Ricky & His Colombian Girlfriend Only Communicate By Text | 90 Day Fiancé: Before The 90 Days


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  • Vanessa Turner
    Vanessa Turner Day ago

    Something is "off" about him....

  • Ewy
    Ewy 2 days ago

    so all the wanker people comes from Ohio?

  • Bobo Smash
    Bobo Smash 2 days ago

    You deserve everything you got

  • Life With Nosibusiso Dingaan

    Would love to date dis guy

  • e.l.00_xx Hd
    e.l.00_xx Hd 3 days ago

    He is a pc master race gamer

  • Misty Fielding
    Misty Fielding 4 days ago

    What a loser you hit it off ?? She doesn’t like you!

  • KassyyReefer
    KassyyReefer 5 days ago

    He’s not thaaaaaaat bad lol

  • Un Known
    Un Known 9 days ago

    He looks like a blown up Jonathan from the most recent season 😂

  • Jordan Rosenberg
    Jordan Rosenberg 10 days ago

    why does he have so much luggage??

  • Weird flex but ok
    Weird flex but ok 11 days ago


  • yazyh
    yazyh 11 days ago

    What other qualities? Lol

  • Flotus
    Flotus 12 days ago

    How people Can be this Naive?? Grown people ...its concerning how much people R Dumb.

  • Jessica McCall
    Jessica McCall 12 days ago

    Red flag: he’s already been married 2 times! Something is obviously wrong with him

  • Chujoza Zakała
    Chujoza Zakała 13 days ago

    What is idea : who normally want show his life failures in tv all world ? They don't know that this program show create "im a naive stupid looser" ? Hi must be actor (bad but actor) becuse normal men never want this king of "fame" :)

  • Michael Schofield
    Michael Schofield 13 days ago

    Another generic retard who just wanted to get his dick wet. Why do so many failed abortions, fuck without thinking of the consequences. This pitiful loser has 2 different urchins by 2 different whores. This parasite needs to stop breeding and quit his whimpering persecution complex.

    Ps- he's another generic superficial vain pretentious sad individual. He needs to look in the mirror.

  • Stephen Strange
    Stephen Strange 13 days ago

    He's unattractive as fuck. Maybe that's the problem

  • Johan Å
    Johan Å 13 days ago

    The most naive person on the show. A little tip.. when a person does not respond to your text or answer short and uninteresting. Give it up! And don't go to another country if the person haven't responded to your arrival.

  • Cirkaa Noojira Cabaar
    Cirkaa Noojira Cabaar 14 days ago

    Chemistry, chemistry and Chemistry

  • Reggie
    Reggie 15 days ago +1

    The way that his laugh ended so abruptly at about 2:37
    @reggie_ulon (Insta)

  • Philip Robertson III
    Philip Robertson III 15 days ago

    Oh my freaking God... this guy needs help. Did it ever occur to him that she could be a dude with a wig, fake boobs, and tons of makeup?

  • NaCl
    NaCl 15 days ago

    Why would anyone take a girl seriously who thinks her boobs are part of her face and need to be in a pic? She must feel so incomplete seeing herself in her passport.

  • Han Solo
    Han Solo 16 days ago

    4:56 Now it all makes sense.

  • First Name Last Name
    First Name Last Name 16 days ago

    She looks like a plastic corpse. 🤷🏽‍♀️

  • Deirdre Ward
    Deirdre Ward 16 days ago

    Tu estas. . . muy pendejo. . . eso. . . eso

  • Jasmine Rodriquez
    Jasmine Rodriquez 16 days ago

    Poor guy just wants love. He did state that both his marriages didn’t work out because both women left him - but never did explain the reason. Anyway, I really hope he finds love close to him. Not across the globe. 🗣

  • Obiwan Kenboi
    Obiwan Kenboi 17 days ago

    fake tits, fake ass, fake face, fake personality. these women are leeches.

  • Jimmie Owens
    Jimmie Owens 17 days ago

    Catfish the international edition

  • J. R.
    J. R. 17 days ago

    Lol 😂 he picked the wrong website he should of went with farmersonly.com 💀

  • Nene Estrella
    Nene Estrella 18 days ago

    Some one get Max and Nev

  • Donna Peroche
    Donna Peroche 19 days ago

    He has been writing to some transvestite, located in transalvania

  • Adan Alonzo
    Adan Alonzo 19 days ago

    He so stupid he will convince him to be a drug mule or spend last of savins.Date a real woman who will accept your children.

  • Adan Alonzo
    Adan Alonzo 19 days ago

    Not putting you down hommie if you want a girl like that .she won't accept you because your a two time relationship looser n in debt with child support.

  • Adan Alonzo
    Adan Alonzo 19 days ago

    It is .she wants you to spend money or green card for her n family.

  • Swamp Ape
    Swamp Ape 20 days ago

    Honestly man, nobody should be looking for another relationship while in the process of a divorce or break up. At that point, most people are looking for a rebound, and that's it. Stay single for a little while to think about what you're looking for in a woman. But jumping from relationship to relationship with no down time, creates problems quickly.

  • RandomAnagram
    RandomAnagram 20 days ago

    Gotta love how he says he wants to be a "good role model" for his kids but proceeds to chase after a woman dressing like a thot in all her pictures. Mkay, i guess if you want your daughter to constantly jump relationships(him divorcing alot not keeping a relationship) and to learn how to be a social media or twitch thot with her tiddies and arse out like her step mommy.

  • Fifi Aames
    Fifi Aames 21 day ago

    I have a hard time feeling sorry for someone so stooopid.

  • brbjuke45
    brbjuke45 21 day ago

    "Dear Nev and Max...."

  • xthemetalmilitiax
    xthemetalmilitiax 21 day ago

    Lol is this dude for real ???

  • Mademoiselle A
    Mademoiselle A 22 days ago +2

    Columbian Cupid? More like, Columbian Catfish.

  • The Gaming Norwegian
    The Gaming Norwegian 23 days ago

    Was she real? Next episode airs next week... So i wont know until then.. What happen at that resturant he waited ages in? I know someone came in... Was it her? Or what the hell is going on? lol

  • bellagaara1
    bellagaara1 24 days ago

    Ricky: "I want to be a good role model for them"
    Me: you want your daughters to look for their boyfriend through online dating ?

  • juli cochran
    juli cochran 25 days ago

    I thought the woman with stuffed butt and breasts was a guy, transvestite...

  • Brandon Perez
    Brandon Perez 28 days ago +1

    Cuff cat fish cCough

  • Motivation Lectures
    Motivation Lectures 29 days ago

    What mean lmao plz reply

  • ari
    ari 29 days ago +1

    sounds like a case for nev and max

  • Jbatz Punk
    Jbatz Punk Month ago

    hes gay girl

  • Gloria
    Gloria Month ago

    That's what happens when some men use the wrong head to make crucial decisions.

  • Violett Reyes
    Violett Reyes Month ago

    This guy is a joke. He really thinks he should get a girl that looks like that. It's obvious he just wants a girl for her looks. He is a creep 🤢

    • The Blakester Experience
      The Blakester Experience 20 days ago

      +Violett Reyes I agree. When I was in Medellín I stuck to dating women in their 30s and 40s, even when I was meeting and talking to women in their 20s on the street, in supermarkets, malls, on the metro, etc. In some ways I would've been better off dating the younger women in their 20s, lol.

    • Violett Reyes
      Violett Reyes 20 days ago +1

      The Blakester Experience I believe in realistic goals, and I myself do not feel entitled to being with someone that is taller or outside of my league. This guy really tries to one up every single female he's with into someone that is more attractive and that is just disgusting when he isn't worthy of being with any female with that sort of character.

    • The Blakester Experience
      The Blakester Experience 20 days ago

      And a woman is *not* a joke or a creep for wanting a guy who's at least 6" tall when she herself is under 5'4"? On another note, I did work with a 6'2" guy who said he preferred short women because their hands make his package look bigger.

  • GABRIEL Medrano
    GABRIEL Medrano Month ago

    What a fucking dork

  • DreamyRita
    DreamyRita Month ago

    She's OBVIOUSLY not interested in him. He's creating 1 fictional love relationship in his head.

  • Danny Sze
    Danny Sze Month ago

    Yep too good to be true.. money talks!!

  • Daydreamer 888
    Daydreamer 888 Month ago

    wtf his dad proposed to his mom after 3 days

  • jason smith
    jason smith Month ago

    This guy is so innocent that those girls in Colombia will take all his $ in one week! Guess can be so Fkn stupid when it comes to girls!

  • Luchie Fernandez
    Luchie Fernandez Month ago

    What's wrong with you ?why you left your wife with 21 months old kid.

  • Charlin Rose
    Charlin Rose Month ago

    How can he trust someone so blindly , only through text messaging , and fly to see them ?
    Did he not ask for her fb to see if she’s real or not ?
    That’s the first thing I would do if I meet someone online . Facebook says a lot bout a person lol .

  • Shana Webster
    Shana Webster Month ago

    Ricky is horrible he looks for the most “perfect” looking women like women physically out of his league and goes after them full on.

  • Omega Lucian
    Omega Lucian Month ago

    What do you mean hot she’s at least 50% plastic/silicon
    EDIT: let’s be real here chief, she’s only talking to you because she loves the attention. The moment you were gonna go over she got distant because she didn’t love you, she loved the attention and she didn’t want to be with you 👀😪

  • ilyn Payne
    ilyn Payne Month ago

    She's way too pretty to be true

  • ilyn Payne
    ilyn Payne Month ago

    Melissa is a very pretty girl

  • Nick Schmidt
    Nick Schmidt Month ago +1

    Anyone from Ohio

  • yoshiki takaya
    yoshiki takaya Month ago

    How you only talk to somebody online only talking bout they the love of yo life??????

  • Justice Warrior
    Justice Warrior Month ago +4

    Colombia prostitute should be the title

  • lorna alvarado
    lorna alvarado Month ago

    Their tattoos need a good cover up. Hers is very bad.

  • Chaos Bringer
    Chaos Bringer Month ago

    Dumb , dumb...

  • Successman
    Successman Month ago

    TBH, all these dudes would get hella pussy if they worked out

  • Frances Caraballo
    Frances Caraballo Month ago

    Her breasts look like she stuffed grapefruits inside

  • carpii
    carpii Month ago

    how can these guys be so fricking dumb? Live cam was a looped GIF but he decides to trust her, then even when its obvious she doesnt want to meet him, he thinks its just nerves

  • kmariamv
    kmariamv Month ago

    Who else loves the pictures of his parents ❤️

  • JoanRudith
    JoanRudith Month ago

    Oh....he was doing all of that, falling in love with two separate women within a week, ready to prose to one then the other WHILE still legally married?? I see why he struggles in his life life!

  • ace fernandez
    ace fernandez Month ago

    On Ricky Bobby stop simping, fuck these hoes right in the twat, u come off to precise.

  • Nexosphere
    Nexosphere Month ago

    "halfway across the globe" have you seen Colombia on a map hmmmm?

  • LiL druGGY
    LiL druGGY Month ago

    He looks like a good guy

  • Sophia Hoang
    Sophia Hoang Month ago

    I thought she was a catfish too but there's a video of her actually meeting him LOOL

  • Shelly Mills
    Shelly Mills Month ago

    He wants to be a good role model for his kids...while he is literally texting and looking at his phone while driving...
    Within the first MINUTE of the show.
    Something tells me I'm about to watch a train wreck. I hope he pays for the therapy his kids will need...

  • Julia P
    Julia P Month ago


  • Fabrysiheder
    Fabrysiheder Month ago

    oh you poor thing, you dont realise many of those dating sites explicitly bombard users with fake messages to entice them to say
    flash news: you are not some hotshot womens go crazy for

  • Elizabeth C
    Elizabeth C Month ago

    wtf with that butt.....too many fucked up kardashian implants....even their implants (fat transfer) is done horribly.

  • Soy Cam
    Soy Cam Month ago

    Colombian girls are slut. They can be with you but the next day with your brother

  • Ravenlife 1372
    Ravenlife 1372 Month ago

    He needs to stop jumping in relationships so quick

  • Bank WithChase
    Bank WithChase Month ago

    And here I am scared of getting murdered when I travel down the street to meet a new girl 🤔

  • Bank WithChase
    Bank WithChase Month ago

    Because it was a gif or a loop !!!

  • Sugar Nevius
    Sugar Nevius 2 months ago

    Melissa has ballz 😬😬

  • dhinsd12
    dhinsd12 2 months ago

    “Hola means “Hello.” I think the whole world knows that 🤔

  • AysuXD
    AysuXD 2 months ago

    she works for pablo

  • Jorge Ortiz
    Jorge Ortiz 2 months ago

    This guy is an Idiot you can just tell she's a scammer.

  • draxx them sklounst
    draxx them sklounst 2 months ago

    LOL at the blurr picture @ 3:58.. Is it just me or he has like 4 pictures total? I mean come on bro, how delusional can you be?

  • Omar Perez zelaya
    Omar Perez zelaya 2 months ago +1

    If she doesnt respond or responds only in 1 sentence it means she doesn't like you or not interested.

    • The Blakester Experience
      The Blakester Experience 20 days ago +1

      Yep, and in that case it's best for the man to end that interaction himself. The woman will be mad, of course, because she wanted to be the one to end it.

  • Mandie Barajas
    Mandie Barajas 2 months ago

    It was exposed that tlc had her as an actress to do this with him and create some drama for the show

  • E Collier
    E Collier 2 months ago

    Good role model doesn't use phone while driving

  • LiveLoveLaugh 420
    LiveLoveLaugh 420 2 months ago


  • Lauren The Lady
    Lauren The Lady 2 months ago

    Oh god this fucking goober

  • Alejandro Nigro
    Alejandro Nigro 2 months ago

    Well, the moral of the story is that, you can have a good job, good heart and you can have money, but you can't buy common sense. This guy is an idiot!!!!

  • Jpr Xo
    Jpr Xo 2 months ago

    He’s a good person.

  • Eric Fernandez
    Eric Fernandez 2 months ago

    W.T.F. is this, 90 Day Catfish!?!

  • Kayte Kearse
    Kayte Kearse 2 months ago

    Catfish bro...

  • Anna Osabel
    Anna Osabel 2 months ago

    I guess melissa is a " she male"

  • Observant Lady
    Observant Lady 2 months ago

    No good that kind of girl is just a pain in the neck

  • Crowns Gaming
    Crowns Gaming 2 months ago

    I have nothing against online dating but I’d personally never try it.

    • The Blakester Experience
      The Blakester Experience 20 days ago

      It's good for pipelining and having dates set up. Although I speak Spanish, that's what I did. I was in a city (Medellín, to be precise) I wasn't familiar with, so I went and met some of these women to get familiar with the city and meet and talk with women I met on the street, on the metro, in supermarkets and malls, etc. Most of the women I met online were flakes and gringo hunters. Some of them were catfishing with pics that were probably taken during the Uribe presidency there.

  • Caya M.
    Caya M. 2 months ago +1

    I am from Cololombia and i knew my husband for Colombian Cupid. I been married for 10 happy years and counting!!

  • James Doakes
    James Doakes 2 months ago

    So naive.