Sunday League Football - BATTERED!

  • Published on Sep 1, 2019
  • Welcome back to Sunday League Football, it's a TheXvid Football Charity Day at Aveley FC as we raise money for CALM.
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Comments • 307

  • TV영
    TV영 27 days ago

    I feel like don't have a keeper.

  • M Mcfall
    M Mcfall Month ago

    Theme of the game “6’6” and Ugandan”😂😂😂

  • Ouvyous
    Ouvyous Month ago

    What the hell happened to Woza

  • Marvin Mckay
    Marvin Mckay Month ago

    This is really kool😊😊, thanks for sharing bro!

  • Joe Baker
    Joe Baker Month ago

    I love palmers fc but we've all gotta say that fc dons are literally a semi professional outfit and the way they approach their games are on another level. They treat football like its life. Was only gonna be one result

  • Rhys Garrett
    Rhys Garrett Month ago

    Please don’t tell me foxy has left? Absolute rock at the back

  • Fathergodson
    Fathergodson Month ago

    Shittt what happened to the palmers fc 😢😢 I’m gone for a year plus w/o watching TheXvid and it’s all changed.

  • Mase 08
    Mase 08 Month ago

    "we're stopping the videos" don't say just do it Smov

  • Mark Harris
    Mark Harris Month ago +2

    Great vid even if it was a walkover. Gave up watching SE Don's as that channel was an ego trip. Yours is the best.
    Great kiss from Elliott!

    • zInstinctHD
      zInstinctHD Month ago

      Quality footballing side but absolute bellends

  • Georgina Fogarty
    Georgina Fogarty Month ago

    You just didnt have it in u to call the dons players by their names evwn thou u know them ffs a bit bitter!!!!

    • Palmers FC
      Palmers FC  Month ago

      Did you? Would love to find that because it didn’t happen

    • Georgina Fogarty
      Georgina Fogarty Month ago

      @Palmers FC oh here comes number 6 with the ball?? U dont know jack i heard u say his name before in a different video

    • Palmers FC
      Palmers FC  Month ago

      Actually Georgina, I don't, I don't religiously watch them and they've signed a load of new lads I don't know so erm, shh?

  • Joeyy
    Joeyy Month ago

    Next time tell your manager not to chat shit about a member of our family! #Anything

    • tommo 6
      tommo 6 Month ago

      im not the manager and he aint your family!

  • Medicated Flowers
    Medicated Flowers Month ago

    Good ep

  • NK TV
    NK TV Month ago


  • Simon Vale
    Simon Vale Month ago

    Surprisingly enjoyed that game alot considering the result. Thanks Smiv :)

  • john casey
    john casey Month ago +1

    Team looked poor
    Essex leagues over rated 😂

  • john wrigley
    john wrigley Month ago

    Smiv keep them coming - Palmers are an Icon regardless of results

  • SoundCloud Repost
    SoundCloud Repost Month ago +2

    I think all the going’s on off the pitch may of effected people

  • tobi o
    tobi o Month ago

    Don’t even watch palmers just came here to say where was tomo? Fucking mug talking shit about big g on twitter but can’t even stand with his team shows what type of man he is

  • Shaun Mint
    Shaun Mint Month ago +5

    I’m 6 foot 6 and British. I’ll be your keeper 😭😂

    • Shaun Mint
      Shaun Mint Month ago

      EjvindGEMDark 😂😂

    • EjvindGEMDark
      EjvindGEMDark Month ago +3

      I’m 6’6 and fat as fuck so I’ll take up more of the goal. Am in West London but I’ll get on the train lads.

  • BreeZ. J. r 8
    BreeZ. J. r 8 Month ago

    I support you like 2 years now with I think 4 accounts cuz I lost 3 phones and forget my password for TheXvid everytime 😂😂 pls keep up the videos...♥️♥️

  • Dylan James-Pajwani

    Even tho their quality of football is levels higher ur commentary is levels higher (already watched this on dons channel)

    • Orion Meshesha
      Orion Meshesha Month ago

      Dylan James-Pajwani Don’t sleep on Strapzy’s commentaty

  • Alfie Daugirda
    Alfie Daugirda Month ago

    Who cares
    Still prefer palmers

  • John
    John Month ago

    Fuck yeeessssss, so happy yous still upload 😁

  • Bear
    Bear Month ago

    Women are annoying at football

  • AJ Smith
    AJ Smith Month ago

    Surely you get a free 8 goals for class commentary

  • Rib Zed
    Rib Zed Month ago +1

    Haha I loved Elliott’s little peck on the cheek for George during the stare down!!!! I think Dons missed that out of their video, as well as the charity stuff. Too busy raging about Tommo’s Twitter shenanigans 😄

    • Rib Zed
      Rib Zed Month ago

      Nathaniel Stewart "my team" - haha, comical comment. Not "my team" and not "done" either - Palmers remain the original forerunners and best. I watch the SE Dons content too believe it or not. Cracking team, bit too much juvenile behaviour on the sidelines though.

    • Nathaniel Stewart
      Nathaniel Stewart Month ago

      @Rib Zed ok whatever man your teams done anyway. Up the Don's!

    • Rib Zed
      Rib Zed Month ago +1

      Nathaniel Stewart “for charity” - I doubt anyone watching that would have a clue what charity it was for though, not even a link in the description. And yeah, it’s fine calling Tommo out on that twitter rant stuff - but over and over and over again? Yawn.
      And yes, they’re a very well supported club - but their fans turn up whether it’s a charity game or not so that’s a bit of a lame argument.

    • Nathaniel Stewart
      Nathaniel Stewart Month ago

      No they clearly mentioned it was for charity but if someone is going to give it then not turn up. And he is the MANAGER then that needs addressing. 90 percent of fans came there for the Don's. So they done more for the charity than probs every other team there.

  • Journeylife56
    Journeylife56 Month ago

    Bring smiv back full time!!!! Donate !

  • Daniel Goodwin
    Daniel Goodwin Month ago


  • Chris Fowell
    Chris Fowell Month ago

    Bring back handbags 👜

  • Reggie Maiku
    Reggie Maiku Month ago

    if you pay for my flight to england i'll play for y'all

  • tyler ramian
    tyler ramian Month ago

    Love palmers but the way tommo was chatting shit bout big G cant run

  • Tel Gregory
    Tel Gregory Month ago

    Back to the old school format. I think views will go back up now its bite sized like it was originally.. Nice one smiv N keep them coming

  • Ricky Rose
    Ricky Rose Month ago

    Yeah Tommo your a massive prick
    Big G over you all day you peasant 🤣🤷‍♂️

  • Chris Perkins
    Chris Perkins Month ago

    Best commentator in the business. Fantastic stuff

  • William Trafford
    William Trafford Month ago

    Tbf the shorter videos are easier to watch so I wouldn’t be surprised if this short series pops off this season

  • Alex Gibson
    Alex Gibson Month ago

    Anything for the dons

  • TunedS2K
    TunedS2K Month ago

    Thanks for keeping the videos going lads! 🙌🏼💪🏻

  • dexdan
    dexdan Month ago

    My god do I hate the Dons. They're the most arrogant part-timers in football. Can't wait to see them get turned over by better opponents. Also, their GK is CUNT. Rant over.

  • Liam Bennett
    Liam Bennett Month ago

    What a porkster in goal

  • Joshua Rivas
    Joshua Rivas Month ago

    Rip the team and the Channel

  • Sid Rounthwaite
    Sid Rounthwaite Month ago

    Se dons forget that they’re a Sunday league team they’re good but act like they’re one of the best teams in the world makes me cringe

  • Jean-François Goffioul

    You can't say you've been battered when you keep trying like that. I know a lot of teams that would have just gave up after 2 goals. You still gave a really good fight !! Palmers 4ever !!!

  • Scott Martin
    Scott Martin Month ago +1

    How was that from a work perspective? 10m+ and awesome. Thanks.

  • Harrison Speers
    Harrison Speers Month ago

    Don’t stop the videos honestly so funny come on you palmers

  • Jack Lad
    Jack Lad Month ago

    Play Kitchener fc best TheXvid team facts dons couldn’t beat them and you lot are not the best team in Essex call it a day lads

  • Pyro
    Pyro Month ago +12

    I see tommo bottled it
    Dear me

  • Curtis Jenner
    Curtis Jenner Month ago

    Cracking vid Smiv. Thanks for keeping it up

  • Michael Barrymore
    Michael Barrymore Month ago +4

    Battered maybe...but I still love the content. Keep it up Smiv!

  • Charlie B
    Charlie B Month ago +4

    Palmers is, and will always be the only TheXvid team I watch!

  • Amitabh Bachchan
    Amitabh Bachchan Month ago +40

    Why didn't tommo turn up? The coward

  • Jj Gg
    Jj Gg Month ago


  • Mr Vector
    Mr Vector Month ago +1

    I’ll be honest the new keeps looks good

  • Tom Brien
    Tom Brien Month ago +1

    Humble in defeat 👌🏻👍🏻

    • Tom Brien
      Tom Brien Month ago

      @RichJW24 LOL True

    • RichJW24
      RichJW24 Month ago

      Shame Dons can't be humble in victory!

  • Danny M.
    Danny M. Month ago +2

    Big respect for uploading the vid

  • Ammo Rah
    Ammo Rah Month ago +2

    Palmer FC got trashing BY SE Dons. Palmers FC manager talk rubbish about Big G. Charity is the winner.

  • Harry Upthewall
    Harry Upthewall Month ago

    Palmers > dons

  • Abraham Nelson
    Abraham Nelson Month ago

    Love it!

  • The Mannix
    The Mannix Month ago +16

    The question still remains. Where is Big Lee?

  • lfcwilli
    lfcwilli Month ago +67

    Heard tommo melted for this one the keyboard warrior, bellend

    • tommo 6
      tommo 6 Month ago

      sorry for being on holiday, sunday league isnt as important to me as some im afraid

    • Maradona1066
      Maradona1066 Month ago

      tommo 6 he’d probably turn up and back his mouth though

    • tommo 6
      tommo 6 Month ago +1

      says the guy being a keyboard warrior

    • Qwerty Qwertyson
      Qwerty Qwertyson Month ago +5

      He is tragic. Dresses like a 12 year old acts like one.

  • Jamie Harrison
    Jamie Harrison Month ago

    The one Lino looked like a snowman