Binging with Babish: Louis C.K.'s Potluck Fried Chicken

  • Published on Mar 16, 2016
  • Sometimes an existential crisis makes you want to actually attend that potluck, so you have to make something, but you don't do desserts, so you make fried chicken, but you don't have time to brine it, so you follow Louis C.K.'s trick in this video.
    Music: "Cream on Chrome" by Ratatat
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  • SoundCzech
    SoundCzech 2 days ago

    Man I used to find Louis so freakin funny. It hurts to watch him now though.

  • Derrick Riggs
    Derrick Riggs 7 days ago

    Great video, as always!😃

  • Thomas Fahey
    Thomas Fahey 8 days ago

    This video raped me

  • Akhaha Kqkuwha
    Akhaha Kqkuwha 13 days ago

    Is a mortar and pestle a common thing in people's kitchens today? Guess I need to get one. Then I'll just be tempted to wear a hooded robe and make potions and shit. I'll need a staff, maybe a one-handed sword. Crystals, spellbooks.

  • AZ N
    AZ N 16 days ago

    Louis CK's "jerk" chicken next 🐔😂

  • Uncle Ubi
    Uncle Ubi 18 days ago

    Watching this video again now I have a question. Does the batter have semen in it?

  • Sonicfan The Nightfury 5099


  • Daniel Price
    Daniel Price 24 days ago

    I’m not headed to a potluck but I do need fried chicken right now

  • M M
    M M 24 days ago

    How do you make money on these videos with prime expensive music

  • Acid Seltzer
    Acid Seltzer Month ago

    this aged poorly

  • Blake Simpson
    Blake Simpson Month ago

    My only issue is that Louie used rice crisp cereal, not corn. However I'm noticing that your early videos have incredible quality, cooking, video and otherwise. Thanks for all that you do!

  • Fateh Singh Bedi
    Fateh Singh Bedi Month ago

    Make Louis Huang's chilli from fresh of the boat

  • Avery Brown
    Avery Brown Month ago

    I like chicken

  • André Staalesen
    André Staalesen Month ago

    when does he beat the chicken wtf

  • nikolas poulimenos
    nikolas poulimenos Month ago

    Choking The chicken

  • Jin Wong
    Jin Wong Month ago

    I jerked off before making this for authenticity

  • 44werewolfnomore
    44werewolfnomore Month ago

    Do you have to choke this chicken before serving?

  • Moe Aln
    Moe Aln Month ago

    Ew lard.

  • Trunks Vegeta Briefs

    *Obligatory masturbation joke containing the word “chicken” somewhere*

  • Joy B
    Joy B Month ago

    OMG I keep getting your ratatat background! I so so love it! 💜

  • FixingTheInternet
    FixingTheInternet Month ago

    Don't forget to add Louis CK's homemade special sauce.

  • AM Edits
    AM Edits 2 months ago

    “A recipe that features... chicken.”
    Whaaaaaat? That was unexpected

  • Attempt-YT
    Attempt-YT 2 months ago +1


  • TheOneG
    TheOneG 2 months ago +1

    Ah yes, the days before the "we hand, dry hand" method

  • girlcrazyrockstar
    girlcrazyrockstar 2 months ago

    But is it good?

  • Wonderbuunz
    Wonderbuunz 2 months ago +1

    Something that I love about this series is watching how your techniques have realistically changed as time has gone on. I love how we actually learn things along with you.

  • Hermann Fegelein
    Hermann Fegelein 2 months ago


  • Lachlan Taylor
    Lachlan Taylor 2 months ago

    Wonder if he has a jerk chicken recipe

  • Axel 3D
    Axel 3D 3 months ago

    hey Babbish, how would you cook this if you only have an air fryer? this looks like a great idea for dinner

  • TheEvilTacos
    TheEvilTacos 3 months ago +2

    It's fitting that a soy cooks a cuck's recipe

  • Christian Justin
    Christian Justin 3 months ago +1

    louis C.K. got a rough deal what he did was creepy but not harmful or dangerous he still the funniest comedian out there

  • JAXON 3000
    JAXON 3000 3 months ago

    Remember when ck jerked off in front of people

  • Hermann Fegelein
    Hermann Fegelein 3 months ago

    Will the chicken taste better if I make fun of the Parkland kids before I put it in the fryer?

  • WeirdManToday
    WeirdManToday 3 months ago


  • Dr. Insanity
    Dr. Insanity 3 months ago

    You're the coolest guy ever. Somebody had to say it.

  • OSSO
    OSSO 3 months ago

    Yeah guys C.K. Louis owns fried chicken...

  • 고등 지능 ODINS trash
    고등 지능 ODINS trash 3 months ago +2

    You should make a Basics fried chicken episode.

  • Joe Bluhm
    Joe Bluhm 4 months ago

    I'm sure this has been asked, but I miss the RATATAT soundtrack, and I'm curious: 1- how did you get this?! 2- why has it changed?

  • BlackHellcat
    BlackHellcat 4 months ago

    love the Ratatat music choice :d

  • M Cara
    M Cara 4 months ago

    Delete this the guys a RAPIST or rename IT !!!

  • Cheese Borger
    Cheese Borger 4 months ago

    Kentucky Fucked Child

  • ShyGuyDY
    ShyGuyDY 4 months ago

    And thus perfectly good fried chicken has been ruined

  • Cudi
    Cudi 5 months ago +1

    This did not age well.

  • SovietOnion
    SovietOnion 5 months ago

    This aged well, hasn’t it?? Hmm…

  • JosieCat
    JosieCat 5 months ago +2

    People are so cruel, sure C.K. did something creepy and definitely uncool, but let the fucking guy make some nice fried chicken

  • D Angus
    D Angus 5 months ago

    Sarah Silverman gave her consent for Louie CK to serve her his chicken.

  • Jumping The Smark
    Jumping The Smark 5 months ago

    Jerk chicken?

  • Paul Hazel
    Paul Hazel 6 months ago

    I love Judy gold. Favorite female comedian

  • bacchusacolyte
    bacchusacolyte 6 months ago +1

    Really want to see Louis CK’s salty jerked chicken. Yum!

  • Andrew&Olga
    Andrew&Olga 6 months ago

    Is baking power necessary im to lazy to go out and get any

  • DaddyO's Ink
    DaddyO's Ink 6 months ago

    Would've never thought about adding lemon to the egg wash... seems like it would "cook it"....

    Oh yea.... and did you choke the chicken yourself? Sorry.... had to do it.

  • Tadg Enright
    Tadg Enright 6 months ago

    Wow this is pre wet hand dry hand...

  • BaconBitz
    BaconBitz 6 months ago

    If you beat your cock beforehand, it’ll come out a lot more tender

  • freddy04123
    freddy04123 6 months ago

    I seriously can't stop watching your videos. So happy I stumbled on one on Facebook and checked you out on TheXvid. Love what you're doing man!

  • Kenyatta Mancini
    Kenyatta Mancini 6 months ago

    jamaican jerk off chicken

  • James
    James 6 months ago +3

    Up next: Bill Cosby's Pudding Pops

  • Rudhran Nair
    Rudhran Nair 6 months ago

    Babish, make a video for the foods from the help.

  • I’m paranoid
    I’m paranoid 6 months ago

    My chicken always starts seeping out blood while in oil and ruins everything
    It makes it soggy and gross

  • SailorMouth Productions

    he shoulda made jerk chicken

  • Aswath Sugumar
    Aswath Sugumar 7 months ago

    just let that sink in...

  • Ashton Ray
    Ashton Ray 7 months ago

    Louis C.K. fried chicken, like regular fried chicken except when it's done you make it watch you jerk off

  • SycheRyder
    SycheRyder 7 months ago

    I loved that show and that one was among my favorite scenes

  • n0etic Fox
    n0etic Fox 7 months ago

    I can only chicken fry flat things... well if you want it to be fantastic, if I do stuff like fried chicken it is only very good no idea why that is though. I mean I gave what is basically a chicken fried steak with venison to my dad and his freinds and I found 4 50$ bills in my wallet that I did not have I was confused, they eventually me they paid me for that and just got too drunk and never said so. I never asked for money in fact for the first half hour I was very standoffish granted I did totally give in as it was a fun group but one guy demands I never pay for anything as it quote "Made me give up and get mad at being homophobic" food bring light to the world.

  • TheGreen Jarret
    TheGreen Jarret 7 months ago

    That comment section is gold.

  • String Bean
    String Bean 7 months ago

    If I see anyone season their chicken right before cooking it instead of letting it sit and using breadcrumbs or corn flakes as batter or an egg batter I don’t trust your judgment

  • JägerLange
    JägerLange 7 months ago

    I'm only here to read the inevitable masturbation jokes in the comments.

  • james84 -
    james84 - 7 months ago

    best presented whilst masturbating furiously at your guests

    SCS SMURFZ 7 months ago

    My god his voice is so much more high

  • vtec just kicked in yo
    vtec just kicked in yo 7 months ago

    How about jerk chicken? Don't forget to choke it before you cook it.

  • Missnewbienoob
    Missnewbienoob 7 months ago

    Danggit, I need chicken right now for this potluck!
    :: Stops by Popeye's ::

  • Quasaricemage
    Quasaricemage 7 months ago

    I keep seeing that balding Pervert Raping a chicken carcass................

  • Sambo Rambo
    Sambo Rambo 8 months ago

    He Just completely destroyed his own career, but could've just paid an escort or prostitute to do whatever. Like he had the money, and at the time, celebrity and influence to be able to do that on the DL, but what the fuck does he do?...smh. What a fool.
    Done played yo self.
    Or played wiff yoself'.

    • Brainhorn
      Brainhorn 7 months ago

      He didn't "just" do anything, and in fact, he's lately been making a comeback

    • rhn94
      rhn94 7 months ago

      yeah, if it was revealed he hired a hooker most people couldn't have given three shits; but it wasn't simply about sex, it was about power and control

  • protectyaneck__
    protectyaneck__ 8 months ago +1

    Pretty much ruined it when you put cereal in the batter.

  • KJ Setser
    KJ Setser 8 months ago

    is that judy gold?!

  • Mark Matias
    Mark Matias 8 months ago

    Fucking trans fuck. I hate these fucking lunatics.

    • rhn94
      rhn94 7 months ago +1

      someone's having issues

  • WolfsbaneFilms
    WolfsbaneFilms 8 months ago

    You forgot the all important step of wanking off in front of your guests before serving.

  • TheChillYoshi 64
    TheChillYoshi 64 8 months ago

    This aged like shit

  • Inaban
    Inaban 8 months ago

    If you don't want a heart attack, just use vegetable oil instead of lard, this recipe does make some of the best fried chicken ever.

  • Steve Logan
    Steve Logan 8 months ago +1

    I'm from rural kentucky, nope not this recipe, sorry, but you do have many good recipes

  • Luke Kline
    Luke Kline 8 months ago

    *Insert masturbation joke here*

  • Julia Slack
    Julia Slack 8 months ago

    LOVE LOVE LOVE you, Louie!! Lemme ask ya-
    Are those tender-hearted female comedy writers still causing you to lurk incognito??
    Run, Louie!! RUUUNNN!!!!! 😂🤣🤣

  • Tess Terrible
    Tess Terrible 8 months ago

    Could you do some of the recipes from The Help?

  • Phagutte
    Phagutte 8 months ago


  • sina _926
    sina _926 8 months ago


  • Carson Ritchie
    Carson Ritchie 8 months ago +4

    So good I whipped my dick out and started jerking in front of this video

    R.P.W BEATS 9 months ago

    Eek, Babish

  • Gage Girardin
    Gage Girardin 9 months ago +6

    First you molest your cast

  • Hank Hill
    Hank Hill 9 months ago

    Fucking yum

  • mattster h
    mattster h 9 months ago +5

    Up next Louis CK's Mayo

    • Hank Hill
      Hank Hill 9 months ago +2

      mattster h
      not a difficult recipe.
      • status
      • female comedian

  • benblexbenblex
    benblexbenblex 9 months ago

    Should season the chicken before breading no?

  • muselylove
    muselylove 9 months ago

    I watched the whole feminine wash ad just for you lol :D love your videos.

  • Danielle Hall
    Danielle Hall 9 months ago

    so making this

  • Toxic Potato
    Toxic Potato 10 months ago +2

    I love how the internet is a fucking courtroom these days

  • a h
    a h 10 months ago +1

    ...and to finish the chicken finish on the chicken.

  • R.P Mahoney
    R.P Mahoney 10 months ago

    What’s the intro song.

  • Bong Zapanta
    Bong Zapanta 10 months ago

    Hey Babish! can you do Cream Corn's order from Black Dynamite?

  • ninja master
    ninja master 10 months ago +4

    When's the part when he whips his dick out?

  • Mr. Miss your joke
    Mr. Miss your joke 10 months ago

    I guess I should make a choking the chicken joke but I'm not really feeling it

  • Alexa Carnation
    Alexa Carnation 10 months ago

    Well that was fast

  • Kyrie Espayos
    Kyrie Espayos 10 months ago

    I sometimes wish i can download one of his vids so i can cook even im a 12 year old and a almost great cook