Sline: Seamless Line Illustration for Interactive Biomedical Visualization

  • Published on Sep 11, 2016
  • In medical visualization of surface information, problems often arise when visualizing several overlapping structures simulta-
    neously. There is a trade-off between visualizing multiple structures in a detailed way and limiting visual clutter, in order to
    allow users to focus on the main structures. Illustrative visualization techniques can help alleviate these problems by defining a
    level of abstraction per structure. However, clinical uptake of these advanced visualization techniques so far has been limited
    due to the complex parameter settings required.
    To bring advanced medical visualization closer to clinical application, we propose a novel illustrative technique that offers a
    seamless transition between various levels of abstraction and detail. Using a single comprehensive parameter, users are able to
    quickly define a visual representation per structure that fits the visualization requirements for focus and context structures. This
    technique can be applied to any biomedical context in which multiple surfaces are routinely visualized, such as neurosurgery,
    radiotherapy planning or drug design. Additionally, we introduce a novel hatching technique, that runs in real-time and does not
    require texture coordinates. An informal evaluation with experts from different biomedical domains reveals that our technique
    allows users to design focus-and-context visualizations in a fast and intuitive manner.
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