KotlinConf 2019: Bootiful GraphQL with Kotlin by Dariusz Kuc & Guillaume Scheibel

  • Published on Dec 15, 2019
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    is a query language for APIs and a runtime for fulfilling those queries with your existing data. In the GraphQL world, the schema plays a central role as it defines all the fields and types that can be queried by the clients. This makes GraphQL APIs extremely powerful as clients use this information to custom tailor their queries to only ask for the data they need.

    Kotlin strong types and null safety makes it an excellent choice for implementing GraphQL schemas. In this talk we'll show you how graphql-kotlin can transform this potentially tedious schema generation process into a breeze. With code-only, or resolver-first, approach graphql-kotlin generates schemas directly from the source code making it the single source of truth for defining your GraphQL APIs. Using this approach, your Kotlin classes, properties and functions are mapped to corresponding GraphQL types and fields. Furthermore, since the GraphQL queries are resolved by invoking underlying Kotlin functions we can also utilize the power of Kotlin coroutines to asynchronously process all of our requests!

    Learn how to utilize the power of Spring Boot together with graphql-kotlin to easily create new reactive GraphQL web services in 15 minutes or less!

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    About the Presenters:
    Dariusz Kuc is a principal software engineer at Expedia Group based out of Expedia’s Chicago office. Prior to joining Expedia, Dariusz was a senior engineer at CCC Information Services, a service and application provider to automotive insurance and collision repair industries. He started his professional career at Nokia’s HERE, a provider of digital map data.

    Guillaume est développeur chez Expedia à Londres et a travaillé durant quelques années en France pour une grosse société de services. Il a également co-créé le JUG pour la région de Strasbourg (ElsassJUG) et contribue à 2 projets open-sources (Hibernate OGM et Infinispan). De temps en temps, il parle à différentes conférences (Soft-Shake, Devoxx FR, MA et BE, CodeMotion ES) ou JUGs.

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