• Published on Nov 17, 2019
  • A live Minecraft Tournament. Enjoy!
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Comments • 285

  • Manon Elize Giguere
    Manon Elize Giguere 13 hours ago

    Phenomenally produced and organised.

  • icecreamguy 999999
    icecreamguy 999999 4 days ago

    technoblade bullyed then so much in minecraft monday they didnt inv him to this

  • Harry Performs
    Harry Performs 10 days ago

    When Vick doesn’t know coal can cook stuff

  • Conzards
    Conzards 11 days ago +1

    How are you still so bad at this game?

  • LazyXD
    LazyXD 14 days ago

    Mc championship should be done every month or something

  • LazyXD
    LazyXD 14 days ago

    Way way way better then minecraft Monday’s

  • P0ison AppLE
    P0ison AppLE 14 days ago +2

    Ofc this event is better organized than Mc Monday. The owner who host this event know that you have to use a iron pick axe to mine diamond.

  • Jake Downton - Young Entrepreneur

    So many ads man

  • joe mama
    joe mama 15 days ago +1

    Anyone know if there are more of these or is it just this one?

  • QMCGaming
    QMCGaming 16 days ago

    Who remembers Wolv21 lmao?

  • Ghost
    Ghost 16 days ago

    everyone in his chat:


  • DodoTheDog
    DodoTheDog 16 days ago

    Pros to the creators of this tho amazing job

  • Nd PlayZz
    Nd PlayZz 17 days ago

    This better be weekly this was sick fam

  • Jeffrey Peters
    Jeffrey Peters 17 days ago

    The beginning was so epic!

  • englebert humperdink
    englebert humperdink 17 days ago +1

    Viks face when he realised he admitted to taking it from behind lmao

  • SWB Pro
    SWB Pro 18 days ago +1

    Epic team technoblade, vikkstar, Pete, and philza

  • No Name
    No Name 19 days ago +1

    I didn't know that you were part of the sidemen until last month, yet I have been watching you for about 5 years. I'm glad that you are in the sidemen so that I can get to know you more and you are actually really funny!

  • Merijnio666 Devilpriest

    7+1=9 vikk logic

  • sam768
    sam768 19 days ago

    Do it again

  • Fakrul Zain Karimy
    Fakrul Zain Karimy 19 days ago

    They need to add technoblade

  • James Dinham
    James Dinham 19 days ago

    Vik make this for 10000 dollars to get more views

  • Troll YT
    Troll YT 19 days ago +1

    Kinda like Minecraft Monday

    But way better😏😏

  • Krishn Prayag
    Krishn Prayag 19 days ago

    Do Pixelmon

  • I. Howland
    I. Howland 19 days ago +1

    7 gold when it costs 9 "i need one more"

  • Js23187
    Js23187 20 days ago

    Where TF was techno

  • AWESOME 512345
    AWESOME 512345 20 days ago +3

    Why is this the most entertaining 2 and a half hours of a TheXvid video I've ever watched!

  • hydrated pelican
    hydrated pelican 20 days ago

    Your a nonce

  • Ace Hardy
    Ace Hardy 20 days ago

    Greatness 💯

  • Bella
    Bella 20 days ago

    this is WIIILD, love it

  • noah brignall
    noah brignall 20 days ago

    Why no body make smithing table

  • Lipstell
    Lipstell 20 days ago +1

    Hahah there’s more adds on this vid than Logan Paul Haters 😂😵

  • FastestINK !!!
    FastestINK !!! 20 days ago

    Who thinks that we need TechnoBlade in this Tournament??

  • Jordan S.
    Jordan S. 20 days ago

    This was actually sick. Way better than Minecraft Monday

  • Killer_Flame
    Killer_Flame 20 days ago

    In the lockout game vik needs full uses all his wood complains he has no fuel but has 14 coal and stands next to a vain

  • Vincent Tam
    Vincent Tam 20 days ago

    literally targeting vikk

  • Vincent Tam
    Vincent Tam 20 days ago

    ggs to blindstar and chokestar

  • Dexter Deang
    Dexter Deang 20 days ago

    I gave up on HTM wkdkddkd i skipped it and went to this vid xD

  • Fuck Logan Paul
    Fuck Logan Paul 21 day ago +2

    What haopen to sidecraft if you don’t mind I do want it back otherwise good work

  • Matthew Mc Avoy
    Matthew Mc Avoy 21 day ago

    This was deadly

  • Bad Joe725
    Bad Joe725 21 day ago

    When is cosmic sky coming back

  • 니토[πito]
    니토[πito] 21 day ago +2

    7 year olds: *exists*
    Vikk: *yoink*

  • RTProductions
    RTProductions 21 day ago


  • Emil Blaaberg Sørensen


  • DeltaPlayZ IsLive
    DeltaPlayZ IsLive 21 day ago

    1:09:15 u had COAL!!!

  • kyle nash
    kyle nash 21 day ago +1

    Vikk in bingo *has 7 gold ore*
    Also vikk: I need one more gold ore to make a block

  • NOT- Myles-smiles
    NOT- Myles-smiles 21 day ago

    He puts all the sidemen channel links in the description on all videos from his main channel, even when his not playing with them. Yet he can’t link his own team mates from MC CHAMPIONSHIP lol.

  • HerCoodaStank
    HerCoodaStank 21 day ago +1

    Vikk cooks with everything but the coal in his inventory

  • derpy games
    derpy games 21 day ago

    Invite technoblade

  • Simplexity
    Simplexity 21 day ago +1

    Pete very two seconds: are you guys doing the exact thing I’m doing on my screen

  • Deutsche Nihon
    Deutsche Nihon 21 day ago

    I feel bad for Minecraft Saturday, because compared with this, this far by exceeds Saturday

  • ReesesPuffsHardFlex
    ReesesPuffsHardFlex 21 day ago

    Raphessor sucks

  • Qwerty Girl
    Qwerty Girl 21 day ago

    Nice livestream

  • Matt Brice
    Matt Brice 22 days ago

    omg so frustrating to watch

  • Adrian Colon
    Adrian Colon 22 days ago

    Vick is it true you met Kevin hart and the rock

  • Broccoli Guy
    Broccoli Guy 22 days ago +1

    Kinda sad Technoblade wasn't in the event still cool event though

  • hokuness89
    hokuness89 22 days ago

    How did you not see the coal Vikk lol

  • RUpancakes
    RUpancakes 22 days ago

    The blue bats are simmers

  • Ryan Barnes Year 8
    Ryan Barnes Year 8 22 days ago

    Nice win vickstar

  • Zgan
    Zgan 22 days ago +16

    Vikk, pete and florian : Raf you got this!
    Raffesor: Dies

  • Junior Gomez Mendy
    Junior Gomez Mendy 22 days ago +2

    Ugh I feel so salty at the end