Hereditary Angry Movie Review

  • Published on Jun 8, 2018
  • AngryJoe, OtherJoe & Alex review the latest Horror Film Hereditary, billed as this generations Exorcist, is this film truly that scary? Find out!
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Comments • 2 238

  • Rekkn_
    Rekkn_ Hour ago

    I personally disagree, the pacing was spot on... In fact everything was spot on, one of the best (horror) movie since years.

  • y26op
    y26op 2 days ago

    Other Joe is right... She was possessed by a demon. They went out of their way to demonstrate demonic possession... But, some how this eluded you. Listening to you folks... You guys really did not comprehend this film. I'll give credit to other Joe, for understanding a little more than you other two. Yes, all that stuff in the first half, actually happened. The first half was done the way it was done, to show you that the family was under demonic influence, the whole time, and didn't know it.

  • y26op
    y26op 2 days ago

    Watching it right now. About a hour in. No... It's not loosing my attention... I'm not getting bored... The events taking place, thus far... Hold my attention. Just wondering what direction this movie is going to go. Hopefully, it's not another "Mother". Like that movie... The trailer is presented as a horror flick, and it's not... That's the vibe I got from this movie's trailer, and still feel that way, an hour in.

    • y26op
      y26op 2 days ago

      Alright... Finished it. Crap. Typical Luciferian crap. Sadly, most will not be aware of all the subliminal messaging in this film, nor all the truth that's being put in front of their faces. Never the less... Crap.

  • Consequence No. 62
    Consequence No. 62 3 days ago

    Idk anything about horror movies, currently looking for a 10/10 horror movie

  • Vegan Dolls
    Vegan Dolls 4 days ago

    An hour in and NOTHING happened???!!! Are you a fucking mouth breathing retard? Did you want there to be guts and tits within 2 seconds and for every 5 minutes for a max of 60 minutes so your dumb ass jersey shore brains can handle it? It reminds you of the witch because it was produced by the same person. Both of the films are absolute masterpieces. They'll both go down as some of the best horror movies of all time. Horror and Slasher are NOT the same thing. Maybe you should just masturbate to green lantern or some other garbage your little fetal alcohol minds can grasp

  • Vegan Dolls
    Vegan Dolls 4 days ago

    you guys are so average it's painful.

  • Sagacious Assessor
    Sagacious Assessor 4 days ago

    This movie is perfect. That’s all that needs to be said

  • BloodyBatons
    BloodyBatons 4 days ago

    This movie was crap and there was 1 jumpscare at the end when the mom chases the son in the house

  • J Witherspoon
    J Witherspoon 4 days ago +1

    The mother isn't flying/floating to the treehouse, her body is being summoned.

  • CubicSpider6
    CubicSpider6 5 days ago

    I dont know about anyone else but this felt like a comedy to me

  • Not Important
    Not Important 5 days ago

    i see dumb and dumber.... and dumberer

  • Misha Vish
    Misha Vish 6 days ago

    I disagree guys the exorcist was an hour burn slow ... I cannot complain and the car scene was in the first 20 min which was enough to scare u for the next 15 min which was burning slow

  • fairytail naruto
    fairytail naruto 11 days ago

    This movie is garbage

  • Robin
    Robin 11 days ago

    Why the fuck are there so many "ending explained" vids for this movie? It's not Inception lmao. Great horror movie. Pacing and story telling was on point. Would be cool if this was in the same universe as The VVitch.

  • john sanchez
    john sanchez 11 days ago

    This isn’t a goosebumps episode where everything happens super fast, is clearly explained and plenty of jump scares built in. If that’s what you were expecting or if that’s your only caliber of appreciation then yes I could totally see how you won’t like this film. But if you appreciate symbolism, character development and attention to detail then you’ll love it.

  • john sanchez
    john sanchez 11 days ago

    How did the dollhouses not play into the movie? The first scene was a foreshowing that the movie was about peters awaking. Jesus Christ guys get it together.

  • Brandon Westbrook
    Brandon Westbrook 11 days ago

    I tried to get into this one I truly did. After the decapitation scene, I figured , “alright! Here we go!!!” And it just never ever took off. I like slow burners. LOVED THE WITCH, but this one just didn’t do it for me. To each his own, tho. Definitely a must see for long time horror fans.

  • El Chico
    El Chico 13 days ago

    I didn’t feel like the build up was long it all felt connected from the beginning like I wasn’t bored at all It was very engaging

  • Hunter Boyd
    Hunter Boyd 13 days ago

    I saw it recently and I regret not seeing it in theaters. This movie is slow burning but in a entertaining way. The set up is so interesting that when the “action” begins you are completely zoned into the characters well being. Who knows?.... I might’ve lost my head if I saw it in theaters 😂

  • Game Of Steel
    Game Of Steel 14 days ago

    I thought this movie had so much potential but didn't execute everything in it 100% properly. Still good movie but it could have been so much better. Also Joe she was possessed why would she (You know) at the end if she wasn't. Also the facial expression changing immediately is showing the audience that she got possessed. She was on the freaking ceiling man! Regular people can't do that haha.

  • Harald King
    Harald King 15 days ago

    For some reason it made me think of David Firth a lot towards the end

  • Owen Linney
    Owen Linney 15 days ago

    Why is everyone yelling at them for not knowing what a horror movie is like “the shining” doesn’t take an hour to setup up an atmosphere and you know why because it has intelligent writing

  • David Stienmetz
    David Stienmetz 15 days ago +1

    People keep using buzz phrases like "slow burn' because they want to pretend this movie made sense instead of just scratching their heads at how it ended. I could sum it up for you, but instead why not just watch the show LOST and you'll get it. I actually loved the first half of this film and was stuck to the screen up until the literal train wreck at the ending. All those strings of clues they kept dangling from the beginning with the grandma's ghost the little girl seemingly practicing witch craft, the doll houses...yea, I was expecting that would all amount to something very clever, even the name of the film suggested something...relevant would happen. But no, a mish mash of themes from ghosts and witch craft, to cults and demonic possession all literally thrown against the wall in the final twenty minutes literally tossed all of that suspense into the garbage and made every bit of character and plot development completely irrelevant. Great story bro, please tell it again -_-

  • Nimir 59
    Nimir 59 15 days ago

    hope we get Hereditary 2.....

  • mojosodope45
    mojosodope45 16 days ago

    Lmao. The exorcist was 100 times more boring than hereditary. Hereditary was awesome. Too bad most of you guys didn’t get it and get bored so easily. Guess you should stick to watching movies like transformers.

  • Sean Prine
    Sean Prine 16 days ago

    Never found this movie boring, and you liked the predator, oh jeez joe. This movie was crafted well in my opinion.

  • Terry Chao
    Terry Chao 16 days ago

    I know it's a bit late, but being slow @ the start it's actually what makes this film stronger. Like reading a book almost, the emotion is so shocking & real. I feel the dreadfulness of the characters as if it imprinted on the back of my head as I walk out of the movie theater.

  • 73lac7c
    73lac7c 17 days ago

    How do the dollhouses not play in. It was one of the key features of the movie to the point where they made their sets to mirror a doll house. It was to give the impression that the house was always being watched and controlled by someone or something outside the home (naked xD)

  • MajPeaches
    MajPeaches 17 days ago

    Tony Colette did a good job acting in this movie, however, the fucking faces that she made were really hard to look at. They were just ugly.
    23:50 but yes, she is possessed by Charlie, and then after she decapitates herself with the piano wire and he son dies Charlie/Paimon possess the son.

  • MyZ001
    MyZ001 19 days ago +3

    Stop trying to dismiss people's opinions about this movie on "oh they just wanted shitty jump scares". The best and most popular horror movies for the past 20years don't all include "100 sudden loud noises and shitty jump scares...".
    They just want a horror movie that doesn't start of as (only) a family drama for the 1st hour.... How TF is that not a concept you all can understand. Oh, I get it.. because you so smart and they so stupid, right?
    P.S. Oh shit.. Good catch about the mother's brother killing himself because "he said they were trying to put something in me". Seems like he and the grandma are just crazy at that point in the movie.

  • Patrick Kim
    Patrick Kim 20 days ago +1

    I didn’t watch the trailer because I’ve lost hope in the genre, thus blown away. 9/10

  • Patrick Kim
    Patrick Kim 20 days ago

    Y’all get bored when you don’t relate.

  • Stephen Collins
    Stephen Collins 20 days ago

    Beginning half was good. Last part was too stupid

  • jtmoney229
    jtmoney229 21 day ago

    I didnt like the ending. Was hoping for an alternate ending

  • lmen1990
    lmen1990 21 day ago +1

    It was great. Honestly one of the best horror films ive seen in years. These guys are plebs.

  • Viper
    Viper 21 day ago

    The exorcist really wasn’t that scary

  • vkt tm
    vkt tm 21 day ago

    I liked the movie "the witch" and i liked this movie, they almost gave me the same kind of enjoyment...

  • jagged-panda
    jagged-panda 21 day ago

    I didn't check the time once in this film. It had me hooked all the way through. Great, unexpected ending too. One of my favourite horrors.

  • Munker Gamer
    Munker Gamer 22 days ago

    It was not a slow burn. It was really good movie. It was probably one of the best horror movies I have ever seen.

  • Brandon Dilts
    Brandon Dilts 22 days ago

    Why is everyone mad? It's just 3 opinions of a movie, their OWN thoughts. Just because you love a film doesn't make someone else opinion invalid. Btw I enjoyed the movie and would give it like an 8/10 (really didn't like the ending) but I still respect Joe's opinion and see why he thought what he thought.

  • Mr. Squirrel
    Mr. Squirrel 22 days ago +1

    This was the most disturbing shit I've seen since original conjuring

  • Harry Dee
    Harry Dee 22 days ago +1

    Yes it is necessary to be slow to get the ending

    • Harry Dee
      Harry Dee 22 days ago

      sometimes i feel like they are a bunch of children reviewing movies

    • Biff
      Biff 22 days ago

      Exactly. Was a great movie. Not every movie can be an action packed Avengers movie lol and Joe, it's Paimon, not PaiGon. FFS.

  • Limely -
    Limely - 23 days ago

    Well if i saw 3 naked old folks,i will jump of the window.
    It sort of reminded like The Sentinel.

  • GeeZee
    GeeZee 24 days ago +1

    7/10? ass

  • Matt Milton
    Matt Milton 24 days ago

    I saw it on Redbox and I heard about how good it was and all that. I watched it all and predicted it all. Reminded me of Ouija within a family. I hated that actress. I wasn’t sure if I was watching Hereditary or About a Boy cause she acted all the same like that bad face-twitching-sackbag Kristen Stewart. The entire movie was horrible, lack of plotting, I actually laughed at that so fking predictable movie. Not even worth $1.87 from Redbox

  • Abe Cedeefgee
    Abe Cedeefgee 24 days ago +1

    I just watched it, it takes a certain level of understanding of occult magick and the like to appreciate how genius this film really is. The central theme is one of black magick, to say any further is spoilers.

  • Boss Gee Gaming
    Boss Gee Gaming 24 days ago

    I do agree, my Mom also said that the movie has a very slow progress/storyline, the good parts was like in the last half of the movie and the first half was like uhhhhhhh........

  • Metal Gamer
    Metal Gamer 24 days ago

    Please Joe, again stop doing movie review.

  • TheLone Wanderer
    TheLone Wanderer 25 days ago +2

    Alex is a fucking idiot. This movie is awesome, fuck it with your opinion and the other Joe's opinion cuz they don't know a shit about having cinema criteria.
    Fuck both, i'm agree with Joe.

  • Michael Sauer
    Michael Sauer 25 days ago +1

    The Good: The acting was alright, I guess.
    The Bad: That fucking clicking noise.
    The Ugly: The rest of this directionless, pretencious, poorly-written, dull-as-fuck, shitty shitty shitty fucking shitty shitty shitty fucking lump of mashed testicle meat. Burn it and let it be forgotten by time.

  • Snowcone Guy
    Snowcone Guy 25 days ago +1

    Shot attention span, huh?

  • Black Phillip
    Black Phillip 25 days ago

    what version of the exorcist you watched joe? i mean i love the movie but its also a slow burner where the scary parts come really at second half of the second act. i think the pacing in both are really similar

  • Bruce Marshall
    Bruce Marshall 26 days ago

    I just watched this with the family and now when I get up to get a drink at 2:30 in the morning I’m checking the corners of my ceiling

  • Mihai
    Mihai 26 days ago

    One of the stupid movie that s ever seen

  • Dill Doe
    Dill Doe 26 days ago

    Joe reminds me of a fat, spoiled kid that invites kids to his house to play but won’t let them play with his toys. Lol he doesn’t let his co-stars get a word in! Why even have them on? 😂 I really don’t like how he treats people on his channel and I wouldn’t blame them all for secretly hating him, real talk.

  • Papa Burgundy
    Papa Burgundy 26 days ago +1

    If you didn't think this movie was scary, you probably have a low IQ and need your horror spoon fed to you, a'la The Conjuring series or something.

    • Abe Cedeefgee
      Abe Cedeefgee 24 days ago

      It's not just a moderately high IQ that's needed, you also need to appreciate the occult aspects which requires some modicum of understanding, otherwise the movie amounts to spooks being spooks. I think this is maybe the most patrician Horror film ever made.

  • Amanda Hawkins
    Amanda Hawkins 26 days ago

    Really? There is so much to address that’s wrong but the fact that anyone could think the miniatures played no significant role blows my mind. The devils workshop? Seeing as the characters were just pawns in this cult and demons’ plans, I really can’t think of a more creative or creepy way that they could symbolize this. That, and the miniatures made it possible for the audience to get a glimpse of Annie’s past. We were actually able to see an exact replica of the events without her Ever having to explicitly mention them. And for me it made the memories even more creepy/real

  • broli m
    broli m 26 days ago +1

    sorry guys the pace was perfect and it did what a horror movie is supposed to do, been 2 weeks and im still thinking about this damn movie might have to watch it again because all the symbolism behind it

    • Abe Cedeefgee
      Abe Cedeefgee 24 days ago

      This absolutely felt like a film worth rewatching. I just finished it.

  • eddiezamora1986
    eddiezamora1986 27 days ago +4

    The movie was perfection the way it was built as a movie should. This movie is 10 out 10 !! I wasnt bored at all yall tripping... i was invested into the story.

  • Loa Marie Winther
    Loa Marie Winther 27 days ago


  • CiggyBones
    CiggyBones 27 days ago

    Honestly, always wearing a Superman shirt is kinda douchy. Like, we get it. You like Superman. Other shits exists, guy.

  • Slightly Warm
    Slightly Warm 27 days ago

    This movie was really good and a very very needed break from the regular scary movies of today. Go back to your Michael bay crap Joe and company.

  • Ching K.L.
    Ching K.L. 28 days ago

    This is how a modern horror movie should be !

  • Chalkdust
    Chalkdust 29 days ago

    The hype ruined it and The Witch was even worse.

  • Phloyd
    Phloyd 29 days ago

    How is the 1st hour boring dude? A horror film that actually builds character development in a great way? Sign me up. I'm pretty picky about horror films, because predictable bullshit kind of turns me off, but man, I watched this tonight, and 10 fingers up. I'm rejuvinated from bad horror flicks. finally. I do agree though, if you cut an hour of film time and it's quality content, people wanting to see even a better movie, like myself, would take the time to do so.

  • Luis G.
    Luis G. 29 days ago

    I loved this movie. Sure it's slow but it's a great build up to that messed up ending. Only thing I disliked about it was the boy's hammy acting at times which did make me cringe when he'd cry and cause laughs in the theater. Other than that it's a solid horror movie with an evil masterplan of an ending like Rosemary's Baby, although it's not as classy as that movie.

  • Peter The Bloxer
    Peter The Bloxer Month ago

    This movie freaked me out, I didn't even look at my phone to check the time. The movie had me in a trance, from the acting to the cinematography, to the enticing yet very mysterious story. And then when that last ending hit, I was like "oh okay fuck no, fuck this"

  • Areyou Cirious?
    Areyou Cirious? Month ago +1

    Come on joes you claim to be huge horror fans and give this film a 7? Just ignore these guys when it comes to horror movie reviews this movie transports you. It's a solid 9 in the psychological horror genre. And these guys give it 6s and 7s.

  • Kadi
    Kadi Month ago

    you guys are all being sold mediocrity and you are all buying it in the truckload. this is sad. Horror movie is clearly dead in the west. it will rise in the east or who knows maybe somewhere in Africa a nation will rise and produce horror movies that truly represent the experience.

  • Gage Kennedy
    Gage Kennedy Month ago

    I loved this movie. It was a slow build that I loved lol I was constantly waiting for something to happen in a good way. I was INCREDIBLY uneasy when I thought something was about to scare me. I was never bored. I would absolutely recommend watching this movie, but I also understand their criticism. It just didn’t bore me. I remember telling my girlfriend “this is a very emotional movie.” Which is great because I felt what the director was trying to do before someone had to tell me imo

  • Timothy Cole
    Timothy Cole Month ago +1

    20 minutes into this review and I'm looking at my watch, and nothing has happened.

  • Nick Byers
    Nick Byers Month ago

    why dont you review games anymore? such a shame.

  • Alex TT-zer0
    Alex TT-zer0 Month ago

    Ok so,first of all everybody has his own opinion and he is free to express it.
    Now,i admit that i really like Joe's material(at least in games)and i generally think he is a cool dude,him and other joe,but unfortunately that doesnt mean we(or you)have to agree with everything the say.
    My opinion,especially for those who perhaps havent seen the movie yet(are there actually ppl who watch those reviews without seen the movies yet,because everyone seems so bias in the comments)is that the film is a masterpiece and its going to be a classic in a few years from now.
    Whats wrong here is that those 3 guys above are trying too hard to justify a lower score/bad review or the pretend they are close to movie makers and they would have certain things their own way.Thats totally bullshit because they have reviewed so many action/hero movies that suck balls - they are the exact same shit as other before them but they never pretend like there was something missing or something should be added,rather than just saying "well the action scenes were amazing,i liked the character,nice ending".
    Here they even mention the acting,the cinematography and the soundtrack,they rate it is extrordinary but still find lame excuses to justify a close to average rating"well i wanted to see what happened after the ending,very very slow start etc etc"
    Overall,you should try to comprehend what the movie(and generally any movie) is about and what the director/writer is trying to show/make u feel - plus if he does it with innovations and originality is a big plus in my books now adays - if u are eager for something completely different then either its ur fault that u were overhyped or they tricked u via the trailer or somthing.
    Either way,the length of the movie and all it's scenes have something to serve,even some very minor details in the beginning are actually meaningfully,u can either rewatch the movie or seek answers/secrets from youtube familiars with the movie,that way u will be blown away or at least feel an awe about the work and the detail of this movie.Its safe to say that Joe and his friends never really managed to grasp those details or even try to find answers thus feeling those slow pacing scenes are lame,which are definitely not.
    Serioysly,just watch the movie and then watch it again,u will feel great respect for the whole team involved behind it!

  • kevin sims
    kevin sims Month ago

    The mom was possessed by the demon after her husband caught flame. The light that was signified by the demon went inside of her signifying her possession by him so she was possessed. That's why she was floating in the air, up on the ceiling and cut her own head off.

  • Anxious Neck Games
    Anxious Neck Games Month ago

    The peanut allergy decapitation was the dumbest moment of the movie. Immersion, ruined.

  • Olivia Butler
    Olivia Butler Month ago +2

    The scariest part was when I looked at my watch and it still had an hour to go!

  • AyyJose
    AyyJose Month ago

    Why y'all tripping. He gave credit where it was due. Just cause he didn't like the show burn, it doesn't mean y'all can't like it, chill.

  • Brandon Westbrook
    Brandon Westbrook Month ago +1

    Yea Toni Collette absolutely KILLED IT. Her acting was sooooo Top Notch. I was very impressed. I give it a 6.5/10, probably because I am a lifelong horror fiend. The daughter accident was the best scene by far. I agree with you guys.. great soundtrack.. very creepy film but plot line? Awful.. I just KNEW once momma was talked into joining Joanie for the Seance, it was about to get crunk..😑.. anyhow great video fellas. I subbed!

  • Jeremy H
    Jeremy H Month ago

    Angry Joe is the worst movie reviewer. Suicide Squad is a good movie in his mind and that is just baffling

  • Jeremy H
    Jeremy H Month ago

    This is actually your worst review. You cant even sit thru a 2 hour movie without being bored?

  • Cosmic Blue
    Cosmic Blue Month ago +1

    I heard Joe has a small wing wang

  • Carlos Rivera
    Carlos Rivera Month ago

    Damn these losers have 3M subs?

  • Michael Charron
    Michael Charron Month ago +1

    I physically don't understand how someone can be bored watching this film! It's constantly tense!

  • Zachary Rodriguez
    Zachary Rodriguez Month ago +2

    I think we can all agree that head banging scene was DEEPLY disturbing!

    • Zachary Rodriguez
      Zachary Rodriguez 25 days ago

      Tik Taco yeah that part was pretty twisted! The fact that she was cutting her head off even faster and faster each time the music got louder and louder was pretty disturbing

    • Tik Taco
      Tik Taco 25 days ago

      Zachary Rodriguez That and the piano wire self-decapitation scene. The fucking look in her eyes while shes cutting her head.... very disturbing

  • Walter Lopez
    Walter Lopez Month ago

    That's weird. I didn't think it a slow burn. I thought it picked up pretty quickly. Some disturbing shiz too! I was invested in the whole movie.

  • VikingSpaceMeow
    VikingSpaceMeow Month ago

    Which did you like more, The Babadook or Hereditary?

  • Drew’s Movies
    Drew’s Movies Month ago +1

    I guess you guys have never seen
    Rosemary’s Baby
    The Shining
    The Witch
    The Haunting
    And any horror that’s not a jumpscare piece of shit. I understand opinions but you guys are so impatient.

  • BioWareLove
    BioWareLove Month ago +1

    Boring, not scary and waaaay to slow, the “scary” scenes were funny, with all the naked people looking like pedos

  • Vannady Keo
    Vannady Keo Month ago +2

    Angry Joe gotta get this mainstream guys outta here. I just don't understand, this film is very well done. If you were bored it probably speaks to your attention span and ability to comprehend an intense family dynamic. Let em go watch slasher movie or some other bs.

  • GrimlyFiendish
    GrimlyFiendish Month ago

    If a movie has bad pacing and a lame ass ending...that makes it a shit movie whether or not the acting was good. Good review.

  • Mari Hakala
    Mari Hakala Month ago +1

    Yeah I don't trust your taste in movies at all after watching these reviews. This was one of the first horror movies in ages that made me feel uneasy and left few images stuck in my brain that will keep disturbing me for a long time to come. It was masterfully directed and acted from start to finish, I was impressed and look forward to seeing what this director will come up with next. Amazing movie and I was SO HAPPY that there were no cheap jumpscares like in all of the other recent boring so-called horror movies. Finally a good horror movie again that stays with you a long while after watching it.

  • Barney Schubert
    Barney Schubert Month ago

    You guys don't know scary a bunch of jump scares ain't horror 😂😂😂😂

  • Kurt Walters
    Kurt Walters Month ago


  • Kurt Walters
    Kurt Walters Month ago


  • echaidlehands
    echaidlehands Month ago

    i had nightmare from this movie....damn...

  • Ryan Slater
    Ryan Slater Month ago

    Look at all these experts in the horror genre... lol sorry this movie was slow.

  • Shaun Gray
    Shaun Gray Month ago

    Worst review. You guys must be a bit slow. You talk about jump scares being shit, but then complain about there not being enough action. What do you actually want??? Stick to game reviews guys

  • Jesus Lover
    Jesus Lover Month ago

    If you guys want a actual deep understanding of the film and a actual review other then this shit go to Chris Stuckman, I also recommend Joe to watch this review as well

  • Jesus Lover
    Jesus Lover Month ago

    How does this have 7,000 likes? This review completely missed the point of the movie. The fans were not disappointed, quite the opposite

  • Lex Boogie
    Lex Boogie Month ago

    This isn't this generations Exorcist. I would say it's more similar to Rosemary's Baby instead.