Ricky & His Colombian Girlfriend Only Communicate By Text | 90 Day Fiancé: Before The 90 Days


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  • Alejandro Nigro
    Alejandro Nigro 10 hours ago

    Well, the moral of the story is that, you can have a good job, good heart and you can have money, but you can't buy common sense. This guy is an idiot!!!!

  • Jpr Xo
    Jpr Xo 3 days ago

    He’s a good person.

  • Eric Fernandez
    Eric Fernandez 5 days ago

    W.T.F. is this, 90 Day Catfish!?!

  • Kayte Kearse
    Kayte Kearse 5 days ago

    Catfish bro...

  • Anna Osabel
    Anna Osabel 6 days ago

    I guess melissa is a " she male"

  • Observant Lady
    Observant Lady 7 days ago

    No good that kind of girl is just a pain in the neck

  • Crowns Gaming
    Crowns Gaming 9 days ago

    I have nothing against online dating but I’d personally never try it.

  • Caya M.
    Caya M. 11 days ago

    I am from Cololombia and i knew my husband for Colombian Cupid. I been married for 10 happy years and counting!!

  • James Doakes
    James Doakes 13 days ago

    So naive.

  • Pedro Sousa
    Pedro Sousa 16 days ago

    Halfway across the world? It's Colombia nos Australia

  • Amaury Linares
    Amaury Linares 16 days ago

    You are a looser..Get divorce first ..Don't play with people's feeling ...!!! Melissa left your ass flat..
    Punk Ass....

  • PapiVodka
    PapiVodka 17 days ago

    Now I feel bad for Melissa... After reading those texts in Spanish, he was telling her that was a dinner only as FRIENDS nothing more, this was probs scripted or this guy is a serious creep lol.. Also she is a mom like common now

  • Jade Coleman
    Jade Coleman 19 days ago

    He must be an Ohio State fan lmao

  • County Mount
    County Mount 19 days ago

    Hahaha my girlfriend want 90 days fiance

  • Lena Chhin
    Lena Chhin 19 days ago

    ☝🏾 word! Idiot

  • Lillie Arvizu
    Lillie Arvizu 19 days ago


  • forest princess
    forest princess 19 days ago

    i'm sorry but this guy is so.. lol dumb thank you tlc for exploiting dumb people does my head in like why are we watching this train wreck. bro wake up

  • Manuela Cruz
    Manuela Cruz 22 days ago

    Soy de Colombia orgullosa no den esta imagen de los Colombianos nosotros somos mejor que esto

  • Rissa A.
    Rissa A. 23 days ago


  • kanatapaw
    kanatapaw 23 days ago

    He seems like a really decent guy

  • Demon
    Demon 24 days ago

    Love is dead. Only fools remain.

  • Madeline Jenkins
    Madeline Jenkins 27 days ago

    He cute

  • Olivier Lavau-wira
    Olivier Lavau-wira 27 days ago

    There is a dude with a big dick waiting for this MF in Argentina..

  • Charmaine
    Charmaine 28 days ago

    He's so naive and gullible cause his past relationships didn't work out. He needs to work on his own and raise his kids and let love find him. This ain't healthy

  • Angy Moreno
    Angy Moreno 28 days ago

    oh cool, im from panama

    KATRINAMELISSA 29 days ago

    lmaaoo bruh she was just lookin for some quick money. Wipe that makeup off her face and tell me you still love her

  • aqib malik
    aqib malik Month ago

    I want the model in.the first minute to lay there while I ride him. thanks.

  • Hey it's Shay
    Hey it's Shay Month ago

    I’m sorry the “oh how cute” made me laugh 😭

  • Silvia Soria
    Silvia Soria Month ago

    Hola Ricki te recomiendo que te olvides de las Colombianas son unas interesaras

  • Lewis C.
    Lewis C. Month ago

    That guy is so damn fat! At least try to lose some weight, bro. You're marrying a hot girl, at least try to look presentable. Stop being so fat and damn lazy! Fat people are gross!

  • David Stephens
    David Stephens Month ago

    He’s not a bad looking dude. And he seems mature and has his priorities in check and a good role model. Really hope this new girl doesn’t take advantage of him and not a gold digger or someone who sleeps around with other men

  • rosekilledjack
    rosekilledjack Month ago

    This man has only half a brain

  • Nora Dacmeg
    Nora Dacmeg Month ago

    That girl is not real.

  • J AW
    J AW Month ago

    He wants her only for her looks, she only wants him for a green card...more like a business relationship.

  • Frank Hardy
    Frank Hardy Month ago


  • Michael D
    Michael D Month ago

    What I'm getting from this guy is he can't keep a marriage together

  • sims p
    sims p Month ago

    “It looked like a GIF”

  • Fishcat gamer
    Fishcat gamer Month ago

    im from colombia o soy colombiana❤💕

  • Sudima
    Sudima Month ago

    I cannot believe that he never suspected that account is a poser

  • SosukeAizenTaisho
    SosukeAizenTaisho Month ago

    LOOOL he is foooked so badly hahah she is a whhhhhorre like all colombians

  • Abigail Figueroa
    Abigail Figueroa Month ago

    Bebe rexha??

  • Kittyvlogsgaming
    Kittyvlogsgaming Month ago

    i feel so sorry for him...

  • dmart706
    dmart706 Month ago

    Cannot find love he is fat ugly no wonder

  • BoredRabbit
    BoredRabbit Month ago

    One look at those photos and I can tell Melissa has breast and butt implants.

  • You Take The Moon
    You Take The Moon Month ago

    *Sees a gorgeous woman that could possibly be a model*
    Ricky: I think I just met the love of my life!

  • Stephanie Borg
    Stephanie Borg Month ago

    love of my life my ass

  • Moran Wexl3r
    Moran Wexl3r Month ago

    We should get luxurypranks to contact this guy , Catfished as a fucker

  • Kiri Rodway
    Kiri Rodway Month ago

    FYI *she wasn’t born that way*

  • AX7 Duran
    AX7 Duran Month ago

    LMAOOO SMFHHH This can't be real !!! This guy is a complete fucking idiot

  • Gisselle A. A. Quiroz

    Nev and Max where you at?

  • Son Nefes
    Son Nefes Month ago

    Idiot if this girl is nurse how she dont speak english when she is young hahahhaha do u understand what im saying ....

  • Son Nefes
    Son Nefes Month ago

    First 45 seconds said everytjing about him . Two previous wives and kid from each ...that enough man ,now is number 3 . Continue do like animals

  • Binta Habibi
    Binta Habibi Month ago

    When will Ricky realize that Melissa was a call girl?

  • Pedro Braz
    Pedro Braz Month ago

    How ironic yet illustrative of the American education system that the guy in the US says travelling to Colombia is "travelling across the globe". it's a 5-6h flight mate, that's like NY to LAX.

  • Wendy Combe
    Wendy Combe Month ago

    Why waste your time with these laying women there not even attractive that girls wig was nasty

  • Shogo Yamada
    Shogo Yamada Month ago

    "a girl like that is way beyond my league. Too good to be true" Then why tf did you even go through with it.

  • Shogo Yamada
    Shogo Yamada Month ago

    Nice gaming chair

  • LMPianoPlayer
    LMPianoPlayer Month ago +7

    Those breast and butt implants though... 😬

  • Tony Stewart
    Tony Stewart Month ago

    At least he has kids. I have been hurt many times by women online and offline. Love doesn't exist I will slowly go in a corner and wither away.

  • cvc
    cvc Month ago

    recommended next: Ricky has been seeing 2 women at the same time!
    lol he's terrible at whamen

  • cvc
    cvc Month ago

    damn nigga hasn't even finalized a divorce and is about to go for the hat trick.

  • Melissa Toska
    Melissa Toska Month ago

    Lol she's a nurse? She looks more like a stripper, poor hospital.

  • jule c:
    jule c: Month ago

    I feel so sorry for him

  • jule c:
    jule c: Month ago


    LOLANIME Month ago +1

    Not only is he shallow, he is also insecure. Love yourself first dude!

    LOLANIME Month ago +1

    Looks like Someone hasn’t watched an episode of Catfish before....Most dating sites are known to have many catfishes. If it’s too good to be true, then something is wrong.

  • Osmany Reyes
    Osmany Reyes Month ago

    Dumb mf

  • H Dosanjh
    H Dosanjh Month ago

    Ohio to Colombia is half way across the world? It's like a 7 hour flight

  • NHEFF09
    NHEFF09 Month ago

    he's a loser

  • NycBeauty
    NycBeauty Month ago

    Fake boobs and ass is hot? Yet men complain about wigs and weave. Lol!!!!! All these fake body parts means they can be trannies.

  • David P
    David P Month ago

    The chemistry is there - just by texting?

  • Trolley McTroll Troll

    How are some people so fucking stupid? Like serious....

  • Jαиє jane
    Jαиє jane Month ago

    If you workout so why you so fat😄😄😄😄😄😄😄😄😄😄😄😄😄

  • Irena Sh
    Irena Sh Month ago

    How stupid..

  • Dale Luzum
    Dale Luzum Month ago

    He is a fool and he has proven that. Lol

  • Jeffson Louis
    Jeffson Louis Month ago

    Where is the rest of this episode? I won’t sleep until I see it through

  • Jimi Barker
    Jimi Barker Month ago

    take the hint guy shes playing u he really is naive for a father with 4 kids married twice

  • Therese Bonath
    Therese Bonath Month ago

    Oh my god how stupid can you be

  • Danielle McCormick
    Danielle McCormick Month ago

    Why so much luggage?? You moving in lol

  • Lovely Arlene
    Lovely Arlene Month ago

    While ppl are trying to cross the border the us is letting gold diggers stay here what a shame get it together and get yourself one from the us and ppl just want latin women just to say they had a latin women

  • ? ?
    ? ? Month ago

    This guy sucks

  • nil -
    nil - Month ago

    He reminds me of Carlos from Desperate Housewives! Seems like a nice guy

  • Alex Jonestown
    Alex Jonestown Month ago

    goddamn we spent all this time hating on ricky but the guy just wants love and he's just been dumped lol hes a single fuckin dad

  • Nåt -.-
    Nåt -.- Month ago

    😂 in one of the pictures it looks like her boob is about to come off.

  • amber travis
    amber travis Month ago

    Yay my names amber as well

  • D'Artagnan Hook
    D'Artagnan Hook Month ago

    Poor guy

  • kongvinter33
    kongvinter33 Month ago

    women who look like that doesnt need to go online to find a man, end off.

  • Jay San
    Jay San Month ago

    Half way across the globe he says... Oh these gringos 😅

  • Jonathan Martin
    Jonathan Martin Month ago

    Its a 7 hour flight dude. You're not traveling half way around the world.

  • Ninni Persian
    Ninni Persian Month ago +1

    What is it with men always falling for Barbie dolls, believing it is "love"?

  • Ivana Draz
    Ivana Draz Month ago

    This guy is so stupid , naive and disgusting!!

  • Tim Adams
    Tim Adams Month ago

    2nd divorce isn't even final, and he has a 21 month old? Raise yo kids instead of being selfish and making another child of divorce for TV!

  • TLuciano Payne
    TLuciano Payne Month ago +1

    After 2 marriages I would not look for no more women I just focus on my kids

  • Astro10024
    Astro10024 2 months ago

    Playa Playa....

  • Tayk1987
    Tayk1987 2 months ago

    Seriously dude...?

  • Carlos Pereira
    Carlos Pereira 2 months ago

    Bro, send a message to Nev and Max. You're in the wrong program.

  • VI RO
    VI RO 2 months ago

    He looks like a fucking manatee and he's over here trying to pull young women. I wonder how he would feel about some old dude trying to get with his daughter.

  • Toronto6ix
    Toronto6ix 2 months ago

    latina women are all whores fuck them all lmao

  • Princess Montano
    Princess Montano 2 months ago

    u fall in love fast...u fall out of love fast too.

  • Sarah Wang
    Sarah Wang 2 months ago

    Who's betting on Catfish