Honor 20 & 20 Pro Unboxing - QUAD Camera BEAST.

  • Published on May 21, 2019
  • Unboxing the quad-camera Honor 20 Pro and Honor 20 - the company's flagship smartphones for 2019, and the triple-camera Honor 20 Lite too!
    Find out more here: www.hihonor.com/ukproduct/10044921575729.html
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  • mirallas G7
    mirallas G7 21 hour ago


  • Cham JiaJun
    Cham JiaJun 2 days ago

    Bro, could you tell if the 150 pounds upgrade from 20 to 20 Pro worth for the price?

  • Peyton Howard
    Peyton Howard 2 days ago

    Does anyone know when the release date is?

  • EatingDonuts
    EatingDonuts 3 days ago

    so its a view 20 without a headphone jack and an ultrawide camera..ok

  • Kirk Sander Niere
    Kirk Sander Niere 5 days ago

    Can you suggest apps that supports ai cameras from Huawei and Honor phones?

  • Alkhemy Labz
    Alkhemy Labz 8 days ago

    is the IR blaster there in the PRO version?

  • N H
    N H 9 days ago

    Love seeing improvements like these, makes me more hyped about this year's pixel phone because it forces google to step their game up 👍

  • Ishaan aditiya Surjbalisingh

    Google : bans Huawei
    Huawei : now u gonna get it motherf*cker!
    *Replies with honor view 20*

  • Ishaan aditiya Surjbalisingh

    Alright alright who still gives a shit about brands that are banned from android

  • Sans Griffin
    Sans Griffin 15 days ago

    MI9 is better

  • Irfan Syafi
    Irfan Syafi 16 days ago

    What game you played while using that honor 20?

  • olegkikin
    olegkikin 18 days ago

    Good review, but please clean your phones before filming. They are covered in dust and fingerprints.

  • ya00007
    ya00007 18 days ago

    Please advise if honar is worth getting regarding the non support from Google? What's the latest OS, pie? What's the situation with Huawei and Google/US government? Also does the honar 20 have a headphone jack?

  • Pavlos Pavlou
    Pavlos Pavlou 19 days ago

    Make a giveaway of Honor 20 & 20 Pro.

  • Jeslyn Brine Smith
    Jeslyn Brine Smith 20 days ago

    My p30 pro sold for only $545 😢

    • Jeslyn Brine Smith
      Jeslyn Brine Smith 18 days ago

      @ya00007 I'm living here in US...

    • ya00007
      ya00007 18 days ago

      Did you purchase it that cheap? Where from? Also Arn't you worried about the non support from Google?

  • Mark Gu Chen
    Mark Gu Chen 20 days ago

    There seem to be alot of confusion with the recent Trump ban, as a P30 pro owner, I did some research. A few key summaries:
    1. Android is open source so Huawei still have access to it, although without the Googlized variations (which with all of the Google tracking and ads, might not be a bad thing).
    2. Huawei intend to (and has the capability) to provide their own updates for Huawei devices.
    3. Google services such as maps and TheXvid are still supported on these phones. For future devices, even in the worse case that the ban is not lifted(they probably will given China might threaten a rare earth ban for US companies) , those services can still be accessed from the browser.
    4. This will create true competition for American tech behemoths and potentially really give consumers choices. Who knows, maybe trump did the industry a favour in the long run...

    CZARNYEU 22 days ago

    The colour of 20PRO is the best

  • Badrul Amin
    Badrul Amin 22 days ago +1

    I want a video test . Hm

  • Android gaming and tips

    What is the name of outro song

  • ItsMeSam
    ItsMeSam 23 days ago

    My Phone 399$
    *48mp + 5mp*
    *Ultra Night Mode*
    *Pop Up Camera*
    *6GB RAM*
    *Gaming Hyper Boost*

    SUBZEROUK 23 days ago

    What a shame huawei and honor are finished when they have made some of the most brilliant smartphones of 2018 and 2019. Now they cant use sd card expansion on their new devices. The usa has totally cut them off it will effect honor devices too because they are a sub brand of huawei. R.i.p huawei and honor!

      SUBZEROUK 20 days ago

      @Mark Gu Chen Thats what i'm saying they arent even allowed to use their own memory cards now they are totally banned!

    • Mark Gu Chen
      Mark Gu Chen 20 days ago

      @SUBZEROUK nano SD expansion card. 2018 Huawei phones do not have normal SD expansion cards.

      SUBZEROUK 20 days ago

      @Mark Gu Chen Huawei made the nano sd card but they didnt make the expansion sd card slot. So they cannot use sd now because they are banned!

    • Mark Gu Chen
      Mark Gu Chen 20 days ago

      @SUBZEROUK you are assuming Huawei didn't manufacture the card themselves, and that even if it's manufactured by someone else, it's an American company. Two big assumptions

      SUBZEROUK 20 days ago

      @Mark Gu Chen That sd chip is still made by who ever supplyed huawei with it. They cant even use their own memory card now they arent allowed!

  • Keon Mendoza
    Keon Mendoza 24 days ago

    What's with the golf balls

  • Dzole Dzo
    Dzole Dzo 24 days ago +1

    Sometimes you have to get rid of yourself to go.. hajde ljudi budite ljubazni

  • United RC Bros
    United RC Bros 24 days ago

    The honor brand doesn't get the emui desktop tho which is handy

  • Clever Guy
    Clever Guy 24 days ago

    What happens when we charge phone with wireless charger when reverse charge turn on?

  • marko gren
    marko gren 24 days ago

    Honor 20 Lite prices about $318 or 249 GBP.

    WAKANDA FOREVER 25 days ago

    You changed the picture.... 😍

  • Threelly AI
    Threelly AI 25 days ago


  • Olici
    Olici 25 days ago

    The link to learn more is broken

  • Olici
    Olici 25 days ago


  • michael jeacock
    michael jeacock 25 days ago

    this three tier system is becoming more common. so where is the oneplus light?

  • Criz 15
    Criz 15 25 days ago

    Can i have one?? Please??? Hehehe

  • nugget dinner
    nugget dinner 26 days ago

    Been waiting for months to replace my 5yo phone with this. Now I have no other similar options...

  • Nor Macamimis
    Nor Macamimis 26 days ago

    If huawei got banned does the sub company do also??

  • UltraEclipse Gaming
    UltraEclipse Gaming 26 days ago

    Gaming review?

  • J. Y
    J. Y 26 days ago +1


  • Rameshwaran Ganesan
    Rameshwaran Ganesan 26 days ago

    What about banne

  • Finley Crebolder
    Finley Crebolder 26 days ago

    Honor 20, Huawei P30 or Mi 9?

  • kramshiron
    kramshiron 26 days ago

    Who's going to buy them now ?

  • gfrp
    gfrp 26 days ago +1

    Dam it really Huawei/Honor was eating the a lot of consumers of the world..............then Google banned Huawei LOL..........

  • Ali u
    Ali u 26 days ago +2

    You live in Nottingham don’t you
    Can tell from that corner house shot

  • prashant ambati
    prashant ambati 26 days ago

    these phones will not be recieving android

  • Christian Mendoza
    Christian Mendoza 26 days ago

    I want this because Fortnite. Love you man.

  • Likhit Reddy
    Likhit Reddy 27 days ago


  • Blue
    Blue 27 days ago

    Anddddddd there goes android

  • Cherry Ghozt
    Cherry Ghozt 27 days ago

    Innovative but ban sad 😥

  • Artikulo Uno Gaming
    Artikulo Uno Gaming 27 days ago

    New subscriber😊

  • Nadir Alallaoui
    Nadir Alallaoui 27 days ago

    So basically the people with small hands are fucked again...

  • J.A.W
    J.A.W 27 days ago

    It's not very good if it to doesn't have a good os

  • Not Saheer
    Not Saheer 27 days ago

    What's the point

  • Радостин Ангелов

    And what about that Google wont support huawei/honor devices anymore ?

  • Shakib hossain
    Shakib hossain 27 days ago

    Make a video about the current status of honor and huawai.

    SUHAS DEY 27 days ago

    Thats probably the last honor phone you are unboxing

  • pascalboyajian
    pascalboyajian 27 days ago

    no NFC though...

    FLRNT 27 days ago

    Good phone but bad future

  • Lohit Aryan
    Lohit Aryan 27 days ago

    What is use of buying this phones as huawei is banned and honor is a part of huawei

    HUAWEI 27 days ago +1

    *_R.I.P ME!_*

  • Iron Man
    Iron Man 27 days ago

    Make a video about BTS

  • pointblank _
    pointblank _ 27 days ago

    still waiting for a customizing android video!

  • Aman Singh
    Aman Singh 27 days ago

    Does this have Android?

  • Ismaa-eel Smith
    Ismaa-eel Smith 27 days ago

    I'm waiting for mrwhosetheboss to make a video about Huawei ban. You the main channel I come to for the latest news. Basically the reason I fell in love with the mate 20 pro(which I have now). I would like to know your thoughts and views. Could they renogotiate for the ban to be lifted or could we see IOS v AOSP v Huawei OS? It's all crazy and I'm not that crazy about the app gallery on the Huawei device. Anyways thanks and hope you keep on going for a long long time

  • Geric John Olivar
    Geric John Olivar 27 days ago +1

    I'm skeptical after the recent ban.

    • Mark Gu Chen
      Mark Gu Chen 20 days ago

      Yes. I'm sure you love Mr Trump too right?

  • MDGautamK
    MDGautamK 27 days ago

    I don't understand why people still prefer Huawei even when it has been revealed that their phones have spyware.

  • MDGautamK
    MDGautamK 27 days ago

    Huawei chose money over privacy. Look what's happening now.

  • Reginald Dutta
    Reginald Dutta 27 days ago

    I don't like Kirin chipset

  • suhail ali
    suhail ali 27 days ago

    Oppo f11 Pro review

  • Danny Chen
    Danny Chen 27 days ago

    With the ban, can Huawei just copy the specs and rework a new version for their technology?A carbon copy but rework a better version.

    • Mark Gu Chen
      Mark Gu Chen 20 days ago

      1. Android is open source and Huawei still have access to it, and they are big enough to provide their updates for Huawei devices.
      2. Google services such as maps and TheXvid are still supported in these phones. For future devices they can still be accessed from the browser.
      3. This will create true competition for American tech behemoths and potentially really give consumers choices. Who knows, maybe trump did the industry a favour in the long run...

  • freedive69
    freedive69 27 days ago

    Hi, can you please do a video of the other killer budget phone? The Samsung A70? And how it stacks up? Would be interesting to see your take on this phone 😉.

  • Emre Y
    Emre Y 27 days ago

    why is Huawei making the same phone but just tweaking some options. The honor is basically the Huawei.

  • ExoTech
    ExoTech 27 days ago

    i was definitely going to get the pro,but the LCD display made me sad.

  • Phi Lê Nguyễn Hoàng

    Honor dead phone

  • Huma Onyango
    Huma Onyango 27 days ago +3

    Now I see why they were banned. They were bringing hot competition!

  • sub to me for no reason

    You were featured in Samsung's newest vid

  • Top Dawg
    Top Dawg 27 days ago

    Yeah, I wouldn't get a Huawei phone after that recent ban.


    PewDewPie wont t know your location

  • sumit bahri
    sumit bahri 27 days ago

    0.25x speed 😂😂😂

  • Osama Al-BalOshi
    Osama Al-BalOshi 27 days ago +1

    Kill USA Apple iPhone and Samsung. .Just do it

  • Albert Castro
    Albert Castro 27 days ago

    For what? It's already ban

  • Randolp Ascano
    Randolp Ascano 27 days ago

    Damn if only Honor wasn't under Huawei, I would definitely buy it.

  • Frank Osayande
    Frank Osayande 27 days ago

    Please do a Giveaway on any of the Phones please 🙏🙏

  • Matt -
    Matt - 27 days ago

    Yea lets buy a phone thats not gonna get any software updates after 90 days great idea

  • Natural Titanium
    Natural Titanium 27 days ago

    This phone is... mind-blowingly beautiful

  • Mishu roy
    Mishu roy 27 days ago

    You can give me one of the devices ✌️ can't buy 😶too poor

  • ParkourAYCE
    ParkourAYCE 27 days ago

    *Snapdragon 855* *can't even download apps to use the beast processor on*

  • Firoskhan Kbl Firoskhan Naramkulam

    Pls review lenovo z6 pro

  • Unchartedforever1
    Unchartedforever1 27 days ago

    Mate are you half chinese.....you seem to praise these chinese phones no matter what

  • Anandhu Saju
    Anandhu Saju 27 days ago

    Bro compare oneplus 7 vs 6t

  • ZesTy
    ZesTy 27 days ago

    i own the honor view 20 and i love it

  • Mrinmay Kr. Deb
    Mrinmay Kr. Deb 27 days ago +32

    This is why I want Huawei to continue their run...they are the game changer...

    • Xeoon
      Xeoon 7 days ago

      really cant wait to test the ark os!

  • Sun B
    Sun B 27 days ago +5

    The PRO gave me goosebumps.
    A phone never did that 😂

  • Ken Andy
    Ken Andy 27 days ago

    no google update hmmm

  • StarkPrime786
    StarkPrime786 27 days ago

    Using the Honor Play, wondering if I'll have to switch to another brand soon 🤔😣

  • Roni Alush
    Roni Alush 27 days ago

    Quality of audio recording?

  • Saptangshu Manna
    Saptangshu Manna 27 days ago

    Who else got a Huawei ad on this video

  • WDJS22
    WDJS22 27 days ago

    I like your videos. But no offence, the way you talk, gets on my nerves😂 Just talk normally haha

  • Joy Aladejobi
    Joy Aladejobi 27 days ago +3

    I just got the honor 20 lite today and I love it

  • clash devil
    clash devil 27 days ago +1

    fun fact our eyes can take macro of about 2.5 cm and world best macro lens cant take shot of about 2.2cm

  • Prashant Shukla
    Prashant Shukla 27 days ago

    You wasted your money because huawei and honor are banned

  • clash devil
    clash devil 27 days ago +1

    google fucked it up

  • Miguel Talangan
    Miguel Talangan 27 days ago

    1:37 watch your pinky is getting more bent if you hold phones like dat