The Ultimate Multi Log Rolling Mousetrap. Mousetrap Monday

  • Published on Feb 16, 2019
  • The Ultimate Multi Log Rolling Mousetrap. Mousetrap Monday.
    In this video we test out a new version of the rolling log mouse trap.
    List of Equipment I Use To Film Videos (Amazon Affiliate Link):
    Motion Camera: Browning Trail Cameras Spec Ops FHD Platinum
    Video Camera: Canon EOS 80D Digital SLR
    Microphone: RODE VideoMic Studio Boom Kit
    Camera Light: Neewer on Camera Video Light
    Video Editing Software: Adobe Premiere Pro CC

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  • Shawn Woods
    Shawn Woods  3 months ago +2132

    My wife and 3 kids were in a car accident yesterday so I will be taking some time off youtube to care for my family. Everyone is doing fine but they are pretty bruised and with a few broken bones.

    • HorseGirl Forever
      HorseGirl Forever Month ago

      Shawn Woods Oh no!!! I hope your family feels better ;(

    • Bettina Lykke
      Bettina Lykke Month ago

      It is disturbing how many likes there is to a car accident

    • coffeecakes tge kittydog
      coffeecakes tge kittydog 2 months ago

      I know your break is over but take as much time as you need I don't mind also I hope they heal soon

    • MightyMalik
      MightyMalik 2 months ago

      Hope they get better

    • { Scp-Vixen }
      { Scp-Vixen } 2 months ago

      Im late but omg i hope they get better

  • Jeannie Gennuso
    Jeannie Gennuso 3 days ago

    I think a hawk's name should be Sports

  • Coppercrusader
    Coppercrusader 6 days ago

    birds mcbirdy face

  • mama2one1
    mama2one1 8 days ago

    Hungry Hawkeye

  • Daniel Howard
    Daniel Howard 12 days ago

    He sounds like jerry from jerry rig everything

  • Demonic Akumi
    Demonic Akumi 16 days ago

    Question, are you left handed?
    Just wondering as I always have to remember that "righty tighty lefty loosey" term when screwing things in as I guess my brain is inverted to right handed people.

  • TheAbc45678
    TheAbc45678 22 days ago

    Call it "Hawkmeister." Get it? Mice?

  • Matthew's Mink Manor

    Just name the hawk, "Talon" cool and simple

  • o0julek0o
    o0julek0o Month ago

    The hawk should *OBVIOUSLY* be called Tony.

  • Kevin Mocker
    Kevin Mocker Month ago

    Please check Facebook comments, I sent you a simple 2 PC trap I inveted.

  • liam mortimer
    liam mortimer Month ago

    Name it Harold the great

  • Marcoos
    Marcoos Month ago

    Let’s name it Tatiana

  • emzirek
    emzirek Month ago


  • Bat Eats Moth
    Bat Eats Moth Month ago


  • ThatGameGuy 103
    ThatGameGuy 103 Month ago

    How does one drown in a puddle of peanut oil...

  • Druuzil Tech & Games

    Would probably work for rats in a larger bucket/longer set of rolls.

  • sethy1
    sethy1 Month ago

    Pet mous is a qt

  • Dendran Gardner
    Dendran Gardner Month ago


  • Tsz Fung Li
    Tsz Fung Li Month ago

    If the log is longer, it'll work well

  • Peyton Matos
    Peyton Matos Month ago


  • BErNz117productions

    The hawk should be named clint (hawkeye xD)

  • Patrick Worsham
    Patrick Worsham Month ago

    My 10-year-old son loves your channel! He says to name the hawk Ace. Thanks

  • Robert matheny
    Robert matheny Month ago

    Glad your family is safe. Hell to go through not knowing if they were safe or not.
    Name the hawk Aviana.
    Thanks for all the time making these videos.

  • Sudheer Kumar
    Sudheer Kumar Month ago

    tht hawk's name should be derek....

  • Dadadaddio
    Dadadaddio Month ago

    mice rats squirrels chipmonks moles voles and gophers yeah!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Patrick Bates
    Patrick Bates Month ago

    Hawks name, Mike! Mike Hawk!

  • Multi troyy
    Multi troyy Month ago

    No blurring in the halls

  • Multi troyy
    Multi troyy Month ago

    Blur blur blur

  • elizabeth mckessick

    Hawk name : kevin

  • Gary Fff
    Gary Fff Month ago

    Your a cool guy,like how you recycled the dead mice good job!

  • Frank Van Wiechen
    Frank Van Wiechen Month ago

    Shawn, You have quite the rodent infestation there. Obviously there is plenty of food around for them. Most animals move on if the food source is non-existant or depleted. Is there any way to secure their food source? If you have fields of grain around then its next to impossible to secure; although storage can be secured. Jack Russel Terrier breed of dog was bred to protect granneries and the dog kills rodents by shaking them. Keep up the good work on all your videos.

    ROOKTABULA Month ago +1

    4:10 When the video gets creepy.

    ROOKTABULA Month ago

    Plastic bobbins would be better than wood

  • Wostemes Queiroz
    Wostemes Queiroz Month ago

    Name: Tuesday's Mouse Fed

  • Ms. Pittenger
    Ms. Pittenger Month ago

    I'd put a some Pam on the roller to keep them from hanging on.

  • Narle Ann Pancho
    Narle Ann Pancho 2 months ago

    Cool a hawk

  • Daniel Weaver
    Daniel Weaver 2 months ago

    How can peanut oil kill a mouse?

    • AQS 33
      AQS 33 2 months ago

      They must have died of hypothermia after being covered in cold oil.

  • Sethles
    Sethles 2 months ago

    "That Dam Hawk"

  • Zachery Siebenaler
    Zachery Siebenaler 2 months ago

    Henry the Hawk

    VΞNUSTM 2 months ago

    That hawk is a level 93 mafia boss

  • Jonathan Adams
    Jonathan Adams 2 months ago

    Call him mouse.

  • Miau Dot Tk
    Miau Dot Tk 2 months ago

    Try using salt water!

  • Jason Blooey
    Jason Blooey 2 months ago


  • Lawrence Hickmon
    Lawrence Hickmon 2 months ago

    I like you videos broski

  • Gardum
    Gardum 2 months ago

    Freeloader is the perfect name lol

  • Gardum
    Gardum 2 months ago

    Use a 44 gallon drum for rats so they have to leave the sides to get to the middle rollers :)

  • DemonGaming
    DemonGaming 2 months ago

    You can always add something to change the freezing point for the water.

  • Kate Albertyn
    Kate Albertyn 2 months ago

    Steven hawking

  • Dubsy Dabster
    Dubsy Dabster 2 months ago

    Tony after Tony Hawk

  • Dubsy Dabster
    Dubsy Dabster 2 months ago

    They must have been allergic

  • Tim Badger
    Tim Badger 2 months ago


  • Asome3333e1 Gamr
    Asome3333e1 Gamr 2 months ago

    The hawks name should either be Hawkeye or Clint.

  • Don Codman
    Don Codman 2 months ago

    Hi Shawn. You can put water in the bottom just mix a lot of salt into warm water. "Et voila" you have a salty snack for later. Regards Don.

  • Diana Horan
    Diana Horan 2 months ago


  • touchtoomuch1000
    touchtoomuch1000 2 months ago +1

    Tony Hawk?

  • Lightning's Games
    Lightning's Games 2 months ago

    Why do they die in the oil?

  • Cassandra V
    Cassandra V 2 months ago

    Falcon the Hawk

  • john parker
    john parker 2 months ago

    It you were to make it longer and over a larger container do you think that would get the rats ?

  • Grant's Gaming
    Grant's Gaming 2 months ago

    You should name the hawk falco

  • Snizzle Gaming
    Snizzle Gaming 2 months ago +1

    his name will be Tony Hawk

  • Liza Sidorova
    Liza Sidorova 2 months ago

    Name the hawk randy

  • yakuza01
    yakuza01 2 months ago

    Name the hawk Hudson. Hope you are a Bruce Willis fan ;)

  • Troy Gardner
    Troy Gardner 2 months ago

    the oil is an interesting twist on the normal rolling log (seems simpler to have all in one from all round table considerations), i wonder if it were less than trounding, e.g bathtub feet wet i if they'd still fight it out (and be able too), vs drowning, as well i wonder what oil id best in a split test for attraction vs congealing (non slipperly/waxy) vs oxidation/rancidity (ewww but for rat/badger/mole/vole? beggars can't be choosers

  • RichInTheUSA
    RichInTheUSA 2 months ago

    You've mentioned your chicken house is overrun by mice and rats.... do you have snakes too? For the name of the hawk... how about Redbud. He's your buddy.

  • Austin Bowen
    Austin Bowen 2 months ago


  • S7evin
    S7evin 2 months ago +4

    I like the name Hawkquin phoenix..

  • KatrinaRolina
    KatrinaRolina 2 months ago

    Call him Lieutenant Hawkeye

  • Jorden Cummings
    Jorden Cummings 2 months ago

    Name the hawk Talon

  • Dave Grandeffo
    Dave Grandeffo 2 months ago

    So add a few extra spools and use a wider container for the rats. This is a great trap!

  • Nolacross70
    Nolacross70 2 months ago +1


  • naif al sahil
    naif al sahil 2 months ago +1

    name the hawk bolt

  • Brian Park
    Brian Park 2 months ago

    You could also use salt water.

  • Rosie Burrito
    Rosie Burrito 2 months ago

    Jeff. That can be the hawks name. Or bob

  • Dark
    Dark 2 months ago +1

    Big chungus: I'm da biggest
    Rat: *_hold my beer_* 3:00

    • ELBOXY #1
      ELBOXY #1 2 months ago

      *hold my peanut butter*

  • Danceographic Ocean
    Danceographic Ocean 2 months ago +1

    Name the hawk Tony, after Tony Hawk, the skateboard legend!

  • michael irula
    michael irula 2 months ago


  • travis povey
    travis povey 2 months ago

    How about Blur? I was going to say Blue like the raptor from Jurassic World because he’s a bird of prey, however, autocorrect typed blur which makes sense considering he’s always a blur in your pictures 🙂
    Additionally, I’m glad God spared your family! Praise Him!

  • YouTubeCallum06
    YouTubeCallum06 2 months ago

    The hawk is HARRY.... Harry Hawk...

  • Cascade Bushcraft and Survival

    Name it Mike!

  • Berry McCockinher
    Berry McCockinher 2 months ago

    I like the new addition of showing the feeding of wildlife. Well done.

  • Shahrukh Mcdonald
    Shahrukh Mcdonald 2 months ago

    You should name the hawk frank

  • Hans Von Glahn
    Hans Von Glahn 2 months ago

    My four year old thinks the Hawks name should be
    Gawks or orange head

  • Emmett Turner
    Emmett Turner 2 months ago

    ‘Lanta the Hawk

    TIMOTHY HILL 2 months ago


  • Paolo Pasaol
    Paolo Pasaol 2 months ago

    I wonder..... Rats are said to be predatory towards mice but here they seem to coexist fine. Is it because the rats aren't the Norwegian type?

  • Władca Wymiaru
    Władca Wymiaru 2 months ago

    We need to CATCH this rat!!!
    And made ratatouille!

    NOT M NAME 2 months ago

    Call it Greg just because

  • Dan F.
    Dan F. 2 months ago

    SeaHawk, hope the family is ok.

  • Jesse C
    Jesse C 2 months ago

    Name him Hawkeye, name the opossum Klinger.

  • Andy Bryant
    Andy Bryant 2 months ago

    Name the hawk Herkey

  • Green Light Zone
    Green Light Zone 2 months ago

    Maybe it's the mice revenging for all the casualties XD

  • Péter Szabó
    Péter Szabó 2 months ago


  • Péter Szabó
    Péter Szabó 2 months ago


  • SBdunks3
    SBdunks3 2 months ago

    Henry the hawk!

  • Fredy2cazy
    Fredy2cazy 2 months ago

    Hawk: Mickey mouse eater!

    TPHVICTIMS 2 months ago

    Alcohol will keep the water from freezing.

  • Sam Sen
    Sam Sen 2 months ago

    Is it cold weather or you are now too rich to make more videos? Missing more so no excuses PLEASE.

  • Cyrrus Clark
    Cyrrus Clark 2 months ago

    Hawk eye(and hope your family gets better)

  • GhettoDVD
    GhettoDVD 2 months ago

    Where you videos for this week you have to stay on it. I’m proud of you. Your content is different but you have some decent TheXvid skills.

  • przyszli
    przyszli 2 months ago

    Looks like our host here not only fell into human trap, but also took his entire family with him! Lol even rats are more carefull.