Hereditary Angry Movie Review

  • Published on Jun 8, 2018
  • AngryJoe, OtherJoe & Alex review the latest Horror Film Hereditary, billed as this generations Exorcist, is this film truly that scary? Find out!
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Comments • 1 783

  • Elli Marcelo
    Elli Marcelo 3 hours ago

    For me this movie is pretty.... pretty boring. There are horror movies that has story and no cheap jump scares. I would prefer "A tale of two sisters" or "The Uninvited"(remake) over this movie saying it has slow burn, it's so slow you could sleep while watching this movie and then waking up to an ending that doesn't go anywhere.

  • Nate P
    Nate P 5 hours ago

    These guys completely missed the point, and clearly have short attention spans unfortunately. I like their content none the less

  • Mohit Gehani
    Mohit Gehani 6 hours ago

    8.5/10 for me.

  • Himec CMS
    Himec CMS 12 hours ago

    Anybody noticed that the dog disappeared for most part of the movie and only to be definitively dead at the end?

  • MidNiteR32
    MidNiteR32 14 hours ago

    Movie was great. Reminded me so much of paranormal activity 3.

  • Edward Bibillio
    Edward Bibillio 15 hours ago

    It sucked soooo bad. Boring as hell.

  • styles5150
    styles5150 15 hours ago

    Obviously they don’t watch foreign films.

  • Akouburra
    Akouburra 16 hours ago

    The comments here are hilariously passive-aggressive.

  • Salik Ali
    Salik Ali 16 hours ago

    This movie is a comedy not a horror movie. Sorry naked old people and shit don't scare me but they do make me laugh.

  • God of Agony
    God of Agony 21 hour ago

    This movie was so good. I never felt bored watching this film. It is definitely a slow burn but the slow burn was character building and atmosphere setting and it was interesting.

  • FeedingZen
    FeedingZen Day ago

    Other Joe is right, Annie was possessed by Paimon...she clicked her mouth after they did that scene in the living room with the cup! That's Paimon's tick! After that she cuts her head so the demon would get into the son

  • Owen Killian
    Owen Killian Day ago

    Angry Joe Show the doll house is supposed to represent the Cultists controlling the events that transpired in the movie

  • Lunar Vania
    Lunar Vania Day ago

    Sooooo yea....this movie didnt know what it wouldnt to be...horror, possesion, haunting, psychological thriller, cult/satanic movie, extremely slow pace, yes good acting but WHAT?!?! Weird naked old people worshipping demons?!?! HUH?!?!? There was one immersion breaker...While reading a eulogy for her Mother she says "My Mother partook in secret rituals" oh ok a 80 yr old women hosting seanaces....oh ok.

  • Brian Unc Albert

    you 3 are dumb, this movie was amazing

  • Havok II
    Havok II 2 days ago

    I thought it was terrible and so did most of the theatre I was in, everyone was laughing at the so called horror calling it ridiculous and terrible you would think we were watching a comedy with the amount of people who were laughing at the “horror” elements

  • Harry Stryder Games
    Harry Stryder Games 2 days ago

    this film was fucking hilarious. When you saw the wife in the room doing the front crawl, her floating up the ladder, all the naked fuckers. The last 20 mins was hilarious

  • lordwestoff
    lordwestoff 2 days ago

    Your two friends here wouldn’t know a good film if it jumped up and bit them in the ass.

  • TheMinarus
    TheMinarus 2 days ago

    LOL NOTHING! Needs to be cut......You just need to start appreciating real cinema

  • Pete Puebla
    Pete Puebla 2 days ago

    Hayley Joel Osmont was great acting in The Sixth Sense.

  • Pete Puebla
    Pete Puebla 2 days ago

    In The Exorcist, the whole movie is payoff.

  • Ryan
    Ryan 2 days ago +1

    I literally could not stop hysterically laughing throughout this film. So many hilarious parts of the movie. I actually thought I was watching a spoof film after 20 minutes

    • burrhe
      burrhe Day ago

      Ryan omfg thank you I did exactly the same. I don't understand everyone who liked this movie, I was bored for an hour then just had the giggles for the rest.

  • Pete Puebla
    Pete Puebla 2 days ago

    I was bored in this movie, I compared it to It Follows where little things like a compact and the sound get me interested right away.

  • Pete Puebla
    Pete Puebla 2 days ago

    Rosemary’s Baby is better than this film.

  • Pete Puebla
    Pete Puebla 2 days ago

    I enjoy It Follows, a shorter horror film.

  • Pete Puebla
    Pete Puebla 2 days ago

    This movie is only worth the 3rd act.

  • Pete Puebla
    Pete Puebla 2 days ago

    This movie was so slow, I couldn’t wait for the horror to get intense towards the end of the film.

  • Pete Puebla
    Pete Puebla 2 days ago

    This was not the scariest movie since the exorcist.

  • Tidy
    Tidy 2 days ago

    This has made me doubt all of angry joes movie reviews now, they clearly have little knowledge on film and it's quite sad, this is a must-see film for all horror fans one of the greatest. It's obvious they are not the audience this film is intended for, they are the boring superhero movie kinda guys that love the mindless repetitiveness, I did not think it was slow and boring at the start at ALL it complimented the film, the fact they only thought the film was scary and enjoying was towards the end shows this.

  • LeadCounsel
    LeadCounsel 2 days ago

    Waaaayyyy over-rated and over-hyped. Advertised as a "game changer." Um. No. It was interesting. Mildly scary at times. Far too many dark-room filmed scenes (what, nobody can turn on a room light?). Depressing at times. Very predictable in key areas. I was just totally unimpressed given the hype. Example of how it's possible to over-sell a film. I'd give it a solid B for performance, story, and scary/interesting on first viewing. But it lacked originality and most of the devices have been over-used.

  • popcorn pop
    popcorn pop 2 days ago

    apparently they said the director said its all real. which kinda meh... i liked people's theories an interpretations more.. i wanted it to be that there was more to it than ____that there was part of it that it wasn't real

  • Mike Forshay
    Mike Forshay 2 days ago

    That movie was grade A bullshit!!! They kill off the only interesting character in the beginning of the emersion was completely being broken by bad acting from the mother character.......complete and utter trash....sorry joe....the movie was garbo. As soon as the mom wakes everyone up to show them the cuo and notebook.....its like the mom is an entirely different character..did she just meet her son peter?!? Wtf. Lame

  • LeaksSoReal
    LeaksSoReal 2 days ago

    I didn't see any Trailers for that movie, just heard it was really good. Saw it today and Omg it's really good!

  • Julia S
    Julia S 2 days ago


  • DragoFlamer786
    DragoFlamer786 3 days ago

    Fuck Alex

  • Chronos WaTch
    Chronos WaTch 3 days ago

    hahaha lil joe is kust like me whit tje board games 😱😂😂
    edited: You praise the move so much for a 7?wtf joe lol

  • MisterBright133
    MisterBright133 3 days ago

    You missed the importance of the doll house inclusion...SPOILERSSSSS!
    The first shot brings the audience into the movie by putting us on the outside of a doll house looking into the life of the family. Then it's expanded upon when the mother discovers that the evil being is one that is all about mischief and playing tricks on people. That's why there are ghosts and scares. Not only that, but the being is playing with the family in a horrible way, like if a demonic entity had a doll house and this family are its dolls. Taking into consideration that the first shot shows the family as merely dolls to be played with by the demon prince. It's subtle, but it's there. I've spent the last 15 hours thinking about this movie, and realizing how much subtlety there is.

  • j mendelsohn
    j mendelsohn 3 days ago

    actually, the miniatures, or dollhouses as you say, serve as a metaphor for what is happening to the family. Essentially, the graham family are just dolls being played with, and have no say in what is happening to them throughout the film. So no, the miniatures are not there for no reason.

  • Marshall Cockrell
    Marshall Cockrell 3 days ago

    Movie was shit.

    FEAR the REAPER 3 days ago

    you guys are stupid and ignorant if you say this isnt an amazing horror movie

  • Andrew Wowk
    Andrew Wowk 3 days ago

    The fact this has no jump scares is exactly why it's so good.

  • gLeeksFF
    gLeeksFF 3 days ago

    Dont think it was just sleep walking the mother had, but some kind of personality order like her brother and mother - hence hereditary. She didn't seem like a reliable protagonist, so wouldnt be surpirsed if some of her whack behaviour and other strange occurences in the view wasnt due to sleep walking but from the illness. Maybe she was unware working with the cult

  • MattWagnerMovies
    MattWagnerMovies 3 days ago +1

    This film scared the piss out of me

  • gLeeksFF
    gLeeksFF 3 days ago

    Honestly preferred the first half. The family drama and mental illness was quite intriguing. The second half felt like a typical horror, "weird for sake of weird". The first half had so much subtly, something the ending lacked

  • Thanos Fonias
    Thanos Fonias 3 days ago

    Verónica (2017) is a slow burn movie on the more serious side that is worth checking out!

  • spawnjg
    spawnjg 3 days ago

    People just have to learn to be patient. Movies like these take a long time to develop because of anticipation. You are supposed to be drawn into the characters. And when shit hits the fan, you’re supposed to feel it down to the core.

  • Matthem8697
    Matthem8697 3 days ago

    The ending of this movie had me laughing out loud in the theater saying “noooo thiiiiiiis is what it is?????” It turned into an absolute joke. If you’re religious and believe in kooky devil nonsense, maybe you could find it scary, but as an atheist it was just duuuuuuumb. The exorcist worked with the creepy religious stuff by the way. This is just on its own level of stupid. And there is no payoff. It just ruins the mood and totally fails.

  • wiseguy100
    wiseguy100 3 days ago

    You say that they put the demon into Charlie, whilst they wait for another son to come along. Charlie was 13, the brother was older. He was around before Charlie!

  • Lara Hawks
    Lara Hawks 3 days ago

    No jump scared Pmsl there was but they were cheap jump scares and by the film was falling apart towards the end it turned into a comedy when it’s suppose to be a horror and yet this is suppose to be the scariest film of 2018??? Insidious 3 did a better job at scaring than this pile of shite oh look let’s have a family with a druggy a daughter with mental difficulties a distraught mother and a father who’s secretive and this is horror films come to??? W

  • Barry Lee
    Barry Lee 3 days ago

    This movie sucks !!! DO NOT WASTE YOUR MONEY

  • Rorschach
    Rorschach 3 days ago

    Honestly the SPOILERS** scene with Annie talking with her son and then lighting the match was burned into my memory more than other horror scenes in a long time...

  • Rorschach
    Rorschach 3 days ago

    Bottom Line: This movie is just like any other horror film EXCEPT....IT DOES EVERYTHING COMPLETELY RIGHT. The horror of this film is the dread and the anticipation coupled with the and the connections between characters and plot points. WAY too many films do what this movie did WRONG...showing you everything or going so beyond what it should be i.e: too gory....jump scares....dark....etc. BUT THIS FILM competes that horror trope by saying fuck that and refreshes the idea with what makes up a good horror film. Everyone is so saturated by the same bs expectations of horror that have plagued us for years...this film is nothing like this.

  • Dorian Rolon
    Dorian Rolon 3 days ago

    Why the fuck do you put the guy on the left on this shit. He just pisses me off staring at him

  • Brad Greyeyes
    Brad Greyeyes 3 days ago

    The movie was amazing don't know shit

  • JR 11998
    JR 11998 3 days ago

    Alex dosent like shit on your movie reviews. Dude needs to be cut from the angry joe. No one needs a negative nancy.

  • The last person You would expect

    Can we start a petition to ban all fortnite ads

  • David Goliath
    David Goliath 3 days ago

    Spoiler Alert!!!!

  • TheAmazingJimmy
    TheAmazingJimmy 3 days ago

    This is a film for people who are familiar with the occult.

  • Eddie83
    Eddie83 3 days ago

    The movie was trash!

  • Matthew Racanelli
    Matthew Racanelli 3 days ago +1

    The movie was super average and ends up being another Satan flick lame

  • racinchase
    racinchase 3 days ago

    I have seen this movie twice and loved it even more the second time
    usually only do that when I see a good quality movie that sort of grabs you and won’t let go. I usually won’t see horror films because they are so ridiculously childish,stupid and immature much like the people you can hear laughing during this film. I am convinced these people are incapable of recognizing quality and style in Hollywood crafting of a great movie. These are the same people that would say “IT”
    and Friday the Thirteenth” are God’s gift to horror excellence and should be nominated for an Oscar. I heard some idiot laughing during the cutting of the bird head scene. Under any imagination possible there was nothing remotely funny in that or any other scene in this movie. His laughing at that scene just screamed of his high school immaturity!!! I’m sure for him the Exorcist was just a head spinning pea soup spitting laugh fest. This movie is for grownups only. If your desensitized to today’s horror movies or you don’t have the attention span of a gnat and you are looking for an immature D list horror movie then please do yourself a favor skip this movie and save your money. You will hate it. I won’t over hype this movie because it is not a masterpiece at all such as The Exorcist or the Shinning. However you should read the critics review and you will see for the most part that they absolutely love this movie. I did not find any part of this movie that was boring. To me that just stands out as being unable to have an attention span capable of watching an adult themed movie. This is not a kiddy show. I didn’t find it remotely scary however I did find it enjoyably unsettling and a disturbing, qualities I was looking for in this movie. I found the acting of Toni Colette fantastically powerful as she amazingly acted her way from a mother loosing complete control of her family, her mind and sanity as well as a few other things. This is not the acting you will see in The Conjuring or Amityville Horror. I have to put in a LOL here. People seem to complain about the ending. I would say....hello. This is a psychological thriller mixed in with the occult, Devil worship and witchcraft. Seemed like the end explored all that. What the hell else would cause this family to explode like this? It seems most people either loved this movie or hated it. The critics mostly loved it. I thought it was fantastic. Loved it. Deliciously disturbing .

  • Jeremiah Cartwright
    Jeremiah Cartwright 3 days ago

    When Joe was talking about a scene in the spoilers I immediately knew he wasn't completely paying attention to the film.

  • mightycirus
    mightycirus 4 days ago

    Why do we watch these a holes criticise a film that I thought was a good film compare to other trash coming out ,we are our own critics go see it for you're selfs you don't need these
    A holes to say shit

  • Isaac Kershner
    Isaac Kershner 4 days ago

    lol you guys rate hard. a 6!? damn.

  • Jose Torres
    Jose Torres 4 days ago

    You guys having a short attention span isn’t to blame on the movie

  • Mason Kew
    Mason Kew 4 days ago +1

    this film was shit when the film ended everyone n the cinema everyone was just like what a pile of shit. this was one of the worst films I have ever seen it was boring, not scary and at some parts, it was laughable everytime you think this was getting scary it doesn't. DONT WATCH THIS FILM

  • Jamie Mcvay
    Jamie Mcvay 4 days ago +1


  • Eduardo Núñez Pezo

    I've seen some reviews of this movie and it's pretty clear that this 3 guys have limited intelligence.

  • spookym123
    spookym123 4 days ago

    I loved The Exorcist, but I didn't think it was scary. From the trailer and a cast that included Toni Collette and Gabriel Byrne, I was expecting a "smart" horror movie with "Hereditary." This film pulls out every cliche, along with every predictable plot device and line, in the horror movie book, complete with annoyingly stupid characters, capped off by a been-there-done-that ending. "Scary" didn't even enter the picture.

  • xaviiiiv
    xaviiiiv 4 days ago

    in my theater people laughed when peter started crying on his dads shoulder after the seance

  • MdogMatt
    MdogMatt 4 days ago

    He lied, there are 3 jumpscare in this film.

  • Steve Loves Role Playing Games

    Personally, I loved this movie, and generally I'm not a fan of horror movies.

  • Danny Sanchez
    Danny Sanchez 4 days ago

    I wouldn’t say cutting 20 minuets as much as maybe extending the daughter story a bit more instead of the slooooow middle.

  • Esteban Huron
    Esteban Huron 4 days ago

    I think this is the video deal breaker for me on Joe and the show. Joe, please stick to game reviews because honestly, anyone who didn't get the movie, got bored with it in the 1st and 2nd act/didn't like the pace, or didn't think it was scary are probably people who thought the Strangers 2 was an award winning horror film worth everyones top dollar. Hereditary is everything everyone said it would be as far as actually being "this generations Exorcist" and more. SPOILER ALERT: It even did the courtesy of still explaining the point of the movie through dialogue for ANYONE who had trouble understanding what happened at the end. But moreover, imo, this movie is the scariest movie I have ever seen. It knocked the Conjuring and every other horror film that has come out since the first Strangers movie (which was the last actually good horror film before the Conjuring or Insidious) out of the park and flawlessly did so WITH NO JUMP SCARES. This movie is proof that good horror films do exist without cheap or effective yet quick scares and that they can really keep you shocked or frozen in fear for the whole experience.

  • reddragon52894
    reddragon52894 4 days ago

    I just saw it and thought a few things. It is a slow burn kind of movie but it does keep things interesting enough to have kept my attention. It did take a few unexpected turns and I think you have to give props to the makers for having the balls to film THAT scene. As for the scares, I appreciate they did not really use jump scares. Although they did not go the “pop up on screen with a loud noise” jump scares, I thought the horror aspect of the movie was a weak point. It did a fine job at creating an atmosphere and have a purpose for the plot but in the end, the scares in this movie felt very subtle.

  • Chris Bolden
    Chris Bolden 4 days ago

    This is a classic "slow burn" horror drama. I went in knowing that & I enjoyed carefully watching every frame so as to pickup on the easter eggs. I'm a 62yr old Geek/Movie Fan so I've experienced Classic Horror from the days of Hammer, Universal, & Classic TV Horror & SciFi...(example " ABC's Don't Look Back, Trilogy of Terror & Dark Shadows, The Outer Limits). I was in High School when The Exorcist was released and the first Act of the Movie was slow with themes of Father Karras' guilt over his Mother's illness/poverty, the single mother/actress disconnect with her daughter & Religion. Tubular Bells theme, Lee J. Cobbs' fandom with the Mother. My point is this...that movie is a Classic because it hits on all cylinders. Popcorn Horror has it's place but this is one for Movie Lovers. I will see it again & I'm taking a friend. This isnt for the Attention Deficit Individuals (no disrespect) Thank You A24 & Mr. Ari.

  • jaevon jackson
    jaevon jackson 4 days ago

    For me it felt more like a drama with some horror on the side .I think we need more Steve's in horror .

  • Depressed E.G
    Depressed E.G 5 days ago

    Wish it was maybe 10 min longer for the ending, wouldn’t cut out the 1st horror. Loved the 1st part.

  • Depressed E.G
    Depressed E.G 5 days ago

    I don’t like horror and I love this movie

  • Depressed E.G
    Depressed E.G 5 days ago

    The only slow part i remember was from after the girls funeral to the scene in the parking lot where the woman is happy. But we did need that build up. I loved this movie. Favorite so far this year.

  • shinra358
    shinra358 5 days ago

    It was interesting. Wasnt scary

  • Hawk Toole
    Hawk Toole 5 days ago

    I give this movie a 8.5/10 c:

  • WeAreN1nja
    WeAreN1nja 5 days ago

    Joooooooooe... How was she not possessed when she's sticking to walls, crawling through the air, DECAPITATING HERSELF, and floating headless into a treehouse... If she wasn't possessed, I don't know what TF else was going on.

  • Jamie Mcvay
    Jamie Mcvay 5 days ago +1


    • MdogMatt
      MdogMatt 4 days ago

      Jamie Mcvay not in my theater

  • Murray Roodbaard
    Murray Roodbaard 5 days ago

    No jump scares? The movie basically started with a jump scare: the bird flying into the window at school.

  • Murray Roodbaard
    Murray Roodbaard 5 days ago

    Good and scary neo-horror: The Babadook, The Conjuring, Insidious, Sinister, The Initiation, Annihilation, It Follows.
    Middle-of-the-road neo-horror: The Conjuring 2, A Quiet Place.
    Overrated/bad or non-scary neo-horror: Insidious 2 (and on), The Witch, The Ritual, The Visit, Get Out, It Comes at Night, The Inn Keepers, and yes, Hereditary.

  • Murray Roodbaard
    Murray Roodbaard 5 days ago

    Funny as always is that when someone has the nerve to not jump the bandwagon and to actually think this movie was overhyped and overrated, it must be that they suffer from ADD, like cheap jump scares and simplistic plots. Perish the thought they simply think this movie was basically just an incoherent and plot-hole filled mess (normal human beings being capable of perfectly planning and engineering everything that happens in exactly the way they happen? Yeah right) with barely any real scares in it (except for two or three ones). Sure, you could perhaps fill in all the many blanks if you watch it a second time and use hindsight knowledge (or your own "interpretation" which is code for the writers were lazy), but the movie is supposed to be judged on a singular view where you don't have to pay twice the price of admission. Also, by watching it a second time you already know what's coming and so any real scares there may really be are not rendered much weaker.
    No, people who think this was overrated simply want a more coherent and logical storyline, where you can at least "interpret" things ahead of time because you know it is going to be that kind of movie (like you know in advance you better be willing to interpret a David Lynch or Darren Oronofsky movie, for instance), instead of being given an incomprehensible bunch of images in the finale that you should retroactively insert in all the holes that showed before. Also, they would like things that are actually scary, rather than things that just make you scratch your head as to where all the supernatural stuff is suddenly coming from. First it was a tragic and dark family drama about mental illness (okay, fair enough), then all of a sudden people start dying in spontaneous combustion (why did the book need to be burned in order for Gabriel Byrne to combust into flame? What's his connection to that book?), floating through the air, climbing on ceilings, kneeling before altars while not having heads etc, and everything that came before hardly made any sense, or had any real meaningful connection to the finale at all.
    THAT is why some people disliked this movie, and not because it had cheap jump scares, little gore or took its time telling a story.
    It is actually a lot like Exorcist III, in that it was a very deliberate, well written, character driven and intelligent horror movie until the last 20 minutes when they slapped on an incoherent, gory exorcism.

  • Adolfo Garza
    Adolfo Garza 5 days ago

    I am so disappointed these guys missed the awesomeness of this film. All those "boring" scenes are not just to build up the atmosphere, they give you hints of what's going on. This is one of those films you need to rewatch in order to catch many details hidden in plain sight and then you need to spend some time putting the pieces of the puzzle together. Seriously, if you already watched it and didn't like it do yourself a favor and watch one of those "Hereditary ending explained" or "X things you missed in Hereditary" videos.

  • Holden Caulfield
    Holden Caulfield 5 days ago

    This movie was fucking incredible.

  • Stephen Collins
    Stephen Collins 5 days ago

    was good then shit started getting weird 4.5/10

  • Stephen Collins
    Stephen Collins 5 days ago

    was good then shit started getting weird 4.5/10

  • Mister Frost
    Mister Frost 5 days ago

    you think the dollhouse scenes don't play out? remember the very beginning of the movie, what is the first thing you see? do you ever see it again? are there hints throughout the movie that build a connection to that? I think you're missing a lot that makes this movie REALLY great and I'd encourage you to see it again without the horror-movie tropes in mind. (BTW, that also put the segment you laughed at in a different light - just so you know)

  • Hugh Mungus
    Hugh Mungus 5 days ago +1

    I love the film. Its a slow haunting film like The Witch, which I loved as well. It didn't succumbed to jump scares and it set up the film great. The Shining, Alien, Rosemary's Baby and Even The Exorcist were slow burns and it's all amazing. I guess some people just doesn't have a great attention span.

  • Steve .C
    Steve .C 5 days ago

    Without delving into spoilers I would agree with the assertion that this movie is the modern day exorcist in the sense that it does a very good slow burn and not dependent upon low hanging fruit of consistent jump scares. The exorcist is considering one of the greatest horror movies of all time and the first 10 minutes are spent in a dig site in Iraq with no inherent material that would justify higher than a PG rating.

  • Jedrick Prudente
    Jedrick Prudente 5 days ago

    fuck this overrated movie, this movie is not nearly as good as the witch. This movie was boring, confusing, stupid, and unscary af. I'm still disappointed walking away from seeing this movie.

  • Harry Johnson
    Harry Johnson 5 days ago +2

    This movie was hot garbage

  • E Br
    E Br 6 days ago

    I loved this film. The complete tug and pull of either its mental illness or supernatural is so well executed. 10out of 10 from me :)

  • Theo Schommer
    Theo Schommer 6 days ago

    People are so damn impatient. Every frame of the movie had significance.

  • Cool Bandaid
    Cool Bandaid 6 days ago

    So, Ouija boards' make effective horror? Gotcha! / s
    Joe and co., forever tone-deaf about good films. This isn't made for the dumb audience; if you want those kinda films, Paranormal Activity and Conjuring are your ticket. This is a character-driven movie, not a plot-driven one. Learn the difference.

  • magnum482
    magnum482 6 days ago +1

    I highly disagree with the boredom thing, but I understand why they would feel that way about the film.
    The ending bothered me the most, particularly the monologue at the very end. It seemed like something they threw in for all the idiots who weren't paying attention.

  • TheThegreatestone
    TheThegreatestone 6 days ago

    How can you get bored with all those clues let for you to keep you thinking about where this movie is going