Hereditary Angry Movie Review

  • Published on Jun 8, 2018
  • AngryJoe, OtherJoe & Alex review the latest Horror Film Hereditary, billed as this generations Exorcist, is this film truly that scary? Find out!
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Comments • 1 954

  • olivia kennedy
    olivia kennedy 3 days ago

    i mean i am not gonna take you seriously when you are wearing a superman t-shirt with a blazer over the top...

  • Robots In Boxes
    Robots In Boxes 3 days ago

    this generations rosemary's baby maybe

  • Stephanie S
    Stephanie S 9 days ago

    The movie was bad on so many levels

  • Barek Halfhand
    Barek Halfhand 11 days ago

    I agree that it is kind of a slow burn but the payoff is worth it.

  • weird bruise
    weird bruise 13 days ago

    It was a shit movie Joe.

  • Kevin Jones
    Kevin Jones 17 days ago

    This a bobadook wanna be

  • Raspotnik
    Raspotnik 17 days ago

    That some low scores... Not cool. This movie was fantastic. It sure was pretty slow. But hell I take that anyday in a horror movie if I actually care about the story and characters.

  • Dr Quantum
    Dr Quantum 18 days ago

    This movie was fucking great! 8/10. One of the best horror movies ive seen since Babadook and The Wailing.

  • Victor Vasconcellos
    Victor Vasconcellos 25 days ago

    Well I think it is The Exorcist for this generation since The Exorcist nowadays is ridiculous. It's a classic for it's time but definitely not a timeless classic. You show The Exorcist and Hereditary to somebody that was born after The Exorcist and they'll pick Hereditary every single time.
    Sure the thing was a blueprint to well written and directed true horror back then but it has been surpassed by at least 5 movies in my book.

  • Sydney Bishop
    Sydney Bishop 25 days ago

    The movie didn’t build tension tho. The whole time all the “scary” parts were so minimal, that when shit started popping off, I had no idea what to make of it. Everyone was just laughing because we were completely confused. Scariest part was the little girl’s tongue clacking. That’s it.

  • TormentedTony
    TormentedTony 27 days ago

    I thought this was a horror film going into it nothing happens for the first hour of a two hour movie 99% of the actions in the last 10 minutes

  • Oliver Guthrie
    Oliver Guthrie 29 days ago

    People have no attention span nowadays. I blame American mass media.

  • swimmindonut
    swimmindonut Month ago

    Ever since the exorcist? It was damn scarier than that :/

  • Teletubby Dipsy :*
    Teletubby Dipsy :* Month ago

    This film is 8/10 if you like twisted stuff. The film is slow as they just come across like a normal family... so you 'comfortably' yourself in their shoes. 😐

  • Nobody!
    Nobody! Month ago

    this was an utter shit film at best! NO1 who see's this will ever be stupid enough to like it whatsoever. it was boreing and funny from time to time, scary? HELL NO xD boreing fuckshit. the acting was 5/10 at best, and the girl with down syndrom needs a ton of acting lessons before even trying out for an advertisement on anal leakage. seriousmly what a flop! the movie payed everyone for syaing its awesome, they payed a company to overhype their movie. this is a FUCKSHIT BULLWHOREING CUNTSUCKING SHIT MOVIE! fact , peace out ya'll xD

  • CR Smyth
    CR Smyth Month ago

    58% currently on audience score from rotten tomatoes. So the hype wore off. This is a shame but I am glad I allowed myself to watch reviews first and now I am just waiting for it to leave theaters

  • Claus Nielsen
    Claus Nielsen Month ago

    "Angry Joe" should just dump the other two when reviewing movies. "OJ" doesn't reason or analyze movies well (or at all). And the third guy, well.. Do I need to go there?

  • evilzander1
    evilzander1 Month ago

    Sucks ass

  • Claus Nielsen
    Claus Nielsen Month ago

    This movie is a piece of art. What they are doing with the lights, shadows and sound is astonishing. That "OJ" is "waiting for something to happen" just shows his lack of intelligence when it comes to movies that actually shows so much. It is tense, it grabs you and never lets go. Top marks from me.

  • Dragonborn727 y
    Dragonborn727 y Month ago

    You guys should watch the Exorcist again because it takes an hour to build up as well. It's a possession movie and that requires turmoil on the victims to weaken their spirits to allow easier possession as well as the hidden clues throughout the beginning that you must have missed. As for the model sets, those are in place of flashbacks that would ruin the pace.

  • jesse arroyo
    jesse arroyo Month ago

    How do you give this a 6/10 this was not your typical horror movie it was different in good way

  • Hannah Smith
    Hannah Smith Month ago

    I totally agree with the slow burn and reminded me of The Witch and also The Wicker Man... But I've never laughed so much at a horror film.. what was with the random naked people.. that was so random and then when Toni Collette s decapitated character floated to the tree house. I definitely think I need to watch it again and pay more attention to it.. I was so excited for this.. it was.... Okay.. I wasn't scared lol.

  • ice la honk
    ice la honk Month ago

    yea, not interested In any of your opinions about anything. dunderheads

  • ice la honk
    ice la honk Month ago

    no jump scares? dislike, you're and idiot. and no, the film is exciting, esp 25 minutes in.

  • M C
    M C Month ago

    I think a lot of people miss the meaning of the film. The theme is free will which the family have none of, they are manipulated by the cultists and cannot avoid their fate. The mother almost kills her kids while sleepwalking, something she admits she had no control over. the name of the film is hereditary- a process of which we have no control over.

  • BAIR Analytics
    BAIR Analytics Month ago

    Left just after 1 hour, was late, was cold and bored out of my mind. This movie was definitely not what I expected, great acting however!

  • Michael Doherty
    Michael Doherty Month ago

    This movie was a well written psychological drama with horror elements and (in my opinion) one of the worst endings to what otherwise would be an awesome movie.

  • Gary Glaser
    Gary Glaser Month ago

    It always amuses me when morons are so confident with themselves. 😆LOL. The guy in the middle is under the impression his opinion is wise and compelling but he just comes off loud and pathetic. Remember Cheers? He's Cliff Claven, the loser who is compelled to try and sound like an expert on every topic! 🤣

  • colin barber
    colin barber Month ago

    Great soundtrack. Great acting. And weird ending. My kind of film. Quirky and different.

  • Cinnamon Bun
    Cinnamon Bun Month ago

    This movie was amazing wtf

  • Tiggerdyret
    Tiggerdyret Month ago

    This movie is way better than the Exorcist. It doesn't even compare in my mind.

  • marcus green
    marcus green Month ago

    i just saw this today. It wasnt that bad at all.

  • mickel ans
    mickel ans Month ago

    I don't know they knocked the head off the little girl pretty early. We thought it was perfectly creepy from start to finish. Increasingly creepy as it goes on of course but yea... excellent start to finish.

  • Colt Moreau Pitt
    Colt Moreau Pitt Month ago

    Red Letter Media shits all over this channel with their movie reviews and rightly so

  • Verum Venatus
    Verum Venatus Month ago

    Literally just watched it and thought it was amazing. Did not like the ending but found it generally creepy and unnerving throughout. Very interesting and a "true" horror film in my opinion. Don't understand all the negative audience reviews it's been getting, there are so many shitty horrors out that rely on cheap jump scares, basic uninspired acting and unoriginal storylines (Not that Hereditary's story was very original) that I believe audiences have gotten too used to these types of horrors. Need more horrors like this

  • Phil Smith
    Phil Smith Month ago

    If I can watch a 30 minute review of a movie and not get bored I can watch 2 hours of tension and decapitations without getting bored.

  • JayFlossy Vlogs
    JayFlossy Vlogs Month ago


  • Big Sheed
    Big Sheed Month ago

    What I liked about Hereditary is a lot of small clues are sprinkled throughout the movie before the climax. It doesn’t telegraph exactly what is going on so there are moments of legitimate shock and it is all earned. I can’t lie I was thinking about this movie after I left the theater. Most films are so forgettable but this one is definitely disturbing in a good way.

  • saskiapanter
    saskiapanter Month ago

    Why wait in stead of trying to get into the story???

  • blue.elephant91
    blue.elephant91 Month ago

    This is not a movie simple minded folks will appreciate

  • blue.elephant91
    blue.elephant91 Month ago

    I think most of the people who don't appreciate this movie are too dumb and impatient to really get all of the underlying themes and why things that they think are "boring" are actually horrifying. There's something to be said about a movie that can make you feel so uneasy, disturbed, helpless and surprised all at the same time

  • The Blade Runner
    The Blade Runner Month ago

    Sounds like more of a suspense movie than a horror movie.

  • Jane Simon
    Jane Simon Month ago +2

    Clearly they wouldn't know a great horror flick if they actually saw one

    • Jane Simon
      Jane Simon 2 days ago +1

      Thanos, yeah and it wasn’t so much about the scares for me. It was the artistic style of the movie: the directing, performance, cinematography even how the visuals have subtle hints. I don’t think it was too much of a slow burn. The dollhouse does factor into the movie. In fact kind of a big part of the movie. These guys wouldn’t know. They might have enjoyed thrill kill movies like the purge or m. Knights movie where it’s not even about the story. I even loved the cinematography on the miniatures. There’s layers to this movie whether it’s psychologically or visually. I wish I could have been a fly on the wall while they were filming just to watch the production come together. Glad I’m not the only one who liked this movie!

    • Thanos
      Thanos Month ago

      I know, right? This movie was fucking fantastic! "The Witch" comparison is very accurate, and both are some of the greatest horror films ever! Great plot, scary as shit, great acting, great atmosphere, everything is here. These fuckers are tripping balls.

  • Isaac Wallace
    Isaac Wallace Month ago

    Yall disliked the movie for all the wrong reasons. And the fact that other joe gave this movie a 6/10 tell me he shouldn’t even be reviewing movies.

  • ImHere4TheChili
    ImHere4TheChili Month ago

    It's kind of sad what passes for horror, or a "psychological" film these days...there were plenty of things that were done well in this movie, but overall its so detached from how people would actually react to this crazy shit in real life it completely takes me out of the movie. The scene where the mom convinces the dad to go into the attic to see the decapitated "black tar" body...and he didn't immediately get a phone to call the police, or go collect his son and get the fuck out of there...


    The “doll houses” were there to show you that they were pawns being manipulated by an outside source.

  • Andres Briceño
    Andres Briceño Month ago

    I really enjoyed it because I didn't know it was horror I just heard it was good and went without any info or expectation and it payed off, big time. Loved the Rosemary's Baby esque ending.

  • coldogno7
    coldogno7 Month ago

    its the cluck cluck clan

  • coldogno7
    coldogno7 Month ago

    NO JUMPSCARE? how about the kluk sound??

  • KnarfKcaz
    KnarfKcaz Month ago +1

    These guys are idiots. They just wanted an action packed cheesy horror movie full of jump scares and they failed to appreciate the slow build of psychological terror and the uneasy feeling that the movie creates in the viewer.

  • Ronin Gmail
    Ronin Gmail Month ago

    Easier and cheaper to do movie reviews yeah joe? less exhaustion on your mental well being, ill watch but im sad atm. your watching movies missing underrated games that can be reviewed and enjoyed .

  • Valeri Smirnov
    Valeri Smirnov Month ago

    people were laughing during the last act. this movie is weird as fuck.

  • RicardoNecrofear
    RicardoNecrofear Month ago +2

    You guys seem to have been victims to the misleading marketing, and totally missed the point of the movie :/

  • Blia Yang
    Blia Yang Month ago

    For anyone watching this guy for a nuanced, mature review then you got another thing coming. Scariest movie since The Ring and that one Japanese movie during that same era. Go into it with zero Intel. You'll appreciate it.

  • Itsnotme Itsyou
    Itsnotme Itsyou Month ago

    I think this movie was intellectually out of their league.

  • Sunny Ishtiak
    Sunny Ishtiak Month ago

    You guys are all complaining about the guys "not getting" the movie, movies are subjective, stop being up your own asses, respect each other's opinion, and stop being condescending because they have a different opinion on it. They loved a lot of things about it! I really loved the movie personally, but you guys are being "oH so SAd oUr CultuRe, iM gLad JoE IsnT a DireCtor, yoU GuSY DUnT GeT ItT bUt I dO BeCuZ I'M ArTisTIC, oH Ur AtTentIon SpanS" douches

  • Tomas Rodriguez
    Tomas Rodriguez Month ago

    Lubed up

    HT ARCADE Month ago

    Such a sad commentary that there's such a lack of understanding of movie making had there been jump scares , gore they would have loved it 7/10 skip these guys and find someone who actually reviews movies and btw the Exorcist was scary as shit but it played to parlor tricks sound editing, gore and swearing very little psychology

  • big sosig
    big sosig Month ago +2

    These guys can't be trusted when it comes to movies like at all. "There were no jumpscares" followed by "I was okay with that" is basically all you need to hear to know it's bullshit

  • Luke DelVecchio
    Luke DelVecchio Month ago

    I hope the removed footage expands all the crazy demonic shit from the end, and that it would be viewable soon

  • Gabriel Tello
    Gabriel Tello Month ago

    Disagree, you guys are too impatient, I loved it!

  • Pootis
    Pootis Month ago

    IDK, man, this film's slow burn was done well to me. I'm not normally a horror film guy because I hate cheap jumpscare crap, this film scared me in the right ways, I never felt a "That was stupid" moment at it. It spends the time building suspense, building things up. I feel like it did good as a mixture of horror and character. Then again, I loved Blade Runner 2049. Guess slow burn movies are more my style.

  • Cole Merriman
    Cole Merriman Month ago

    Stick to reviewing video games.

  • mrman3523
    mrman3523 Month ago

    The movies where evil wins in the end are warnings that the anti christ is coming

  • mrman3523
    mrman3523 Month ago

    The mom was definitely possessed by Paimon at the end bruh, and it was in the grandma before Charlie. You even see the light ring above the grandma’s casket.

  • LordArkeus
    LordArkeus Month ago

    she was flying but wasnt possesed? really?

  • Galactic Reggie
    Galactic Reggie Month ago

    Friend and I walked out after almost an hour (which is HALF OF THE SCREEN TIME). Boring, unfocused, and annoying audience (constant clicking and talking). One of the worst movies I've ever seen in theaters and the worst movie I've seen all year. ONE HOUR into the film:
    1.) Still don't know who the protagonist or antagonist is / are. Is it a person? Thing? Concept?
    2.) Lack of establishing character moments. Establishment shots are done when a character is introduced, to set them up on their arc and to let the audience know who they are. This movie has none of that.
    3.) Don't remember any characters names except Charlie, and that's because her name is dropped every single scene in the movie up to this point.
    4.) No build up of tension or any scares at this point.
    5.) No establishment of atmosphere.
    6.) No establishment of central theme, end goal, or driving force.
    7.) Bad writing (characters are unrelatable and don't talk or act like real people in what is supposed to be a grounded movie).
    All of this shit an hour into the movie, movie is half over at this point, and we still know nothing about it, what is going on, where it is going, who these people are, etc. These things should be established within the first 30 min of a movie, we are an hour in. It reminded me a lot of Cloud Atlas, which had the exact problems that this movie does.

  • Panleot
    Panleot Month ago

    The miniatures played no role in the story? Did you guys actually watch the film? They played huge part and were integral to the storytelling

  • Evan Codsworth
    Evan Codsworth Month ago

    I liked the build-up (first half) a lot more than the second half.

  • Ari Aloush
    Ari Aloush Month ago

    The dolls/doll houses most CERTAINLY played a role within the film. It was the perfect metaphor to represent the fact the family was being controlled (like dolls) by the cult as they had absolutely no power or control whatsoever.

  • Ramon Fontes
    Ramon Fontes Month ago

    Fuckn waste of money 💰

  • DeMario Champion
    DeMario Champion Month ago

    So I just saw this today and I've been searching for reviews where they were as shocked as I was to see that little girl's decomposing head on the ground. Like I thought it was not allowed to show kid deaths graphically as that was.

  • cog1130901
    cog1130901 Month ago

    Pacing was great. Movie was great.

  • sadiq kamran
    sadiq kamran Month ago

    These ppl will hate once upon a time in America 4 hours long film just stick to video games

  • Daniel Martinez
    Daniel Martinez Month ago

    The acting was fantastic. It had its moments. Overall a good film but, the ending was fucking trash.

  • Harold Ake
    Harold Ake Month ago

    Is not all about jump scares and what do they mean by waiting people now judging horror movies on jump scares and violent scenes

  • BrokenBeats94
    BrokenBeats94 Month ago

    I agree with a 7/10.
    Personally **** [SPOILERS]****
    I wanted to see Annie actually have mental health issues in the ending and these were passed down to her kids as well OR at least an expansion of the cult and Paimon in the end like the review points out. The ending was creepy but it just had exposition, dumps it as demon cult and ends it which we've seen a lot before (The Witch, Paranormal Activity, etc). Really, you could interpret the whole film that it is about mental health issues and dealing with grief and in fact the ending could be interpreted Annie killed her husband, tried to kill her son, ends up sawing her own head off and then this triggers the son in to interpreting his family's tragedy and mental health issues as a demonic curse on the family. Though really the film sets it up as cut and dry 'it was the demon the whole time' but personally I think mental health issues are is a much scaring subject because it's something that exists and therefore the film would have had more impact and more of a message, the human brain can be a scary tool because it's something the characters can't escape.

  • Julian Vargas
    Julian Vargas Month ago

    Apparently throughout the movie there are a lot of things In the corners. Details that helps build suspense

  • Ismael Mori
    Ismael Mori Month ago

    Guys check out The Babadook. You will probably split about the film the same way you are now but I know you will appreciate it collectively.

  • gbuko2391
    gbuko2391 Month ago

    Am I the minority for thinking this movie was way overhyped? Great acting but really not a scary movie at all.

  • Shelly Lynn
    Shelly Lynn Month ago

    To me, I got more of an Omen vibe from the movie, definitely not the exorcist .

  • NiceEmperor
    NiceEmperor Month ago

    The best horror movie i've seen. A 9/10 for me

  • Son Dursun
    Son Dursun Month ago

    Horror is in a shitty place right now because people don't know what they want from it. People who claim they just "Want great horror films" don't actually care about a strong story and strong directing being shown to them..... They just want quick scares and thrills which is what got us to the point where 90% of horror films suck. Horror used to be seen as an art form with movies like Psycho and Exorcist, a means of story telling that has a lasting impact on the watcher..... Now we've forgot about that and just watch a scary face jumping into our faces then complain when it happens too much or too little.
    Every classic horror film has a very slow first 3/4 Halloween, Psycho and exorcist to name a few but these days people just want quick thrills

  • Reynaldo Luna Jr.
    Reynaldo Luna Jr. Month ago

    all the satanic stuff was in there from the beginning. during the funeral. The necklace the mom wore and other people. and the half written Latin on the walls. That slamming her head on the ceiling was cool.

  • Owen Juell
    Owen Juell Month ago

    the scene where Charlie is smoking weed with his friends under the bleachers and starts getting like stomach pains or something made me the most uncomfortable I've been while watching a movie in the theater.

  • jacob mcnatt
    jacob mcnatt Month ago

    Too me this film was like an 8 at the very least, my friend said it reminded him of Stanley Kubrick movies, because there’s so many hidden messages in the background visually, Joe’s wrong about nothing happening in the first hour, in fact there’s a shitload of foreshadowing all over the place

  • eptlrm
    eptlrm Month ago

    I don't agree with joe on this film. I didnt find it at all boring. The music is great. The creepy stuff got me. You dont have to wait for the movie to get good at the end the whole movie was entertaining.

  • Claire J
    Claire J Month ago

    It's interesting that people think this doesn't get scary until the second half, because I thought the family drama in the first half was at times excruciatingly hard to watch and had me clenched as much as the main scares. There's a balance between the two that needs to be observed and appreciated because it's what gives the movie it's authentic feel. Otherwise it threatens to be a cliche (albeit still well done) exorcism flick

  • Raman Singh
    Raman Singh Month ago

    Dollhouse was a metaphor for the family being manipulated by a higher power and shows how they were never in control. This movie was trying to be more than just another horror movie.

  • CDTVProductions
    CDTVProductions Month ago

    This film was so damn disappointing, especially considering most of the critical praise surrounding it. I love horror films, but I didn't like this at all.

  • Kashif Nadeem
    Kashif Nadeem Month ago +1

    @angryjoey look at explained videos on youtube you will be amazed bout how deep this movie is

  • Obsidian1392
    Obsidian1392 Month ago

    This was nothing like The Witch lol

  • alex Debroux
    alex Debroux Month ago +3

    People who find movies like this "boring" or "funny" should honestly stick to mindless, superficial action films like Transformers. It's sad to see how low some people's attention spans are. Must be the result of this social media age where everything needs to be quick, flashy and exciting to keep people interested.

  • Charlie Lemus
    Charlie Lemus Month ago

    Haha! Alex is funny, "this is the worst welcome possible"!

  • André Vila Franca
    André Vila Franca Month ago

    I loved this movie. It's definitely above the majority of horror movies. The acting was fenomenal, the story interesting although a litle bit unoriginal, but the execution was really good as well as the cinematography. Charlie death was very unpredictable. The pacing is really good as well. All around a very good horror movie. I feel lucky to have watched it.

  • Glenn
    Glenn Month ago +1

    I loved this movie but i do appreciate some people don't get it each to their own i guess.. the cinematography is stunning as was the acting especially from Toni Collette & Alex Wolff.. yes it is a slow burner but for me it builds the atmosphere and delves into your psyche, with a sense of dread/hopelessness thrown in.. i'd rate this a 9.5/10 and i'm definitely going to see it again ;-)

  • David
    David Month ago

    I loved it

  • Rafeisbest
    Rafeisbest Month ago

    there is also a part where someone clicks in the movie and through out the whole movie everyone in the theaters was clicking jump scare

  • Rafeisbest
    Rafeisbest Month ago

    worst horror movie i seen this year and there is a cheap jump scare spoiler the pigeon part. story was to dragged out one character being a stoner was not believable. the cringy party he was at if you payed attention on that scene there is a guy who goes in for a hug gets shut down and then he still has his hands in the air just too cringy re watch that scene but people please watch something else. and another thing at the beginning it gave the plot away for crucial details of the movie or for whats gonna happen next.

  • Tails and Scales
    Tails and Scales Month ago

    God forbid a movie challenges an audience to think, and doesn't take the easy way out with cgi ghosts and loud noises.