This should have reached 1M for sure 🤜🏻💥

  • Cameron B
    Cameron B 10 months ago

    Sounding like skore breezy

  • Hanad jama
    Hanad jama 10 months ago

    he is my oncl

  • Ali Hnf
    Ali Hnf 10 months ago

    Fuck Fiddy
    HRB PG

  • maria conkova
    maria conkova 10 months ago

    Fiddy ☝

  • Ahmed h
    Ahmed h 11 months ago


  • Nerd Gamer41
    Nerd Gamer41 11 months ago

    Lyrics please

  • Humzy Khan
    Humzy Khan 11 months ago +1

    People taking piss out of his body shape lol truss this is what happens when you eating good good

  • Nazli Love
    Nazli Love 11 months ago

    Who tf is this next mali yuut

  • Shane Willam
    Shane Willam 11 months ago

    It Mad you got a snickers wrapper in your ashtray

  • HRB To dis DAAAY
    HRB To dis DAAAY 11 months ago

    This guy nearly put Santander Bank in the cabinet these last few months 🤦🏽‍♂️ 🤫

  • Mista Shifta
    Mista Shifta Year ago


  • Sagal Hussein
    Sagal Hussein Year ago +4

    To many bantu haters🍌

  • Sagal Hussein
    Sagal Hussein Year ago

    This dude is sick❤👌

  • pinu con
    pinu con Year ago

    Get this to 500K #lessonlearnt

  • Bando 9
    Bando 9 Year ago


  • byKhxn
    byKhxn Year ago

    Snap Capone’s little sister is on this ting! Mazza

  • Casper A
    Casper A Year ago +2

    LOOK AT ME 👀

  • Hamza Abdullah
    Hamza Abdullah Year ago +2

    This guy was living a rappers lifestyle before even rapping

  • WTZ 135
    WTZ 135 Year ago

    This Guy's Got A Mad Flow Banger


    My Favorite Song

  • Kkkk Kkk
    Kkkk Kkk Year ago

    Freebandz 101/201 anybody can do it before rapping

  • Abz Mo
    Abz Mo Year ago +3

    Pussy boys always talking shit bout Malis on the internet but niggas know on road they will get smoked

    • VS7
      VS7 Year ago

      Abz Mo facts and i aint even mali to be biased

  • M
    M Year ago


    GUCII GANG Year ago

    Walahi not bad fiddy pence

  • Fin Browne
    Fin Browne Year ago

    Nearly half a mil views and not even 5k likes yet oh dear 😂

  • DeLaMan
    DeLaMan Year ago

    LMFAO whats this somali yout doing leave it hahah

  • Mhud 420
    Mhud 420 Year ago

    This shit need 1M

  • Chapo White
    Chapo White Year ago +1

    Fiddy and skore beezy need to make a song mali link up

  • Ben Scott
    Ben Scott Year ago

    Sound like skorebeezy still

  • Hydraulic Edge
    Hydraulic Edge Year ago

    Looks like your stereotype mali

  • T
    T Year ago

    Can’t tell me about bouncing back