Honor 20 & 20 Pro Unboxing - QUAD Camera BEAST.

  • Published on May 21, 2019
  • Unboxing the quad-camera Honor 20 Pro and Honor 20 - the company's flagship smartphones for 2019, and the triple-camera Honor 20 Lite too!
    Find out more here: www.hihonor.com/ukproduct/10044921575729.html
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Comments • 1 738

  • Bruno_toxic
    Bruno_toxic 9 days ago

    No oled is a deal breaker for me

  • Chivo
    Chivo 13 days ago

    These chinese companies are no longer competing with Samsung and Apple. They are competing with each other.

  • Jishnu Roy
    Jishnu Roy 16 days ago

    Honor is going to change the phone industries.

  • Naseema Majeed
    Naseema Majeed 17 days ago

    What is it with all this Android ban crap? It's over, you can buy these devices and get Android now

  • abdul haseeb
    abdul haseeb 26 days ago

    Aren ( sorry if I didn't spell your name right) I really want to buy this phone. I am an x samsung s8+ user. I want to know does it have a good front facing camera while making video calls on whatsapp or google duo like iphone 8 or above SPECIALLY IN LOW LIGHT ( LIKE INDOOR) . Also does it have a dedicated night mode like samsung ONE UI ?

  • yeeted just got yeeted

    can u please give me the phone code u can find it in setting then go u app gallery please

  • danel alejandro duran ponce

    where you bought it?

  • SureWolf
    SureWolf Month ago

    So how can I get this phone if I'm the US ? will I be able to make phone calls and stuff ? lol

  • Danie Danial
    Danie Danial Month ago

    Hi.. Does honor 20 pro support huawei nano memory card?

  • Swiftz FN
    Swiftz FN Month ago

    hi on the phone there is a fortnite code can i please use it i am a subscriber and watch all ur vids and like them so please can i ahve the fortnite wonder skin ode thanl you so much

  • Baby Baobei
    Baby Baobei Month ago

    If its 6.26 inches isn't it rather..... Small... Than the average 6.4 inches phones we usually see nowadays

  • Blue Sky
    Blue Sky Month ago

    Not a water proof phone it's not worth the money

  • Arnab Chatterjee
    Arnab Chatterjee Month ago

    I think your voice really as smooth as single malt scotch whiskey. Helps me calm down.

  • Rakan AlSalat
    Rakan AlSalat Month ago +1

    how fast is the charger ? sorry if you already mentioned that .. i

  • بنت حلال G
    بنت حلال G Month ago

    IR blaster in honor20???

  • Mbahotu Emmanuel
    Mbahotu Emmanuel Month ago

    I need an answer. Is the pro worth the extra money? Or should just get the Honor 20?

  • Ghilas Khelaf
    Ghilas Khelaf Month ago

    Can you give the serials numbers pls !!

  • lord Horus
    lord Horus Month ago

    What do yo do with all the phones u get??

  • Clifton Honaker
    Clifton Honaker 2 months ago

    Honor, Huawei, Oneplus, Xiaomi, and Samsung continues to innovate. While Apple continues to make the same phone! Smh

  • Chengiz G
    Chengiz G 2 months ago

    Trump is jealous is the reason he ban huawei..

  • My Gaming Studios
    My Gaming Studios 2 months ago

    Honor took a page from samsung A7 fetures

  • 10 Subscribers Without Any Video Challenge

    Goggle: We're banning huawei from using our os.

    *Huawei just thinks about making their own os*
    Google: Chinese don't get English humor, do they?😅

  • Channel
    Channel 2 months ago

    Oh your next phone costs 50k? Ok lemme just partner up with you and test it...

  • Gg_launtis _67-The Golden Slime

    Those hand gestures at the start reminded me of that video that plays before the main menu on ratatouille...

  • Mexican loco
    Mexican loco 2 months ago

    There is a code in the phone for a skin call wonder skin and I was wondering if I could get it because I really want it but the phone is too much just to get a skin but I really would appreciate it if u could send me the code thru email or sum

  • Roky Ahmed
    Roky Ahmed 2 months ago

    4:31 which game??

  • NoMercy
    NoMercy 2 months ago

    damn honor i love it i dont like amoled panels because it has a touch issue i play pubg definitely gonna go for this or zenfone 6

    • EstP
      EstP Month ago

      @NoMercy no friend! I just wanted to ask if you could give me the fortnite skin that comes with your phone since it would be a great joy for me! Thank you!

    • NoMercy
      NoMercy Month ago

      @EstP bro if you go for honor 20 its only for playing moderate pubg and its mostly focus on camera for gaming not so good Pocofone is still better although this has no notch design is 9/10 but its gaming performance its not so good.

    • EstP
      EstP Month ago

      Hi bro!! Can you help me with your honor 20 please?? Thanks!!

  • Joshua Quidayan
    Joshua Quidayan 2 months ago

    Too bad it don’t work in the US

  • MakohSZN
    MakohSZN 2 months ago

    Can you help me get the wonder skin just started fortnite would be muchly appreciated

  • Callum Malseed
    Callum Malseed 2 months ago

    How can I get the honor 20 pro in Australia?

  • Aristide Torchia
    Aristide Torchia 2 months ago

    48 MP ultra clarity mode? I´m in.

  • janxe
    janxe 2 months ago

    Yo a free fortnite skin comes with this phone and if your not using it could I have the code for it please

  • seventer08
    seventer08 2 months ago

    anyone have any idea how to buy honor 20 / 20 pro in the us? thank you

  • Musti M.
    Musti M. 2 months ago

    Black or bleu witch is beuitifull? Thks

  • Rayan
    Rayan 2 months ago

    Now as the band is uplifted I can think of buying a Huawei. device

  • Sleiman Salemeh
    Sleiman Salemeh 2 months ago

    Does the lite gives u the wonder skin?

  • SynTipp
    SynTipp 2 months ago +1

    Hi the honer 20 has a fortnite skin promotion and I was wondering if I can get it from you I will give you my account to log in plz

  • Chapild YT
    Chapild YT 3 months ago

    Could u give me the wonder fortbite skin plz

  • mirallas G7
    mirallas G7 3 months ago


  • Cham JiaJun
    Cham JiaJun 3 months ago

    Bro, could you tell if the 150 pounds upgrade from 20 to 20 Pro worth for the price?

  • Peyton Howard
    Peyton Howard 3 months ago

    Does anyone know when the release date is?

  • EatingDonuts
    EatingDonuts 3 months ago

    so its a view 20 without a headphone jack and an ultrawide camera..ok

  • Kirk Sander Niere
    Kirk Sander Niere 3 months ago

    Can you suggest apps that supports ai cameras from Huawei and Honor phones?

  • Alkhemy Labz
    Alkhemy Labz 3 months ago

    is the IR blaster there in the PRO version?

  • link17 lets plays
    link17 lets plays 3 months ago

    Google : bans Huawei
    Huawei : now u gonna get it motherf*cker!
    *Replies with honor view 20*

  • link17 lets plays
    link17 lets plays 3 months ago

    Alright alright who still gives a shit about brands that are banned from android

  • Jim Milton
    Jim Milton 3 months ago

    MI9 is better

  • Irfan Syafi
    Irfan Syafi 3 months ago

    What game you played while using that honor 20?

  • olegkikin
    olegkikin 3 months ago

    Good review, but please clean your phones before filming. They are covered in dust and fingerprints.

  • ya00007
    ya00007 3 months ago

    Please advise if honar is worth getting regarding the non support from Google? What's the latest OS, pie? What's the situation with Huawei and Google/US government? Also does the honar 20 have a headphone jack?

  • Pavlos Pavlou
    Pavlos Pavlou 3 months ago

    Make a giveaway of Honor 20 & 20 Pro.

  • Zentaya Shawn
    Zentaya Shawn 3 months ago

    My p30 pro sold for only $545 😢

    • Zentaya Shawn
      Zentaya Shawn 3 months ago

      @ya00007 I'm living here in US...

    • ya00007
      ya00007 3 months ago

      Did you purchase it that cheap? Where from? Also Arn't you worried about the non support from Google?

  • Mark Gu Chen
    Mark Gu Chen 3 months ago

    There seem to be alot of confusion with the recent Trump ban, as a P30 pro owner, I did some research. A few key summaries:
    1. Android is open source so Huawei still have access to it, although without the Googlized variations (which with all of the Google tracking and ads, might not be a bad thing).
    2. Huawei intend to (and has the capability) to provide their own updates for Huawei devices.
    3. Google services such as maps and TheXvid are still supported on these phones. For future devices, even in the worse case that the ban is not lifted(they probably will given China might threaten a rare earth ban for US companies) , those services can still be accessed from the browser.
    4. This will create true competition for American tech behemoths and potentially really give consumers choices. Who knows, maybe trump did the industry a favour in the long run...

    CZARNYEU 3 months ago

    The colour of 20PRO is the best

  • Badrul Amin
    Badrul Amin 3 months ago +1

    I want a video test . Hm

  • Android gaming and tips

    What is the name of outro song

  • ItsMeSam
    ItsMeSam 3 months ago

    My Phone 399$
    *48mp + 5mp*
    *Ultra Night Mode*
    *Pop Up Camera*
    *6GB RAM*
    *Gaming Hyper Boost*

    SUBZEROUK 3 months ago

    What a shame huawei and honor are finished when they have made some of the most brilliant smartphones of 2018 and 2019. Now they cant use sd card expansion on their new devices. The usa has totally cut them off it will effect honor devices too because they are a sub brand of huawei. R.i.p huawei and honor!

      SUBZEROUK 3 months ago

      @Mark Gu Chen Thats what i'm saying they arent even allowed to use their own memory cards now they are totally banned!

    • Mark Gu Chen
      Mark Gu Chen 3 months ago

      @SUBZEROUK nano SD expansion card. 2018 Huawei phones do not have normal SD expansion cards.

      SUBZEROUK 3 months ago

      @Mark Gu Chen Huawei made the nano sd card but they didnt make the expansion sd card slot. So they cannot use sd now because they are banned!

    • Mark Gu Chen
      Mark Gu Chen 3 months ago

      @SUBZEROUK you are assuming Huawei didn't manufacture the card themselves, and that even if it's manufactured by someone else, it's an American company. Two big assumptions

      SUBZEROUK 3 months ago

      @Mark Gu Chen That sd chip is still made by who ever supplyed huawei with it. They cant even use their own memory card now they arent allowed!

  • Keon Mendoza
    Keon Mendoza 3 months ago

    What's with the golf balls

  • Dzole Dzo
    Dzole Dzo 3 months ago +1

    Sometimes you have to get rid of yourself to go.. hajde ljudi budite ljubazni