Wendy Williams hospitalized after her husband's mistress gives birth!

  • Published on Mar 26, 2019
  • Wendy Williams world is currently spinning after the news that her husband's mistress gave birth to his baby.
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Comments • 5 043

  • Alison Scott
    Alison Scott 12 days ago

    I mean if she knew her husband had a "side chick" for 10 years: she condoned it

  • משה איילין
    משה איילין 22 days ago

    Wendy was so up in other people life that she didn't notic what's going on with hers

  • Heather Gabriel
    Heather Gabriel 3 months ago

    Ms serena,didnt your mama tell you karma is a painful bitch?!dont think its gonna be happily forever after cuz it aint..but i guess its karma for wendy too in some ways..she needs to let it go..the fact that she is desperately trying to convince people otherwise is quite pathetic.own your situation dear!you are lacking some humility..

  • Caprice Kenny
    Caprice Kenny 4 months ago +1

    Okkkkkkkkkkurrrrrr #Rosanne👌💅

  • Star Corder
    Star Corder 4 months ago

    this title....

  • elsbeth
    elsbeth 4 months ago +1

    l feel so sorry for wendy this is what most black women go thrue with black man.
    I pray for her health.

  • G Thomas
    G Thomas 4 months ago

    Kevin didn't knock up the side chick, nor 'got her pregnant'. THEY made a baby. Sex was consentual.

  • Chrysanthemumbreath Sinclair

    Why can't they all just love each other? This is a fucked up version of Poly. Which is really toxic monogamy. Igh

  • Wonder Wonderful
    Wonder Wonderful 5 months ago +1

    No man is worth you ruining your life over. Get honest with yourself. Move obstacles out of your way. Put God first, and get on with your best life.

  • Disciple of The Way
    Disciple of The Way 5 months ago

    Many decades of gossip. It's your time to be humiliated. If you humiliated others for years.

  • Maverick V
    Maverick V 5 months ago

    Some of the lack of intelligence under this video is astounding. All three people involved in this triangle is wrong. For one, he should have never brought his behind outside of that relationship. If he was not happy with Wendy. He should have divorced her. The side chick wrong because she knew he was a married man and she must love home-wrecking because she continued to mess with this married man instead of drawing boundaries in lines and made him understand that what they were doing is wrong. Wendy is wrong because she's sitting here like a dumb ass and taking this bullshit from him and she should be smart enough not to be stressed over no man. But on the flip side, this is karma for her because she has done a lot of dirt in her life and now she's getting it back. She has not shown not 1 oz of remorsefulness of doing that dirt up to this day. So I don't feel bad for her at all or the side chick at all. Because the end of the day this man is winning because he running both of those women and they allowing him to do so. But he going to get his too down the line, just you wait.

  • Andrew Nehemiah
    Andrew Nehemiah 5 months ago

    Wendys ring off 4/11/19

  • TylerAribra
    TylerAribra 5 months ago

    Wendy is filing for divorce

  • Truth Seeker
    Truth Seeker 5 months ago

    I wonder if she is MKULTRA? Watch Kristy Allen testimony and let me know if you think Wendy is too. I pray for her. ❤🙏

  • AnDrea X
    AnDrea X 5 months ago

    Wendy is a transgender who was never pregnant and never had all those ton of abortions he says he had. Wendy drinks so much because his secret is out.

  • Leslie Fisk
    Leslie Fisk 5 months ago

    I don't feel sorry for her she's been in everyone's business so now the streets are talking !!!!!!

  • Sandy Red
    Sandy Red 5 months ago

    This is off but on the subject. But.....Its also funny how some women have threesomes, go to stripclubs with their man and do and talk all of this wild crap to keep it interesting. Then they still leave and cheat! Man...

  • Quovadis Estell
    Quovadis Estell 5 months ago

    Wendy please Leave him. He might have something on Wendy

  • stealthis
    stealthis 5 months ago

    Is Wendy finally leaving her husband after realizing that she's going to have to be a stepmother to the child of a woman that she hates? Ooh child, this is just a hot, greasy mess.

  • Cavewomantron
    Cavewomantron 5 months ago

    I feel sorry for her. It’s karma tho.

  • Catherine D. Weathers
    Catherine D. Weathers 5 months ago

    Denial will do it every time!

  • Tea For Your Thought
    Tea For Your Thought 5 months ago

    Even though she talks alot of crap about other people , i still would not wish this on my worse enemy , i hope she finds happiness & heals from this . I too went thru this & im happy i moved on

  • Jennifer Roberts
    Jennifer Roberts 5 months ago

    Ms Wendy its time to take the trash out.

  • Grace Walker
    Grace Walker 5 months ago

    Wow this is too much she need help she should get lord not her husband

  • w paint
    w paint 5 months ago

    I agreed with everything you said until you said “ karma is a dirty nasty old hag “ NO Karma is a thing of beauty. You create your karma and get back what u give . There’s nothing dirty about that . Karma is probably the fairest thing we have . She deserves what she’s getting Bc she gave it out many many times

  • Myrna Kar
    Myrna Kar 5 months ago

    This is bs. Rumors. No proof of this

  • Ariel Dantzler
    Ariel Dantzler 5 months ago

    Wendy husband reminds me of Mary J Blige ex husband. I bet she feels stuck like he’s gonna go after her money. But if he made a baby he should get nothing.

  • Jenette Jackson
    Jenette Jackson 5 months ago

    I just know she chucked that ring! Someone need to go where she was at with a metal detector!!! It’s so sad that she is going threw it! I think she will come out ok.

  • Cassandra Edwards
    Cassandra Edwards 5 months ago +1

    Ur got dam mouth all open eyes buck as hell what u need to fuckin do is go far a way as u can

  • Cassandra Edwards
    Cassandra Edwards 5 months ago +1

    Wendy ant nothing but a big ass liar and now big ur husband got a oops baby bitch i can't stand u how u doing not to dam good

  • Cassandra Edwards
    Cassandra Edwards 5 months ago +1

    Everything in her dam face what she need to know about him hello wendy why u talk about ever body else drinking and all that shit u doing he don't give a dam why u in the fuckin half way house or what ever the fuck it is he still seeing her dam hello wendy........

  • Tmob29
    Tmob29 5 months ago

    This entire situation with Wendy Williams is a Lifetime documentary in the making(#SurvivingKevin Hunter) No one deserves this bullshit and for a supposably "Straight Shooter"that she is this shit crooked af.

  • Elenitsa3
    Elenitsa3 5 months ago

    Wendy always gave the best advice on relationships. Too bad she can’t follow her own advice by staying strong and kicking out her low-life husband !!

  • Tanya Conerly
    Tanya Conerly 5 months ago

    Cheating hurts. She is very aware of what she doing. Wendy is old. Who wants to start over. Wendy needs to find a new man. Kevin wont like that

  • csmemarketing
    csmemarketing 5 months ago

    That nigga is a fucking dog for doing her like that. I'm not a big fan of Wendy, but she doesn't deserve this. That husband of hers could have done things a lot more discreet. All he's doing is using her money, spending it on his side bitch, then the side bitch was using that same money on her side dude. She have to divorce that nigga. And she has plenty grounds to divorce without paying him a cent. Next thing you know, they might find her in a hotel room next to a bottle of pills. She needs to divorce, and get a young nigga to pipe her out, get her thick, looking good and happy, and this will be over. We know everyone cheats, but If you're being unfaithful, still don't publicly humiliate your spouse.

  • W Trillson
    W Trillson 5 months ago

    i dont feel bad for wendy. she's made profit and publicized a lot of drama in her life so it's karma that her own drama manifested like this. and kev put himself in the middle of two women who can turn his world inside out if they want so he'll get his share of hell soon enough. i feel bad for wendy and kev's son. i cant imagine how he's dealing with all this. your mom basically trying to kill herself with pills and booze because your dad is splashing off in a side chick he's been dealing with for a decade? that can not be a good feeling. i hope he's got family supporting him because this is a real ugly situation to be THAT close to

  • Chi Chi Leconte
    Chi Chi Leconte 5 months ago

    She can do it...Rasheeda is step mom to kirks side baby and look how great it’s going..I’m sure it’s not easy but they gotta make it work or at least try....what man or marriage is perfect...???....she probably not scared she probably doesn’t wanna start over from scratch with a new relationship...I’m praying for you WENDY

  • Gracie Greene
    Gracie Greene 5 months ago

    I dont like Wendy because she is mean to everyone but I feel bad for her

  • Hello Kitty
    Hello Kitty 5 months ago

    Do ANYBODY actually no if she really gave birth to a BABY?

  • Raysharn Turner
    Raysharn Turner 5 months ago

    Wendy is sick from embarrassment

  • Sumaya Mahomed
    Sumaya Mahomed 5 months ago

    Honey that ain't no Opps baby. Thats a LOOOVE child.

  • kleeblatt
    kleeblatt 5 months ago

    Poor Wendy. I wouldn't wish that on anyone. What a disrespectful, disgraceful "husband". By the way I don't think she has to talk about her marriage to anyone! Just because talking about celebrities is her job, she doesn't have to mix it with her own privacy!

  • Annie Weathersby
    Annie Weathersby 5 months ago

    He's not all that please believe me

  • Yesenia Guerrero
    Yesenia Guerrero 5 months ago

    Poor Wendy. Such a lovely lady losing her sanity over Shrek, uuugh!

  • e09231986
    e09231986 5 months ago

    Sees really not ugly she just fucked her self up with all the surgeries. Oh well I cant stand you dog face bitch, and your scummy past is catching up. Chickens always come home to roost. You still my auntie and although I dont want too my heart goes out to you and i wish you well so i can go back to dragging you, cause your going to say some self hatred fill nonsense again. I dont kick people when they down I'll wait to you get up get well Whedale Batholomew Williams.

  • Yesenia Guerrero
    Yesenia Guerrero 5 months ago

    He is probably an insecure narcissist. I hope she leaves him.

  • Keva Lele
    Keva Lele 5 months ago

    that is extremely sad!

  • Carmen Faulkner
    Carmen Faulkner 5 months ago


  • Sue Siino
    Sue Siino 5 months ago

    I don’t know how windy Williams could take so much stress with the show with the husband with the mess that it’s all in with the drinking, she sure is taking in a lot. She has to make a move, before it’s too late. 🙏 🤭

  • dakotail
    dakotail 5 months ago

    Wendy went true a lots in her life.... I wish everyone stop talking about HER ,,,, she has her SHOW ,,,, she is the host ,,,,, and she is doing her job ,,,, AND ,,, when Wendy is ready SHE will TALK ,,,, in the mean time ,,, everybody should JUST SHOT UP .... sooner or later Wendy will wake up ,,,,, and is nobody business about HER Private Life .... just let it be PLEASE!!! SHE has plenty on her PLATE ..... Just let her be ...... no one is perfect ....just let her be ,,,, Wendy is a good person in her own way ,,,,, just let it GO PLEASE .... my HEART goes OUT for HER ...... stay well Wendy dear .... there is a old saying AFTER THE STORM COMES THE CALM ~~~~~~~~

  • Nikola Novkovic
    Nikola Novkovic 5 months ago

    if she leaves him, we would like her even more, general public, I mean

  • Dee Dee Winfrey
    Dee Dee Winfrey 5 months ago

    She has a broken heart. She doesnt gave the courage to make the necessary changes.

  • Dionne Hutchins
    Dionne Hutchins 5 months ago

    Wendy Let go and Let God! You deserve better!

  • Gina Chu Cheong
    Gina Chu Cheong 5 months ago

    Wendy go away from all of this . Go far away. You got the money. Take a long long break. Don't be a "Whitney Houston". Get you act together, and sober up.

  • Regina Hoggan
    Regina Hoggan 5 months ago

    Well.she bought her ring so she should wear it

  • Lean Cuisine
    Lean Cuisine 5 months ago +1

    lmaooo Howard Stern said worry about your husband not me 😂😂😂 Brooo I’m dying

  • JavierPlaysGames YT
    JavierPlaysGames YT 5 months ago

    Mistress aka homewrecker

  • D Sicilia
    D Sicilia 5 months ago

    What kind of voodoo does that side chick practice shes so ugly

  • Sobless Strong one
    Sobless Strong one 5 months ago

    All is well untill your dead and the man will be living ever after with his baby mother so sad.

  • carmen vives
    carmen vives 5 months ago

    Wendy for get about you're man he has s no good.