President Donald Trump Gives AMAZING Speech at Duluth Minnesota Rally

  • Published on Jun 21, 2018
  • MUST WATCH: President Donald Trump Gives Amazing Speech at Duluth Minnesota Rally
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  • Golden State Times
    Golden State Times  9 months ago +136


    • Think Tank
      Think Tank 8 months ago


    • B Whipp
      B Whipp 8 months ago

      Still waiting to hear the answer to this question. If its so obvious your shocked I asked then what is the answer.

    • Catherine Siv
      Catherine Siv 8 months ago

      Golden State Times

    • B Whipp
      B Whipp 8 months ago

      I’m waiting. If it’s so obvious what’s the answer

    • Bluebyyou Blue
      Bluebyyou Blue 9 months ago

      This is 6npresidentee0d

  • luckybestwash
    luckybestwash 4 months ago

    This may be the best crowd I've ever seen at a Trump rally. Minnesotans are nuts.

  • Buddy Newman
    Buddy Newman 6 months ago

    YEAH TRUMP!!!!!!

  • Abakiam Liu
    Abakiam Liu 7 months ago

    Wish India had pm or president like him

  • jeff barret
    jeff barret 8 months ago

    Trump will be assassinated.
    With a knife.
    Can't wait to see it live on television.
    Next will be his two cunts, Melania and Ivanka.
    Both with axes.

  • Dean Michael Dorman
    Dean Michael Dorman 8 months ago

    WooooHoooo Trump 2020!!!

  • 753bowie
    753bowie 8 months ago

    what great speech? same shit coming out of his burger-hole same rhetoric of discrimination and bully behavior SAME SHIITT!!!! NOTHING GREAT ABOUT IT he is destroying America in favor of the DEPLORABLES Ignorant followers is it 4 years already? Impeach!!!

  • Ambria Daniels-Dovolis
    Ambria Daniels-Dovolis 8 months ago +1

    TRUMP 2020

  • Raul Raul
    Raul Raul 8 months ago

    As a veteran... I feel ashame to be represented by a coward and idiot president!

  • царлес дмитрий игор

    Hey what this national anthem name it's really cool

  • Craven Morehead
    Craven Morehead 8 months ago

    Wow 1747 trolls , if your all trollin on this page your not going to get anyone to bight !!!!

  • rant404
    rant404 8 months ago

    This is a Russian produced channel with bots and trolls all over the place. Fuck you Russian shitheads.

  • rant404
    rant404 8 months ago

    Comrade Donald will be meeting with his boss and serial journalist murderer Russian dictator Vladimir Putin. The boss will give his underling and poodle further instructions on how to screw over America, the EU, and NATO. Putin owns Comrade Donald.

  • Murmad Man
    Murmad Man 8 months ago

    lol kill urselves white ppl

  • Scott Hupke
    Scott Hupke 8 months ago

    Donnie, the one man republican wrecking machine!

  • syvogtres
    syvogtres 8 months ago

    Yep, that is one killer speech alright. However, I do have a feeling that I have seen this before ...?
    Ohh yes:
    Check out 9:24 and 10:26
    Mach Amerika wieder großartig !!
    Or should it be: Сделайте Америку отличной снова ??

  • tensne12day
    tensne12day 8 months ago

    Same old tripe,from Don - I'm great, you're not,

  • Lulu Gurl
    Lulu Gurl 8 months ago

    Man trumps really getting crazy...a bit repetitive isn’t it?

  • Francois Labelle
    Francois Labelle 8 months ago

    The biggest clown ever to grace the WH...and dumb and dumber just loves it the way it is!

  • Michael Donovan
    Michael Donovan 8 months ago

    "amazing" as the pile of shit he came from....

  • Taka
    Taka 8 months ago

    Omg i love trump talks so much truth

  • MadScientist512
    MadScientist512 8 months ago

    16:15 re: North Korea nukes: "They blew up the sites where they do the testing", that's so badly worded it's like a Zen riddle :)

  • Ronald Schuberth
    Ronald Schuberth 8 months ago

    Our President Donald Trump has an incredible array of tools to work with, brilliance brighter than a diamond, oratory more abundant than Mahatma Gandhi, wiser witty King Solomon! Perhaps we as a human civilization are seeing perfection for the very 1st time! Whatever Trump touches turns to GOLD! Thank the lord he was born in America!!! Btw, liberals need not reply!

  • jChannel1111
    jChannel1111 8 months ago

    The words "tRump" and "Amazing" don't belong in the same sentence together. Everything this guy does is a sham and you all have bought into it... hook, line, and sinker.

    MARGETALLICA HINKLE 8 months ago


  • Vicki Holloway
    Vicki Holloway 8 months ago

    I am with our great President all the way.he's the best President we've,had in a very long time.better than Clinton and Obama.the traders.

  • Sharon Keeling
    Sharon Keeling 8 months ago

    I love my President!!!!!

  • Keith James
    Keith James 8 months ago

    I wish Canada had a Trump. We have a DOPE.. TRUDOPE...

  • Katelyn Pearson
    Katelyn Pearson 8 months ago

    What's a wall going to do

  • Big White
    Big White 8 months ago

    Fuck Obama

  • Wire Wire
    Wire Wire 8 months ago


  • Bertram Winslow III
    Bertram Winslow III 8 months ago


  • Bill Bly
    Bill Bly 8 months ago

    Trump exists as the greatest President since Lincoln. Reagan, and Theodore Roosevelt. Though slammed by the fake media daily, he still has done more in 500 days than Obama or Bush 43 did in their combined 16 years. Trump delivers better than our USPS and will lead us into the best part of the 21st century. These are exciting times and at age 67 I never thought we'd be so blessed by a non-politician.

  • PeteTashPiano
    PeteTashPiano 8 months ago

    I hope the democrats get totally butt-slammed in November. MAGA from the UK

  • Stigmata Speaking
    Stigmata Speaking 8 months ago

    President Trump humor is the best. My favorite. Go Trump! Maga. Lol

  • eggman077
    eggman077 9 months ago

    God bless America and God Bless Donald John Trump!!!!!!

  • Chris Cast
    Chris Cast 9 months ago +1

    I can’t believe all the lies Donald Trump the Terrible Spit out of his Butthole

    oh wait that’s his mouth never mind!

  • Qi Qi
    Qi Qi 9 months ago

    Fox Fux, Donald and Stephen Miller HATE America and The Constitution. You Fuckheads actually voted for that? YOU HATE AMERICA!

  • Martina Dejaquiz
    Martina Dejaquiz 9 months ago +1

    lock that bitch up.

  • 800lb Gorilla
    800lb Gorilla 9 months ago

    I wonder if Trump could just drop like $500 Million and build the wall himself as a private citizen.

  • 800lb Gorilla
    800lb Gorilla 9 months ago

    Anyone still have "concerns" over the Presidents' health? He has more energy now than during the campaign.

    ILOVENJ00 9 months ago

    If you look at Trump’s videos from the ‘80s and ‘90s he had the same views on economy, taxes, foreign policy and immigration back then which he talks about today. The only politician who hasn’t flip-flopped and stayed true to his beliefs for three decades. MAGA 2020 baby!

  • Bota Bing
    Bota Bing 9 months ago

    WE LOVE our FANTASTIC president! God Bless President Trump

  • Doc Green
    Doc Green 9 months ago

    Hitler MF

  • 800lb Gorilla
    800lb Gorilla 9 months ago

    You'll never believe it, but I just found *new evidence* of the systemic *racism* that is plaguing the United States while *Donald Trump* is in office!!!

  • Doc Green
    Doc Green 9 months ago


  • Dan Floros
    Dan Floros 9 months ago

    Make America great again? Really? 5% of worlds population, 50% of household guns. 5% of worlds population, 65% worlds depression medication. 5% of worlds population, ranks 30th in education globally. 5% of worlds population, 60 million in poverty. 5% of worlds population, leading the world in chronic disease and obesity. 5% of worlds population, 35% of energy resources used by global resources....and the list goes on. Yep, Make America Great Again... and the diception of the people accelerates through Trump. Brace yourselves, the horror is on its way.

  • Greg Johnson
    Greg Johnson 9 months ago

    He has absolutely NO CLASS!

  • D Nice
    D Nice 9 months ago

    Fuck this Hitler Trump and his Nadsi Supporters.

  • Round Robin
    Round Robin 9 months ago

    These rally speeches show us how pompous and nauseating this guy is. Shades of Benito Mussolini!!

  • Brad Jackson
    Brad Jackson 9 months ago +2

    I'm just thankful that DJT is representing me. Thank you President Trump!

  • punkavenger1
    punkavenger1 9 months ago


  • Yousef Najdawi
    Yousef Najdawi 9 months ago

    trump trump trump

  • nancy droll
    nancy droll 9 months ago

    Hey, is he still Campaigning?

  • treeoflife
    treeoflife 9 months ago

    HAPPY to see how the FAKE news and propaganda about "child separation by
    Trump" will only BACKFIRE in a BIG way on the LEFT in Hollywood / Music
    industries, in Media organizations like CNN fake news network and NYT,
    on leftist politicians (mostly Democrats but also some republicans) who
    will loose in elections now that they are exposed as haters, hypocrites
    and liars. Their uncontrollable Hatred of Trump is a natural way of
    causing them to drain themselves out. It causes them to do stupid things
    like digging their own graves faster.
    In the last days, people don't care about commandments like " Do not
    spread false rumours against thy neighbours." Today, people spread false
    rumours on mass media publicly for political reasons without feeling
    any shame.

  • J. Lee
    J. Lee 9 months ago

    I'm already starting to worry what will happen to us when we don't have this great man in office. We love you President Trump!

  • Joe Weis
    Joe Weis 9 months ago


  • Clarence Tams
    Clarence Tams 9 months ago

    That's all very beautiful big beautiful and Trump's words. But he's got an issue with the Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau and so do I and I am a Canadian. Sew-in is real estate mindset he tweeted off that Canadians are going to pay but he needs to understand something Canadians and Americans along the 49th parallel to a hell of a lot of business. And then the process of putting Justin Trudeau who I think is nothing more than a Drama teacher a dance teacher should never been prime minister of Canada but we got Eastern Canada and then Atlantic Canada that think he is the greatest Trudeau is going to oppose Trump and they're going to think Trudeau is a tough guy. And in the end they're going to both this little s*** head back in for another 4 years and drive my country down in the ground while your country goes up but I don't think it's going to go that fast because the 49th parallel has a whole lot of trade between us and Trump I mean come on think about it there was a mall built in Bellingham Washington for Canadians alone don't s*** on Canadians mr. Trump because that might be the downfall of 2020 think about it

  • SheridanJazz
    SheridanJazz 9 months ago

    It doesn't get any better than this, and it never gets old. MAGA!!!!!!!

  • Cameron Ritter
    Cameron Ritter 9 months ago

    We need good roads without pot holes

  • keepitsimplestupid
    keepitsimplestupid 9 months ago +1

    President Trump should where a wireless mic and walk through the crowd. The camera's would have to follow, the Trump train. Choo choooooo

  • Mystdragon !
    Mystdragon ! 9 months ago

    In the old days. Our allies mocked us and enemies no longer feared us. Not anymore!!!

  • pcrazy2
    pcrazy2 9 months ago


  • Mark Erskine
    Mark Erskine 9 months ago

    Hello COMMON SENSE people!!! It's about time we have a President that understands they have to stand behind the working class people ( tax paying Citizens!!!) The Citizens pay the government officials!! They work for you and me!! I'm sick of hearing the MSM/DEMOCRATS FIGHT FOR THOSE WHO DON'T care about us!!! #WWG1WGA!!! #MAGA!!!!

  • Jamal Jackson
    Jamal Jackson 9 months ago

    Suck it CNN!

  • KnightInShiningASMR
    KnightInShiningASMR 9 months ago +1


  • KnightInShiningASMR
    KnightInShiningASMR 9 months ago

    "CNN SUCKS!!"

  • Loyal to Liberty!
    Loyal to Liberty! 9 months ago

    God Bless Our Republic and our President Trump! KEEP AMERICA GREAT 2020!!!

  • Clark Drew
    Clark Drew 9 months ago

    168 people are fake

  • Douglas Steele
    Douglas Steele 9 months ago

    whats so amazing about this speech? just another opportunity for trump to tell lies or greatly-( and i mean greatly) exaggerate what he has accomplished. nothing special about this speech. nothing at all. impeach this lying asshole of a president and MAPA-Make America Proud Again!!!

  • Rise Above
    Rise Above 9 months ago +1


  • Joy Ruggerio
    Joy Ruggerio 9 months ago +1

    34:12 - Q Hand Signal -...

    • Mystdragon !
      Mystdragon ! 9 months ago +1

      Joy Ruggerio Yes he did. 😁😎

  • Non Sense
    Non Sense 9 months ago

    Drumpfs kindergarten class he speaks their language

  • June Hitchcock
    June Hitchcock 9 months ago +1

    I wish the Democrats cared as much for our hungry American children with their “title one schools”, not a single book in their homes and then they ca ‘t get jobs and we wonder why they end up in jail. TheDemocrats turn a blind eye to them but want “everything” for the immigrants. Charity begins at home

  • June Hitchcock
    June Hitchcock 9 months ago

    At last we have a President who truly is “”Making America Great Again”. He has made gains where we were told it couldn’t happen.. Thank you Mr. President for helping thousands of Americans having jobs so they can support their families. America is finally back on track.

  • Lloyd Christmas
    Lloyd Christmas 9 months ago

    TRUMP 2020!!!

  • Mary Kränsel
    Mary Kränsel 9 months ago

    @26:50 'Good-bye, darling...' 😆

  • Guess who?
    Guess who? 9 months ago +2


  • Gwendolyn Yates
    Gwendolyn Yates 9 months ago

    President Trump is a wonderful amazing good hearted person. He's so brave and loving. God bless him and his family. I definitely will vote for him in 2020.I will always be on the Trump train, Go MAGA! Love ICE! Lots of love to you great beautiful President Trump. Stay strong true blooded born American brothers and sisters!😉😁RRed White and Blue Power,💪AMERICA! USA USA!👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👌✌and love💝

  • C A
    C A 9 months ago

    People who write negative comments about your great President, have got to be anti American , because all the hard work he does is for the American people.

  • Nahla Parker
    Nahla Parker 9 months ago

    Amazing this has never happened before ...having the congressional leaders for the state at this rally is historical but should always happen...putting all the congressional leaders on the front lines instead of Washington.

  • Palamirtam Marimuthu
    Palamirtam Marimuthu 9 months ago

    Trump is indeed a good man of action!😌By the way, the Singapore government paid 20million dollars for this denuclearization peace summit!2018!

  • Nick Alpha
    Nick Alpha 9 months ago +1

    Excellent speech and I am not even american...

  • Alain Horner
    Alain Horner 9 months ago

    My President Trump. I must insist that you decease the politically correct rhetoric! In proper grammar, it is correct to name an individuals birth place first and then the country they now reside. Example; It is not proper to say "African American"...NO!!! The proper term is; An American, with African decent"! Besides, there are more than fifty countries in Africa!!! AFRICA IS A CONTINANT NOT A STATE!!!! It is not proper to say "Hispanic Americans"....NO!!! The proper term is to say; "Americans, with Spanish and indigenous decent"!!!! Anyone who is born in America is, in fact, a "Native American"!!! So. The politically correct individuals you call "Native Americans" are actually "INDIGENOUS PEOPLES"!!! Do not fall into the political obsess. Be the man we all hope that you are and start dismantling the "political correctness", right here, right now!!!! Thank you Mr. President!!!!

  • Verna Fernandez
    Verna Fernandez 9 months ago


  • Alive
    Alive 9 months ago

    34:45 rescind forest restore mineral exploration didn't get a lot of applause and he said maybe we won't do it at all if it doesn't pass muster.

  • Olympia Zampathas
    Olympia Zampathas 9 months ago

    Best President EVER! Good job!

  • Monica Lian
    Monica Lian 9 months ago +1

    May God's divine & spiritual blessings, graces, virtues of good health, love, peace, happiness and prosperity, be upon President Donald Trump and family, America & all her allies, always and forevermore. AMEN. ❤❤✝🙏❤❤✝🙏❤❤
    I have been praying for him one month before his inauguration, when I received Jesus in the Eucharistic to ask me to pray for him. I am still praying for him every day and night that God will bless, guide, protect and keep him safe always, so that he will negotiate a peace deal and bring the world to victory of absolute peace. (Like he did with North Korea) and that was an amazing, beautiful fruitful, progressive, respectable, responsible and successful summit in Singapore. Therefore, an eventual PEACE that the world saw was gratifying good. How great was President Donald Trump for taking an effort, time, considerations and seize the favourable opportunity with NK leader, Kim Jong Un. How great is our God, who manifest and ministered the wisdom and love to President Donald Trump and NK leader to meet, transform and make a successful deal of PEACE. And Praises be to God, Allelulia, Allelulia, Amen ❤❤✝🙏❤❤✝🙏❤❤
    I wish I am an American, President Donald Trump who, may not be perfect like the Saint, but he does respects the "rule of law" and denounced corruption, discrimination, money laundering, fraudulent activities, injustices, racism, prejudices, so on and so forth. He is the most capable, compassionate, competent, diligent, hospitable, patient, reliable, respectable, responsible, tolerant and understanding person, who does so much for the American people. He is bold, brazen, loud mouthed, persevered and fight for all Americans. He is the classic gentleman, an essence, a gem, principled in characteristics, credibility and personality. President Donald Trump is the light that God, who had appointed for America and the world.
    Our country just recently won the May ,9th elections, over the corrupted 61-year democratic ruling of BN (Barisan Nasional), with their massive (politicians concealed their murdered victims) scandals, money laundering, bribery, gerrymandering, deceitful dirty tactics, fraudulent activities, felony and many others. Our present PH (Paktan Harapan) leaders re-enact the "rule of law" and the people denounced corruption and BN government conspiracy, propaganda and fake news. Our people now can see the fruits In progression. Thanks God. ❤❤✝🙏❤❤✝🙏❤❤
    I have seen & believed, President Donald Trump, who had fortified the Constitution and abide faithfully by the "rules of laws" and put America first was an epitome of a good leader. "Never give up" an attitude, he possess, a credible fighter for reciprocal trade, a winnable, likable, charismatic, understanding leader, who championed the rights for all, who, he thinks should give a fair, balanced reciprocal dues. He loves God, his Bible, that's why it's the most beautiful thing he kept in his heart. He also loves his country, his people and very proud to achieve the best for America and the American people. And God generously sends Heavenly, Angels, Guardian Angels and Earthly Angels, good messengers, to guide, protect and watch over him, his family, his world allies, associates, his people and America. God LOVES him and has good, great, wonderful plans for him, America, his people and all over the world. ❤❤✝🙏❤❤✝🙏❤❤

  • Republican Apocolypse 2020

    Trump is for all Americans, that's why the wealthy champagne communists at the top hate him. They like separation of class and chronic victims.

  • Irma Herrera
    Irma Herrera 9 months ago

    Duluth vote for Trump in 2020, you have to match to duluth if you don't :)

  • Jeannie Garcia
    Jeannie Garcia 9 months ago

    I love listening to these speeches! Always makes me so happy to remember that HRC is not our President! We dodged a bullet. Literally.

  • Miguel Vazquez
    Miguel Vazquez 9 months ago

    First time in a long time, actually backs up his talk with action.

  • Republican Apocolypse 2020

    President Trump, thanks for saving the U.S. from the diabolically evil DNC murderers and traitors, they are some sick fucks. *MAGA 2020*

  • conservatorcivilus
    conservatorcivilus 9 months ago

    The CHOICE IS CLEAR: Vote for TRUMP and supportive Republicans or your CHILDREN will lose their country to CRIMINALS like Hillary and Obama! SEE HOW EASY this is when you DON'T have a SELLOUT in the OVAL OFFICE???
    The Trump Presidency GIVES HOPE for the FUTURE. Get married and have a Family!

  • Marian Dycus
    Marian Dycus 9 months ago

    Thank you our God Almight El Shadii,you have heard our pleas in prayer and you have blessed and stayed our judgement via your President Donald appointment.Thank you Heavenly Father for blessing veterans,American citizen patriots and issueing wisdom strength and support to do your will for more time to stand and do good in Jesus name i pray amen.

  • eddie julian
    eddie julian 9 months ago

    Would somebody please send this video to Ben Shapiro so he will stop calling President Trump a liar about his crowd sizes? I like Ben but don't understand his underhanded attacks against President Trump even when he is complimenting him.He's always like (Yeah Trump always lies about his crowd sizes but you do have to credit him for the NK deal), hahaha. Come on Ben, get with the program.

  • Brenda L Doucet
    Brenda L Doucet 9 months ago

    Trump, you said you couldn't do anything about the separation of children from their parents!! Since March this has been going on and you blamed the Democrats. You lying piece of shit. The order signed by Trump came after his administration faced outrage both across the country and around the world over its enforcement of a "zero tolerance" policy over unlawful border crossings. Your own people were outraged as well was Canada and many throughout the world. You said you couldn't do anything!! You couldn't stand it but you couldn't stop it. Suddenly, you stopped it and praised yourself saying that YOU stopped this. Your a lying, dishonest, narcissistic, full of shit, devil. Public demand made this happen NOT YOU TRUMP. The American People demanded as well as many around the world. Your a heartless bastard. Why did you keep saying you couldn't do anything? I guess it shows how powerful the public is compared to you. You had to cave in. Now there is no separation but guess what, no thanks to you! Thanks to the millions who wouldn't back down and forced you to make this change. Funny, you told us at least 14 times there was nothing you could do. You wanted everyone to believe you but it wasn't true. You could have done stopped this a lot earlier but you are too proud. What Trump says, Trump gets. LOL Now that this is one step closer, go focus on your Space Force Now.

  • Ben T
    Ben T 9 months ago

    US children killed by illegal aliens: 🤷🏼‍♂️
    Mexican families separated: 🤬🤬🤬🤬🤬🤬🤬🤬🤬🤬🤬🤬🤬🤬🤬🤬🤬🤬

  • Copainization
    Copainization 9 months ago

    Your auntie Rodriquez is a 2 time felon. Hard for me to explain how criminal is your Mexican government. Now you will be taken care of before your immédiat return to Central America girl. 17:48 / 59:13

  • Chad Stone
    Chad Stone 9 months ago +1