Strangers Judge Rhett & Link

  • Published on Jan 26, 2019
  • This week, Stevie and the guys taste a questionable meatball, play a bubble wrap trivia game, and get judged by strangers on the internet… Let’s Talk About That! LTAT #021
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Comments • 4 537

  • emma is kinda weird
    emma is kinda weird 3 days ago


  • Cuca 7
    Cuca 7 3 days ago

    Hello it's Wyatt/Robert/John/Jake/Jason/Brett/Jon/Josh/Rhett and Murray/Samuel/George/Marc/Jonathan/Charlie/Garrett/Steve/Steven/Tom/Link on Good Mythical Morning

  • Matthew Ayvar
    Matthew Ayvar 7 days ago

    The gay people probably paid them to do this, this is one of the reasons why I don't watch gmm any more

  • Big M
    Big M 9 days ago

    Shes so gorgeous

  • Raven The Weirdo
    Raven The Weirdo 10 days ago +1

    3:57 had me in tears

  • Gracie Walters
    Gracie Walters 11 days ago +1

    hehehe 69%

  • stecky87
    stecky87 12 days ago

    Stevie's reaction when Rhett said she liked beaver XD

  • Chad Kase
    Chad Kase 13 days ago

    I'm 40 and beaver has been slang since I was a small kid. I never understand what it meant until years later then I understand the jokes lol

  • Michael Khoury
    Michael Khoury 13 days ago

    How can we watch the full bubble wrap adventure video again? Been searching all over for a link, came across a Facebook post from 2013 that went to an unavailable video 🙁 it would be awesome to check that out, not sure how I ever missed it as I've been watching GMM for years 😕

  • Lyla Weasley
    Lyla Weasley 16 days ago

    Why are they all so awkward?

  • Jed Jacobi
    Jed Jacobi 16 days ago

    Best LTAT so far lol

  • courtney
    courtney 17 days ago

    i still think link is in the closet. trying not to make it obvious he wants to come out

  • Val
    Val 17 days ago

    "I'm confident with the animals"
    *flashbacks to the snakes and cockcroaches*

  • ISHY
    ISHY 18 days ago

    These two guys, john and Steve should make a TheXvid channel or something.

  • Eliot Lett
    Eliot Lett 19 days ago

    I was 11 when i figured out that i could block my nose without touching it

  • Mr. King Man
    Mr. King Man 22 days ago

    I too can just kind of, Turn Off, my smelling via remote nose pluggin, a skill of infinite potential

  • Kevlar88
    Kevlar88 23 days ago

    "That's Trapped Air"... no one laughs... but i did :(

  • Go Ask Marissa
    Go Ask Marissa 23 days ago


  • kiefta traveler
    kiefta traveler 24 days ago

    loved rhetts beaver comment

  • Hayden Offutt
    Hayden Offutt 24 days ago

    So what’s up with the app

  • Tammy Stratford
    Tammy Stratford 24 days ago

    In an alternate reality, they are John and Steve. They are both teachers. John is dating an Olympic hopeful in Women's synchronized swimming. He's thinking of proposing before the committee selections. Steve is single. He's a secret alcoholic, knowing that he's in the wrong profession. He wants to be a writer, but lacks the confidence to even start his great novel.

  • Janie Arledge
    Janie Arledge 24 days ago +2

    Rhett: beaver
    Rhett: you said you actually like it
    Me: dying😂

  • Austin H.
    Austin H. 25 days ago

    My big brother is named Brett.

  • Ji Ji
    Ji Ji 25 days ago

    I was actually really shocked by the trends. I sort of played along as if I didnt know them, who I thought they would be and I came up with this
    -art teacher at a high school
    -either a math teacher or into tech
    Interesting that a lot of people get teacher vibes from them

  • Ji Ji
    Ji Ji 25 days ago

    That intro had me contemplating the reason for longer than I'd like to admit.

  • LopsidedLollipop
    LopsidedLollipop 26 days ago


  • Elyssa Sage
    Elyssa Sage 27 days ago +2

    You guys should actually make that app, imagine how fun that would be >

  • Chucho Turrubiates
    Chucho Turrubiates 27 days ago

    12:17 that was so uncomfortable xD

  • Loony Luna
    Loony Luna 28 days ago

    The judging begins somewhere around 13:00

  • Fled From Dema
    Fled From Dema 29 days ago

    Rhett: Heyy Grandma.......
    All of GMM: Rhett... you can’t seduce a grandma in a video.
    Also the gay is very intense

  • billy jones
    billy jones Month ago

    I did think link was gay when I first saw him in a video

  • Well my opinion dont matter But

    stevie's laugh men...that shit can cure depressiohn

  • Mac S
    Mac S Month ago

    John the teacher and Steve from IT

  • vaby lala
    vaby lala Month ago

    The reason link looks gay is because he looks too good to be straight 😂

  • Alora Aldridge
    Alora Aldridge Month ago +4

    TBH, Link does look gay. No hate, just a statement. His silver hair color adds to the gay factor even more. But we all love our weird old man.

    • BlackStar19 GammaBurst
      BlackStar19 GammaBurst 5 days ago

      But he does not act or talk like it. The girl most definitely looks lez and behaves it

  • Gisela Vianney
    Gisela Vianney Month ago

    can someone give me link their old video when they warped everything in bubblewarp? i cant find it :(

  • Lazlow Rave
    Lazlow Rave Month ago

    Whoa. Fosho.

  • Alyona Loguntsova
    Alyona Loguntsova Month ago

    I’m actually down for the app

  • Just Another Creep
    Just Another Creep Month ago +3

    26:05 This gives me nightmares.

  • Victoria Ackles
    Victoria Ackles Month ago

    that intro got me s h o o k

  • Zoe Elizabeth
    Zoe Elizabeth Month ago

    Beaver, Rhett? Seriously? Good job, bro.

  • Luke Kubisch
    Luke Kubisch Month ago

    Has this app/reddit been made yet?

  • Mia Oneal
    Mia Oneal Month ago +2

    Link would be my gay best friend

  • Clever piggy
    Clever piggy Month ago

    Still waiting on that app

  • NightTheKitten
    NightTheKitten Month ago +2

    11:43 she just calmly watches itsail past her 😂

  • Midnight Peapod
    Midnight Peapod Month ago

    Horses shed a lot - so if you brush your horses (the pre1900s Car) it makes sense to use it for packing!

  • chairs fling
    chairs fling Month ago

    i didn’t realize how tall they really were until i saw this

  • Park_ Jimbles
    Park_ Jimbles Month ago +5

    I love the amount of people that though Link was gay

  • SaruCharmed
    SaruCharmed Month ago +10

    12:41 when they start saying what strangers think of them from their photos

  • Bradack Benefield
    Bradack Benefield Month ago

    My dads name I Marc (look its with a c)

  • Cj Earnest
    Cj Earnest Month ago

    stevies cool

  • Harper Blanks
    Harper Blanks Month ago +1

    The Strangers Judge part starts at 12:19

    • nn n
      nn n Month ago

      Too late 😪 i watched the whole thing

  • Caoilainn Conner
    Caoilainn Conner Month ago

    i LOVE bubble rap

  • Turtle person
    Turtle person Month ago

    I could defiantly see Logan, Josh, or a Jason for Rhett.

  • sofia Micallef
    sofia Micallef Month ago

    I love links sweeter

  • Travis Enget
    Travis Enget Month ago

    "Hey grandma."

  • Gottosaurus
    Gottosaurus Month ago

    Rhett has the best laugh 😂

  • ILoveBrendon Urie
    ILoveBrendon Urie Month ago +2


  • Sarah Hilliard
    Sarah Hilliard Month ago

    all this time link has been in the closet with rick 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂

  • Lynette Miller
    Lynette Miller Month ago +1

    I will so download that app.

  • Coreybeth McKnight
    Coreybeth McKnight Month ago +1

    I laughed so hard at Rhett's beaver joke

  • Ainsley Smith
    Ainsley Smith Month ago

    I would download the app 👍

  • Sarah
    Sarah Month ago

    Link is right

  • Darealc3d !
    Darealc3d ! Month ago

    They just picked bad ones for link honestly

  • Solar Panel
    Solar Panel Month ago

    You got me at gay

  • Anna Jefferson
    Anna Jefferson Month ago +2

    More ADR clips!! That was hysterical to watch.

  • lynndec22
    lynndec22 Month ago +13

    Rhett: "Hi Grandma" *ded*

  • Xangrella
    Xangrella Month ago +3

    How do so many people not know what beaver means? Is it too 1970s of a euphemism and falling out of fashion? Y'all are missing so many great beaver jokes!

  • KittyMelon
    KittyMelon Month ago

    I was today years old when I learned stevie is not straight

  • deleted Chanel
    deleted Chanel Month ago

    Rick is close to Rhett.

  • Jacob Arnold
    Jacob Arnold Month ago

    Stevey is so pretty

  • April Simonson
    April Simonson Month ago

    11:07 Link says he's not a man.

  • TChan
    TChan Month ago +5

    That app doesn’t sound too bad

  • Dubsteppikachu 27
    Dubsteppikachu 27 Month ago

    It is true that link is gay I always knew.

  • Kyle is here
    Kyle is here Month ago +16

    I told my mom about people thinking link is gay and her response was "I doubt that link is 100% heterosexual" 😂😂😂

  • Sharna Reilly
    Sharna Reilly Month ago

    I’m 25 and I still can’t plug my nose without touching it lmao

  • Brian Eddy
    Brian Eddy Month ago

    Rhett wth 9:08

  • Brody
    Brody Month ago

    John and Steven, my favourite duo

  • Michael Jackson lover4ever

    I don't have a clue but I new that it was going to be some sort of ball and a oyster hahahaha I must have some sort of super power

  • Pineapple Cat
    Pineapple Cat Month ago

    I thought I was the only one with the nose-clogging ability lol?

    • Light Bulb
      Light Bulb Month ago +1

      and I assumed everyone could do it

  • Elladeth
    Elladeth Month ago

    I would really like that app lol

  • brandon bridgewater

    I want that app! That sounds fun.

  • Isaiah Ortiz
    Isaiah Ortiz Month ago

    I better see yall jump from a 6 story building in bubble wrap now yall it's too late my interest is already peaked lol

  • dadbnr
    dadbnr Month ago


  • Connor Mahone
    Connor Mahone Month ago


  • Michael Spence
    Michael Spence Month ago +3

    Stevie is so adorable!

  • ayo. phil
    ayo. phil Month ago +5

    Link finna cry in the car😂😂 20:52

  • Britain Campbell
    Britain Campbell Month ago

    I do think that app would be cool

  • im just a dude
    im just a dude Month ago

    What type of person do you think I would be?
    I have blonde hair and blue eyes

    • Light Bulb
      Light Bulb Month ago

      Almost everyone in my family has blonde hair and blue eyes, yet we are completely different. It's the subtleties in someone's face that makes them look either friendly or creepy... Your face shape and expression has a lot more to do with it.

  • ivy sternberg
    ivy sternberg Month ago

    OMG.. what Rhett says to Stevie about beaver..! 😂😂😂 too good

  • Elly Anne
    Elly Anne Month ago

    My brothers name is Wyatt, but he’s korean

  • Soup Tastic
    Soup Tastic Month ago +76

    I feel like link would be the kind of guy to grab my husbands butt and talk to me about science while doing it

  • Corinne Maggio
    Corinne Maggio Month ago

    Stevie stole my fridge joke

  • Grace Hopkins
    Grace Hopkins Month ago

    _the beaver joke i-_

  • CanadianTime
    CanadianTime Month ago +2

    link, MORE LIKE KINK

    people think Rhett is cooler than Link, Peoples first thought.......... GAY!!!!

    MAN_ON_WHEELZ Month ago

    Seriously, this App needs to be made!

    MAN_ON_WHEELZ Month ago

    I got Brett and Tom

    MAN_ON_WHEELZ Month ago

    Beavers... you said you actually liked it! ::badum tsst::