Hi This Is Flume [Mixtape Visualiser]

  • Published on Mar 20, 2019
  • Flume - Hi This Is Flume [Official Mixtape Visualiser]
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    I made a mixtape with some of my favorite artists.
    It’s 38 minutes of music, with a visualizer created by Jonathan Zawada.
    We hope you enjoy :)

    [Visualizer Credits]
    Director: Jonathan Zawada
    Co-director: Michael Dole
    Producer: Olivia Hantken
    Executive Producer: Rachael Ford-Davies
    Executive Producer: Ed Sholl & Jay Ryves / Future Classic
    Production Manager: Zac Warnerford
    DOP: Aaron McLisky
    Byron Bay DOP - Stephan Jose
    Byron Bay 1st AC - Shane Crosland
    Camera Assistant: Sam de Teliga
    Data Wrangler: Erin Macliver
    Art Director: Benjamin Garvey
    Art department/wardrobe: Aisha Phillips
    BTS photographer: Matsu
    Car customiser: Ben Barretto
    Interval Sound: Sonar Music
    Wardrobe provided by Bassike
    Editor: Adam Wills
    Grader/Compositor: Matt Fezz
    Special thanks:
    Mary's Farm Cottages, Bremer Bay Resort, Stirling Ranges Retreat, the legend known as Royce, Greg Stirling, Ray Anthony, Anna McAtamney, The Zawadas
    [Music Credits]
    All songs written and produced by Harley Streten (Flume) with the following exceptions:
    Hi Beams (feat. Slowthai)
    Written by Harley Streten, Tyron Frampton & Justin Elwin
    Produced by Flume & HWLS
    Is It Cold In The Water? (Flume & Eprom Remix)
    Written by SOPHIE & Cecile Believe
    Produced by Flume & Eprom
    How To Build A Relationship (feat. JPEGMAFIA)
    Written by Harley Streten & Barrington Hendricks
    Produced by Flume
    Voices (feat. SOPHIE & Kučka)
    Written by Harley Streten, SOPHIE & Laura Lowther
    Produced by Flume & SOPHIE
    Written by Harley Streten & Alexander Dennis
    Produced by Flume & Eprom
    All audio mixed by Eric J Dubowsky
    All audio mastered by Matt Colton
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  • Flume
    Flume  23 days ago +142

    Flume & Friends
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    JPEGMAFIA + slowthai
    Aug 6 | Red Rocks | All new production ⛰️

  • Sabrina Almada
    Sabrina Almada 2 hours ago

    I lose my sanity when I hear it lol

  • D1V3RS10N_ ENG
    D1V3RS10N_ ENG 9 hours ago

    This sound design makes me rock hard.

  • r1gby
    r1gby 13 hours ago

    The sea intro for Is It Cold In The Water reminds me of Some Minds' video.

  • Y K
    Y K 15 hours ago

    Hi, I'm A Belgian Student. I'm tryna travel through Australia summer 2020.

  • Ilya Tiunov
    Ilya Tiunov 16 hours ago

    2019 be like: video producers record winamp visualizations IRL

  • Suleimen Ali Yalgashbaev

    super-puper music, if you know

  • Aayush Vadhel
    Aayush Vadhel 20 hours ago

    Ma bwoy Flume can represent our galaxy.

  • Ityraa GG
    Ityraa GG 20 hours ago

    Im in love with your mind

  • Pray For Riddim
    Pray For Riddim 21 hour ago +2

    watch this video on shrooms. i can guarantee you won't regret it.


  • Bell Hollow
    Bell Hollow Day ago


  • Bell Hollow
    Bell Hollow Day ago

    Flume is like in outer space with this one. #flumespacecadet

  • tSipiti67
    tSipiti67 Day ago +1

    one of the best video on the internet

  • Laxxxfone 77
    Laxxxfone 77 2 days ago

    2019 BEST VIDEO

  • Davis K
    Davis K 2 days ago

    holy motherfuck ya

  • Taylor Hill
    Taylor Hill 2 days ago

    5:39 is my jam

  • Oli Seymour
    Oli Seymour 2 days ago

    2:57 damn.

  • SuddenDeath
    SuddenDeath 2 days ago

    오홍홍 조와용

  • Chad Gibson
    Chad Gibson 2 days ago

    I’ve never seen a video in more need of racing (fpv) drone footage in my life.

  • Flowbain TwoOneNine
    Flowbain TwoOneNine 2 days ago +4

    Watched this on 800ug of LSD, .3 of MDMA, and about 10-15 bumps of Ket. Long story short flume broke my brain and put it back together. 🤯🤯🤯

    • sKiiTs8
      sKiiTs8 Day ago

      sounds crazy but take care of yourself mate =)

  • CortiV
    CortiV 3 days ago

    Best plan for LSD

  • João Vitor dos Santos


  • Yeah Nah
    Yeah Nah 3 days ago

    Goosebumps 🔥👌

    WRONG VST 3 days ago

    So at the end Earth is Flat?

  • fattyjaybird
    fattyjaybird 3 days ago

    Whooolllly crap!!! WTF Was that?!? Ima havta tape my jaw shut

  • StarlightNimi ProductionsTM

    I'm in love with this dude's music.

  • Pedro Bravo Diaz
    Pedro Bravo Diaz 4 days ago


  • BloempotNL
    BloempotNL 4 days ago


  • Sabrina Almada
    Sabrina Almada 4 days ago


  • Rafc Vitor
    Rafc Vitor 4 days ago


  • snake7779
    snake7779 4 days ago

    Masterpiece. I'm so happy to life in a time, where i can experience Flume. People say Mozart is a prodigy.. I believe in the future people will say the same thing about Flume. Much love

  • james morson
    james morson 4 days ago

    *Whooooah* Yes !! thanks!!

  • Caleb Arwood
    Caleb Arwood 4 days ago

    Every producer in the game that knows anything bows down to flume

  • Javier Garcia
    Javier Garcia 5 days ago

    Anyone know where the set locations are? Specifically the pan over on the Dirt Road at 3:50

  • K G
    K G 5 days ago


  • lynn ly
    lynn ly 5 days ago

    A buzzfeed quiz told me I should listen to this, so here I am

  • Aravind films
    Aravind films 6 days ago +1

    I feel like if flume and brockhampton collaborated, it would end out really good

  • Mariel Trinidad
    Mariel Trinidad 6 days ago

    most amazing fucking art right here

  • Hunter
    Hunter 6 days ago

    2:27........imagine if that guy wasn't yelling and hitting pans together.... it would be a perfect song :(

  • Marcos Ramirez
    Marcos Ramirez 6 days ago

    anybody know what kind of car that is? lol

    • Gandhi
      Gandhi 6 days ago

      Nissan 300zx

  • tom candle
    tom candle 6 days ago

    19:16 that shadow loading in ha ha

  • Jean k
    Jean k 6 days ago

    Pero que pedazo de mierda mas brutaaaaal!!! ushh, esta buenisimo, mi cola pa ese man. jajaja.

  • Shanti Aiton
    Shanti Aiton 6 days ago


  • John Burke
    John Burke 6 days ago

    @flume is “spring” supposed to be an ASMR song?

  • Ceramics
    Ceramics 6 days ago

    imagine flume, clams casino, and lapalux doing a collab ep... if only.

  • Augusto da Veiga Pietrobon Veiga

    Será que tem só eu de Br aqui?

  • Pink Dolphin
    Pink Dolphin 7 days ago +1

    Wait so did Flume make these songs?

  • Emazing Jose
    Emazing Jose 7 days ago

    time to listen to this mixtape again for the 2476040138 time since it came out.

    POWMAJ_BOENG 7 days ago

    Yaaaaaaaaaa finally we were waiting for this

  • Siobhan Dolezal
    Siobhan Dolezal 7 days ago

    When you're into intelligently messed up tunes, go Flume

  • m.laylani
    m.laylani 7 days ago

    So freaking epic

  • Luis Santulli
    Luis Santulli 7 days ago +2

    Why does this have dislikes

  • Robert Granat
    Robert Granat 7 days ago +1

    This is unreal. Just bonkers.

  • Phil Osophie
    Phil Osophie 7 days ago +1

    Thank you for this awesome mix - tape. I hear it everyday.

  • T C
    T C 8 days ago

    poor Z31

  • Michael Ch
    Michael Ch 9 days ago +1

    18:08 FUUUUUUCK!

  • Kyle Thomas
    Kyle Thomas 9 days ago +1

    Wassup just came from the melonhead

  • Nibiru ML
    Nibiru ML 9 days ago

    well in New Zealand and Australia, you fill your tank first and then you paid and thats a fact!

  • Thijsfonteyn
    Thijsfonteyn 9 days ago +2

    Woooow from 38:56 until 39:09 he already spoiled the cover of the next single 'Friends'. Flume is such a genius whoa.

  • Tim
    Tim 9 days ago +1

    This is fucking wild... all 42 minutes of it

  • D0E2E4W
    D0E2E4W 9 days ago +1

    this is dope. love it. 10/10

  • Lucas Gomez Ortiz
    Lucas Gomez Ortiz 10 days ago +2

    porro+esto= TE EXPLOTA LA CABEZA
    PD lo re comiendo

  • Chaleim Guevara
    Chaleim Guevara 10 days ago +1

    That was fucking great!!!!! My favorite is from like 31:30 and on . Thanks Flume!

  • klausliedagain
    klausliedagain 10 days ago +1


  • Ezra Bum
    Ezra Bum 10 days ago


  • izzydjinn76
    izzydjinn76 10 days ago

    27 seconds in and lost interest.. worst intro ever

    • Dream Sushi
      Dream Sushi 5 days ago

      +izzydjinn76 you sound proud

    • izzydjinn76
      izzydjinn76 7 days ago +1

      +King Dub it might be, and you might be good at what you do. But that's how I pick what I like to listen, if it doesn't grab me right away, I lose interest all together.

    • King Dub
      King Dub 7 days ago

      Maybe not the best intro but if you actually stopped listening after the intro I'm sorry... this is a masterpiece

  • Danica Kuroishi
    Danica Kuroishi 10 days ago

    hI tHiS iS fLuMe x300

  • lydia
    lydia 10 days ago +1

    Is It Cold In The Water? is so beautiful!

  • Shikapella Official
    Shikapella Official 11 days ago

  • Joe Schmoe
    Joe Schmoe 11 days ago

    The flume car is rad as hell

  • Luis the Beast
    Luis the Beast 11 days ago


  • Harry Dee
    Harry Dee 11 days ago

    one of the best internet gems

  • NicoTheGoon
    NicoTheGoon 11 days ago


  • Jordan
    Jordan 11 days ago +2

    A1 .362713562 ???

  • Thom Six
    Thom Six 11 days ago +7

    I pity the 799 fools who gave this a thumbs down

  • Marcelo Chorus
    Marcelo Chorus 12 days ago

    nada mejor que Flume para limpiar la casa

  • Roy Shafir
    Roy Shafir 12 days ago

    This is crazy

  • Lele Gambera
    Lele Gambera 13 days ago


  • Ignacio Quijada
    Ignacio Quijada 13 days ago

    0:00 Hi This is Flume
    0:28 Ecdysis -.
    2:12 High Beams ft. Slow Thai -.
    5:35 Jewel -.
    8:48 ╜φ°⌂▌╫§╜φ°⌂▌╫§╜φ°⌂▌╫§
    9:21 Dreamtime .-
    11:38 Is It Cold In The Water (Flume & EPROM Remix)-..
    16:25 How To Build A Relationship ft. Jpeg Mafia
    23:38 Wormhole.-
    26:00 Voices ft. Sophie & Kucka -.
    27:55 Mud-.
    29:23 Upgrade
    31:10 71m3
    32:30 Vitality-.
    34:10 Daze 22.00 .-
    36:25 Amber-.
    38:49 Spring ft. EPROM-.

  • Leomind
    Leomind 13 days ago

    1st time listening: this is too fucking weird
    2nd time: well that's not bad
    3rd time: holy shit he's a genius

    • King Dub
      King Dub 7 days ago

      I have the privilege to say the first time I ever heard this I was peaking on shrooms... highly recommended

  • Drako Von Zeitgeistoberstellen

    Lozt In sOUNd ;-)P

  • Rosh Alvarez
    Rosh Alvarez 13 days ago

    flume you are a genius .

  • Adrian Cygan
    Adrian Cygan 13 days ago

    Daze 22.00 is a bomb

  • Lars Jønsberg
    Lars Jønsberg 13 days ago

    You are my god

  • Abby
    Abby 14 days ago

    This is the dopest mixtape I've ever heard

  • M Rizqi Ardiansyah
    M Rizqi Ardiansyah 14 days ago

    This is unusual but I like it

    KAIZEN. 14 days ago


    KAIZEN. 14 days ago +5

    Flume : climbs thru narrow rocks
    *127 hours starts playing in the background*

  • Matthew Messick
    Matthew Messick 14 days ago +1

    This video + shrooms = wow...

  • Wise One
    Wise One 14 days ago

    He's always on another level... 👌 This is great

  • Linuxxl
    Linuxxl 14 days ago


  • Riley Nail
    Riley Nail 15 days ago +1

    Tripped off some amazing shrooms to this today. Fire shit 🔥🔥🔥 Nice to meet you, Flume

  • Uvs
    Uvs 15 days ago

    Imagina como sera escuchar esto con el Efecto del LSD!

  • Sumwubz55
    Sumwubz55 15 days ago

    Mad art

  • Docteur
    Docteur 15 days ago

    This is pure Gold


  • Brendan
    Brendan 15 days ago

    This is beautiful

  • Patrick Sands
    Patrick Sands 15 days ago

    This is delicious.

  • Sade Cornwell
    Sade Cornwell 15 days ago

    coolest 300z ever

  • DJ Medusa Lives
    DJ Medusa Lives 15 days ago

    OMG SO DOPE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Prod. Pool
    Prod. Pool 15 days ago

    26:31 yeah right p. 2