My Dad Watched Me On His Camera

  • Published on Oct 20, 2019
  • I am scared of my dad. I think he turned insane. Just one year ago, we were a happy family. But then my dad had an accident at work where he fell off a ladder and hit his head. He spent 2 weeks inside the hospital to recover but when he came back home, he was a different person.
    First, he took my mom aside and told her she wasn’t allowed to teach dance classes anymore. My mom said: “What? Why not?” And my dad responded: “Your students only wanna seduce you so they can sleep with you. But not anymore. From now on you are my obedient housewife. And you do what I tell you to do!”
    I’ve never seen my mom more scared. She had been a dance teacher for more than 20 years. This was crazy, but it got worse. My dad started to criticise my mom on her looks and other things. He said: “don’t wear that make up, it looks ugly on you!” Or “don’t always smile, it looks terrible”. I could see how much his words hurt my mom, but she loved him so much that she didn’t speak up to him.
    At one point, my dad convinced my mom to start taking medication against depression. He said those little pills would help her, but the opposite was the case. My mom immediately turned into a lifeless zombie. Suddenly, she rarely spoke and never smiled. When we ate for dinner, she would keep quiet and look at her dish.
    It was painful to see my evil dad turn my cheerful mom into his lifeless servant.I begged her to stop taking the medication, but she only responded “it’s good for me. It’s good for your dad.”
    I was furious and confronted my dad. I screamed “Leave my mom alone! You are destroying her life!”
    But my dad didn’t like that I was speaking up to him. He said “do you know what I’ve done for you? Look at your ugly dress. Who bought that for you? I did. But you don’t appreciate how hard I work for this family.”
    I responded by screaming “Mom bought me this dress and she said it’s beautiful. I won’t allow you to give her any more of those evil pills!”
    But my dad was angry too and that’s why he got a big axe, went to my room and chopped down my door into little pieces.
    He said: “That’s what you get for being a disobedient daughter…”
    But I knew that taking away my privacy was all part of his plan to take complete control over our family.
    That’s why I wasn’t surprised when he came to my room the next day and installed a camera with an integrated loudspeaker. He said he would watch me 24 7 from his smartphone to make sure I was behaving.
    I thought he was bluffing and tried to ignore the camera, but whenever I laid down on my bed to relax, my dad would speak through the loudspeaker and say “go study for school or I’ll take away your smartphone.”
    I felt like he was watching me non stop. And one morning before school, he even told me that my outfit looked ugly and I should change it.
    It was so creepy, because I didn’t know if he had watched me changing my clothes a few minutes earlier. But worse were the psychological effects. Being watched non stop was super stressful because I could never relax.
    And then my dad took me to a doctor and told him I was severely depressed and needed medication to battle my anxiety. I was shocked and said “no that’s not true! I’m perfectly well!” Luckily the doctor believed me. But my dad was furious and punished me by taking away my smartphone and laptop. He said I would have to study for school non stop until I finally became a good and obedient daughter.
    I’m not sure if parents are allowed to make their kids study all day from morning until evening. Because my back hurt so much after sitting hours and hours in my chair. If I rested my head on the desk for just a few minutes, I would hear my dad screaming “go back to work or you’ll be punished even worse!”
    I realised that my dad had achieved his goal. He had complete control over my mom and I. He did it by tyrannising us and making our lives hell.
    I felt my only option left was to run away. That’s why I called my mom to my room. I told her we had to run away because dad was destroying our family.
    But she said she had promised to stay with dad in good as in bad times and then she just left my room again.
    I felt so helpless, but then I had an idea. Instead of defending myself against my dad, I should start attacking him. And fight fire with fire.
    That’s why I woke up in the middle of the night and creeped into my parents bedroom. There I took my dad’s phone and went outside. I knew his password and maybe I could find something on there that I could use against him.
    And bingo, I found a sms conversation that said “see you in 20 minutes at the 4-seasons hotel.”
    I wrote down the number of that person and called it up the next day to find out who it was. Someone picked up and said: “[very sexy voice] Hey! Chrystal here, who am I talking to?”

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