• Published on May 20, 2019
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Comments • 745

  • lucasthenerd
    lucasthenerd 2 days ago

    Honestly I

  • Muhammad Danyal Satti
    Muhammad Danyal Satti 10 days ago

    I'd take the centenario

  • Nikhil Kalyan
    Nikhil Kalyan 23 days ago

    5:14 strdaman behind the scenes😂😂

  • Stevie Lowe
    Stevie Lowe 24 days ago

    To answer your question: id take the senna🤩

  • Patryk Pawlowski
    Patryk Pawlowski 24 days ago


  • The Shadow
    The Shadow 26 days ago


  • Carlos 123
    Carlos 123 26 days ago

    You Should make a review of Damon's twin turbo lambo

  • Thomas Leworthy
    Thomas Leworthy 26 days ago

    So does Damon's car have 850 or 1000 hp cause on his channel he says it has 1000?

  • Simon Burger
    Simon Burger 28 days ago

    What is this songs name

  • Kyle Hubick
    Kyle Hubick 28 days ago

    Everybody’s vibe was so good in this video!! Please do more with the other best car TheXvidrs on the earth. Don’t waste the talents keeping them to yourselves!

  • subhadip sarkhel
    subhadip sarkhel 28 days ago +1

    Here for dde

  • walter El mejor
    walter El mejor 29 days ago


  • Adam Yosef
    Adam Yosef 29 days ago

    Guys you are awazing , the cars dreams to,but my car the one.

  • Dr Greenthumb
    Dr Greenthumb 29 days ago

    The beef in the car community seems to be only inside the brain of a few trolls :)

  • Intkhab Singh
    Intkhab Singh 29 days ago

    Strad at the bk trespassing 😂

  • DP Michael's
    DP Michael's 29 days ago


  • Doxy_xD YT
    Doxy_xD YT Month ago


  • Blake Buechel
    Blake Buechel Month ago

    I would take the Lamborghini Centenario

  • Clark Roberts
    Clark Roberts Month ago

    Do a dde colab

  • Clark Roberts
    Clark Roberts Month ago

    So lamo it is then

  • Zander Rodriguez
    Zander Rodriguez Month ago

    I love Centenario ❤

  • Elite Nerf Ops
    Elite Nerf Ops Month ago +1


  • Chris Weaver
    Chris Weaver Month ago

    That would be great content if you and DDE did a vid 👍 since you go to the same places 👍

  • Jawad Mabood
    Jawad Mabood Month ago

    13:10 that Lexus gs in the back looks dope

  • Owen Kearse
    Owen Kearse Month ago

    Stradman said no to driving your car😯

    JAHSARROW Month ago

    Be cool to see you, TheStradman DDE and Shmee150 all collaborate on a video together.

  • Jacob Pitcher
    Jacob Pitcher Month ago

    Is that freshkiicks dahhhh?

  • Jeff Callicutt
    Jeff Callicutt Month ago

    You and damon should make some videos together.That would be epic.Two great youtubers,that would be lit

  • Harrison Hunter
    Harrison Hunter Month ago

    Great video ,an awesome day .

  • Izzybll
    Izzybll Month ago

    Couldnt you just write DDE instead

  • MooreFamilyVlogs
    MooreFamilyVlogs Month ago

    Man, those fender lights need to go on the DBS....

  • Rafael Lujano
    Rafael Lujano Month ago

    The intro was lit 🔥

  • Mike Soldano
    Mike Soldano Month ago

    It’s been a while since I watched. Great video back. Good to see your TheXvid class with you. Good stuff!

  • Kon1272 _
    Kon1272 _ Month ago

    Great video with Great cars👍

  • The Chancellor
    The Chancellor Month ago

    This looked like so much fun....Ugh

  • Luis Lepe
    Luis Lepe Month ago +1

    I wished I was the dude having an orgasm seeing the senna's wing at 13:42

  • ononewheel7
    ononewheel7 Month ago

    Great video love the intro and love seeing the top car channel guys together need more of it!

  • Alfred von Hofsten
    Alfred von Hofsten Month ago

    More collabs with the stradman

  • Finn Weeden
    Finn Weeden Month ago

    Ayeeeee red r8 with the gold wheels that’s freshhkiicks love that guy

  • Dave Zappa
    Dave Zappa Month ago

    Parker still kickn our great content! What camera are you using?

  • Wrenchettes
    Wrenchettes Month ago

    sometimes i get stressed watching these types of videos cause i dont even have a garage :/ working on changing that and thats whats more important.

  • cartoons life
    cartoons life Month ago

    Get another huracan and sheepey turbo it

  • Anything to Everything

    I think 🤔 i need to help you hide that radar detector’s cord for you buddy!

  • James Young
    James Young Month ago

    Centenario purely because of the looks and sound

  • Lex Cian Ken Alfeche


  • Sam Tuvebrink
    Sam Tuvebrink Month ago

    Centenario easy

  • Jonathan Meley
    Jonathan Meley Month ago

    I actually became a DDE fan from watching your one episodes where you and Damon were at a car show looking at a bunch of Koenigseggs. You guys should definitely collab more!

  • The Luka
    The Luka Month ago


  • Paulo Batallones
    Paulo Batallones Month ago

    Did they retreived already the huracan's plate no.? 🤔🤔

  • SWAGetti
    SWAGetti Month ago

    who's 458? 10:34

  • Canadian Made
    Canadian Made Month ago

    I give it a week...

  • Nat Pabon
    Nat Pabon Month ago

    DDE every day 💯💪 there the only guys beating the shit out of super cars it's great....

  • Aryan Shingadia
    Aryan Shingadia Month ago

    I choose centenario

  • Daniel Rangel
    Daniel Rangel Month ago


  • K C
    K C Month ago

    That Grey lambo in the start wow just wow
    Damn cool looking

  • Leon Chour
    Leon Chour Month ago

    Aston Martin Vanquish Zagato Shooting Brake: Better Looking Type R

  • Stacey Nickerson
    Stacey Nickerson Month ago

    Dam parker, you an stradman the two luckiest youtubers to see damon new wrap twin turbo 1000hp hurracun, an how's the house an land scrap upgrades going

  • Tobias
    Tobias Month ago

    That trofeo huracan looks so much nicer than damons. the wing is sick!

  • Jin
    Jin Month ago

    Awesome new opening

  • John Patrick Herrera

    Your'e windshield is crack at 11:10?

    1GN1TE GAMER Month ago


  • Alberta Bound
    Alberta Bound Month ago

    I'd totally take that Ferrari 250 GT at that body shop

  • Andre Feria
    Andre Feria Month ago


  • Irrelevant 2U
    Irrelevant 2U Month ago

    C.I.A. shillls yes or no?

    TIMOTHY HO Month ago

    Yo the start of the rally was near my school. Actually it went past my school

  • Niko Moin
    Niko Moin Month ago

    I take the senna. Best spec for that car I’ve seen yet

  • Ifrytoaster
    Ifrytoaster Month ago

    Next video: STRAIGHT PIPING DDE AT AGE 24!!!???

  • Jon Elmer
    Jon Elmer Month ago

    I've never even seen a McLaren in person

  • Jon Elmer
    Jon Elmer Month ago

    I wanna drive my celica on roads that good OMG!

  • Nathan Williams
    Nathan Williams Month ago

    6:02. Two huracans going crazy on the launch control😂😂😂😂

  • Jon Elmer
    Jon Elmer Month ago

    I am a good navigator, just saying... :)

  • Jon Elmer
    Jon Elmer Month ago

    WOW! That is the first Lambo that I have ever herd that sounds as good as an LFA!

  • Moeeisj Wyococo
    Moeeisj Wyococo Month ago

    666 comments lol.

  • Jon Elmer
    Jon Elmer Month ago


  • Jon Elmer
    Jon Elmer Month ago

    that 61 Ferrari.. OMG!

  • CamoSquid21YT
    CamoSquid21YT Month ago +1

    Nice touch with the shot of James in the intro

  • fardeen
    fardeen Month ago +1

    6:47 I remember watching thestradmans vid and seeing this pass.

  • alfredo3586
    alfredo3586 Month ago

    2:02 That Camaro though👍

  • Shaun Brehm
    Shaun Brehm Month ago

    Bout time

  • Garner Bateman
    Garner Bateman Month ago

    I’ve been waiting for a vid like this for so long love the content Parker!!

  • John Alderman Fins
    John Alderman Fins Month ago

    Lol you should get james in more videos

  • Shaneal Prasad
    Shaneal Prasad Month ago


  • Barry Benkendorf
    Barry Benkendorf Month ago

    The 600LT is perfection! If it had orange brake calipers it would be absolute perfection!!! Please Parker, make them orange like the seatbelts!!!

  • Seth Kiger
    Seth Kiger Month ago

    More of a Lamborghini guy

    • Seth Kiger
      Seth Kiger Month ago

      But the spec on your 600LT is sick

  • Leo C
    Leo C Month ago

    If I got a 600LT I would get it just like Parker’s

  • Ricardo Padilla
    Ricardo Padilla Month ago

    Aaand another great video from u Parker

  • RinKa ShiMi
    RinKa ShiMi Month ago

    5:14 James Stradman, doin a vlog😂

  • Scott Stewart
    Scott Stewart Month ago

    how do you get invited to these rally's

  • SalgaDINHO 19
    SalgaDINHO 19 Month ago

    Great video Parker!!

  • Justin Lomenick
    Justin Lomenick Month ago

    I would take the the Lamborghini Centinario

  • Andy Torres
    Andy Torres Month ago

    Centenario 100%

  • SuddenHero5 !
    SuddenHero5 ! Month ago

    Do more with thestradman :)

  • Dillon James Locke
    Dillon James Locke Month ago

    I love the Centenario, but I would rather have the Senna.

  • Aine4002 Xoxo
    Aine4002 Xoxo Month ago


    CHARLIE BROWN Month ago

    THANK U 👍

    CHARLIE BROWN Month ago


  • Jay DKB
    Jay DKB Month ago

    Where are the girls? Fine cars usually means fine girls:)?

  • Joffrey Wooldridge
    Joffrey Wooldridge Month ago

    Senna hands down

  • Matt C
    Matt C Month ago