Daz Watches Ice Eating Challenge

  • Published on Jun 10, 2019
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Comments • 5 379

  • Tom Wilkinson
    Tom Wilkinson 8 hours ago

    Not sure if he was making an all asians look the same joke or not aha

  • Clementine
    Clementine 20 hours ago

    The egg plant release some fluids

  • Caitlin Steinat
    Caitlin Steinat 21 hour ago

    “Video starts playing”
    “Dude smashes ice”

    Daz: *ADAM*
    I’ve about had it

  • EmmaDaPatato
    EmmaDaPatato 22 hours ago

    Anybody else DIED OF LAUGHTER when he said "For the love of shit" ;D 9:21

  • EmmaDaPatato
    EmmaDaPatato 22 hours ago +1

    Daz: *stops Video* Adam!
    Me : *spits out water*

  • EmmaDaPatato
    EmmaDaPatato 22 hours ago +1

    Me: Scrolling Through TheXvid At 3:00 In the Morning Cause Im Bored.
    Several Minutes Later
    Me: *sees Daz's Video*
    *clicks on Video*
    *almost falls asleep through intro because of lack of sleep*
    Daz: aSiAnS!!
    Me: *falls off bed*

  • Vinny Bin
    Vinny Bin 22 hours ago

    When I was younger I used to eat ice cubes
    So I find ice eating things going right kinda cool 😂

  • Danny Davis
    Danny Davis 23 hours ago

    Why what’s wrong daz suicidal depressed suicidal thoughts girl problems did you and your dough tear fight know I’m actually joking it’s none of my business but if you are actually suicidal depressed any of that it will get better or get help seriously man we don’t need a happy youtuber turning into a depressed sad youtuber

  • Min Min
    Min Min Day ago

    "Asain people are beautiful man. STOP BEING BEAUTIFUL ASIAN PEOPLE!"

  • Gaby RB
    Gaby RB Day ago

    I pretty sure it was the same 4 or 6 Chinese people in that compilation just in different videos

  • Gaby RB
    Gaby RB Day ago

    Actually every person in that is Chinese not Japanese or etc.

  • PandaZ
    PandaZ Day ago

    They're trying their Chinese not Japanese

  • Damian Mangold
    Damian Mangold Day ago

    Why do you get dislikes? You don’t deserve any

  • Hadley Davis
    Hadley Davis Day ago

    Me: ?
    Me: thats along the line of what i expecting

  • Elise Rodgers
    Elise Rodgers 2 days ago

    They're Chinese, not Japanese.

  • Nightt xox
    Nightt xox 2 days ago

    Daz is fine dazzling stars

  • MissShort Potato
    MissShort Potato 2 days ago

    Making people laugh? NO YOU KILL ME! Xx

  • Evie Mitchell
    Evie Mitchell 2 days ago

    8:03 omg it's too funny😂😂

  • Max Bonanno
    Max Bonanno 2 days ago

    The one when he said were s yo mother because our daughter is eating the cutlery one was the funniest because she bit nothing happened she bit again it was everywhere

  • SuperJooge
    SuperJooge 3 days ago


  • ScarrWolf
    ScarrWolf 3 days ago

    This is how many fails the Japanese guy had.


  • Chris Hennessy
    Chris Hennessy 3 days ago

    It is a dovos

  • Ryan Rodriguez
    Ryan Rodriguez 3 days ago


  • GoodGuy Vyrus
    GoodGuy Vyrus 3 days ago


  • Callie Gillespie
    Callie Gillespie 4 days ago

    This makes me hungry for ice for some reason

  • Jada Dunn
    Jada Dunn 4 days ago

    We are here for u Daz❤

  • Joshua Carter
    Joshua Carter 4 days ago



  • Giuliana
    Giuliana 4 days ago

    they're not Japanese, Daz...

  • chris rouse
    chris rouse 5 days ago

    she is eating the fucking 🍆 you bastard

  • Charlee Allen
    Charlee Allen 5 days ago

    If a dentist saw this they'd be screaming 😂😂😂😂😂

  • Ava Estrada
    Ava Estrada 5 days ago

    I did this challenge before anyone else made it an actual challenge I filled a balloon up with water,froze it i started to eat ice balloon and I had to finish it three minutes and I recorded it

  • Spartan boi
    Spartan boi 6 days ago

    "For the love of shit" lmao

  • Fang Wolfie
    Fang Wolfie 6 days ago

    Her eyebrows said :
    〽️ ➖
    👁️ 👁️

  • Infinite Soul
    Infinite Soul 6 days ago

    “A lot of youtubers complain about editing”
    because there videos are boring
    i look forward to all of Daz’s videos and i will continue to support him for the rest of my life

  • Isabel Adamson
    Isabel Adamson 6 days ago

    I don’t see the problem honestly, I mean I eat ice everyday.

  • Lucy Martin
    Lucy Martin 6 days ago

    Daz u r the funniest hooman on YT. We are all here for u. We all love u 😊

  • Aurion
    Aurion 6 days ago

    can we get 100 subs without any vids

  • George Wood
    George Wood 7 days ago

    Daz, they're all asain. I'm not sure why, but I mean they do come up with the weirdest gameshows

  • mercy kondenar
    mercy kondenar 7 days ago

    This us why I should never eat while watching Dad.

  • Brinlee Hitz
    Brinlee Hitz 7 days ago +1


  • Alehandro Gaming
    Alehandro Gaming 7 days ago

    And that is how hiroshima was created

  • Liam Jackson
    Liam Jackson 7 days ago

    Interesting fact, under the right conditions ice can be harder than steel

  • Gabriel S. Camillo
    Gabriel S. Camillo 7 days ago

    Man... This was clearly the dumbiest thing that i saw in my life...

  • dreammimsmsksj
    dreammimsmsksj 7 days ago

    *A s i a n s .*

  • Piper Wilcox
    Piper Wilcox 8 days ago

    Daz... play some minecraft

  • Ruby Small
    Ruby Small 8 days ago

    I think he might have been going through a divorce at this time??

  • Mangle The fox
    Mangle The fox 8 days ago

    Are they just pouring that on the floor it's gonna go through the ceiling

  • Loz R
    Loz R 8 days ago

    Your one of my fav youtubers and ur hilarious ❤️

  • ultimate titan
    ultimate titan 8 days ago

    Awkward moment: 9:04

  • Crab_ Abble
    Crab_ Abble 8 days ago +1

    “Garlic peeler”
    “Garlic squisher”
    “Garlic Mincer”

  • Barbara Burczynski
    Barbara Burczynski 9 days ago

    I love your shirt Nirvana is the best

  • Skye de Thierry
    Skye de Thierry 9 days ago +2

    Who else paused him when he said not too!!!! Like if you did!!!😂😂😂

  • Red Ericson
    Red Ericson 9 days ago

    10:53 It's The Shining in a Tampon commercial because the rule is to show what ever you want as long they turn the liquid blue. She's the tampon...

  • Kirsti straw
    Kirsti straw 9 days ago +1

    I died at the

  • Gameplay Cow
    Gameplay Cow 9 days ago

    I’m Chinese and most of these were Chinese and everything they said and the reactions after were great

  • Jiggy Puff
    Jiggy Puff 10 days ago

    Why do I want to drink that stuff from the ice?

  • Jackie Hong
    Jackie Hong 10 days ago

    Daz: Is that your girlfriend make her your ex
    Me: Ha ha! And she hit the ice with the axe 🤣

  • tier88
    tier88 10 days ago

    eating ice is nice :P ice cubes

  • Beatrice Levi
    Beatrice Levi 11 days ago +1

    The origin is in mukbang.
    It's ASMR type videos of people eating food originating in Korea. People started eating ice figures with juices inside as well as other impressive stuff (cuz these people didn't fail back then). Now it's just people failing to attempt this.

  • Jayden Croes
    Jayden Croes 11 days ago

    DAZ TheY aRe shOckEd BecaUse They dOn't knOw thAt iT Is gOinG tO EXPLODE

  • Art Legend
    Art Legend 11 days ago

    The funny thing is when you said it was like a worthers original I was eating one

  • 應縣埃莉斯
    應縣埃莉斯 11 days ago

    im korean and they teach us Mandarin in school, understanding what they’re saying makes this sooo much funnier😂😂

  • sieexo
    sieexo 11 days ago

    Ok I literally love you Daz 😂 and all races are beautiful 😍

  • Chloe Gentile
    Chloe Gentile 11 days ago

    Don't trust the Asians the make up remember the make up!they can not be trusted!

  • TheBadEraLover89
    TheBadEraLover89 11 days ago

    ugh, I hate when people bite popsicles, its worse when they bite directly on the ice like its nothing!! makes me teeth hurt!

  • Sarah Curtis
    Sarah Curtis 11 days ago

    If that’s your girlfriend...make her you AXE!

  • Clint Deastwood
    Clint Deastwood 12 days ago

    Asian people are beautiful

  • ayyrii
    ayyrii 12 days ago

    It's so sad because biting ice isn't even a challenge for me because I can actually bite ice...................... :3

  • Teddy Welch
    Teddy Welch 12 days ago


    i died😭😭🤣

  • Mazzy 52
    Mazzy 52 12 days ago

    Oh god now he’s back and he’s got a fucking turtle

  • Gail Fattori
    Gail Fattori 12 days ago

    We love you. You do you... Hang in there and I will send you love, thoughts, and prayers. 💘
    Why the shock...?
    I almost wet myself.... LOL 😅

  • The Great Papyrus
    The Great Papyrus 12 days ago

    How unsensitive are their teeth?

  • Donal McCarron
    Donal McCarron 13 days ago

    The not was autocorrect in the scentence😸😸

  • Donal McCarron
    Donal McCarron 13 days ago

    BTW it was a joke not so don't take it seriously

  • Donal McCarron
    Donal McCarron 13 days ago

    Daz I would really want to buy you guys a cookie
    Me were-tf is it daz 😲😲😲😲👊👊👊👊✊✊

  • Its_Izzy My_dood
    Its_Izzy My_dood 13 days ago

    Me: getting feels from his speech
    ~A minute and twenty two seconds later~
    Daz: *AISANS*

  • だんごはな
    だんごはな 13 days ago


  • Stephen Albert
    Stephen Albert 14 days ago

    Not as bad as the tide pod challenge.

  • Kyleigh and TeTe show !

    *YOU’RE CHEWING A DIC- i had to say it i had to say it*

  • NoXan
    NoXan 14 days ago

    Garlic Mincer

  • BeGe Army
    BeGe Army 14 days ago

    My man they are Korean

  • rebecca xx
    rebecca xx 14 days ago

    this is why asians are skinny

    AARON HIDE 14 days ago

    Balloon pops

  • Ember Grace
    Ember Grace 14 days ago

    Ok Daz I am sorry but I stopped the video at 7:53 and I just gotta say
    A. Your eyebrows be looking like Mount Everest and B.

  • Roy Thorpe
    Roy Thorpe 14 days ago

    4:59 the way he just asked "is that a garlic pealer' made me laugh so hard.🤣

  • dra cen
    dra cen 14 days ago +1

    I don't know how these people do this I cringed so much 😣😣😣

  • Biehler’s
    Biehler’s 15 days ago


  • Help Me Please
    Help Me Please 15 days ago

    I actually eat ice......
    I know I'm weird.

  • Moonlight Wolfie
    Moonlight Wolfie 15 days ago +2

    “I want to buy you all a cookie”
    Me: It’s been 4 weeks, I’m still waiting on that cookie of mine..

  • WolfBløød
    WolfBløød 15 days ago

    Hope everything starts to get better and easier for you Daz ☺ Keep doing what makes you happy.

  • Charcol's Trash Vlogs
    Charcol's Trash Vlogs 15 days ago

    The ice eating challenge is how people feel when they see people chew ice pops.

  • WeirdGamerGirl
    WeirdGamerGirl 16 days ago +1

    Hi human pause the video please. Now press this after you pause the video
    > 9:04

  • Evs Queen
    Evs Queen 16 days ago

    i approve of this because i am anemic and eat a lot of ice

    SOFIA_____ SHEELEY 16 days ago


  • the make up chair
    the make up chair 17 days ago

    i want the mickey mouse mold that one was made with

  • Mr. Nice Guy
    Mr. Nice Guy 17 days ago

    Daz! They are all Chinese!
    Damn! It!

  • ricta slicta
    ricta slicta 17 days ago

    Daz: 2:38?
    Me: 1:21.

  • Jim Hawkins
    Jim Hawkins 17 days ago

    Why do I want them to drink it so bad? They fill it just for it to fall on the floor stresses me out fsr

  • Natsu Dragneel
    Natsu Dragneel 17 days ago

    They eating it wrong

    Gotta be delicate

  • Hiney Xx
    Hiney Xx 18 days ago

    I was looking at ur Tshirt the whole time and wondering if it said Nirvana😂😂😂