Back To School Expectations Vs Reality

  • Published on Sep 8, 2019
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  • Johnny Carey
    Johnny Carey  Month ago +581

    Getting a lot of comments (not bad ones) about me using a reference ‘Timothy Green’ from loveliveserves videos? Just to let you all know this is pure coincidence & chance no joke!🤣 woke up this morning so confused LOL I’ve been using the ‘Timothy’ character for over a year now go check haha, and BY CHANCE he needed a second name in this skit so I randomly called him green🤣 u know I wouldn’t copy a character I have enough already, that ain’t me🤷‍♂️ I didn’t even know LLS had a character called that haha, just clearing that up, but love for the support on this one it’s mad🙏❤️

  • J1 2Sav
    J1 2Sav 19 hours ago

    I’m going to year 7 next year

  • Mark Beets
    Mark Beets Day ago

    The phone

  • Archiejames King
    Archiejames King 2 days ago

    Were do you live

  • R219
    R219 2 days ago

    Fkn hell Johnny maddd funny 🤣

  • Kaden -x-x-x
    Kaden -x-x-x 2 days ago

    Stop putting Tshirts on. Your head and pretending that your a girl

  • ツCarlos
    ツCarlos 6 days ago

    We did not smash 35k bc the other vid was better

  • superyoshiandrew
    superyoshiandrew 6 days ago

    There’s people in my school who I think are racist because when a black person joined he didn’t get attention but a white person joined he was really popular

  • Rafsan Dam
    Rafsan Dam 8 days ago

    The last one sooo me

  • itsmike
    itsmike 8 days ago

    Not to get isolation in my first 3 weeks of high school

  • Dean Dronfield
    Dean Dronfield 9 days ago

    Yo why u

  • Ethan Preston
    Ethan Preston 10 days ago +3

    Fully thought when he did the new girl that he was gonna use Olivia

  • Luka Devos
    Luka Devos 10 days ago

    A real legend

  • Me The person
    Me The person 11 days ago

    the summer hw tho.... ffs it is fucking torture smh it shouldn't exist

  • Liam Bradley
    Liam Bradley 11 days ago

    On my first week I did test papers

  • Nick g
    Nick g 12 days ago

    Saw the Timothy green reference

    ALFIEZ GAMING YT 12 days ago +1

    Teacher: threatens you like in the vid
    Me: you do that ,then you'll lose your job

  • Clutch Fn
    Clutch Fn 14 days ago

    16:54 i have that exact same monitor my G

  • Venus Boy593
    Venus Boy593 15 days ago


  • James Doyle
    James Doyle 15 days ago

    Since when were yr7s proper roadman . I’m in yr 11 and when I was in yr 8 the year 7 were roadman and now I’m in year 11 and there’s only 1 roadman yr7 , most are neeks

  • Serena Baxter
    Serena Baxter 16 days ago

    I hate school

  • zorawar Singh
    zorawar Singh 18 days ago


  • 5N1P3 G0D
    5N1P3 G0D 18 days ago +1

    should do a christmas expectations vs reality

  • ion whooked
    ion whooked 19 days ago

    2:21 u got this spot on fr

  • Diamond Gamers
    Diamond Gamers 19 days ago

    Teacher:right class you have 60 minute to complete the test
    ELISA:what planet do we live on 🤔 come on you know this o yeah it LONDON

  • Oliver Phillips
    Oliver Phillips 19 days ago

    He stole Timothy green from love live serve

  • megmee
    megmee 20 days ago

    At the start when i saw the light in the microwave i was dying

  • Robin Guttenberger
    Robin Guttenberger 20 days ago

    Timothy green is also the name of the nerdy kid on love live serves channel seems fishy 😂😂

  • : D
    : D 20 days ago

    I might just be really lucky but for me these EXPECTATIONS are REALITY

  • Cory Parker
    Cory Parker 20 days ago

    i had a fit new girl when i joined year 8

  • R2_Clutch
    R2_Clutch 21 day ago

    Why do you use you and a shirt over ur head why not that girl in the thumb nail 😂

  • Bounty Hunter
    Bounty Hunter 22 days ago

    10:45 I would actually punch that guy in face fr if there was someone like that in my class

  • Polvxrizer
    Polvxrizer 23 days ago +1

    Timothy green is from love live serve

  • Itz Scopxz
    Itz Scopxz 24 days ago


  • Finley Cooper
    Finley Cooper 25 days ago

    Anyone else recognise 13:41 from top boy? ;)

  • BlueNinja Gaming
    BlueNinja Gaming 25 days ago

    15:15 why did they laugh?

  • The Crypted Lemon
    The Crypted Lemon 25 days ago

    There’s always s fucking nonce fam

  • Ella Bella
    Ella Bella 27 days ago

    Nice man

  • AlienBrain
    AlienBrain 27 days ago

    13:53 😂

    MARIE MOLLOY 27 days ago

    Lad in Ireland we get 3 months in secondary school

  • sadiya b
    sadiya b 27 days ago


  • Lyfewith Grace
    Lyfewith Grace 28 days ago

    I'm sorry but I don't know what kind of year 7's you have in your area but it's not like that... your acc moving mad

  • JamesW SaVv
    JamesW SaVv 28 days ago

    Roadman vids are da best trus

  • Cosmic 24
    Cosmic 24 29 days ago +1

    Timothy Green is from love live serve you copycat

  • Retro Sdj121
    Retro Sdj121 Month ago

    Types of nonces like so Johnny can see

  • rift69tfir 68
    rift69tfir 68 Month ago +1

    2:20 If it was a new school year the teacher wouldn't know the names of the people in the class no hate just saying.

  • Dom James Frost Music
    Dom James Frost Music Month ago +2

    Like so Johnny can see

  • Logan Morris
    Logan Morris Month ago


  • Connor K
    Connor K Month ago +1

    15:38 this is me

  • Nessa Mac
    Nessa Mac Month ago

    Who else thought school would be good but instead I get beaten everyday people say school is good, it isn’t I ain’t hating on this vid but schools bad do a different expectation vs reality pls

  • Erin Clarke
    Erin Clarke Month ago

    well i was back at school for three das then someone set it on fire n it’s now getting knocked down so yano

  • Cerys Marchant
    Cerys Marchant Month ago

    6:57 LOL

  • Davo
    Davo Month ago

    Bruhhhhhh you only get 6 weeks holidays when your in school?? We get 12 weeks. And you get homework!!! What the...

  • Luke Portelli
    Luke Portelli Month ago +1

    R u an Eshay Johnny>

  • olen olen
    olen olen Month ago

    _Finland Vaskivesi Virrat_
    _me in the morning just sleeping_
    *me* _no voi saatana_ = goddamit

  • Adam Rowe
    Adam Rowe Month ago +2

    Jonny be like " we've all had that boy... or.. or girl"😂

    HB A5CENT Month ago

    18:08 hope you enjoyed doing that Johnny xd

    HB A5CENT Month ago

    Roses are red Johnny is blue I like the nonce hope you do to

  • LameGamer 211
    LameGamer 211 Month ago

    Why are there dents in your fridge

  • CaptainCowboi
    CaptainCowboi Month ago

    These days Year sevens are like proper chav