Customer Complains That Their Food Tastes of LEMONADE | Kitchen Nightmares

  • Published on Feb 21, 2018
    Pathetic. Joke.
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  • 4n0nym0usX
    4n0nym0usX Day ago

    when life gives you lemons

  • Nayan Naubagh
    Nayan Naubagh 3 days ago

    Dear old lady let's figure out what you know, that would be easy rather than what you don't know.
    1)You own the place
    2)????????????????. ????.????.....???

  • Ruchir Rawat
    Ruchir Rawat 5 days ago

    pathetic joke hahahahahaahahahha

  • finniesfijiwater
    finniesfijiwater 6 days ago

    i’ve never related to anyone more than the little girl

  • Tiny Tina
    Tiny Tina 11 days ago

    The owner doesnt seem bossy or controlling at all..lovely woman..

  • Fu Ggl
    Fu Ggl 15 days ago

    Can I take your coat? No thank you. "YOU HAVE TO LEAVE IT HERE" Dont worry I am leaving.

  • AURA the FOX
    AURA the FOX 17 days ago

    I'm not a waitress
    not a hostess
    I'm just owned
    so I don't know anything about the food
    speech 100
    self destruction 100

  • 808 Villain
    808 Villain 23 days ago

    I’ve always felt like the guests purposely complain when the camera gets near them

  • leopold
    leopold 23 days ago

    So the owner of this place knows nothing about food, knows nothing about handling customers and has no experience in any aspect of serving food to people in return for financial recompense. Remind me again why she wanted to run a restaurant?

  • Rithrius
    Rithrius 24 days ago

    "Word has spread" is another way of saying "we fucking advertised it all over the place".

  • pixel girl
    pixel girl 26 days ago

    Why does every shot have a different frame rate?

  • kdlofty
    kdlofty Month ago

    Lazy owners, with bad manners and an incompetent arsehole of a chef.

    DRAGON BALL FAN Month ago

    Why does the little girl look a bit like Morgan Stark(Tony Stark's Daughter)?

    • Rithrius
      Rithrius 24 days ago +1

      And the guy at 2:15 looks like Sam Wilson! XD

  • Asura
    Asura Month ago

    is kinda annoying that most of the times , people who come in the restaurants always act rude , or they complain about everything like ''HERE , HERE , CAN YOU SEE ME , I DO A GOOD JOB COMPLAINING ABOUT EVERYTHING AND ACTING LIKE I AM ABOVE EVERYONE , RIGHT??'' i mean i truly hope to see people that actually act normal but yeah not gonna happen

  • Shadman Sudipto
    Shadman Sudipto Month ago

    Don't take the job of a waitress if you can't do what it takes and go telling everyone that you're the owner, what a shitty attitude.

  • Richard Kelbe
    Richard Kelbe Month ago

    She is just awful

  • BLINK fandom
    BLINK fandom Month ago +1

    i'm binge watching gordon ramsay and i'm not regretting any of it.
    like srsly every episode is so interesting

  • caro caron
    caro caron Month ago

    Stupid restaurant with stupid rules.... id walk right out 😂

  • erohseehS
    erohseehS Month ago

    "You have to leave it here"

  • Frank Z.
    Frank Z. Month ago

    Every fuckin time: owns a business, got no clue of the business. What morones...

  • Amaryllis Putri
    Amaryllis Putri Month ago

    "It's too much for me"
    Well yeah silly that's why you work TOGETHER!

  • Marisol Medina
    Marisol Medina Month ago +1

    "I'm just the owner, I know nothing about the food"
    Everyone: "What"

  • paul backhard
    paul backhard Month ago

    Why are all chefs absolute wankers ?

  • Rik Kabob
    Rik Kabob Month ago

    How the hell do people like this get a restaurant!?? It makes no fucking sense....

  • Michael Jackson
    Michael Jackson Month ago

    Chef was sipping that dirty sprite

  • DaGreat
    DaGreat Month ago

    The head self look so defeated🤷‍♂️

  • david diehl
    david diehl Month ago

    Your husband is a fucking drunk, your cook is an ass and you don't know what the fuck you're doing
    No Wonder you closed after Gordon left, surprised nobody DIED.

  • Ciari Green
    Ciari Green Month ago

    Why do waitresses or waiters respond to a diner when they say something like “my food is gross” by saying “you don’t like it”? That should be obvious

  • vaniteen
    vaniteen Month ago

    for a hostess shes the least hospitable woman in the world

  • Mary Catherine Hurley

    She is a Rude fucking cow 👎👎👎👎😡😡

  • Neptune Rose
    Neptune Rose Month ago

    I would never wait 2 hours for food lmao.

  • Jose Pardo
    Jose Pardo Month ago

    What a shitty owner. She needs to retire. Old bag...

  • Nacho Beezy
    Nacho Beezy Month ago +1

    How did she survive all her life.. like how.. so confused

  • dachel guerra
    dachel guerra Month ago

    She’s so rude

  • ZooBuddyDoo
    ZooBuddyDoo Month ago

    Pathetic Joke 😆🤣😂

  • mike hayward
    mike hayward Month ago

    How stupid bitches like these get ownership of restaurants just blows me u gonna own something but not know nothing about it? Fuckin idiot . ..then to be so smug to be like , hold on a sec...not a waitress, I just own the place...bitch . ...really?

  • kume maniapoto
    kume maniapoto Month ago

    The owner is a F#@KN AMATEUR

  • Dana Joan
    Dana Joan Month ago

    Just close your doors already. shut down and make the building useful instead of wasting everyones time and money.

  • Michael Washburn
    Michael Washburn Month ago

    Wow I hope their yelp page reflects their attitudes. What a joke.

  • Rubin Chavarria
    Rubin Chavarria Month ago

    Wtf 2 HOURS!!????

  • Whiterun Guard
    Whiterun Guard Month ago

    You can’t expedite if the chef doesn’t talk to you 😑

  • Erica Diaz
    Erica Diaz Month ago

    These idiots have no right to work in a restaurant especially the owner who know her own restaurant's food or else she should look for a different job.

  • davids11131113
    davids11131113 Month ago

    2 hours and not even a salad yet? Clowns.

  • jonathan sanchez
    jonathan sanchez Month ago

    That owner is a cunt

    • Dana Joan
      Dana Joan Month ago

      ....."Wait a minute let's go over this"...... 😊😆

  • Talkindurinthemovie

    Why I gotta leave my coat

  • Jacky Bandicoot
    Jacky Bandicoot Month ago

    the owner is so stupid...

  • Riceyes
    Riceyes Month ago

    I'm just the owner of the restaurant, I don't know anything about food.

  • Leo from Freo
    Leo from Freo Month ago

    Stupid, lazy woman.

  • 911ShadowNinja
    911ShadowNinja Month ago

    Jesus Christ that blonde lady is fucking rude to her customers !!

  • C M
    C M Month ago

    I know the chef

  • Fredrick Quey
    Fredrick Quey Month ago

    Gordon Ramsay is the only one in the whole world that can turn anything into a burn.

  • Jose Ramirez
    Jose Ramirez Month ago

    Istg customers only complain when they know someone important is there like Gordon 🤣

  • Ulfgar Battlehammer

    chef constantly looks high and drunk at the same time

  • Kim JisooYaa
    Kim JisooYaa Month ago

    They deserve to close

  • Todd's Tropicals
    Todd's Tropicals Month ago

    The chef looks like someone who'd masturbate into someone's food just out of spite.

  • ChicknWing
    ChicknWing Month ago

    The rude old cunt will be dead soon, no worries 😊

  • Amanda Schaefer
    Amanda Schaefer Month ago +1

    Why do you have to leave your jacket there

  • Super Slovak
    Super Slovak Month ago


  • l4dyfett
    l4dyfett Month ago

    What irritates me is that these people flock to restaurants they know Ramsey is at, knowing that its for Kitchen Nightmares. They should expect terrible food and service.

  • Bret Melton
    Bret Melton Month ago +1

    You have to leave it here? Wtf... I'm out. Nobody should tell a customer what they have to do. STUPID!

  • SaintJohn Chick
    SaintJohn Chick Month ago

    "Don't walk away.. ..Don't walk awaaa"....
    ........"THAAAAAAANK YOU!" **while walking away** 👀

  • Arjay 82
    Arjay 82 Month ago +1

    "I'm going to go to a restaurant that's known for horrible service and complain about horrible service. "

  • bbodinefan11
    bbodinefan11 Month ago

    What a bitch.

    THE ASSMAN Month ago

    pretty shocking a bunch of fat people turning back some food

  • Xavirea Smith
    Xavirea Smith Month ago

    The owner is horrible!!!!!!

  • Kevin Daley
    Kevin Daley Month ago +1

    Sadly Eric hung himself in the walk in on Halloween 🎃. Trevor from mangia mangia came on board but the place forever missed cold mixed grills yes chef cold food yes chef!

  • L Dawg
    L Dawg Month ago +1

    They take your coat so you’re stuck waiting an hour and half for the food. And when you go to leave, they refuse to give you your belongings, because there’s “nothing” wrong and expect you to still pay. 🙄🙄
    Great business model. Pretty effective when you know you’ll send people running for the door.

  • Izabella Tafoya06
    Izabella Tafoya06 Month ago +1

    If you don’t know anything about food or being a hostess then why in the world would you I wanna restaurant

  • gamer gurl
    gamer gurl Month ago

    That look on the little girls face doe

  • SpangeBab
    SpangeBab 2 months ago +1

    0:36 there's always these assholes ABSOLUTELY EVERYWHERE i am!! Just answer the damn question! Don't just ignore and pretend you didn't hear anything! These types of people really need to change that attitude

  • nopushbutton
    nopushbutton 2 months ago

    2:22 "I am probably the only person who owns a restaurant in the world who wouldn't know what good food is"
    If this series is any indication, she's in very good company, actually

  • Greased Lightning
    Greased Lightning 2 months ago

    I truly would like to show that broad equality and curb stomp her nasty fucking ass.

  • Dave Richards
    Dave Richards 2 months ago

    PJs successfully went out of business

  • Rocks One
    Rocks One 2 months ago

    I know nothing about food or manners.

    SPEED GEN. 2 months ago

    Pathetic joke