7 Recipes To Help Keep Your Resolution • Tasty


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  • Kaiting Teo
    Kaiting Teo 8 days ago

    At 06:38, I wondered how the cactus was going into the recipe.

  • Flottes Bienchen
    Flottes Bienchen 13 days ago

    really super good only missing at the C. rolls and the sauce the quantities

  • Talya Johnson
    Talya Johnson 14 days ago +1

    That cauliflower looks like real chicken

  • Kacey Michaylo
    Kacey Michaylo 15 days ago

    If you think any of these recipes are healthy, I've a bridge to sell you.

  • Mammalia Carnivora
    Mammalia Carnivora 15 days ago

    what resolution are these for? to eat normally?

  • Nancy Morales
    Nancy Morales 15 days ago

    Overwhelming!I think I hate cooking even more!😪 but looks delicious!!

  • Nate Anunciacion
    Nate Anunciacion 15 days ago

    Just one question:

    What resolution are you talking about? What if my resolution is to eat less healthy

  • Danielle Lite
    Danielle Lite 15 days ago

    Best cooking channrl ever!

  • Misba Afroz
    Misba Afroz 15 days ago +1

    These recipies are secretly breaking resolution 😂😂

  • Angelina Dsouza
    Angelina Dsouza 16 days ago

    Love the cauliflower

  • Sharmin Chowdhury
    Sharmin Chowdhury 16 days ago

    Always be here for fantastic

  • RoseClark
    RoseClark 16 days ago

    where are the measurements?

  • qwerty qwerty
    qwerty qwerty 16 days ago

    jokes on you my resolution is to don't eat meat and draw more

  • k k
    k k 17 days ago

    frosted cinnamon roll

  • k k
    k k 17 days ago

    make a big cinnamon roll

  • C for Chi
    C for Chi 17 days ago +1

    Hahha,number 2 🤔😀

  • xXAbsXx
    xXAbsXx 17 days ago

    ... Fortnite ....

  • mehak oberoi
    mehak oberoi 17 days ago


  • Budur Rashrash
    Budur Rashrash 17 days ago

    I think that u guys should make how to make the perfect blueberry muffin

  • Paradox Overseer
    Paradox Overseer 17 days ago

    Make a giant taco

  • Sean Sullivan
    Sean Sullivan 17 days ago

    Wait isn’t tasty buzz feeds cooking channel

  • Aaron Brennan
    Aaron Brennan 17 days ago

    Wheres Alvin?

  • Murdcows
    Murdcows 17 days ago

    Can you make a MEGA KEBAB??

  • Jadden
    Jadden 17 days ago +1

    I must try all of these even though I don’t have a resolution..

  • JJ Sketch Time
    JJ Sketch Time 17 days ago +2

    Wish you made this video a month ago lol... *What has my life come to*

  • Raphael. 9v
    Raphael. 9v 17 days ago

    Pls make a giant lasagna vid!

  • Paulina Lobato
    Paulina Lobato 17 days ago

    Tasty, show us how to make some jiajiamein!

  • Allie Mikalatos
    Allie Mikalatos 17 days ago

    A little late, tasty 😂

  • Matthew Fike
    Matthew Fike 17 days ago

    My resolution was to get my wife back how will this help

  • klariios _
    klariios _ 17 days ago

    I kinda want to see how you guys would take on rice pudding.

  • Finn the Ace
    Finn the Ace 17 days ago

    Excuse me but ummmm just because you use almond milk instead of normal milk or cream and maple syrup instead of refined sugar does not make it healthy

  • TheRealGunter01
    TheRealGunter01 17 days ago

    Who else gets super hungry after watching them

  • Gerardo Flores
    Gerardo Flores 17 days ago

    Can you make me a giant buritto

  • It's B
    It's B 17 days ago


  • Ile Ile
    Ile Ile 17 days ago

    None of these are healthy and good for your "resoultion",just because you make it with vegetables but put a lot of cheese on it doesnt make it healthy

  • Aniqua Younger
    Aniqua Younger 17 days ago

    Do a "Would you rather" chef edition!!

  • No Memes
    No Memes 17 days ago

    Do a big mozzarella stick

  • Bianca Reti
    Bianca Reti 17 days ago

    Can you please make ancient china cotton candy

  • Darren Chan
    Darren Chan 17 days ago

    But my resolution is to gain weight

  • Molly Gerson
    Molly Gerson 17 days ago

    Cinnamon Rolls had me thinking the video switched on me & I didn't notice, have me thinking I'm going crazy Tasty 😜

  • Jacob Hudson
    Jacob Hudson 17 days ago

    Can you make me a burger too.

  • Ayesha Qureshi
    Ayesha Qureshi 17 days ago

    What the point of skim milk when all you did is concentrate the milk and add cheese. Just use whole milk less and concentrate that and add less cheese... skim milk had less fat but use more skim milk and concentrating it is same as using whole milk...

  • Sqaure Giuliani
    Sqaure Giuliani 17 days ago

    Who just watches the videos bc ur bored and know u can’t cook these

  • Golden Features
    Golden Features 17 days ago

    Are those cannabis foods😂😂

  • Christina Couture
    Christina Couture 18 days ago +3


  • Cornbread Millionaire
    Cornbread Millionaire 18 days ago

    Happy Friday!! Never give up on your goals. If you've messed up already, try again. Winners never, ever quit! You're invited to subscribe to my channel. Silent recipe videos. Will include inspirational videos soon!

  • Bella Boo's Lunches
    Bella Boo's Lunches 18 days ago

    Yum! These look good! 💕

  • Sanjoy Chanda
    Sanjoy Chanda 18 days ago

    Where can I get the music? It's wonderful

    ADITI 18 days ago

    I thought cheese was junk...

  • Marie Mehlfeldt
    Marie Mehlfeldt 18 days ago

    Yeah but what was your new year's resolution? Make lots of recipes that seem healthy because of broccoli or shit but actually contain way too much sarurated fat and salt?

  • Neha S
    Neha S 18 days ago

    Never bake a recipe with flour coating. Flour almost all the time stays uncooked and it sucks 🤢

  • Posie Rantires
    Posie Rantires 18 days ago


  • Victoria B
    Victoria B 18 days ago

    I’m seeing a lot of white flour, cheese/dairy, sodium, and bread/breading...
    Works only if your New Years resolution was to do more cooking, hope the assumption made isn’t for weight loss resolutions....

  • Maryam Arshad
    Maryam Arshad 18 days ago

    Have yall seen Rie since she said it was her last video ? I am kinda scared now

  • The Caffeinated Owl
    The Caffeinated Owl 18 days ago

    Tasty knows there are more seasonings than just salt and pepper right?

  • AireenV 02
    AireenV 02 18 days ago

    Knows they'll never make, watches anyway

  • Essem Sween
    Essem Sween 18 days ago

    Again includes a lot of repeats. You certainly got your money's worth out of the Courgette (Zucchini) Fries video segment. Between this channel & goodful you must have rehashed it 20 times! The Cinnamon Roll adaptation looks interesting though.

    SIMPLE 18 days ago +1

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  • moo
    moo 18 days ago

    Tasty logic:
    Throwing a ton of cheese in everything and calling it healthy

  • chrinz _everything
    chrinz _everything 18 days ago

    Oh men thats so very instagramable

  • Eric Kennedy
    Eric Kennedy 18 days ago

    The thing I hate about tasty videos is that they *never* get a good sear on their meat. Like they just add some cubed chicken to a cold nonstick skillet and call it a day.

  • Roman Trott
    Roman Trott 18 days ago

    make a giant sushi rol

  • peachmay
    peachmay 18 days ago

    Too much work. Can you make video on healthy stuff but that requires minimum time and affordable groceries? I am a student, so I don’t buy cream cheese, meat, big variety of veggies and that sort of stuff on the regular basis. As well as don’t have that amount of dishes.

  • Poonam smart kitchen
    Poonam smart kitchen 18 days ago

    Very nice 👌

  • Gabby
    Gabby 18 days ago

    Where were you 2 weeks ago? I already failed

  • Hưng Duy
    Hưng Duy 18 days ago +1

    Tôi từng ước mơ làm đầu bếp

  • Hưng Duy
    Hưng Duy 18 days ago +1

    Ước gì có đủ dụng cụ

  • Hưng Duy
    Hưng Duy 18 days ago +1

    Mà k đủ dụng cụ để làm

  • Hưng Duy
    Hưng Duy 18 days ago +2

    Ngon quá

  • Hada M.
    Hada M. 18 days ago

    Which resolution? Getting fat? 😂 Everything is cheese and flour

  • Space Lasagna
    Space Lasagna 18 days ago

    New Years resolution fails has left the chat.

  • minniwashere
    minniwashere 18 days ago

    This is 30 days too late

  • Peace2015
    Peace2015 18 days ago

    For the first recipe does the cauliflower cook for 20 minutes or 40 minutes?

  • Xharmer Noob
    Xharmer Noob 18 days ago

    My resolution was to eat bad

  • Apeksha Shetty
    Apeksha Shetty 18 days ago

    Tasty can mix stone with some spice and bake it , it will still look pretty delicious

  • just a parrot
    just a parrot 18 days ago +3

    My new year resolution is to eat more cause im skinny af

  • Diana Dickerson
    Diana Dickerson 18 days ago

    Love this!!!

  • Crystal Downs
    Crystal Downs 18 days ago

    I'm definitely making those CINNAMON ROLLS. It'll cut out the butter/fat - calm my sweet tooth. TY Tasty!

  • Anastasiya Putnina
    Anastasiya Putnina 18 days ago +1

    7 recipes to help keep your resolution this year

    I think most of us failed before this video came out

  • RedRock3t82
    RedRock3t82 18 days ago

    Resolutions are for failures.

  • Tyler Sanchez
    Tyler Sanchez 18 days ago

    You Guys Should Team Up With Matt Stonie!

  • John Doe
    John Doe 18 days ago

    Cinnamon rolls are healthy?! Wow, who knew?

  • ted cruz wants your kidneys

    you lost me at cauliflower

  • CF Hindle
    CF Hindle 18 days ago

    >a fuck ton of cheese
    Tasty u sure you know what healthy is? 😂

    • hello i am
      hello i am 18 days ago

      Its called olive oil.
      Carbs are benificial to keep up the sugar level in your flood.
      Natural sugars help the body process better and add energy to kepe you up through the day
      Cheese contains calcium and many other nutrients that help you beckme stronger physically and

  • Mackenzie Swansiger
    Mackenzie Swansiger 18 days ago

    Can I please have a giant cheesecake because it is my sisters birthday on February 14 so I wanted to surprise her

  • Emelynen Castel
    Emelynen Castel 18 days ago

    I love this! Can there be a part two please?

  • DJM GAMING the good stuff

    id ask you to make a giant burrito for me but im only 9 am i too young?

  • Bri Ght
    Bri Ght 18 days ago +1

    For the love of god please make more videos like thissss pleassseeeee

  • hidan
    hidan 18 days ago


  • Hermione Granger
    Hermione Granger 18 days ago

    Lol I see cinnamon rolls...

  • Just Cook!
    Just Cook! 18 days ago

    Wow amazing! 😍😋😋😋😋😋 yummy

  • Jose Reyes
    Jose Reyes 18 days ago

    *sits in front of the screen eating an entire can of Pringles and a bag of Sour Patch Kids*

  • Awesome Sauce
    Awesome Sauce 18 days ago

    We already broke 'em.

  • Save the Flowers
    Save the Flowers 18 days ago

    I think that they should stop recycling videos

  • Santy Idrovo
    Santy Idrovo 18 days ago

    Make a giant taco

  • Professor EDM
    Professor EDM 18 days ago

    That fried zucchini tho!!👀👀

  • Micheal Rows
    Micheal Rows 18 days ago +1

    *Resolution number 1* ... *no cauliflower!!*

  • TurtleBarf 666
    TurtleBarf 666 18 days ago

    Isn’t it a little late?